Monday, 31 March 2014


Well that has to be one of the best weekends I've had in quite some time made up in one word - FAMILY!

Spending time with those closest to me over the last few days has been absolute bliss, it also means on a Monday morning that I'm absolutely shattered but hey that's the way things are!

I thought I'd share a few more counterfeit challenge kit layouts that I've done for March - see told you my kit ended up with a lot of pink in it.

First up the history project that said 13 year old did!

The Snow Queen in the library at Chatsworth a couple of years ago!

And a panoramic view off the top of Bamburgh Castle after we'd been to see a Shakespeare play!

 I hope you have a fabulous day today whatever you are up to!

Sunday, 30 March 2014


Good morning, well I was going through the layouts that I need to find homes for (I've run out of albums again - whoops) and came across two more layouts that I made using the Wear Crafts 12 Pledges add on kit for March.

First up a layout that I did of the gorgeous Ironbridge in Ironbridge when we visited last year, I decided to cut the photo and layer it across the page. These papers really are fabulously versatile, I love the woodgrain paper and the subtle flowers on it!

And then a photo of a tiled piece we found at the Jackfield tile museum documenting Othello (I love Shakespeare).  Simple layout with a lot of white space (a lot for me) using some of the gorgeous washi tape that Jen has available (that's the stripey purple strips - gorgeous!).

If you fancy finding out more about the 12 Pledges click here I also discovered that I have three pieces of cardstock left and part of a sheet of paper left - talk about good value!

Saturday, 29 March 2014


Hello all well I am officially running out of time to share these March layout for the counterfeit challenge so I thought I'd best share a couple more. 

First up a layout documenting gorgeous blossom at Harewood last year, I took the pink colour of the blossom as the key to using some of the papers up in my kit.

Next up a photo shot through a loaned telescope, the photo was captured by said 13 year old with his phone of all things.  It's the first time I can say that I could clearly see the craters on the moon - fab photo!


Morning all thought I would share the double layout I did of a guest book I 'filled in' last year when we ventured up to Northumberland for the first time. 

The visitors book lacked details of places to go and things to do, so I saw it as my duty to give them a future pointers! 

Up close you can see the right hand page documenting Cragside and Lindisfarne

And on the left, Bamburgh Castle, Alnwick Gardens, Alnwick Castle and that very famous tree house!

As the visitors book is obviously left where we stayed I was glad that I'd documented my pages, hope the owners liked them too! 

Friday, 28 March 2014


Tis Friday and time to sit back and take stock of the last seven days as it's ...

Mmm these days always feels like a dig deep but I'm sure it won't be once it gets rolling

OK first up the WW girls - they've kept me sane this week when things were tough and I felt like I was losing the plot, having that little group of friends really does make an amazing difference to my life and for that I am always grateful.

A clean house, it's been an epic task and there are still things to resolve (like the great stamping task that I've started and suddenly wondered why oh why have I done this) but it's now clean and tidy and I know where pretty much everything is!

My Mum, she keeps me smiling and it has been a fabulous spending more time with her recently.

My sister for just being her, even though we've both had a tough week, we can still natter, put the world to rights and be there for each other.

My amazing husband, when tasks needed doing at my Mum's house (putting up curtain poles, shelves, moving a bed, building a bed) he didn't bat an eyelid and just got on with it, it's made a mahoosive difference for her home!

Keeping in contact with two old work colleagues have both made me smile - so lovely!

Lovely positive messages from an Aunty for my Mum to pass on!

A school mate being over for said 13 year old on Tuesday - fab stuff!

That my lovely people will be my lot for this week so I'll leave you with a couple more  counterfeit challenge blog kit layouts

Both layouts from Center Parcs my niece and Mum playing squash in this layout

And me and niece playing squash in this one!

If you fancy joining in then we would love to come and visit, write a blog post, head over link up and we shall come and visit.

Thursday, 27 March 2014


Morning all, well here are a couple more layouts completed as part of the CKCB kit this month. Another 'gutted' page, using the same shape as yesterdays.  I was inspired by the stars post over on the blog too so I added them to the layout.  Used a little vellum and an instagram photo!

