Friday, 22 February 2019

Rocking Your World Friday - 8th of 2019

Good morning lovely people, time to celebrate the positive moments and silver linings in our week as it is time for

First up a lovely celebratory meal out with my Mum last Friday 

We went to a place we haven't visited before and had a fantastic night out, really lovely company and really lovely food!  

I managed to get a shot of the two birthday people 

And one of me and my little sis

And one of my niece and her boyfriend

Said 18 year old and his girlfriend were there but next to me so I didn't manage a photo of them, must try harder!

Saturday saw us venturing out to catch up with lil bro and co

I took two dreadful pictures, but still managed to document the catch up - sort of nearly almost

Sunday we had an invite to a family Christening, it was such a lovely celebration and I'm really glad I went as I managed to catch up with cousins my Aunty and Uncle

The service was lovely and the do afterwards was in a really beautiful venue.

Monday saw me catching up with an old work colleague it must be a year since we saw one another, but it is always good to have a catch up and a proper natter and put the world to rights. 

Tuesday I went to town with Mum to have another proper catch up, we sat drinking coffee at a lovely Italian on the High Street, then had a wander before ending back at the same place for a bite to eat for lunch.  It was really good to catch up. 

As I've been off this week (and hubby hasn't) I've also managed to find some crafting time, which is always good for the soul, mind you I was mighty rusty to begin with, but soon got into my stride. 

This one documents these two working together one holiday, it made me smile as I used to have my niece frequently when she was little, so it was lovely to hear them chatting at the table, both working in their own artistic endeavours!

I like the layout so much I used the same 'sketch' to create this one, documenting said 18 year old's post GCSE exam present from 2017 (yes I am that behind). 

And then finally this one from our first art journal weekend at the local craft shop with Kate Crane, said 18 year old did insist on going off at a tangent, whenever Kate suggested we don't do something he had to experiment to find out why - I don't know who he takes after! 

Then Wednesday night we got cheap as chip tickets for an ice hockey match, it was a grand night out but pretty poor score board at the end of the night.  We enjoyed it nonetheless.

And that lovely people brings me to today, which is Thursday, I'm preparing my post in advance as I have a lot to sort tomorrow and didn't want it being its usual late self, it's amazing what you can get done when you have time for yourself! 

I hope you've had a fabulous week and that you've managed to find the silver linings, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back link up and we can come and visit! 

Kate and Lisca I hope you've both had a beautiful and blessed week. 

Friday, 15 February 2019

Rocking Your World Friday - 7th of 2019

Good afternoon lovely people, tis Friday time to settle back and consider the silver lining and positive moments from the last seven days for it is time for 

First up has to be time to craft last week, I managed a gelli plate session and my first ever pallet knife painting with acrylics whilst waiting in for a delivery.  My sister said it was instantly recognisable as the statue at Tintagel which pleased me no end as I thought I'd be spending all my time explaining it. 

I really enjoyed it, the base was a canvas board, I think a standard stretched canvas may prove more challenging and I'd like to work larger if I'm honest, but for my first attempt I was rather happy with the finished item. 

Next up our weekend walks to be the pub are proving much fun it has to be said.  With bright blue skies, we are heading out with hiking boots on and walking along the bridle path up by the fields, its a lovely walk and we achieve in excess of 10K steps when we do it. 

Next up 6 Nations rugby, we have never been a big sports watching family but rugby is the exception and a national match is always a delight and it was an awesome match.  

On Wednesday night when the boys were at their silversmithing class I arranged a meet up with my sister as we would both have been home alone watching TV, plus we had gifts to buy and birthday cards to resolve. 

We met up, sorted gifts and presents before heading for a meal at Tapas Revolution, that neither of us had been to before.  We ordered a shared meal for two and drinks, this is the homemade lemonade that I ordered which was lovely. 


We sat and put the world to rights for a couple of hours before venturing back into the shopping centre.  We were about to part company when I said we hadn't managed to get a decent photo of the trip, so we grabbed a chair and after several selfies taken by my sister had a selection to go at, but my favourite by a long shot was this one, the filter literally made me laugh out loud 

I got home to find hubby had bought me flowers in preparation of Valentine's Day 

Which looked even better in the daylight yesterday morning

As it was also hubby's birthday yesterday we went out for breakfast to the local garden centre

and then in the afternoon we went for our walk up to the pub again (well it was such a beautiful day) 

We sat out in the empty beer garden, I was really thirsty so ordered pop as well

We walked back and had a few hours with said 18 year old before he headed off out with his girlfriend and we settled down to a Valentine's meal courtesy of Morrisons dine in for two type deal, it was a lovely evening.

