Friday, 30 September 2011


Good Morning to my beautiful Rockettes and Rockers, how fair thee this fine morn'?

Tis Friday which means

Yes it's here again - I cannot believe how quickly these weeks are flying by, blink and you miss them and then it's time for the list of gratefuls once more.  I enjoy Rocking Your World posts because they make me stop and think and I know for some of us (me included) some weeks are much harder to find those emotionally charged positives that make us smile and we all have to dig deep to find them.  Now for some it's easy they simply write them down as they go, or even prepare a post as the week unfolds, unfortunately I'm not one of them, so mine come from the old grey matter chugging along!

First up on my list this week is the fun birthday party said 11 year old had last weekend, a party at Lock N Load - a laser quest place with a difference, they all thoroughly enjoyed the party as did the adults who joined in my hubby Craig thoroughly enjoyed being on said 11 year olds team and being quite stealth at the game, my brother John, my sister Melanie, my niece Nirvana and my brother's girlfriend Fi together with all said 11 year olds friends from school.  I got stopped by one of the lads at school yesterday who told me I really should have joined in - maybe I should?

Anyway it went down a storm and I think they are all now totally addicted to this!  So much so we've had nerf wars in the house all week and with my brother John providing a pressie to said 11 year old that consists of a nerf water pistol I can see where the Christmas list will be going!

Sorry sorry - I know some of you are hiding from that C word but it is less than a hundred days people - come on get with the programme!

Rugby - if only that it's providing some crafting evenings (although not many as I'm still suffering with this stupid hacking cough which is driving me insane).  Rugby on catch up is apparently even better as he managed 3 matches in one evening using the 3 button to skip forward ten minutes to see if the score had changed on matches he wanted to watch but didn't need to see beginning to end!

A day off, sshhhh yes I'm having a day off don't tell anyone or they might try and steal it off me, I'm planning on trying to get into the Doctors this morning to cough at him til he helps - now theres exciting - bet your days off aren't as exciting as mine!

Celebrating with little bro last night his birfenday - we took gifts over to him - Manga Shakespeare book - Hamlet and tickets to see Hamlet at Magna with a day pass for Magna thrown in for good measure (this is on top of his main present when I provided much needed cash for Sonisphere earlier in the year).  It's always fabulous to catch up but birthdays are extra special - I have to say that his main gift from Fi was out of this world - honestly totally and utterly gorgeous, I'll have to see if I can get a photo, John's favourite film is the Fountain and Fi created a tree of life in a bowl, all lit up - honestly blew us all away - she is one talented lady who has a second interview today for a job - can you keep your fingers and toes crossed because she really really wants and deserves this!

My house plant - yes my house plant is Rocking my World - why - well because I normally kill them - not intentionally I might add it just happens gradually over time and then they have to go in the green wheelie bin that takes them to plant heaven or a compost heap whichever is the closer, anyway my Mum for Mother's Day bought me (yes I know that's the wrong way round but she can't buy for her Mum any more so she wanted to celebrate motherhood generally) a potted plant with flowers - I think it's an Azalea - anyway the flowers came and went and I kept doing what that little label thing said which was soak in a load of water every few days - well guess what it's flowering again - I mean I've followed these sort of instructions before but they've never led to a total revival of the plant back into a flowering state - I'm so chuffed and when I got up this morning the flowers had started to open - it's so sweet - so I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing in the hope that it will keep going a little longer!

Making a start on my 'alterables' box, I'm sure I'm not the only one that ventures in second hand charity shops and declares - I could use that to make something to only proceed home and put it in a box somewhere with every intention of doing something with it, only to find two years later it's still sat there.  Well last Saturday I decided that this had to stop and the two boxes of alterables had to become one box, so I set too with great enthusiam changing a red painted 'book box' that my hubby had made ages ago and then I'd promptly made a book to go inside it that was way too big!  I've started doing something with a board book I'd started painting - although this one is stop starting more often than I'd care to mention and the third item is a shadow box which has gone from a rather unpleasant yellowy pine to a black frame - problem is I've still no idea what to do with it - but the old grey matter is working on this at the moment!

Now I know I should be grateful for the weather but it is a little too balmy for me - don't get me wrong I'm loving the blue sky days where I get to appreciate and enjoy the autumn colour I'm just none too certain about the 26 degree bit!

Right peeps I think that's my list exhausted, so now it's your turn to think about those moments this week that made you happy and smile, go on share them with us - you know you want to!   I'll put Mr Linky at the bottom of the post I'll chuck a bit of crafting first, this first one is a photo of Cliffords Tower in York that we visited, so strange to find this in the middle of York if I'm honest, but we enjoyed the look around and the views from the top even though they made my legs wobble - I just don't do heights!

