Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Morning all well I'm still feeling grim, hoping the antibiotics will finally take hold soon and start making me feel more human, however on the upside we do have blue skies today - it's very blustery but they are definitely blue those skies!

There seems to be lots of talk of gelli plate printing at the moment in the craft world so might have to dig out my box of paints and have a play this afternoon - I'll let you know how I get on!

In the meantime another layout to share.

Another UK Scrappers cyber crop layout, this one was the challenge of finding an old cyber crop challenge and creating something new.  I really enjoyed this one, it's my kind of layout, full on and busy throughout.  The title was a joint family decision and seemed quite apt for the layout!

Hope you're having a blue skies day today!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Well it's been a funny start to the week, this virus just won't go, it doesn't want to leave me it's filled my ears so I can't hear (or spell apparently as I used the word 'here' initially grrrrrrrrr), my head so I can't breath, my nose so I need to have shares in balsam tissues at the rate I'm going through them because believe you and me their profits will be rocketing, I ask you when will you leave me be dear virus, when?  So I've spoke to Doctor and he wants to see me so we'll watch this space.  In the meantime my energy levels mean tea drinking and sitting at my craft desk, often not creating, just sitting but I have managed to stick a few bits of paper to one another in some format to create the odd layout.  The lack of energy is seriously affecting me now though so today I'll be mainly resting.

Given that I'm stuck in, you're going to end up with endless supplies of written drivel from yours truly (the above being a prime example) with the odd layout thrown in for good measure to keep it interesting.

So this layout is straight from a UKS cyber crop that I did late last year, and it has to be said is one of my favourite layouts that I've done in a cyber crop, I loved the design of the class, so much so that I repeated the layout several more times (so you can guess that you'll be seeing those layouts soon).

The layout documents the last sport's day that my son had at primary school.  As one of the house captains he was set the task of encouraging the younger ones and helping get the equipment back to the starting line, I think he actually did more exercise and running than anyone else that day, running back and forth with skipping ropes, egg and spoons, hoola hoops on and on it went and he did it so utterly willingly!  My favourite shot was him bent down encouraging the nursery children (far left on the layout), it showed me just how much he's grown, he seems so old now heading off to secondary school every morning.  He is growing into such a fabulous young person though and I know I'm his Mum so I'm biased but honestly he makes my heart flutter every morning when I think of how amazing he is!
Thanks for popping by, if you have the time I love to read your comments, makes me feel less lonely!!!

Monday, 28 January 2013


Well here I am hurtling towards the end of January already, in fact hubby mentioned last Friday that it was only 11 month's until Christmas - I hear you groan LOL!  But seriously, that is a whole month of my life almost over again, where does the time fly?  Really where does it go?

It has been a funny few weeks, changes with my brother and his girlfriend venturing off to pastures new (Ireland), my sister revising, and essay writing which has meant very little talk time with her.  Haven't seen much of my niece, I've been poorly for above a week, we've had huge amounts of snowfall and I've started a course of tablets from the hospital which are proving trying to say the least.  One of the side effects is mood swings, not great for someone that suffers with mood swings anyway, so hubby is having to keep a close eye on me at the moment.

This morning was stressful, with the loss of a school tie, with only the one, we could really have done without the mad dash around the house at 7am, but it eventually turned up thankfully.

On the plus side I've managed a fair amount of layouts this month, it's so lovely to just plod my way through layout after layout, I seem to revisit the memory with the photo so it's a win win on my part.

I haven't photographed them yet but let's just say that the one per day is still a possibility as at today's count I'm at 28 layouts this month (I kid you not).  All made significantly better utilising the fabulous kit I won on the UK Scrappers cyber crop!

Anyway as I haven't photographed any of those yet, you'll have to put up with one I've photographed previously but not shared.

Anyway I'll share the Millennium Stone that we came across on our travels on holiday last year, just by the side of a busy road.  Underneath the stone is one thousand stones decorated by local school children, and yes I have now discovered that I don't know how to spell the word Millennium, I could have sworn it was just one 'n' - sod - hey ho, it's done now and put away in an album!
I hope you've had a fruitful and positive Monday!

Friday, 25 January 2013


Good Morning one and all, if you find yourself here to see my first review in the Artful Readers challenge and don't fancy my normal Rocking ramblings then please scroll down - I've marked the start of my review in bold further down.  In the meantime morning to all my lovely rockers and rockettes out there - how was your week, let me know because it's
Wow what a week it's been as we lurch through January, I always find it the strangest of months if I'm honest but let's see what we've got to be grateful for this week.