I hope you've had a great week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back, link up and we can come and visit. 

Friday, 8 February 2019

Rocking Your World Friday - 6th of 2019

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon I hope I find you all well, tis Friday time for 

So first up Friday flowers from last week, sometimes it is nice to treat ourselves and these were crying out to be taken home 

Hubby was off on Friday and we were trying to sort things out regarding said 18 year old's new car which is proving incredibly problematic, so keep your fingers toes and everything else crossed that we manage to get things resolved very soon. 

Next up we decided to head to York on Saturday as we'd seen an Ice Sculpture trail advertised on Facebook, happening throughout the city on Saturday.  50 ice sculptures to find whilst exploring this beautiful city.  York is one of our favourite places and has a great park and ride system, so we headed out early and we were soon in the city exploring 

We were dropped off quite close to Clifford's tower and found this sculpture (and a map of the trail) quite quickly 

This was the second

Then into the square near the Jorvik centre we found three, the dragon hatchling

This monster 

And this gorgeous bottle with a frozen bouquet inside. 

I think the people in the coffee shop probably found everyone taking photos of this sculpture a little intimidating. 

Then we went in search of the Cheshire cat, and found this, which is rather fortuitous as said 18 year old's brief at the moment is about specific space and he'd been talking about shipping containers, the place is called Spark and is made up of two storeys of shipping containers housing everything from a hair salon to a cocktail bar complete with swing seats. 

Obviously, we found the Cheshire cat, 

soon we were on our way again

Eventually finding the Sorting Hat at the end of the Shambles

which now houses not one, not two but three 'magical' shops, I loved the park your broom sign. 

Onwards we found the Niffler from the Magical Beasts films

And then a piece they were still working on

There were a few that you could put your face into, but it was far too cold and there were far too many people for that nonsense if I'm honest.  

The queue outside Betty's tea shop was something else but I also loved the teapot sculpture.

First buses had had one done too

This is Squirt, he was by far my favourite on the day

The Minster was stunning as always

There were a couple of interactive ones with chocolate buried inside and tools to chisel them out, we didn't partake but there were plenty of adults and children alike that loved it! 

Overall an absolutely sensational day, resulting in not one but two separate poems, I'll include them at the end for anyone that wants a read. 

I've managed some more layouts (determined to make a dent on the photo pile)

Even though some are really old, I've enjoyed doing them. 

This one from Chatsworth country fayre two year's ago

Some Christmas ones (2017 again)

I had a stunning sky when I arrived at work the other morning

I've had a mighty busy week again at work, but that's nothing new.  I've tried to clock the positive moments and the gratefuls as I go.  Said 18 year old has been brilliant recently, helping make tea, emptying dishwasher, basic things but without been asked or prompted which is lovely. 

Last night (Wednesday as I'm preparing this in advance), hubby and said 18 year old were out and I had a leisurely evening of a lavender bath, scrapbooking, journal writing and book reading.  Overall it was a lovely evening. 

I've also downloaded an app recently called Action for Happiness, they give you daily prompts, but also gave a February calendar to try and apply, I think its fabulous and have been trying to do something in line with the prompt each day. 

No photo description available.

The Ice Trail Poem 

Ice Trail

A new February page has just arrived
Warm coats, sturdy boots and a beautiful city
Our bendy carriage was busy and uneventful 
The starting point close to the river

Fifty sculptures the challenge
Along streets and paths
Passing history on our walk
The Minster, the Shambles, a Roman column

The icy paths mean the wall is shut
So, we meander our way around this beautiful city
A dragon sculpture the first to be ticked off
Around the corner a huddle of people mark the second

A bouquet encased in ice within the tiny square 
A monster and dragon hatchling
Near the queues outside the Jorvik centre
Hubby wanders in search of a pen 

Out of our way, the Cheshire Cat was worth the effort 
Eclectic eateries, bars and shops make up 'Spark'
Stacked shipping containers, an architect’s dream
Scaffold staircase and planks provide a bird’s eye view

Imagining the hustle and bustle in the evenings 
Fairy lights providing the atmospheric backdrop
Bass music vibrating through the oil drum tables
Food filling the air with intoxicating aromas 