And this one from the Science Show at York Railway Museum, in which said 11 year old took part in the experiments hence the title and the main demonstrator saw fit to fire a barbie doll out of an air cannon - now if you ask me this is all barbie is good for!  This actually turned out to be a strange layout because I could get it to pull together despite the fact it all 'matched and toned with ease - then I did the hand stitching aroudn the whole lot and I was happy - Crazy isn't it that the simplest of things can create such a difference!
Now here's Mr Linky for you don't forget to leave a comment too it's always lovely to see whose been by even if you don't join in - plus it stops me getting lonely - I kid you not!

Friday, 23 September 2011


Well good morning Rockettes (and Rockers) how do I find you this fair morning?  Have you a long list of amazing things you've done this week or are you rummaging through your brain to find some true positives?  Well let's see how my week has rolled

Saturday was fun (well 99% fun) because we went for a wander around the cow's Christmas dinner (also known as the Maize Maze), we were fearful that we wouldn't get the opportunity to go this year as they only have torchlit evenings in September on Saturday nights and we were running out of Saturdays, we've been previously in the summer but always find lots of wasps and on hot days it really does get extremely warm in the Maize, anyway last weekend we ventured and had great fun wandering around this years maize which was a windmill.  The only downside to the evening was that I got stung by a wasp - yes I know we went at night to ensure we didn't meet these little critters, I can't remember being stung although apparently I was as a child, it wasn't a pleasant experience and thankfully my sister had some long nails and was able to remove the sting, the wasp didn't survive the experience and I didn't have a major reaction just a nagging ache in my back for a couple of hours, it hasn't created a phobia (I don't think) and can honestly say although unpleasant the pain wasn't excessive just uncomfortable.

Anyway after that we continued around the maze and then wandered out for a warm drink and a burger sat on some bales of hay whilst the kids careered around a circuit on pedal powered go karts in the pitch black!  Due to the sting we gathered a bottle (or two) of wine on the way back purely for medicinal purposes obviously!

Another grateful has to be Takeshi's Castle (bit like a Japanese version of It's a Knockout for those of you are uninitiated), we caught an episode the other night where the contestants were all dressed up in some crazy outfits, from giant lobsters to totem poles - now this is not my usual type of humour but said 11 year old was quite positively squirming with laughter on the sofa whilst watching it, you know the one where you are laughing so much you have no alternative but to move around and eventually know you are going to get stitch, well his laughter had me grinning from ear to ear throughout the programme - it makes my heart sing!

Dear Hubby for going and getting me cough medicine at some unearthly hour (actually it was about 8pm but it meant he had to head to the health centre rather than a local pharmacy) the other night and brought me back something which seemed to contain a lot of alcohol and tasted nice, didn't particularly stop the cough LOL - thank you sweetie, still coughing an awful lot this morning, I've found that have a constant sweet like lockets in my mouth prevents me coughing but doesn't do an awful lot for my weight watching!

Last nights visit to the potential secondary school for said 11 year old was good as well, the school has and hasn't changed since I was there, it's relatively small for a secondary (much to the annoyance of the local council) because it's a Catholic school with just under 700 pupils but in all honesty I think that's just the right size, the school specialises in arts now and you can tell because the visual displays around school are simply breathtaking!

And my final Rocking moment has to be picking up a parcel from Royal Mail yesterday and finding this little beauty inside!  Carmen it's absolutely gorgeous thank you so much!

You really can't appreciate how rich the colours are (my photo doesn't do it justice) and the textures, I took another photo at an angle so you can see some of the rich metallics

It is simply stunning and will take pride on my craft shelves when I tidy them this weekend!

So there you go, my list for this week, how was yours - if it doesn't feel 'that great' have another think, maybe a phone call or online message made you smile, perhaps you've seen someone this week that's made you happy, maybe a small gesture?  Have a good think and rummage around and I'm sure you'll find something, then you can join in and let us know so we can come and visit and annoy you I'll put Mr Linky at the bottom of the post but don't forget to comment as well so I can find you in the future should I need to.

Little bit of crafting for you lovely people, a layout from our day out at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, walking amongst the Sculptures, simply amazing!  I quite liked the subtle look of this layout and you'll notice strangely enough no stitching (not sure how this one fell through the gap on that front). 

