Friday, 25 June 2010


Good Morning Rockettes - how are you this fine morning, I'm off for a week away today so next Friday's posting is going to be late (sorry) but hopefully I'll be relaxed and calm and have a whole armful of things to be grateful for - but that's next week and well we're on this week aren't we, so without further ado 

The beautiful blue skies and warm weather, sheer bliss a little bit of sunshine to lift your spirits (even if I was getting grumpy with the fan at working that was pushing hot air around)
My sister who is amazing and managed to keep tonights conversation on track away from work and onto the subject in hand (weight loss!)

My Mum whose list of excuses tonight had us all rolling around - can't repeat them here they might offend someone but she made us laugh (a lot).

The wine growers (husband says it should be vineyards but I like the idea of someone growing a bottle of wine) around the world - I've enjoyed the odd glass this week and it's been lovely!

All the ladies at my scrapbook class on Monday, I had a lovely class and thoroughly enjoyed escaping for a few hours - so thank you ladies and thank you Sandra for a lovely class again!

My hubby for clearing the ironing pile in its entirety without prompting - love ya babe!

And finally said 9 year old making me laugh about football

On Wednesday his school allowed the children to be collected early if they wanted or alternatively allowed them to start watching the England game on TV, now for those who don't follow my blog regularly might not know that we don't do football in this house - not interested in the slightest or at least, however the euphoria of watching it with his school mates meant he was quite animated when he came out of school at half three

"Mum, Mum, I've been watching the football we're winning one zero!"

Yes that's how much we watch football on TV we don't do one nil we do one zero!
So when we got home he put the TV on so he could continue to watch it, we had a blow by blow account of what was happening (no named players just a general running commentary of antics), then he started the countdown

"Only 4 minutes to go Mum"

so I glanced at the TV 

"No, 14 minutes"


"It's 90 minutes they play not 80 minutes like rugby"
"Ooh for goodness sakes Mum I'm not watching all of this"
so he turned it onto the children's channels, at 87 minutes he turned it back over and started his 3 minutes countdown, at 1 minute to go he got really excited until I said

"Yes but they'll go to extra time"


so I explained to which he replied

"Oh for goodness sakes how much more time are they going to give them before they stop playing!"

Thankfully we won and I was left with a lovely funny little conversation for me to document on here!

So now for the crafting - there's been the compilation of a circle journal that needs to go as soon as possible and well in all honesty that's it and I haven't photographed it so I'm useless - slapped wrists sorry but you'll have to put up with the grateful list this week!  If you're joining in please add yourself to the list below

Friday, 18 June 2010


Wow Friday again already this week has absolutely flown, I'm back at work, stress levels not great but I'm trying to keep things in perspective!  This is my chance to comment on what I'm grateful for this week

My Mum and my sister, they came over last night and we talked tactics on weight loss and we're making plans 8 weeks to my cousins wedding and we really need to get ourselves in gear, it was lovely to catch up and my sister has a gorgeous new hair style - honestly it's amazing and she looks fantastic! 

My husband for agreeing to start emptying the office (honestly just to be able to walk in there will be amazing!)
Lynda Fields - for two books - Be Yourself and Instant Life Coach

My brother John for just being himself

Paint - I love the stuff, even when I'm dressed for work I can squeeze in a little bit of painting time before it's time to leave the house - my husband can confirm this as he witnessed it first hand this morning! 

My eyes - for allowing me to witness so many things in life, to read blogs and websites, to absorb books to watch things like Springwatch on TV

Being thankful for being here yet again, another week of my life lived and loved (stress and all)

Finally a big thank you to all of you who've started to join in on this little journey each week, I feel honoured and humbled that other people find this a worthwhile journey and a lovely way to start your weekend.  Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope it is truly blessed.

 A little of my art journal work just to finish off this posting - the final piece in my A3 book - a double page
and the back cover all done and finished
If you are joining in with 'Rocking Your World' then please add yourself below

Monday, 14 June 2010


I had a lovely response to my Rocking Your World Friday last week, from new people joining in to some pretty amazing comments.  I am deeply humbled that people are enjoying taking that step back from their life to appreciate sometimes the little things (particularly when the big things are tough) and my heart feels much lighter for it!  I love to read what everyone feels and thinks and to see glimpses of other peoples lives, I can only lead my life and well - yours is yours and so it is different, so it's lovely to see how different life is and I appreciate that life isn't always kind and sometimes it can be very tough but we all try and celebrate a little bit of what it provides on 'Rocking your World Friday!'