Young lovers would sit snuggled on the sofas 
Watching the world go by
Planning futures, mixed with dreams 
This place a haven for making memories 

We carry on along the way spying the Hairy Fig
Artisan bakers galore, bypassing Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate
Heading towards the most famous street in York
The sorting hat sculpture beckons us

People clambering for photos
“What is it?” one lady asks as she looks on
“Ever read or seen Harry Potter” replies hubby,
A shake of the head reminds us that we are indeed surrounded by muggles

The Shambles resembling Diagon Alley 
Wizarding shops too enticing, we wander in
Room to park your broom 
Windows filled with wands, nestled on a bed of crushed purple velvet 

Soon out into the market
We come across the Niffler
Sparkling eyes looking for the next shiny
Pockets so deep to hide any found treasure

Out into the main shopping street
There are so many sculptures
Some you can put your face up to
Or icy stocks to place your head and hands 

A coin drop 'money raising' ice sculpture 
Sits neatly in the melee
Excited children lift off the pennies
"Look what I got" they call with glee 

"Leave them on, it's for charity" parents cry
As disappointed children are forced to return the pennies
Grumpily one young man starts prizing the money off 
And dropping it in the base 

"Leave them where they are"
Calls the help
"They drop when the ice starts to melt"
Disgruntled he moves off, unimpressed 

Other children (and parents) chisel at the blocks of ice
Chocolate encased within
Despite a shop across the way selling the same 
Plastic chisels and cutlery the tools of choice

Our map reader sets us back on our way 
Discovering places of old 
Crisscrossing the river
The queues outside Bettys a sight to behold 

A brief stop outside the Ivy
We munch on hot pasties and sausage rolls
Whilst the fine diners look out at us peasants 
Surrounded by feathery friends waiting for the crumbs 

A live demonstration see the sculptors fire ice skywards
Old style chisels sit happily next to electric tools
As sightseers watch on 
Huddled around each exhibit, making it almost impossible to capture

In hindsight a favourite sculpture
Sits happily outside Turtle Bay
An aqua wall the backdrop
We wave to Squirt sitting aloft the foamy waves, we wander on

York Minster rises up in front
A huge ice train complete with carriage sits along our path 
Children are manoeuvred into the best position 
For photos for parents to show off later 

For those without young children 
We wait patiently so we too can document the sight
One determined woman wants 'that' shot
Oblivious to the sighs around she helps her very young child sit aloft the train 
More concerned with the photo than health and safety

They've moved one of the sculptures 
frustrated we zig zag the street 
Eventually tourist information sets us on our way
Bowler hatted men help those arriving at the Grand

The train station so busy as people head into the city
We march on growing weary on our day
Hero camp marks the end of our trail
Finally ticking the last sculpture from the bedraggled map
A final jaunt across the river along the bridge

Back to where we started from
Steps a plenty on fitbit and phones 
A single decker arrives and we wave good bye
To the trail, the city and the day...

And the poem inspired by the shipping container shopping/eating area called Spark


From afar it looks undone
A different mark upon this historic city
We move across the road and realise the vision
Stacked containers form a place
Distant from all others

Artisan crafters, a micro brewery
Barbers shops all huddled within the space
Aromas of fried chicken and chargrilled burgers fill the air
A cool February day sweeps through

As people come in search of the frozen Cheshire cat
Eager eyes mop up all the detail
An open sided container provides comfy sofas
The rest of the space filled with tables and chairs

Recycled,  upcycled,  graffiti laden space
Outdoor seating covered in snow and ice and water
Nod towards warmer days and exotic nights
Melting snow slides off the canvas roof
Depositing it's remains on the already sodden boardwalk

We venture on, shops lay out their wares before our eyes
Up the solid scaffold stairs, bolted together we see further bars
Swings as seating inside the cocktail bar
An empty container proves an enticing lure
What could it be, what dream could be realised
Inside it's steely walls

A graffiti crow adorns container at the end of the first floor platform
A copper countered bar sits dark and forlorn
Awaiting it's owners and clients to waken it from its freezing slumber
Metal taps filled with potions ready for the next punter

Back down we see the impromptu cinema screen
Beneath the fairy lit roof
A metropolis in its own right, it cries out
And if anything it lights a 'Spark'

If you are still reading, well done, if you fancy joining in pop back and link up and we can come and visit.