Right Mr Linky for you now hope you have a beautiful day and an amazing and blessed weekend

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Got this from Carmen and Susie

A. - Age 39 and not looking forward to 40

B - Bed Size - Double Gothic bed - wedding present from the manufacturer

C - Chore that you hate - Ironing this has to be ironing (I don't like getting the washing dried in the winter months either)

D - Animals - None at the moment had far too many when I was little

E - Essential Start to Day - Has to be tea - at least two cups before I can function

F - Favourite Colour - black, black and a bit more black

G - Gold or Silver - I wear both but probably more gold than silver

H - Height - 5 foot 6 inches - reached the dizzying heights of 5 foot 7 inches when I was younger apparently

I - Instruments - none did attempt to learn the Melodica when I was younger

J - Job Title - Finance Manager, Mum, Wife, Homemaker, Taxi driver, Cook, and names my hubby calls me that I can't repeat on here LMAO!

K - Kids - 1 boy aged 11 and going to see his potential secondary school this evening gulp!

L - Live - Born and bred Yorkshire lass

M - Must Haves - Kisses and hugs, stash, music and time to spend with my family

N - Nicknames - my Dad hated my name being shortened but after he passed away some people called me Ginnie which is sometimes shortened again to Gin, other half called me Gina when we first started going out but I grew tired of that.  I used to decide on whether new work colleagues would know me as Ginnie or Virginia on the first day of work depending on my mood, I now go by my official title because it can't get misunderstood on the phone whereas Ginnie is often mistaken for Jenny!

O - Overnight stays in hospital - to have said 11 year old and to stay with said 11 year old when he was less than a year old due to a severe asthma attack which meant he needed an overnight nebulizer

P - Pet Peeves - Inconsiderate drivers who think I'm psychic pretentious children whose parents think they are angelic but when left to their own devices are merely materialistic bullies!

Q - Quote from a Move - Eat your cereal with a fork do your homework in the dark - Pump up the Volume

R - Rhubarb or custsard - both preferably separated by a crumble topping!

S - Save or spend - it should be save save, save but it's usually spend spend spend

T - Tea or coffee - depends on the time of day

U - Under - yes I remembered to put some on what a strange questions

V - Vegetables you hate - parsnips disguised as roast potatoes, carrots unless they are in a cake format, brussel sprouts unless they are the lesser vegetable in bubble and squeak

W - What makes you run late - I don't try to run late because some in the family do as a matter of course which drives me insane!

X - X Rays you've had - loads and loads, used to dislocate my shoulder frequently in PE and presume when I fell off the washing machine at less than 2 and cracked my head open that they potentially did one then!

Y - Yummy Food you Make - Low Fat Christmas pudding fed with lashings of alcohol before Christmas

Z - Zoo animal - not a lover of zoos generally but appreciate the need for them, provided they are light and airy I can just about cope so my preference is meerkats like Susie!

Ooh that was fun!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Evening all just about to commence the Rock in Peace Resurrected Circle Journal on UK Scrappers - haven't made the book yet but plan on doing so shortly!

Thought I'd share the layouts that I did on the first one, I've shared the completed book that came back to me with everyone's gorgeous work in it, so thought I'd share what I did for others, don't think I managed to photograph them all but a good few of them - before you ask there group wasn't huge, it's just that I did extras for Carmen's CJ because hers had gone missing in the initial post out (long story) and also when I got Marie's journal I was the last one but it wasn't full and being a true Virgoan I have to do things like finishing things - so Marie got an extra dose of my creativity in her journal (I hope she didn't mind)

They are in no particular order

Mmm wonder what layouts I'll be doing for the next CJ!!!!!


Wow Wednesday already and its 8.25am which means this is going to be the fastest blog post in history.  Just wanted to say hello and say I'm still here (wherever that is) still rambling on my weight loss blog (about the lack of weight loss LMAO) and not getting a lot of crafting done at the mo, some laid out on my table, just not managing it quite as much as I'd like.  Thoroughly enjoyed making the Zombie, just not had chance to supersize him or make another one yet - but I will - picked some more felt up so will be planning on my Zombie Feltie delights when I get chance, on with a book for a friend but haven't got far enough with that, still working on it!

Anyway just thought I'd stop and say hi - how are you - big waves to Susie - I know Wednesdays are a hard day for you - so just to let you know thinking of you hope today is OK. 

Waves to Carmen wherever she is at the moment (think today is BT day - I would not like to be that engineer I tell you)

Waves to Joanna - how was the weekend - did you have fun?

Waves to Toni and her beautiful card making

Waves to Kat - for her gorgeous layouts

Waves to Anne - thank you for your gorgeous comments on my Zombie he was much fun to make


Waves to Dyan - because your awesome - made hubby watch the 10pm showing on QVC for the hour - it was my birthday treat - he thought I was mad, Melanie watched some of it but had to turn over because she kept thinking she really needed to buy it - all of it LOL!

Waves to Melanie - now she's a fresher - how's the weight watching going?