The photo was taken when we were in Northumberland last year, the small cottage we stayed in had a veranda that you stepped out onto from the TV room which was upstairs, it was such a great space that we enjoyed a glass of wine at the end of a busy exploring day!

Next up niece sat next to an awesome sculpture in Scarborough.  We had to walk along the front on the North bay to find it, but it was well worth the walk.  

The layout was relatively simple, squares and hand cut bunting on a dark great background.  I also used up some fab stickers I had from a Wear Crafts 12 Pledges kit.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Morning all, well this month has gone by in a blur, I haven't even shared the kit I put together for the CKCB challenge and I'm between computers at the moment, so goodness knows where those photos are.

However I have played along despite the lack of sharing on here.  So this is me catching up.  My kit ended up with an awful lot of pink in it which is why I think I was struggling to use it as it's just not my favourite colour when it comes to scrapping (must have something to do with having a boy).  

However around mid month I threw in a couple more sheets of yellow to balance it a bit and found that my usage increased.

First up layout called Sneaking TV - I tend to ban TV whenever we are away as I find it 'eats' time.  So by having no TV distraction we do a lot more, go out more, are more active, talk more and have a proper break.  However, with the invention of so many on the go pieces of technology I was bemused to discover the inventiveness of said 13 year old and niece when we went to Center Parcs around Christmas time.  

Yes those two wires dangling down, gives away the fact that they were watching TV on my nieces tablet that she'd took with her - honestly there's no hope! 

The yellow shape in the layout above comes from a piece of paper I bought an age ago which is the same shape, I've never wanted to use it as I like to use it as a template to create other layouts LOL!

I also tied the embroidery thread through the buttons for a change and tied in a bow for effect.

Next up a fairly simple layout of hubby and sister who found the real ale stall when we visited a Christmas fayre (I kid you not).

I added a few hearts, buttons and a little bit of yellow hand stitching to finish it off.

I'll share some more of my layouts tomorrow.  Hope you are having a splended week.   

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Morning all, well it's a bit grey and overcast this morning but I thought I could share a bright and cheery layout with you.  This little layout uses up lots of offcuts from the Wear Crafts Twelve Pledges Scrapbook kit for March, into a neat and tidy format so I can create another layout.  Really versatile idea which originally came from a Simple Recipes idea on UK Scrappers in February. 

The idea is you cut several pieces of paper or cardstock so they fit the page, the largest item is 3.75" x 2.75" and then all the items inside of that are obviously smaller, most of them that I've done up to now have a piece of paper which measures 3.5" x 2.5" inside it and then I cut shapes by hand (the heart on the top three pieces), punch out shapes (the heart on the middle row left hand side and the little hearts on the page).  

I add hand stitching, left over stickers whatever is close to hand.  As you can see I've used one to document the photo.  You can vary the size and position of the photo as well, in this instance I've made it the same as one of the cards, but I could easily have made it the width of two cards or even three or four and it doesn't have to go in the centre but off to one side or at the bottom or top - wherever you fancy really! 

The great thing is if you have any left over once you've put a page together they are great card toppers or embellishments for future layouts so you're using your scraps as you go and have some ready made items when you want to pop a quick layout or card together in future. 

This layout definitely showcases how gorgeous and versatile these papers and shows how they compliment each other with significant ease!  Fancy finding out more about getting your hands on the Twelve Pledges kits - then click here

Happy Scrapping!

Monday, 24 March 2014


Morning all my next DT layout for the fabulous 12 Pledges kit for March.

This layout documents a metal sculpture we found outside of the Enginuity museum at Ironbridge.  We took loads of photos of it as I wanted to document it all however it became a tad impractical for scrapbook page (even for a double page).  So I documented the sculpture in all it's glory on the right, my favourite element of the sculpture int he middle and two parts of the sculpture on the left! 

These papers really are so very versatile.  I used a scalloped edge I had and hand cut the papers to create the border top and bottom on the page.  Cut out some little squares, double matted the main photo to make it pop, 'gutting' the mats as I went to make the most of the kit.  And then did some scattered hearts on the page.  A little bit of inking along the scalloped edge and it was complete. 