First up is hubby and his idea of going for a walk to the next village, we live just less than 1 mile from the next village but the roads to it contain very little pavements and are mainly national speed limit roads, so we always venture by car on a safety basis.  A couple of years ago me and hubby went out for a meal there and walked back via a public footpath, but it was dark and we got sort of lost and so have never ventured that way since.  Until this last weekend, when we found ourselves in a winter wonderland but really fancying a walk out.  So when he suggested it and in keeping with one of my words of the year - spontaneous (the other word being reclaim), both me and said 12 year old said yes, expecting to only get part way there before having to return.  Little did we realise what a fabulous walk we would have.  Now don't get me wrong in parts the track is also a bridleway and the horses have churned up the ground so in wet weather you would need some seriously decent waterproof boots to get through, but in a frozen landscape we found the ground solid even if a little uneven!

Here is me and said 12 year old on the bridge across the stream.
The next village and arty shot by hubby 
 Another shot of the steam
And the tiny church (it isn't, but is a standing joke that the church is huge when you compare it to the population of the village).
Said 12 year old was somewhat grumpy about the walk, I think in the main because he didn't know how long it would be, however, the promise of a bowl of chips in the pub was enough to convince him to carry on - he didn't manage one of these bowls but two!  You can see that he's already ailing in the photo - he looks shattered and washed out!
I'm also grateful for Mr Robin - calling to us from the trees and hubby managing to capture a shot of him!
 And said 12 year old out in the snow, he seems to be growing up so fast these days!
 Next up is dedicated workers - this is what we saw on the way back from the village shop!
Other gratefuls this week are 
  • An understanding boss when it came to a snow day and being poorly! 
  • Central heating - how I love thee
  • Facebook for allowing contact with people even when they live far away! 
  • Digital cameras and instagram - I love both and between me and hubby we've managed some pretty awesome winter piccies that will be appearing on a scrapbook page very soon. 
  • Finally Darcy's reading challenge which has seen me complete the first book in the challenge and create a piece of artwork that involved paint and my new gelli plate which I love! 
Right a quick 12 x 12 layout that I did as part of the UKS Cybercrop nearing the end of last year, I fought with this one the idea was great in my head, just didn't quite come to fruition, but it's done so I photographed it!   I'll put Mr Linky right at the bottom of the post, so it's easier to spot and add to rather than trying to find it mid-week. 

Hope you've had a grand week, if you want to know a little more about Rocking Your World posts, then have a read under the button on the right hand side.  


OK I have to admit it I was dubious about adding this book to the pile of 11 that had come relatively easily, I even considered a different book in opposition to this one, but that one wasn't a fictional read and I actually wanted a neat set of fictional books to attack this year.  I also have to admit that fiction is what I sometimes struggle with so to say I've managed to land myself with a book I could quite happily have bounced off the wall and dropped into the bin soooooooooooo many times is the understatement of the year.  Which book you're asking - 'confessions of a submissive'.

I subjected myself to the 50 shades books last year, I didn't believe the hype but was intrigued as to why everyone had suddenly felt compelled to read these books.  I struggled through the first one (50 shades that is) and could understand why many abandoned at that point, but being a true Virgoan had to read the 'set' so I did and whilst I felt overall that they were OK I felt that the story was rushed and not true to life so when I saw a 'real 50 shades' book (which is how this book was advertised) I thought why not... little did I know.  I don't know how I can explain why I was so cross with it, but I think it's because, if that is the true life of a submissive then I don't understand why anyone would subject themselves to it, all I saw was a story of consenting violence which in parts seemed to verge on actual bodily harm.  I found I wanted to put the book down more than I wanted to pick it up, but didn't want to be beaten into submission by this book - forgive the pun.  So I battled on.

The book centres around the writer who openly expresses herself and her life as a submissive with her vanilla life sprinkled in for good measure.  She explains the non-emotional attachment relationships she has and then moves onto one where an emotional attachment is achieved but becomes so complex and contrived that it's difficult to see it ever achieving a long term status.  You're left wondering whether such extremes in her private life could eventually leave her permanently marked (I'm of the view that given the nature of some of these interludes she probably already has been and again I mean literally).  But what irritated me the most is whilst on one hand she's stating that she loves what she does, she spends most of her time crying to the point of sobbing and covering herself in her own mucus from all the crying - really that floats your boat? I just don't get it and there are occasions when the description in the story quite frankly would have led me to acts of rebellion towards her dominant partner!  I kid you not... so all I can tell you is if this is a real life 50 shades and the real life of a submissive you're all right you can keep it!  Now don't get me wrong I appreciate that everyone enjoys books for different reasons, for me I like to live in the story and be totally absorbed in it in order that the story becomes real, I think that's why I struggled so much with it, I didn't want to be part of this story.