Waves to Fi - because I can!

Waves to Gill from the Craft Box - miss you - hope all is well!

Waves to Leslie and Anne-Marie - miss you two - did you have a good time with the caravans this year!

Waves to Jude - miss you muchly missus get that blog updated!

Waves to anyone else who happens along here - just for the fun of it!

Now crafting this is a double page layout I did documenting the gorgeous West Door (think it was West) of York Minster, with the gorgeous carvings depicting biblical scenes - totally awesome, my favourite (the largest on the page) is the hand of God - simply beautiful.  Used papers from the brilliant paper packs bought recently apologies for the peripherals around the edge of the layout didn't get chance to photo shop!

If you happen by don't forget to say hi - hope Wednesday is happy and positive and utterly gorgeous for you all!

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Good morning to you all and how do I find you this morning?  Saturday already and we've had to drop one of the cars off for MOT this morning so an early start for us, DH got Rugby on and said 11 year old is playing Harry Potter on the Wii we've got a hundred and one things that we need to do and haven't got off the starting blocks yet.  Hey ho, anyway last night was spent making my first Zombie Feltie from  my new book.

Now the book is fabulous, the instructions clear but the Felties are supposed to be tiny and I mean tiny and well I don't do small I like to supersize everything - can't help it, plus struggling with my shoulder, elbow and hands at the minute so needed something a bit bigger to work on that I wouldn't get irritated at when making.  

So what do you think?  He was great fun to make, the original version of this requires bugle beads and other beading and although it's created a 3 dimension to the Zombie I'm not sure if I couldn't have achieved a similar look with embroidery thread?  Still think he should be bigger - might make a supersized Zombie! 

Now question is what name to give him?  Any ideas anyone?

Friday, 16 September 2011


Good morning Rockettes (I'm sure there are some Rockers out there too but they are mighty quiet)

Tis Friday I tell you which means

With two birthday celebrations this week it's been a lovely week - I was utterly spoilt on my birthday and had a fabulous day out with hubby!  So first up is to a day off work to enjoy my birthday.  This is how spoilt I was on the day in question - beautiful flowers from my Mum who is away on holiday at the moment

with a little card
 then gifts from my hubby and son - first up books

then big shot plates that I was in need of - managed to crack both of mine recently (don't ask) got to give a huge pat on the back to said 11 year old for keeping this one quiet, every time I popped into the shop would I ask him to check to see if they had them in and every time he would say no - why - because his Dad had already bought them!
 Now a duplicate gift - this pack is one I already have and I'm lost as to whether to hang on to it or return and swap it?  But given I still have a huge amount of the original stack still left I might return it this weekend...
 Now never one to turn down a bargain (you know me) I've managed to teach hubby well so this little bunch came out of some bargain bags he bought - do you think he did well? 

Now personally I haven't a clue what to do with these they are a little too bright and garrish for my liking - anybody got any idea?  Shiny green or blue paper with gold Christmas all over?  Is there a way of making these look classy? 
 then a pack of papermania paper
 Then things inside the bags everything from paint to dies to pens, to cards to embossing folders to gromlets to paper flowers to - well you get the idea 
then the paper - this is what was included in the packs - now can you guess how much this would have cost at full price?  Now guess how much at bargain price LOL - let's just say DH did good!
finally  my watch - I also got boots but I've not taken a photo of them yet!  However I can say they are mighty comfortable!
So as you can tell a pretty awesome birthday - another grateful is lunch with my sister which was brilliant, we had a good natter and a couple of hours chatting in the Meadowhall.

Part of the evening included the lighting of the cake (yes we almost set it on fire) we didn't have 39 candles so I had to cope with 31 candles and yes I managed to blow all of them out in one blow WTG me! 
The day after was said 10 year olds birthday who will from this moment be known as said 11 year old.  Given how many gifts I'd opened we spent some of my birthday just upping the stakes slightly, we managed to find some smaller gifts to add to his pressies so he felt like he'd opened loads - this however, was his main present as he opened it!
Yes that is Harry Potter Lego - the Hogwarts Express (with the flying Ford Anglia) he was extremely pleased with this!

Said 11 year olds birthday had a birthday tea which should have included his Aunty and cousin and his Uncle and girlfriend but unfortunately his Uncle (my lil bro) was poorly so the birthday tea gathering was a bit smaller but we thoroughly enjoyed it and he got more pressies to open (as did I) which included the world's longest nerf gun - not for me - what's wrong with you - why would I want a nerf gun - honestly - this house is a nerf war zone with hubby and said 11 year old!