Next up another page using this fantastic kit.  I've used strips at the top and bottom using a border punch I own the contrast of the red against the background really makes the page pop.  I've matted the photos onto red as well.

A smattering of hearts and some hand journalling and we are done!  The photos were taken at Yorkshire Sculpture Park when the exhibits were about fabric.  Gorgeous colours and great fun.  I hand stitched the arrows on the left hand side! 

If you want to learn more about the 12 Pledges kit then head over to the Wear Crafts site to see the details - link is here 

I've got more layouts to share from this kit so keep popping back!  

Hope you are having a great scrapping day!  

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Morning all well it's Sunday morning and the sky is blue at the moment - bliss.

So I thought I'd share a layout I did recently of said 13 year old and niece when we were visiting Harlech Castle last year!

I enjoyed making this layout using a variety of papers and punched hearts, the layout speaks for itself if you know what I mean.

Hope you are having a great Sunday!

Saturday, 22 March 2014


Morning all well it's a lovely Saturday morning here in Yorkshire and I'm here to share my first layout with the brand new 12 Pledges Kit for March 2014 from Wear Crafts - Jen has put together a fantastic kit using MME Dorothy papers with beautiful spring like colours.

You can currently find the main kit - here if you fancy getting your hands on one.  The normal monthly kit retails for £5 but the one I've linked to is the additional kit for £15, however, if you want to know more about the 12 pledges for 2014 then let Jen know over at Wear Crafts she's always happy to help!  

This photo was taken when we visited Wentworth Castle last year, the last remaining tower of Stainborough Castle has a spiral staircase which is adorned with this gorgeous dragon, starting from the top and running all the way down to the bottom.

If you want more DT inspiration then check out Lesley's blog!

Oh Jen's just updated her blog with all the necessary links March Kit Info

Friday, 21 March 2014


Good morning - tis Friday and we are once again here to reflect on the last seven days!

So what have we got to comment on today, crikey it's a dig deep week if I'm honest.  It's been one of those - you know the ones. 

What has made me happy?


Well I got a job offer for a six month job position last thursday - fingers crossed it works out, I'm quite giddy to be starting something fresh so that's a positive.

Catching up with my old work colleague last Friday, I have missed her, she is one of those amazing people that you can chat to and put the world to rights, she says it how it is and is just a beautiful soul!  Loved my catch up with her! 

Rugby - I love rugby particularly the six nations at this time of year.  We had a marathon session on Saturday and my sister came over, we had a fab evening and given the fact I have both English and Irish backgrounds I was quite happy with the result!

Catching up with family - definitely a positive chatting, chatting and chatting!  Bliss

The Wednesday Whine girls - honestly the best group of girlfriends a person could wish for - utterly amazing and made me smile all week, wish we weren't cast to the four winds but despite the geography and the fact we are so very different we compliment each other amazingly! 

Counterfeit Challenge, I haven't posted any photos and despite the fact my kit has turned out a bit pink heavy (which is not my favourite colour) I've still enjoyed the challenge of working with it! 

Jen at Wear Crafts and Lesley my design teamie for keeping me on the straight and narrow when my head is all over the place - you girls are amazing! 

Hubby and said 13 year old just for being them, I've not been the easiest of people this week if I'm honest so the fact that they've put up with me and my weird mood just shows how awesome they are!

My sister for helping at my Mum's this week between the three of us, we did trips to charity shop, put things in loft and redecorated a room not bad for about half a days work - go us!  

Crikey - you think it will be a dig deep week and then you start to write it up and realise it isn't! 

Hope you've had a rocking week, we are still getting used to the new PC hence the lack of piccies, will make an effort this week to remedy that as I know it makes a different to have pretty pictures! 

Mr Linky - if you fancy joining in write the post pop back and link up we'll come and visit!   Hope you've had a fabulous week!

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Sometimes I take photos and wonder what on earth I'm going to do with them, but with this set of three photos I knew I actually wanted to scrap them.  These little culprits I blame for a weight gain when weighing in at weight watchers - well actually I blame the middle one which was a salted caramel chocolate gateaux!   

It tasted beautiful but I think it was the tipping point that weekend!  I loved the fact I managed to find some tape measures on a paper in this paper collection to use to 'embellish' the photos!  Simple layout I know but now duly documented! 