Be warned if you do attempt this book then the language is extremely graphic and not for the faint hearted.

Will it become a permanent fixture on the bookcase - nope afraid not.  Am I glad I finished it - yes?  The sense of achievement of managing this challenge in 2013 is something I'm looking forward to, I'm just hoping the next book is a book I can rave about - now which one do I go for?

Finally the art, crikey this was hard to decide on?  Do I do a mail art postcard (I thought about it but could not for the life of me think of anyone who might actually want to receive it).  Do I do an art journal page or something else.  In the end I opted for the comfort of my art journal, the pages I've created have been done in my A5 journal and go across a double page.

I'm going to try and visit as many of the artful readers as I can, I hope your first book has been a great read and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all a little better as the year progresses!  Until next month!


Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Morning all, well we find ourselves having attempted to get up and dressed for school and work, still suffering significantly so we're still at home.  The weather is miserable and grey and hubby is having to take a half days leave because I've got a hospital appointment that I simply can't miss, so I'm going to have to drag myself out whether I like it or not.  He's on his way home now, so I'm going to make him a cuppa and go and get my things ready.

Anyway another crafty post as always, I think I need to take a few photos as my blog folder is looking a little thin on the ground!

Hope your day is proving fruitful!

This is a double page layout from a holiday last summer staying in a folly, we got some great shots of the place when we were there and I wanted to document how unusual it was!
Up close, you can see the daisy paper, the daisy flowers created from die cuts and buttons, the bunting along the edge.
 And the journalling running along the top edge where the photos are, I even managed a bit of stitching on this one!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


It is and apparently it's not going to start to thaw until next week, in all honesty it looks exceptionally pretty, the gorgeous trees all covered in snow simply magical, little paths turn into almost Narnia type environments.  To say it has turned into a snow day I was sort of hoping on some serious crafting but we find ourselves again struggling with colds, coughs and sniffles.  We managed a quick walk to the shop under the guise of buying some butter before we returned and now I find myself on Tuesday morning with both me and said 12 year old quite poorly.  He's laid on sofa watching films and I'm trying to finish this draft post from yesterday so I'll keep it short and sweet.

So first up a layout from last year's visit to Penrith that I created.
And then a photo from our winter's walk over the weekend - see how bleak it looks, it almost felt like we were at the edge of the world!
 Hope you are fairing OK in this crazy weather!

Friday, 18 January 2013


Yes well we are well and truly into January, that lull period between the Christmas decorations down and pay day!  Shorter days and long nights and add to that snow.  So what are your gratefuls this week?

Long evenings and no wine = scrapbook layouts and me considering the possibility of a 365 day - 365 layout challenge - yes I am still considering this - I am that mad!

Snow = pretty landscapes, I know most people hate it and I'm none too keen when I have to go somewhere but I have to admit clear roads, but pretty snowy trees today made me smile - so very very pretty!  Not sure it'll be the same tomorrow the snow started at 3 this afternoon (thursday) and it's now gone 7pm and still snowing!  Roads not looking so clear now!

Chats with my Mum (even if they were mainly work related), we had a weird talking relationship in 2012, spells of talking lots (mainly work) to no contact for weeks on end.  I'm trying to re-evaluate things and put things back as they were and give her a bit of support when I can, this in turns means lots more conversations.

Booking holidays we've managed a couple of week breaks booked up to now - not sure how we will pay for them LOL - but they are booked!

Reading (although I want to throw the book out of the window as it's irritating me), but the book reading challenge Darcy has set which means I'm persevering despite my grumpiness with it!

Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals book is still a big hit this week, we seem to be getting into a better eating pattern with said 12 year old and that's definitely a positive!

Hubby for helping me re-bleach my hair back to dizzy blonde rather than dull blonde which is what it had become!

A warm house, at this moment in time with the crazy mad weather outside it makes me happy to shut all the curtains, pop the heating on and snuggle up on the sofa!

On line friends - always a joy!