My sister bought me some gorgeous gifts that she had obviously thought long and hard about, from the Charlaine Harris book I didn't have, to perfume from Lush, to massage bar that warms when you put it on your poorly shoulder and also manages to smell of Christmas, to a DVD - honestly I was amazed and all the gorgeous gifts and the thought she'd put into them - thanks Melanie you are an angel!

Plus there are the cards my niece did for me and said 11 year old - I'll photograph them to share because they are utterly gorgeous!

So this week has been predominantly thoughtful people and special family time to make me feel positive and happy, one of my other highlights was said 11 year old and his Dad playing nerf around the house, constant laughter - it makes your heart sing!


Last week I gave Carmen a friendly cajoling on the RIP Circle Journal front (it did me good as well however, I've still not made the book so that's this weekends challenge - should I choose to accept it).  Susie commented that she needed the same motivation on the Christmas Card front.

Now Christmas cards are those things that fall into one of the following categories

1 - Avid card maker so September Christmas Card making is your favourite time of year
2 - Scrapbooker/Art Journaller who makes Christmas Cards because you can - not because you want to
3 - Those crafters who stick two fingers up to Christmas Cards and just buy them from the supermarket like normal people.

Now which one are you?  I am most definitely number 2 on the list and I have a gut feeling that Susie is too, so the reasons that will be stopping you are along the following lines

  • It's September why am I making Christmas Cards
  • I've got some blank cards and a stamp just don't know what to do next
  • Shall I make similar designs or something different
  • How many do I have to make... really that many - wow!
Now what we are attempting to avoid is this

It's the 1st December, the Christmas Cards aren't made, the presents aren't bought I've given little thought to the day in question I'm so busy got so much to do - which leads to cut, stick, write send - cut, stick write send,  grrrrrrrrrr next year I will be more organised

So Susie this is the plan

Get your card blanks (now I'm tight so I buy A4 card and fold in half and chuck them in envelopes that I buy from the supermarket) but I know people sometimes buy card blanks and envelopes - so make sure you have a supply of them!

Second - what is the accent on your card going to be - now I know you've bought some steampunk stamps so get those out and at the ready

Now design - cards for me work the same as a Scrapbook page and need the following elements - paper, image (stamped image in the case of cards) - Title - that'll be your sentiment bit and the journalling goes on the inside.

So if you want multiple designs go and find 5 different layouts that you like, sometimes you can find A4 layouts for scrapbooking and these work great on rectangular cards, any 12 x 12 sketch works easily on a square card - or bend your brain and use 12 x 12 on a rectangular card and vice versa!  Now if you're doing the whole  - I need to make them from scratch then drawer a sketch - but the question is sketches always take on a mind of their own when you start using them - so cheat and use a sketch from a website or several as your starting point.  Now don't spend too long doing this - if it's taking too long, then go find a favourite scrapbook page and copy it's design

Stamp your images onto some cardstock - matt them onto another cardstock if you fancy.

Follow your sketch and apply some paper in line with the sketch to your card, stick image to card - attach sentiment to card - "Merry Christmas" or "Appreciate this card at Christmas it was 3 months in the making" type thing - mine this year include the statement "Dear Santa" ... "Define Good" - I kid you not!

Right you with me so far - brilliant - one card down a hundred and one to go - then make it a bit of a production line - if you do really have loads and loads to do, then set yourself the task of making so many per day or if you are fancying a mass making session grab a Christmas film to put you in the mental mood and go for it!  You'll be surprised once you've started what you'll achieve!

Finally - if you want to actually 'love' your cards and this year I for one can actually say I do - then find some aspect of your crafting that you love and include it in the card - many of my Christmas cards this year have handstitching on them, because it gave them that edge and I could sit and while away the hours enjoying making them rather than growling at cards like I normally do!  And for those of you who are thinking - how on earth have I got mine done so quickly - I do mine in January and February because then when it gets to Christmas I just know they are all done and ready and it's a great way to spend the dark winter evenings and it lets me hold onto Christmas that little bit longer!

Now for those of you who are still with me - WOW you are a seriously dedicated blog reader (or slightly nuts like me) so just as a treat and because you've been so good here's some crafting a double page spread with images from the Yorkshire Sculpture park, the large 'flower' on the right hand side was hand cut from a clip art image that I'd supersized, it fell in with the layout and broke up the busy background!  Right off to work - you heard me what am I like working on a Friday!

Hopefully you'll be joining us on our list of gratefuls - if so please leave a comment and your link so we can come and listen to your life too - don't forget everyone says that they have little to be happy about but if you think, really think about your week and the people who have been in it, the places you've been, the things you've seen there must be at least one thing that has made you smile! 