Hope you are having a great Thursday!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I'm having a clear out of the blog folder and sharing previously unshared layouts.  I must admit I'm not that fussed about this one, think it needed something else just not sure what or maybe it's my aversion to pink LOL! 

Hope you are having a good Tuesday! Photo taken by said 13 year old when we were visiting Ironbridge last year.

Monday, 17 March 2014


Morning all Monday morning greets us a bit grey and overcast in Yorkshire so I thought I'd treat you to a bright and colourful layout.  If I'm brutally honest I didn't think I'd ever use this paper, but it's nice to have a challenge isn't it!  i cut the shape out and put it on the bright background, rounded the corners on the photo, did some real hand stitching on it (the yellow) to complement the fake machine stitching.  

Photo of hubby and said 13 year old at Enginuity last year, absolutely awesome place to visit for the day, learnt loads!

Hope you are having a happy Monday!

Friday, 14 March 2014


Good morning one and all, here we are on Friday again, where does the time go - honestly!

So what shenanigans have we had this week.  Well it was a trying weekend, but in amongst it being trying there were positives.  We managed an outdoor fire that was definitely a positive, in fact we had one on Monday too, so that was two positives plus I managed to get rid of an awful lot of shredding on the fire rather than in the shredder (I tend to kill shredders so it looked relieved when I waltzed out of the door with the two boxes under my arm).

So another positive I now have two collapsible storage boxes back in use - win win!

Monday - I spent the day in the garden, moved the garden store around and washed the kitchen window which has been in desperate need of washing in forever if I'm honest it's lovely to be able to see outside again.

Said 13 year old going out to tea, he really enjoyed going to his friends house and it gave me and hubby a couple of quality hours together which we were in desperate need of.

A meeting about some consultative work this week which went well, fingers crossed something comes of it.

Helping my Mum out on Tuesday with decluttering her middle bedroom which had got quite frankly into an epic state.  It's really starting to come together.

My wonderful sister for listening to me when things were getting topside of me on Tuesday morning, just sitting and nattering made for a positive in my book.

Lovely bloggers happening by and saying hello on their way, always makes me smile even though I haven't managed much in the way of crafting.

So there you go - happy positives that have made my week.  How's yours been?  Fancy joining in pop a post together and head back here to tell us all about it, don't forget to leave a comment and we'll come and visit.  I'll apologise now for the lack of photos I'm in the middle of decommissioning a PC and starting up a new one and so I'm technically between two machines - normal service to resume shortly (I promise).

Here is Mr Linky for you

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Good morning, is it really Wednesday, this week has flown by in the blink of an eye, Monday was spent on the garden, Tuesday helping my Mum declutter her house which basically meant various trips to the charity shop.  Wednesday finds me with an afternoon meeting and feeling tired after a 2 hour slog over the ironing board, I don't intend on it getting that bad again (new mantra let's see how long it lasts).

Thought I'd share a layout I did a while ago with new papers bought by hubby at Christmas.

Said 13 year old and hubby chilling out on a bench when we visited Brodsworth Hall.  I love these papers and the colour scheme.  I opted for a 'polaroid' style photo and journal block which were quite fun to use.  I also added some glossy accents on the black cardstock.

Hope you are having a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Good morning one and all Tuesday greets us with a cool overcast morning in Yorkshire, but it's destined to turn brighter later in the day so I've put a line of washing out in the hope the forecasters have it right! 

I thought I'd share some of my older (not yet shared) pages.  This one uses the now very old DCWV Far East paper stack, but I only happened across it last year when we were on holiday.  My sister and I 'split' the pack as she loves no adores everything oriental.  I think it's the first paper stack I've ever used completely in its entirety - but maybe that's because I only had half a stack to begin with.

Photo taken by said 13 year old when we were visiting the large treehouse at Alnwick Castle and Gardens!  

And next up don't you love it when you have papers that match your picture!  Even though technically speaking the lighthouse in the photo is actually an upturned pig boiler if I recall reading the write up correctly.

This lighthouse is at Portmeirion and is at the very end of the coastal walk before you head into the woodland!  It was a glorious day to explore!