Options hot chocolate - yum!

Positive comments on my last few posts and some fabulous Rocking comments - thank you one and all!

Well my dears they are thin on the ground this week and I've had to dig deep - but that's what these posts are all about - some weeks filled with positives and others well like the above!

Right a little bit of crafting - a double page layout documenting a lovely evening when we stopped at Greystoke last year.  A beautiful summers evening, said 12 year making up his own olympics, boots off and a bottle of wine - nothing finer!

 Up close you can see the hand stitching and using up some brads
 and an oversized embellishment that I had created!
If you fancy popping yourself a post together and noting your gratefuls, pop back, link up and we'll come and visit.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Oh I made it to the middle of the week - woo hoo - busy busy day at work (nothing new) waved my lil bro and his missus off to pastures new across the pond to Ireland (boo hoo and sob a bit and then have a little weep in corner) it feels a bit surreal at the moment and I don't think it's hit me properly I'm sure it will.

I've got a shepherd's pie cooking in the oven and the cabbage on the hob so before I toddle off for tea - thought I'd say hello and pop a couple of layouts on! Both layouts are technically pretty much the same, I love it when I get a layout I like and it leads to multiples layouts because they are so easy to put together when you've got a tried and technical formula!
 As you can see I used lots of hand stitching on both layouts and used up some old papers which is always a positive!
Have you managed any crafting today?

Monday, 14 January 2013


Well they forecast snow and snow we have received, not in great blankets but as light flurries, I've also woken feeling no better than I was over the weekend, hacking cough, sore throat and sinus issues so rather than doing my usual which is dragging myself into work no matter what I've realised maybe submitting and having a slow day laid on sofa under blankets watching drivel on TV would be a sensible option, however, I wasn't expecting to be joined by said 12 year old who was in tears before leaving for school this morning with his sore throat.  So he's joined me on the sofa and changed back into PJ's up to now we've watched 'Up' and 'Madagascar 2' and currently have a Bond film on, I've also managed a lengthy sleep which has made me feel a little more human, however, it would be nice if my feet actually bothered to warm up today as I feel like I'm dragging around two ice blocks as I am.

This layout is document a photo from a local folly belonging to the Wentworth Woodhouse estate, despite it being only a short distance from where we live it was the first time I'd ever been up close to the 3 sided building!  We enjoyed taking photos at jaunty angles to accentuate the building and the beautiful blue skies!
I seem to be managing plenty of scrapping at the moment, I don't know whether I've set, what is probably going to be an impossible, challenge of a scrapbook page a day for 2013 - does 365 layouts sound a lot?  I've got enough photos to warrant it if I'm honest, just not sure I've got the creative ability to manage that many!

Thanks for visiting - I hope your Monday is proving more productive!

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Sunday already and with snow forecast today at some point for our part of the world we're all waiting in anticipation (so much so - hubby gone looking for another snow shovel and bottle of rum which are both apparently essential items, as are breadcakes and more milk).

I've just finished cooking banana and chocolate chip muffins which smell divine - but must refrain from being over indulgent (did a bit too much of that over Christmas as my hips would tell you).  Off to visit my brother shortly (with some muffins in tow - well it would be rude not to)!  He's moving to Ireland this week with his girlfriend and he's going to leave a massive hole in our lives when he is gone.  Having spent 14 years away from family when we only lived 88 miles away, the idea of him being in another country and across water is somewhat daunting.  But it's a new fresh start for him and his Missus and I can understand that.  So whilst I wish them both well I can't help but feel a little selfish with my own feelings at the moment, having got a tiny social group anyway the loss of anyone in that group is always so huge.  However, I'm hoping in the days of social interaction (which was lacking when we lived away) that it might not feel quite so distant, but time will tell. 

Anyway enough of my overall sadness thought I'd pop on a photo from our visit to Durham last year, a double page that I did an age ago, however I was really pleased with the overall colours and the paper usage which shows what a dramatic Cathedral it is. 

Up close hand stitched detail, punched hearts and matted photos!

 Using a die cut circle for the journalling on the two pages to balance the pages up.

I hope your Sunday is proving positive and fruitful!