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I don't usually celebrate it in big style, I don't shout about it, I don't natter on, it comes and then it goes and then we celebrate said 10 year olds tomorrow making him said 11 year old, but this year I'm doing things different so here is me - yay yay yayying that it's my birthday, I'm not at work, I've had loads and loads of pressies from dear hubby and said 10 year old, I've had flowers arrive from my Mum (whose seen fit to leave the country for my birthday - what is she like).  I've had scrapbook goodies and boots, a watch that's a bracelet that's a piece of jewellery that's a - you get my drift, I've had Zombie Felties and a Sherrilyn Kenyon book, goodies galore - and it's only quarter to ten.  So what am I doing now?  What I always do - go out looking for more gifts for said 10 year old because dear hubby has overwhelmed me with gifts this morning that's what! 

No crafting to share - just a big smiley me to contend with, off to enjoy the rest of my day - will photograph pressies and come back later!

Friday, 9 September 2011


Good morning Rockers and Rockettes and how are you this fine morning?

Friday already, end of the first week back at school - won't even mention the Christmas countdown that's started clicking in my head or the fact I'm back at work grrr because it's
First up - the weather being kind over the weekend and allowing me to wash and dry clothes in a timely fashion, getting them all ironed and back in the wardrobes and cupboards before Saturday was out!

People at work for leaving me alone on Wednesday - they don't read my blog, but first days back in are never fun and they pretty much left me to my own devices which on their part was smart and on mine meant I eased myself back in.

Weight Watchers - not that I've rejoined or anything, just that I'm back on plan, after the excesses last week I just had to do something sensible and it's been a joy being back on plan, I haven't felt bloated once this week or that I've overeaten, fingers crossed for a positive weekend and a healthy weight loss come Monday,  I have another blog documenting this part of my life so won't go on too much - just grateful for being back on plan.

The Royal Shakespeare Company for giving us a flavour of Shakespeare again, we've booked tickets to see Othello at the Crucible in October and I'm all giddy - must read my Manga Othello before we go because it's a story I don't know well!

Dear Hubby for making awesome soup at the weekend, homemade minestrone - honestly it was divine and has kept me on track at lunch pretty much all week - thank you hun - can we have some leek and potato now?

You Tube and Bloggy people - Kathy Rogers is someone I met at craft class an age ago and stumbled across her on the net as well as being an awesome scrapbooker she is always so happy to share a sketch or a video when she comes across them, she must have been mindreading this week because in all honesty I really really really wanted to make a minibook but got slightly frustrated with what I had found on You Tube and then she comes along shows this gorgeous book and shares the link!  Thank you Kathy it made for a fun Wednesday evening!

A couple of days off with said ten year old at the beginning of the week (due to school inset days) brought a smile to my face because in all honesty it was lovely, we shopped for school shoes, bought school trousers, had a wander around the shops and played on the Wii together - something very rare because that's usually Craig's job and he rediscovered that spending a bit more time on games unlocks all sorts of treats, he gets bored (or stuck) with games and then goes off them and only later do you find it's because he's got stuck, needless to say we've had a couple of funfilled evenings since he rediscovered the joys of Harry Potter Lego Year 1-4 on the Wii.

Other grateful is the local market, headed into town, every now and again I get cross at supermarket prices and go in search of the odd bargain in town, we came back laden down with fruit and vegetables and fresh chicken which didn't cost the earth - the nectarines and plums I bought have been particularly tasty, tonight I've done an Asda shop - let's see if they are as tasty this week shall we?

Anyway on to a bit of crafting, so this one using some hippy chick papers from DCWV documents the day out at the National Railway Museum

up close I've used the shapes on the paper as an ideal place for the journaling - much fun!
Right that's your lot this week, it's been a little quiet as we are still recovering from our days out last week - I did say we were over doing it - only this week have we been able to confirm that we were - whoops!

If you're joining in put your link here with Mr Linky and don't forget to leave a comment, hope your week has been as Rocking.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

CARMEN DON'T YOU DARE (and a bit of crafting)

Yes you Carmen I'm talking to you don't even think about jacking this one in - I know where you are at, you're doing the 'what kind of book can I make' - it's the second time with this group "so they are expecting an elaborate, magnificent amazingly technical book" "everyone elses will be fabulous" stage and how do I know that - because I'm there with you, I know exactly what you mean, now you've already got your idea in place so all you need to do is a book and at the end of the day it's everyone else that is going to make it amazing - aren't they!

So the first question is shape of book

You could try circular or triangular but only if you want locking up

Go on pick one - OK decided on shape

Fine that's good

Now size?



anything smaller is probably too small, anything bigger is probably too big.

Pages - are you doing flat pages or pages with flaps on or envelopes?  Quick choose which one - put them in a hat and jumble them up and pull them out of the bag if you have to - right got that.

