Friday, 24 April 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 17th of 2020

Afternoon lovely people, I hope I find you well and managing in these strange times.  As it's Friday its time for 

Ok, so the routine of home working is becoming just that, routine.  I'm still managing to maintain the normal waking time routine and even get dressed for work and put my make up on ready for the working day and my days have got busier as we are immensely stretched at the moment as we continue to deliver to vulnerable people at work.   But the positive is that we are geared up to work from home and it has been a relatively quick and simple transition. 

Other than work, I've really enjoyed home cooking meals at night, its always too easy when we are busy and out and about to sometimes manage to cook from scratch, but this enforced lock down has made me realise how much I enjoy cooking from scratch. 

I know I shared this last week bu the photo was in poor light so I thought I'd reshare

Inside each box is a mini book with the same colour way measure 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch respectively

I really loved these papers, someone mentioned that they reminded them of fruit salad. 

Hubby bought me a 12 x 12 and 6 x 6 stack of Vintage Lace papers by Crafters Companion for Christmas.  They really are beautiful papers, maybe a little too pretty for my normal scrapbook style, but they make a beautiful mini book.  I really loved the finished effect. 

The inside 

Folded out, I added lots of glossy accents to the flower elements

In fact I enjoyed making it so much, I made another one

Midweek change of papers and I created one using some 8 x 8 papers I'd bought an age ago that are Winnie the Pooh, I cut a couple of the paper elements out for the front cover

Again really pretty papers

And again, inspired by the first, I made a second

With lots of pull out tags and flaps

You can see the pocket element from above

I'm loving how the cactus in the window has just loved being in full sun, it's obviously treating it like a greenhouse. 

Me and hubby also celebrated our 22 wedding anniversary last weekend, obviously we were home alone, but we still made the effort and had a three course candlelit dinner for two that we'd cooked from scratch. 

Although there is no traditional 22nd wedding anniversary gift, there is a modern one which is copper, fortunately for hubby he was on with making me some earrings anyway so I got a gift from him as you can see. 

The rest of the week has been good other gratefuls are

The weather - the blue skies and sun shining makes a real difference if I'm honest, even if it is just grabbing a cuppa whilst we are working and getting 5 minutes to drink it outside. 

11am coffee time (I said we'd got into a habit), me and hubby enjoying our coffee break at 11am. 

All the creative crafting at home

A weekend of Shakespeare to look forward to, NT Live at home have put 12th Night on for the next week and the Handlebards have Macbeth of until Sunday night, so I'm hoping we can watch both of these. 

Getting house jobs sorted and done, I honestly don't think we've ever got so many done.  Yesterday whilst hubby was working I painted our bedroom including the ceiling.  I've finished this morning glossiing the door frame and window cill and painting in the quote above our bed.  

Facetime with my Mum

Catching up with family at 6pm on Facetime each evening 

And that my lovely people is my list for the last seven days, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up and we can come and visit. 

Friday, 17 April 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 16th of 2020

Morning all (look at me actually posting early for a change), I hope you've had a grand week, this was my week on 

Well we have had another strange week, but the strangeness of it is also becoming somewhat normal.  Both me and hubby are working from home still, with me only going in one day per week as part of the precautionary measures as the charity I work for continues to deliver to some of the most vulnerable. 

Thankfully last weekend was glorious (most unusual for a bank holiday in the UK), so we set up outside, hubby made use of the time to do a little more silversmithing.

And I enjoyed crafting outside whilst hiding under an umbrella as I burn so easily. 

We even stayed outside into the evening and sat chatting and enjoying the barmy warm evening and spotted the international space station come over not once but twice whilst we were sat outside. 

I've continued to contact my Mum daily facetiming her, it has been great to keep in contact this way and I know it has helped keep her sanity chip in place over recent weeks. 

Sunday was obviously Easter Sunday and again it was a mighty strange one, I remember Easters of old from visits to church to Easter egg hunts none of which we had on Sunday.  However, it was nice to notice this lovely gesture on our walk on Sunday encouraging everyone to take an little egg on their walk. 

I have continued crafting, apologies for the poor quality photo but this was taken very late one evening.  Using a set of Papermania stacking boxes that I'd had forever. 

A neighbour dropped this little gift off just before Easter, it was such a lovely gesture, she's recently had an op and said manipulating the boxes was good physio for her. 

Me and hubby have enjoyed having breakfast at home together and I'm loving the summer berries that are available at the moment. 

And today's walk (Thursday) the sun is beautiful and the skies are blue 

If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back link up and we can come and visit. 

Friday, 10 April 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 15th of 2020

Evening all, apologies for the delay in posting today, once again I've promised myself all day to post but been busy.  Anyway without further ado it is time take stock of the week and find the silver linings and special moments that create this rocking post. 

So we had a very busy weekend last week, a while ago I realised that said 19 year old's wardrobe needed an additional rail in it because he had a lot more items to hang.  We'd bought the pole but like anything getting around to it had proved slightly more elusive.  With the lockdown, hubby decided to sort which resulted in me emptying the wardrobe and before we knew it things were much worse, but soon with all the sorting it started to improve.  I then found it impossible to leave the rest of the room, and it was a full day of sorting and tidying, but it really does look so much better and should function so much better.  Whilst the lock down could prove testing we like many others are making full use of this time at home to do all those jobs that you rarely get time to do. 