Friday, 11 January 2013


Morning Rockettes - hope you are all well, it's been the first week back at work for most people and so this week is probably one of those that you need to dig that bit deeper to find those positives and gratefuls to pin point and enjoy - why you might ask?  Because we can, because celebrating life's positives is a way of taking stock and keeping the balance.  In a world when we have 24 hour news spreading negativity its all too easy to consider that things are down and miserable all the time - they aren't you just need to keep the balance and Rocking your World posts seriously helps retain that balance.  If you haven't joined in before, but fancy a go please join in, we are a small band of Rockettes (and more than happy to welcome more) who take the time to celebrate gratefuls and share those experiences with other like minded people with a Rocking post.  Don't stress if you don't get chance to put them together every week, don't stress if you don't have lots of pictures, don't stress if you don't have lots of words - if the rocking post is what made you happy this week - then welcome aboard! .

Anyway I think I've laboured what we are about - let's get this post started, unlike last week this one won't be top heavy on photos I'm afraid, so you'll have to just imagine them!

Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals book - with a problematic 12 year old who rarely if ever tries anything 'new' I realised over Christmas that his food list was become even smaller, so I sat him down with Jamie's book and challenged him to find 6 meals he'd be willing to try (I promised him a crap and chips night provided he made decent headway into all the meals that we did) and he did and up to now 4 nights into this new 'regime' we've eaten 4 different meals, some have been successful some not so much but I'm building a new list of meals that we can all enjoy even if some of them need a small tweak so that he'll eat the meals - so a big grateful if a sensibly written book, with great meals and menus - love it!

Jack Reacher film, now I know a few 'die hard' fans of the books were disappointed in the actor choice of Mr Cruise because he doesn't fill the visual description of the books but all I can say is that he's done a fabulous job of the role, it's a thriller and action movie enjoyed by all three of us, quite violent (to say it's a 12A certificate) but nevertheless a damn good film!

Chloraseptic spray for my throat, when it's that painful that you want to numb the pain - it does the job nicely - a crazy grateful I know but a grateful nonetheless!

Hubby for dragging me out for two walks up to now this week with more planned this weekend (fingers crossed).  I hate getting ready but really enjoy the walks once I'm out and about and feel so much more positive when I get home!  So thanks hun - you're a star!

Said 12 year for making me feel happy - we have some great conversations particularly in a morning on the journey into town, nattering about his day ahead etc, he really is a joy to be around and he's regained his absolute love of Lego in the last week or so, extended caravans seem to be the order of the day at the moment.

A staff away day is something strange to be grateful for but Northern College is in the building of Wentworth Castle that you are not allowed around as a visitor to Wentworth Castle, so seeing the inside of the building albeit just a few rooms is awesome, the painted ceilings and beautiful glass work were gorgeous as was the pineapple upside down pudding and custard but we won't mention that!

The use of my middle finger on my left hand being possible again, after smashing it with a door last week I've only just regained use of it, we were worried I'd done some serious damage to it, fingers crossed it will recover once the nail has grown out (it looks a little black at the moment!).

A dermatologist that listens, I've always had problem skin and finally managed to get a referral to the hospital, had my first appointment this week, fingers crossed for a way forward, albeit fairly drastic!

No alcohol = night time scrapbooking, I've managed several layouts up to now, using lots of gorgeous papers that my hubby and Mum bought me (plus maybe one or two I've had to treat myself to), I've much fun scrapbooking some photos that I had printed pre-Christmas.

Stargazing live for providing an intellectual programme for the whole family that has been great fun to watch - win win is all I can say!

The girls at work 'putting up' with how demented I get when things get busy, they know what I'm like now and just accept it - bless them!

Making plans for things that need to get sorted this year, albeit a small list at the moment, it's good to plan, particularly in these short days when the temperatures have plummeted.

Right my beautiful Rockettes that's your lot this week, so weird and wonderful ones but things that have made my week better!

Fancy joining in, pop yourself a post together head back here and link back (Mr Linky at the bottom) I look forward to visiting to find out what rocked your week this week.

Before I put in Mr Linky I'll pop in a layout, I've got a few in reserve at the moment.  A layout documenting when photos just get too much - don't you just love him!

Friday, 4 January 2013


Good Morning Rockettes - the start of a brand new year, everything sparkly and new, a clean slate a blank canvas, a time to take stock sit back and note your grateful moments for the last 7 days.  I've become aware of a 'grateful' jar appearing on Facebook which follows something similar to the Rocking Posts this last week, it's nice to see none-bloggers starting to acknowledge the benefits of positivity in life!