Then fastening - are you sending out separate pages to bind when they arrive back or are you going for book rings which are always a good favourite so people can remove pages?

Right now so you've got the shape, the size, the style of pages and the fastenings - go cut it out - go on right now, cut it out all you need is a bit of card stock - that's not difficult - people want blank pages to play with so go and cut them out for them then cut a couple of covers and you're set.

Now get that beautiful imagination running for your pages and I expect an update as to where you are at later.  OK OK, so it's only fair that I join you on this one.

So I'll pick (because I haven't started mine at all yet and haven't made any firm decisions so here goes!)

Shape - Rectangular
Size - approximately 6" x 7"
Found a flappy page thingy on You Tube last night so I'm going to make 11 of those
Pages are going to be loose with instructions on them of where I will bind them when they return
Covers will be chipboard not sure if I'll send them with the pages - they will only weigh it down
Topic - favourite band - I want a whole book done on the time, the works, the lives, the tracks of Linkin Park

there decided - that was easy - all I need to do is make it now -  I will give you an update on where I'm at tomorrow!

Now I'm sure all of you people out there who don't answer to the name of Carmen are thinking I lost the plot, but Carmen is doing exactly what I was doing which was procrastinating about a circle journal we've signed up to - so I'm keeping her on the straight and narrow (fingers crossed I am anyway)

So for the rest of you - some crafting, this photo taken at Bolsover next to the kitchen area and dear hubby had said 10 year old convinced that the ovens were for the different sized pizzas - laughed til we cried!

PS there is stitching on it - can you see it?  Yes the arrows of course! It really is my signature style, if I look at a layout and think "not quite there yet" it tends to be the needle and thread that I opt for to see if that makes it "just right"
Right work time again (already I know what's happening to the world) - speaking of which Rocking Your World posts tomorrow, start thinking about your week up to now - how's it been, who made you smile, what made you laugh?  Dig deep if you have to until tomorrow...

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Well first day back at school for said 10 year old and final 'first day' in primary school - gulp - don't get me started no idea how I'm going to cope in 12 months time!  He looks all sparkly and clean, new shoes all shiny and the obligatory first day at school picture currently out of reach because it's raining - boo hoo sob - I'll try later on when we get back, it must be the first day of school that he's returned that it is actually raining - perhaps Toni's post about the weather the other day is spot on and I've just not noticed???

Anyway, I had grand plans for the school holidays (because I work less hours or I was supposed to) I was going to art journal and scrapbook my way through them but it didn't really happen, so strangely enough as I go back into working longer hours I may get more scrapping time?  How does that work then?

Think I'm almost caught up on blogs, I've visited Toni's gorgeous cards (and mini book that got me all giddy last night because I needed to see a mini book to get me started on mine), I've visited Carmen and her reviews and her crafting posts and her "getting slimmer every day" post, I've caught up with Susie and her life and enjoyed her recent dabbling in the scrapbook arena, I've visited Joanne and her mail art that always makes me feel envious, the list goes on and on but I think I'm back in the zone (give me 24 hours and I'll be back out again).

Anyway enough of my inane ramblings or is that insane ramblings let's get some crafting on here ARGGHHHH!!!!!

This was made following the purchase of certain bargain bags from my local store, using a mix of black market society papers (I think that's what they are called - they feel funny - thin and textured???) and some blue papers to go with the photo of my sister and my niece on a jaunt to Scarborough earlier in the year.

And breath ... I feel so much better now for putting that on I almost feel as if I'd forgotten my crafting.

I am now on with a mini book which I started last night - I picked the world's worst shape (it's like a four sided bracket) to ease me in, so I've been sanding it to soften the edges and realised how rubbish my cutting was, but I don't care I'm persevering whether the mini book likes it or not and the reason for the mini book?  No idea just wanted to do one that was all and it's been fun up to now.  I'll share when it looks more like a completed mini book whether that be with or without photos!

How's your crafting today and are your kids back at school mine keeps saying he's looking forward to it - most strange for him, mind you it's running up to his birthday on the 14th so I can only expect it's pre-birthday euphoria!

Right need to find some boots, can't brave the world with sandals in that weather now can I?  Ooh and dinner money - now I've not missed that!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Yes I know I've been back since Friday and yes I know it's Tuesday (already which 'groan' means work tomorrow) and I know I should have posted earlier but I've struggled to get back on the treadmill of life if I'm honest.  Friday was spent travelling, sorting and washing, Saturday was spent washing, ironing and shopping, Sunday - no idea where Sunday went but it disappeared, Monday was spent shoe shopping for school for said 10 year old, a bit of retail therapy and catching up with my sister and niece.  So now it's Tuesday and you get glimpses of my Rocking week last week.

