Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Sometimes you are given the opportunity to say a big thank you to someone who goes that extra length. During the summer holidays we went away for a couple of weeks to Menorca, during that time my Granddad passed away. The sorrow and disbelief I've felt since then have been enormous and because he passed away at the beginning of our holiday I wasn't present for the funeral. It was so hard to put it away in a box for the two weeks, but I didn't want to spoil the holiday for other half and son, so put it away I did, but now I'm finding it particularly difficult to find closure on it, to find some way of me saying good bye that feels real and tangible. My only lifeline when I was on holiday strangely enough was facebook and on the morning of the funeral when I was feeling very low and sad I managed to speak online to my cousin Gemma and I asked Gemma to give my Mum the hug that I couldn't and Gemma promised she would. True to her word she did which meant I was there in spirit with my family even if I couldn't be there physically. So when I came home I wanted to send a little gift, something that she and her partner Rachel could enjoy, so I asked for her favourite colour and put together a mini book based on the one generated by Voodoo Vixen.

I used all sorts of 'red' papers from burgundy, to reddy-orange, to pillar box red and have to say that this is one of my favourite books to put together!

With a little bit of stamping, and extra pockets

More stamping this time with a Swallow stamp which has a particular family meaning.

The book was a pleasure to do

Finished the last pocket was some new blonde moment stamps

I love the way it pulls out to show all the pockets!

And all the tags!

I was really pleased with the result

Sometimes in life it's good to just be able to say 'thank you'

Thursday, 17 September 2009


It's always difficult when you're asked to do a book for someone you don't know and last week was no exception, a friend of my husbands asked for a book for a family relation who was going to be 21 and I had little less than 5 days to complete, thankfully when they brought the photos and poems they'd numbered them etc and said exactly what wording they wanted which certainly took some of the stress out!

But trying to pitch a book right when you don't know the person is really hard. Eventually I gave up some of my Norah Jones, Creative Imagination papers that I've only ever used once because I can't get them any more and because they are absolutely gorgeous! My other half nearly fainted when he realised I'd used a sheet LOL. Don't you just love those papers!

The poems started with the wording a book within a book, so the challenge was to make a box that looked like a book. Not too difficult when I have my DH on hand to make me a chipboard book (except on the night he made it I was out and the book was covered in wet glossy accents and so he had to guess the measurements and got them wrong!) So book box number 2 was put together on Friday night with correct measurements.

At 11pm Friday I threw in the towel, I had a bright garrish box that simply didn't go with the book and I said it's no good I can't do it and dragged myself to bed. Now I don't know whether it's from reading Dyan of Art from the Heart's blog where she perpetually seems to be blogging at 2am that caused me to wake at 4am in an "I'm wide awake" kind of way followed by the next thought which was "the books not done arggghhhhhhhhhhhh!" closely followed by "I could finish it now", so I crept downstairs, and set to on it, only to be followed by my hubby a few minutes later wanting to know what on earth I was doing, anyway babywipes and black paint, Tim Holtz grungeboard swirls, glossy accents and the off cuts of the gorgeous Live with Passion paper and it was done! Back to bed back to bed. Apparently, when said book was delivered to said 21 year old everyone remarked on how I'd got her character just right! How awesome is that. The photos are of the bits that I could photograph without divulging personal photographs and I'm so glad it was well received! I have said next time I'll need more time though LOL!

A shot from the inside cover with more of the Norah Jones papers on the left!

And the inside back cover on the right!