I hope Tuesday is treating you well! 

Monday, 10 March 2014


Good morning, well Monday upon us so quickly - blink and I think I missed the weekend, however, it is so lovely to be having drier days and some blue skies, just waiting for the porridge to be cooked for breakfast, then I'm getting changed and hitting the garden for a spring clean up and sort out, really looking forward to it if I'm honest.

So first up is my take on the Simple Recipes on UK Scrappers from February, I adored this class and found the way of using up scraps quite simply genius, I have subsequent to this, recreated the same layout in various different colour ways!

Then a couple of recent entries to the Stay at Home Circle Journal over on Collaborart!  This is my take on Titania under the recent Shakespeare themed page (my choice).

And next up an art journal page with the theme Innocence and Experience

I've really enjoyed this CJ up to now, great fun and challenging themes!  Hope you are having a fab Monday!

Saturday, 8 March 2014


Good morning everyone, well it's rather grey and miserable here at the moment, but they have forecast that the blue skies should turn up eventually this afternoon (fingers and toes crossed on that one).

Right last version of the scrap 365 challenge this morning (I loved this challenge can you tell).  This time said 13 year old and said niece found a game when we were on holiday and came peering around the corner wearing it - they had us in hysterics!

I enjoyed this layout because it used up lots of items I'd got just lying around, the half circle with the journalling has been on my desk an age.  By adding a few strips of paper here and there and adding a bit of handstitching it was done.

This is the original sketch 

And click here if you want to see the post and join in yourself, it's a fab way of getting off the starting blocks if you are struggling! 

Friday, 7 March 2014


Tis time - count the grateful moments in amongst the week - go on you know you want to!

A quiet reflection on the few days at Center Parcs, meant that we had fun family time, enjoying some fresh air, seeing lots of wildlife, having time for just me and hubby with our early morning walks and meal out - all was good!

Next up this piece of mail art that arrived from Sarah on Monday, apparently it took a week to get here but did arrive with a rather large amount of other mail!

Love the texture of it which I think you can just about make out on the photo!

Then there is the fabulous card from Gail, this had me grinning from ear to ear - thank you fun, it is beautiful and I love love love the sentiment!

Then there was another gift (and a pressie for little sis which I forgot to photograph before I passed it over doh!   Then there was more gifts - this time in the form of unwanted scrapping items - "pass 'em here love I'll use 'em" it's like 'vintage/retro scrap items!'

Then more pressies from Sarah, gorgeous buttons good enough to use to create moulds - now there's a thought! (Bit blurry sorry!)

And another gift in the post, this time Frances (new2this) on UK Scrappers sent this made to measure cuff for said 13 year old.  You may remember that Frances was my secret Santa on the stocking swap on UK Scrappers and when she found out the link with the crystal asked if said 13 year old would wear a cuff using the crystals she had left over up - how talented is this lady!

So it's been a positive post week up to now.  Which I love, so much more fun than boring brown
envelopes full of bills and tat wouldn't you agree?

So maybe it's time to make a positive difference on the world, try and spend a little time each day doing something positive for someone else.  Maybe you are out walking your dog just saying good morning or good evening to someone that passes by might make their day, I know so many people out there who are on their own and don't get to talk to anyone.  Or you haven't spoken to a friend/family member in a while, write to them - do you remember snail mail put pen to paper pop it in an envelope and send it - make their day!

I've signed up to 100 Happy Days - apparently 71% of people fail because they are too busy!   Too busy to be happy - confused doesn't come into it!  You are supposed to document what makes you happy with a photo of it, one per day for a hundred days, but when you are in rocking moment there are so many things that we note - have you noticed that?  So we don't want to clock a 1 per day we clock every single one.  I've started today day 1 - happiness = scrapping at 8.30 in the morning (3 layouts done by 10am!).