Well this was home for the week, Graces Barn at Wilmcote and yes that is me sat at the table reading!  Said 10 year old's photo and rather good it is too, this tiny barn was a beautiful home for a week, 4 miles outside of Stratford and within walking distance of Mary Arden's farm it was a great base for us!

We managed lots of proper family time, no computers, mobiles only used for navigation (if they worked at all) and a little TV (said 10 year old started to suffer withdrawal symptoms).  We managed all 5 Shakespeare houses costing £50 and giving us 12 months entry to the same, this is Anne Hathaways Cottage, you wouldn't know that five minutes earlier the heavens had opened and we'd got drenched would you?  Only bit of rain all week mind!

Then the walk around the garden found us in amongst sculptures - I love this!
and a shot of me and hubby - definitely a couple of 'fat' shots this week of me (not this one thankfully)  that I totally hated which has meant a restart of my other blog relating to weight loss! 
There were also a few Shakespeare inspired sculptures some I 'got' and some I didn't the one of the woman almost riding the Donkey/Ass was mighty strange, I'm not surprised they planted it out with wildflowers all around it - it might have frightened the kids - honestly you wouldn't believe me if I showed you - there was also the alien-esk one but was pretty cool!

Then we found these 11 baby ducklings with Mummy - how cute are these!
then one of the highlights of the week has to be the day out to Warwick Castle, so completely different to any other Castle probably because the owners also own things like Madam Tussaud's and Alton Towers, what they've managed to do is bring the Castle to life, we had an amazing day and will most definitely be returning!   Here is said 10 year old trying to prove that it was simply a button that pulled the Sword out of the stone - needless to say he didn't manage it!

the birds of prey were absolutely amazing and how this guy didn't flinch with that bird coming towards him I'll never know, they fly the birds around the castle and so it's lovely to see them out of the normal fenced off arena which is what you normally get with bird of prey shows.  Photo courtesy of said 10 year old.  We also did the walk around the Ramparts which is one way - 594 steps if I remember correctly - don't ask how much my legs hurt the following day!

then the day after we hit Kenilworth Castle which following the highly entertaining day at Warwick I wondered if it might be something of a come down to visit, but far from it, an amazing Castle with so much history it made me want to do a bit of historical research!

blessings of amazing sunsets out of the kitchen window
and sunrises completed the week

and a brief scene out of Romeo and Julietto my hubby stood below I started with the words

"Womeo Womeo where far out though Womeo"
I won't tell you what his reply was but it had us giggling
and before you ask that owl you can see in the shot is actually plastic, reading the visitors book it was an addition to put off the noisy crows and seems to have done the trick very well!
We had such complete and utter fun, were blessed with dry days and such a lot to go at in the surrounding area, from the Shakespearean houses to Warwick Castle, we also visited Blenheim Palace and had a trip on the River Avon on a boat cruise which given the scorching day we were having was fabulous but the absolute cherry on the top, the thing that had me giggling like a school girl and so very very giddy - a trip to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to see my very very favourite of Shakespearean plays Macbeth, booked on a wing and a prayer some 4 hours before the show, we couldn't believe we got tickets, the play was amazing and breathtaking and has definitely made me want to return to this beautiful little barn for further escapades to the theatre!

I got my addiction to Shakespeare at School when our English teacher managed to take us on several jaunts to either Stratford or the Barbican in London to see the RSC, we studied The Merchant of Venice in depth at school but my favourite play has always been Macbeth.  We also bought some great items from the Theatre shop including two badges for dear hubby "Something Wicked this way Comes" and "Prone to Mischief" and a couple of 'retelling' books for said 10 year old but the ultimate read has to be the Manga Shakespeare - I kid you not - the Shakespearean stories with original Shakespearean language in Manga books - how awesome, before hitting the theatre on the last day dear hubby grabbed the Manga Macbeth book and read it in less than an hour to refamiliarise himself with the story! So if you know any teenages struggling to get to grips with the bard then I can highly recommend Manga Shakespeare for a read.

So there you are my week in a nutshell, not sure what I'll be using for my Rocking post this week because it's been mighty quiet since my return on Friday, got my birthday and said 10 year old's birthday coming up next week so keep being pressed on "what do you want" - why oh why do people find it so difficult I love crafts all things painty and papery - so anything along those lines would be awesome, at the end of the day I don't 'need' anything just seeing family would be awesome and I might ask for the day off.

Anyway I'm now officially waffling so I'm going to disappear for now and see if there are any more blogposts to enjoy, I've been on mass catch up since returning and still haven't got round them all!