Now sometimes do you feel you wish you could put things into words but you stumble clumsily to say what you mean and the words never seem quite right, I often feel like that but I so appreciate it when I can read something that really speaks to me, I am lucky to have an amazing family and am even more fortunate that some of them have joined me in blogland to share their creativity and sometimes a little bit of them, this is a link to a post from my brother John that had me in tears on Friday because it was so beautifully written, if you visit and read remember to say hello.

So on with the crafting - the big question is did I finish the books for my niece?

They were complicated to make and took more time than expected, a single book took 3 pieces of chipboard, 3 book rings, copious ribbon, paper (not sure how much but approximately 7 or 8 sheets each), 15 envelopes, several sheets of cardstock to produce 25 tags per book, ink, embellishments etc?  I wanted to make four in total - had I bitten off more than I could chew?  Yes in all honesty it was too much in the time I had.

But anyone who knows me knows I don't do defeated
SO - yep here they are all done, and even better my niece spent time helping me get them finished (as did my sister and my husband and well said 9 year old just offered moral support LOL)
We even managed to include names on them
my niece hand picked which one to give to which child, she was in her element!
And I have to say they were a pleasure to do for her!  I know they are made of envelopes and everyone does the shock horror what about the acidic content due to the envelopes, but they will primarily be used for documenting their week in words rather than photos and it will take years for it to affect any photos if they do include any!

I love the rings - what do you think? Not wanting to blow my own trumpet but how pretty are these?
I hope the girls enjoy filling them out and can't wait to hear all about their week when they get back!

Now I also have my little art project to share, this is the book with pull out tabs that I have been fighting with because well it's full on and has full on photos to boot, in all honesty should I not have made the book simpler?  Well yes of course I should - did I - No I wanted busy in your face, happy, arty book and that is what I've got!  

Now the picture isn't tilted the photo on the front is at a jaunty angle!
The tabs pull out to reveal the inner feelings of what was going on in my life at the time - I love my bad stamping with the almost blank clock - to a certain degree my life did stand still for a bit - so I thought this quite apt! 
Because I was worried about anything being stuck to the tabs catching when you pulled the pages out I stuck to ink, paint, spray ink, stencils, masks and good old fashioned pen!
A few felt embellishments added to the overall effect
And eyelets and ribbon trimmings, just fun, in fact it's difficult to see where the art photos stop and the art begins again!
It was almost as much therapy as the original piece was!
And how do you finish something like this - well with three little words

If you pop by don't forget to say hi, apologies for any typos or missing bits on words on this, it's been my first day back at work and to say I'm tired is something of an understatement!

Friday, 11 June 2010


Well here we are on Friday again and time to reflect on the week and list my gratefuls

Finally I'm getting me back, I'm slightly more bolshy (ask hubby) have stopped bursting into tears over the most ridiculous of things and am generally feel more at one with the world!

I'm grateful for my glider (no impact - exercise thingy that I've had for years) it's allowed me to do 3 miles every day since Monday and has really started to lift my spirits which has made a huge difference!

I'm grateful to Susan Jeffers (who you may ask) the lady who wrote 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway' I've read this book so many times, I've owned so many copies often giving them away when I've seen someone in need (well you have to share that knowledge with the universe don't you know!) I'd forgotten how enlightening it was, how we can all sit in fear of - well of everything if we want to and fear breeds fear and well that doesn't float my boat, so if you feel that there are areas of your life that you are struggling with and you want to make changes but aren't sure how (and are worried about what 'might or might not' happen) then give it a whirl I promise you, you won't be disappointed!

Not a fan of Susan - try Lynda Fields - she wrote Weekend Lifecoach and one I picked up recently called Be Yourself - really simple sounding but speaks volumes. I decided that I can't be anyone else I can actually only be me, so if you do nothing else have a 'Be Yourself' day!

I'm grateful for lego - it provides such fun and enjoyment for my nine year old and anything that makes him happy makes me happy!

I'm grateful for being able to be creative, getting back to what I love again is lovely.

I'm grateful for digital cameras - I can take hundreds and hundreds of photos and choose the best and then get them printed (all 431 of them this last week) and it cost just over £30 - not being funny but before the age of digital photography we'd pay just short of £10 (last time I had some developed) for 36 shots of which most were pointless!

I'm grateful for being back on the slimming world plan, (why did I leave it) I'm eating healthily enjoying my food and feeling better in myself!!!!! Speaks volumes!

And as always I'm truly grateful for being alive for another day - yes I know the weather is lousy but we can go outside and enjoy the world just as it is - rain and all!