So there you go happiness and positives, try and make the difference this week, my rockettes make a difference every week for me, I love love love, following Kate's adventures in Spain and all her amazing work with charities, loving her days out, choir practice beautiful flowers in her garden!  Blue skies galore bliss!  Or maybe Caro and her adventures with her youngster I adored her trip to Nerf world last week - said 13 year old was mighty intrigued with it - made me google it and everything!  - mainly because he'd come up with it as a business venture himself recently (albeit just in his mind).  Or Lesley my fellow DT member from Wear Crafts and her adventures in the week, so lovely to have glimpses of other peoples lives which I adore.  Finally last week our brand new Rockette on the block Sian - check out her brill blog here 

That my lovely people is that, this week make a difference, don't sit in judgement you don't know what path that person has walked - if you can't walk a mile in their shoes then don't judge - just make a difference to someone else's not because of pay back but because it feels good - go on I dare you and once you've done something, blog it and come back and link and comment.  Let's make this world a better place!

Until next week - Mr Linky

Thursday, 6 March 2014


Good morning, I've been sharing what I've done with the Feburary 12 Pledges kit and it's add on partner over the last few days, check out the Wear Craft button on the right if you want to find out more.

The first layout documents a photo of my niece last year, I love the angle at which the photo catches her smile, she looks beautiful and very relaxed!

As promised, the layout using the spray heart doily that I mentioned yesterday - can you see it? Yes I split the doily by taking out the centre piece which you can see on the top right mat with the word gorgeous stamped in it. I then used the remnants of the heart split in two to create the element to the right of my niece's photo.

I made some more little cards similar to the ones I showed you the other day and added my favourite heart punch to the layout too.  A little hand stitching and it was done!

Next up hubby at Alnwick Gardens again last year, I had to document this as when we were stood there the water seemed like a perfect arc of water, but when we got to view the digital photos you could see the shape of the water spraying which made us giggle (hence the title).

I didn't want to 'lose' the frame that formed part of one of the sheets of paper in the kit, but when I tried to add it to other papers in the kit it kept feeling like it was getting lost.  The easiest way around this was to make it the focal point.  I matted it on lilac cardstock from the add on kit and then stuck it down to some white card stock.  I adhered the rik-rak ribbon above and the block and the beautiful lace ribbon that I inked with distress inks below.

I went for the 'confetti' look again but in a diagonal way and included different elements rather than just one.  Buttons, blingy pieces from the kit, punched hearts and stars.

It didn't feel quite finished, so I sat and doodled a wiggly line around it but realised there was a gem stone and button in the 'way' so at regular intervals I added hand drawn hearts to try and break the border up and distract the eye from the break where the gem was.

I hope you like what I created, check back tomorrow for a final layout - happy scrapping!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Morning all, well here is the next set of layouts I did using the Wear Crafts February 12 Pledges Kit, click on the Wear Crafts button to the right to find out more UPDATE ALERT NOW SOLD OUT - IF YOU GRABBED ONE WHILE YOU COULD YOU DID WELL!

First up a page I created using a photo of me, said 13 year old and said niece at YSP last year, we were initially confused when we saw the metal framework being put up for the structure, it however, made much more sense when they added the letters which are lit up.  I actually agree with the statement and used the photo as my title as well!

I used strips of the graduated paper top and bottom, rounded the corners on my photo, photo mat, journal block and journal mat.  I hand cut the bunting at the top using a combination of hand cutting the 'v' shape out and using decorative scissors to create the bottom edge.  I then added some of the gorgeous brads from the add on kit and then hand cut the long bunting shapes on the left.

Next, I adhered the butterfly with some glossy accents, added a little stamping to the left hand piece and attached the button with a little hand stitching and then added the rik rak ribbon!

Up close you can see those gorgeous brads and the light bulbs in the structure!

For my next layout I used a photo of the beach at Barmouth last year when we stopped off, I adore pictures like this, find them so very grounding!

I used the beautiful heart doily that forms part of the kit, as a stencil, using a little spray ink that most of us crafters now have in our stash pile.  This particular one is a dylusions ink that I had to hand.  This means that the heart does 'twice as much work' - initially as a stencil, and then as a coloured embellishment - win win - check back in a couple of days to see how I used up the sprayed heart.

As I was in 'ink spraying mode' which I do inside a pizza box to prevent it going everywhere!  I also inked up some of the rose ribbon that is attached along the bottom edge.

Up close you can see the stencilled heart.

and the sprayed rose ribbon