This was the very end of the day when we were shattered and chose to take in the evening sun on the front of the house. 

Sunday was then scheduled as a day of relaxation, we enjoyed sitting outside as the weather was fine, although the breeze was cool so we needed hoodies, but being outside was lovely.  

I've continued to work at home this week, except for Thursday when I went into the office and the evenings have been filled with making mini books again. 

This one has actually been given away and I was really pleased with it, when it was done. 

This is the inside and although I was a little dubious about the papers, they've worked really well.  Hoepfully the recipient (said 19 year old's girlfriend) will be able to fill it with lovely memories when the lock down is over. 

My workplace works with some really vulnerable people including children, although we've had to suspend all the services we normally deliver, we are managing to keep in contact and we've put together lots of food parcels and activity packs this last week.  Here were another 5 activity packs due to go out. 

It has been a tough week at work a couple of grants are now on hold which isn't good news if i'm honest but I'm bidding as fast as I can to try and get some funding in, fingers crossed it all comes good. 

Today we've been for our walk

And we managed to grab a selfie

A few more smiles my cactus in the front window has flowered

How pretty are the flowers

I did a few other mini books this week 

I also made two more using a single pack of 10 papers, I've not known what to do with these forever but they work really well as a mini book

and the other one

We like the rest of the cul-de-sac stood and clapped for our amazing NHS yesterday evening at 8pm, it always makes me feel emotional, even more so since my sister is now working on a  Covid positive ward at the hospital she works at, we are as you can imagine a little stressed particularly when the PPE wear appears to be somewhat sporadic.  I'm hoping it will be better for her tomorrow and Sunday when she is on long days, 7.30am - 7.30pm (although her least shift like this she got out at 9.20pm, not that she gets paid for the extra time).  Please offer up some prayers or positive vibes to keep her safe if you can. 

I've been outside today painting some more items ready to do something with, I'm actually getting through that box of alterables that I've been meaning to use forever and hubby has continued practising his silversmithing skills, this is a piece of copper he is working on as he wants to make one in silver for me, the celtic knot is the one from our wedding. 

And that my lovely people was my week, I hope you are managing wherever in the world you are, I hope you are managing to stay safe and keep busy in this crazy world. 

If you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up and we can come and visit. 

Friday, 3 April 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 14th of 2020

Afternoon lovely people tis Friday time to find some silver linings and positive moments from the last 7 days 

Well we've enjoyed our daily walk in line with guidelines, we are very lucky to live with countryside around us if I'm honest and we definitely don't take it for granted.  We've had one walk which was a little on the cold and bracing side but the rest have been beautiful spring walks. 

We even managed a rather bright selfie

One evening we were late going out, it was actually quieter, strangely I don't think I've ever seen as many walkers, dog walkers, runners, joggers and cyclists as we have seen recently. 

This particularly evening which was quieter we had the most beautiful evening sky which I did manage to capture. 

Me and hubby have managed to work at home, he now understands when I explain to him you work full tilt when you work from home because you don't have colleague or phone call distractions, so the work becomes much more intense.  We are thoroughly shattered today after a mighty busy and somewhat stressful work week. 

I managed a single day in the office as we are classed as key workers as I work for a charity and there is a need to still be there for our client base and the local community. 

On the one day I was in work a neighbour messaged to say she had left a gift on the doorstep, which when I got home was this. 

I've never bought cut daffodils before always preferring to see them in the garden but they have made such an amazing display that I may well buy them again.

The little homemade paperbag had several chocolates in.

I thought it was a really lovely thought, in fact we've all been trying to do our bit this week. 

We were running out of handwash and one of the neighbours dropped me a spare she had off and one picked up some skimmed milk as we couldn't find any locally. 

My flowers from Mother's day are still going strong as well which is lovely they've definitely brightened up the window. 

I realised last weekend that I was most definitely over eating, I think I tend to eat when I'm stressed but after a week of lock down with a potential for this to continue for 12 weeks I thought enough was enough (plus if my Mum is managing to stick to Weight Watchers then I definitely can). 

So we've embraced a healthier eating regime and spent the evenings making mini books which have occupied me thoroughly. 

These are this weeks offerings that I've managed to make, I started with the peachy one (which is a favourite), then the purple one then the one top right before running out of covers that hubby had cut me. 

But I did have some others that were cut that were smaller, so he shrunk my template bless him so I could make the two Christmas ones. 

Inside the front cover you can see the tags on the left and the pocket page on the right. 

The pages pull out (unlike other mini books), so it can lay flat like this. 

And the inside back cover looks like this

Each of them follows the same design, I've got three more sets of covers which I'm going to use up before turning my attention to a new project and that my lovely people is that, I hope you've managed some positive moments and silver linings this week, it is hard to keep things ticking along when normal life is anything but normal but I find minimising the news to a single daily update, making full use of my leisure time, watching films and reading books we love and generally just keeping a positive frame of mind, definitely helps. 

Have a good week, stay safe