Crafting - you thought I'd forgotten? No don't be silly I'm officially enjoying my crafting, I've even been considering what I'm going to do about Christmas - stop screaming at the screen - you know I'm right in a way because you all promised to do 'handmade' for Christmas and so are going to wait until the silly season is upon you to make a start and spend the entire duration of December in hyper stressed mode, rather than planning ahead and doing a little bit of Christmas crafting as you go!  The gifts don't have to have a Christmassy feel to them, maybe you want to document a day out for a friend and give it to her as a Christmas present - well you can do that now and not have a strop over dealing with Chrismtas papers!  They don't have to be Christmassy they just have to be gifts you'd be happy to give away at Christmas and that you'd be happy to keep secret until then wouldn't they - it's not a difficult thought is it?

Anyway this isn't for Christmas this is actually for my neice for when she is away with school at camp next week, she is sooooo giddy! 

I made the book without a true purpose to it using an awesome tutuorial from You Tube that I discovered the other day - believe it or not the inner pages are made of envelopes! Each page has five pull out tags! I'm really pleased with the finished article
Who thought book rings could get exciting again!
I like it so much, I've decided to make more for the girls sharing her room with her (never happy at just giving myself one little project to do I now have another three to complete before Sunday) that way they've got half a chance of writing in the books whilst they are away, there is a complete page with tags etc for each day and prompts on the back of each tag, what you most enjoyed/least enjoyed, itinerary etc! 
More papers from the spring stack with a little bit of barn door distress inks to accent the whole thing!  The other three are different colours so once I've got them finished I'll put them on there.

And finally I leave you with this photo which I love!  Maybe it's how we should all be feeling this week, believe it or not this is from a gerbera that I've got in a mixed bunch of flowers and it started to lose it's centre, but rather than popping into the green recycle bin outside I let it drop the seeds onto the work top - maybe we should all try and feel a little lighter in our day, a little lighter in our hearts, not to feel so down but to be positive, to acknowledge that we're here again for another day and for that we should all be truly grateful and maybe we should allow our days to pick us up like the wind with a seed and carry us along to experience whatever life has to offer today!  I hope yours is truly blessed!
And finally Mr Linky - if you join in Rocking Your World Friday add yourself to the list so I can come visit! 

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I've been trying to get back to WOYWW for a while now but every time I do I get scuppered for some reason, so best foot forward!

Yes that really is my work station - cup of tea and all! I keep balancing everything precariously until finally I have to tidy it.
I've been working on a few items recently including this book that I've had forever - another item out of the alterables box, it has all slidey pull outs on each page and came in a plain white finish, but after buying the penny dropped that the pull out slidey things were quite a tight fit and any chance of adding even a matted photo were remote let alone any embellishments, so into the alterables box it went occasionally waving at me as I passed it by - but finally having received my 431 photos through from bonusprint last weekend (yes I did say 431!) it has emerged and rather than try and layer it up with paper like I normally do I went for throwing colour wash at it, stencilling, masking etc and well I likey now - although I've got stuck again but that's another problem, promise to show you the finished article when I've finished fighting with it!
I'm going to use it for the pictures of my giant canvas (yes I'm making a mini book of the journey LMAO - I'm an artist don't you know and it's my perogative to get the most out of my work - every last little drop). Don't believe that I squeeze every ounce out of my creativity - well here is proof on an epic scale!
I made this mini book of an awesome art wall we discovered in Scarborough recently, the papers are just out of a spring stack I bought a while ago and I just love these stacks because I can use them away without feeling guilty because on a sheet by sheet basis they really aren't that expensive!
The covers were from a rescued book I did a while ago - I attempted to make a waterfall book - but the card stock I used didn't have enough strength in it - so despite sticking 3 back to back they never had the rigidity to behave properly and I simply got stroppy and you guessed it threw it in the alterables box. So I took it back out, removed the waterfall parts and put them to one side because I'm sure I can recover them somehow and then set to work.

I wanted to generate a really quick mini book - you know when you want it finished before you've started, so I simply cut 12 x 12 paper in half and then folded each piece and then stuck them together - simple! Took about half an hour to put the basics of the book together. The right hand side of the book opens like normal, the left hand side lifts from the bottom upwards, there was no way I could make the book deep enough to fill the inch spine (well I could but the spring stack would have been no more as a result and I may have had to reinforce the floor!) so this seemed the best solution
I loved making it, I also decided to make a 12 x 12 double layout to document it - because I like to do chronological 12 x 12 layouts that relate to my life (I know how mad am I) and because I liked the papers so much I used them for the layouts, I took inspiration from Angie Woolfall's Angel Islington layout that she did for the last cyber crop on UK Scrappers, I just loved the effect and the simplicity at achieving it, I love how you can go back and look at the cyber crops at a later date for blow by blow instructions or just for a little bit of inspiration!
I enjoyed doing both pages although they differ slightly they pull together nicely!