So without further ado
First up has to be time off work, it's so nice to kick back a little bit and enjoy the festive season.  When we have breaks from work normally we are on a holiday and rushing here there and everywhere to take as much in as is possible in 7 days.  But at Christmas being at home, listening to said 12 year old rummaging through Lego boxes, playing games he got at Christmas such as Monopoly Millionaire and Connect 4 Launchers has been utter bliss!

Next up Mr Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals, now this is a must have book on hubbies Christmas list, he watched every single episode (sometimes twice) and almost bought the book on numerous occasions before Christmas as he was desperate to get going on it, but he refrained and was most happy to find that he'd made Santa's good list and was rewarded with the book.  We've already started making the meals out of the book and have yet to manage to make one in 15 minutes but together can usually throw one together in less than half an hour - which makes us happy!  This is one of the first dishes we did and resulted in hubby creating the Nom scale, Nom means it's OK, Nom Nom means it's Good to be repeated and Nom Nom Nom means that it's off the scale!
Next up has to be Sunday night, we invited my brother, his girlfriend, my sister and my niece over for an evening of reminiscing, TV watching, food and some great company.  We made three different curries, rice, poppadoms, naan bread and a salad made for a curry and everyone enjoyed their fill.  We had a few glasses of wine, chatted, watched DVD's, played on the Wii and then the Xbox, we picked them up at 5pm and they were waved off in a taxi at gone 1am - now that's what you call a good night.  The only issue I've got with it is that I failed miserably at taking a single photo - not a single one - what's wrong with me - I'm a scrapbooker it's what we do - drive everyone nuts taking photos all the time.

Thankfully my sister reciprocated with a New Year's Eve party the following night at her house and there I managed to take some photos and get a few video moments fit only to use as blackmail in future years LOL - New Year's Eve karaoke - always interesting!  My sister singing the Darkness's "thing called love" was hysterical!  My sister provided a great evenings company with my Mum and brother and his girlfriend all partaking in the festivities.  Midnight and my brother let the New Year in and sang Auld Lang Syne, my Mum even brought the words to this and my sister did an amazing rendition of the same however, the modern day equivalent is nowhere near as entertaining!

New Year's Day was a day in as was the following day (the second not intentional just got a poorly 12 year old on our hands).  Nonetheless we had a good day together, chatting about plans for January, food plans etc - always good for the soul planning.  I also managed to book us a break at Easter yay to a week away!

The Artful Reading Club for challenging me to actually read books I get bought - let's see how long the first one takes.
And then today (being Thursday) my hubby insisting that we needed some fresh air (and he was right we did) and taking us off to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the afternoon.  We had seen a fair few of the sculptures before as the Miro exhibition is still on (due to change this weekend - typical) but there were a few changes and I think this time we appreciated the sculptures just that little bit more.  I felt very disappointed last time we'd visited but that's because the previous exhibition was Jaume Plensa - which was an absolutely amazing exhibition!  Miro wasn't my cup of tea to begin with but having walked around the same this afternoon - perhaps I might have changed my mind if only a little!

We got to see some work by Mark Hearld
then discovered some fabulous planter tags in the greenhouse 
then we came across a new sculpture we'd not seen before 
and just to put it in perspective

then the recycled pirate ship 
then we spotted this from a distance, they run a sculpting course at YSP
said 12 year old working out the tree was five and a half hugs!
finding new sculptures in the Camellia House - this was a bowl (I kid you not).
then we discovered this - what is it - well we were confused particularly when you realise that it actually looked
like this
however all became a little more clear once inside the shed, you walked around the inside to the back and up three steps until you were inside the sphere, four small lenses meant that the shadows of the surrounding trees were reflected on the inside of the sphere albeit upside down and being perfectly spherical it was very good at distorting your voice.  We would have spent a lot longer in there given half a chance but were interrupted by other visitors.

Back in the main building we got to see the beginnings of the next exhibition - said 12 year old mighty giddy about moving sculptures!
And finally as we left, we were treated to one of Jaume Plensa's installations - lit up for us to enjoy and discovering it changes colour like a mood person.
So many gratefuls in my week, time, people, fresh air, art work - nothing finer!   How was your week?  Fancy joining in, pop yourself a post together and link back here so we can come and share your positives.  Don't think you've had that many this week, grab a cuppa and a pen and a paper you'll be surprised and it doesn't have to be anything major - a cup of tea in bed or a phone call from a loved one - big or small positives make your world richer and happier!

I'll leave you with a bit of crafting and then Mr Linky is at the end, this one from a UK Scrappers cybercrop class.
Mr Linky