A little bit more detail from the layouts - the chipboard onlong the bottom of one of the layouts are cut up photos of some of the gorgeous clay tiles that have been made and adorn the side of the one of the houses below the art work.

Then I was left with the usual offcuts and again squeezing the creativity I did these cards (I love these photos - because you can see the glossy accents) believe it or not the 12 x 12 layouts had the glossy accents too you just can't see them!
So has that been it?

No of course not, I went to my scrapbook class on Monday, it is true that art therapy works wonders, Sandra had designed a gorgeous layout for us to do and when I got home I finished it - ta da! I altered it slightly because my photo was quite big but the overall essence is the same as the class layout and I loved doing it, so thank you Sandra for a little therapy - it does wonders!
And likewise I had some left over paper (although not huge amounts but a little can go a long way so I made these, using some stampotique images don't you just love these)
and a photo of them all together
See me squeezing the creativity out! So off to Julia's stamping ground to say hi and add myself to the list - wonder if I should warn them they'll need a cup of tea for this one?
Oh nearly forgot - hold on!

Yes that is my little sister enjoying herself on her 30th birthday - do you think she was giddy?

Friday, 4 June 2010


Crikey - Friday again - how did that happen?  
I mean am I right, have we now had the Easter weekend bank holidays, the May Day bank holiday and the Spring Bank holiday?  That leaves us the late summer one and then it will be Christmas right?  Right? Scary!

So firstly I've made Rocking your World picture to be used as a button - yes you heard me right - I've no idea how the hell to turn it into a button so at the minute you just get to look at it, (if anyone out there knows how to turn it into a button with the little gadget stuff at the bottom so people can pick it up and take it then let me know because I'm so bored of reading the internet to fathom it out - something to do with the attention span of a gnat!  
 OK eyes - down let's do grateful - this morning I'm going to go for the smaller things in life

Firstly this little guy made me laugh out loud last week 
why?  you may ask - it's just a squirrel - it's a squirrel who came to our squirrel feeder when it was raining fairly heavily last weekend so he did this
Yes that is him sat inside the feeder - I mean inside!  Literally got in there had breakfast kept dry - genius don't you think.  Occasionally he'd obviously get warm and poked his nose out for a breath of fresh air and then back in he went!
Complete genius I tell you and cute to boot!
Then it's music, I'm loving being able to listen to music again, it's been very therapeutic although my play list has been mainly angry loud rock music!  It's still alllllllllll good! 

Time to think - so important, we all run around doing, cleaning, cooking, working being busy generally, learning, juggling juggling juggling and then you think - what for?  We're in the sixth month of the year and I haven't even stopped this year, I mean stopped and enjoyed time just literally time - you know - to glance at the blue sky, to really taste the coffee, to ruffle said 9 years olds hair, the year is slipping away and I'm just not taking it in, so here's to time and me appreciating it a little better! 

Then it's finding my creativity - it's been missing this week (literally), I know you probably thought the giant art work last weekend had got me back on track, but I just kept sitting to my table and moving things around.  

I just couldn't settle to anything, but a little bit of card making and I was back art journaling - now please be aware that I don't do cards - why you may ask? 

because I'm rubbish at them 

but I love my new stampotique stamp I bought at Dyan's 
 and this is what I made
which in turn led me back to this, to be honest I've had the blank page with the image on for ages - I've even considered covering the image up - but then it hit me and away I went - wiggly zig zag lines are great.  I then dug out a Tim Holtz mask (which are such fun)  My now totally abused star stamps = tattooed image and my new wings stamp!  

That's it everyone's going to have wings and tattooes from here on in!
then I managed yesterday to finish off a circle journal I've had for a while, because I've been all over the place I was struggling with this one which was called hopes and dreams!  But I persevered - significantly, as I can't show the full image (wouldn't want to spoil things) - here are glimpses
So there we go - grateful (ooh and the one I always love - happy to be here again for another day - it's always good to say thanks for that don't you think, because life is so precious and yet also so fragile!)

So here's the bit where I put a linky - this is where you put your blog if you are joining in Rocking Your World Friday!