Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Morning all, well another couple of layouts from my Harry Potter album, the first is the official photo we bought when down at Harry Potter World, don't ask me how those two ended up on Slytherin! 

And the second layout documents some of the fantastic models that were created for the film. 

I hope you have a happy scrapping day! 

Friday, 26 August 2016


Good morning lovely people, tis Friday - means only one thing in my book

Well I thought this might be a photo light post, but I seem to have found a fair few to share along the way. 

First up is the Sheffield Herd (not that we've managed to get around many of the elephants yet), they have inspired my personal Summer of Colour challenge and this is the fourth colourway that I've done this year so far. 

Next up is said 15 year old, he is such fantastic company and last Friday we were home alone together, as the front garden is now complete we decided to have some crafting time together.  Here he is working on his next art textile project for school.  The bandage on his arm is due to the tablets he is on causing him so fairly significant joint pain, hopefully he is now down to the last month of tablets!

As you can see he has been busy cutting component parts out for the project (and raiding my felt store as he goes). 

Friday also found us venture to the local shopping centre, we do only a few shops when we go there including checking out the latest magazines.  I rarely find this magazine in the store, but when I do it always makes me smile, so my happy from that jaunt out was this magazine! 

On Saturday hubby and said 15 year old headed out and so I had a couple of hours to enjoy some crafting time on my own, first up popping a film on.  My 'go to' films are always Harry Potter films - they make me happy! 

So what was I painting, well I'd done some new gelli plated backgrounds, in a red colourway

Which I turned into zombie elephants, inspired by the Sheffield Herd, I don't think there is a zombie one but hey I thought it would be fun to create, this was the stitched version

And this was the brains version

As you can see they appeared to multiply as the day progressed!

And here they are all lined up

I've no idea what I will do for my final set of Summer of Colour elephants.

Some of you have asked what I actually do with them after they are created, if they are cute they often end up on the front of birthday cards to be sent out, sometimes I send them as giant postcards (they are A5 in size) and then sometimes I pop them in a plastic wallet, mark them as art and abandon them for people to find. 

So whilst I was busy creating zombie elephants, said 15 year old and hubby were trying out the olympic challenge at the nearest air rifle range.  

Sunday found us in Ikea, you know the one, we don't need to buy anything, we are just window shopping, oooh those towels are lovely, wow look at the price of those glasses, £70 please - how on earth did we manage that - that was pretty much ad verbatim what happened.  We had fun though! 

The rest of the week has been busy busy with work, including a 7pm finish at job one and a 7.30am start in job two - which left me feeling rather tired by the end of it!

We also popped for a bar meal last night - but there are no photos of the naughty pie and chip tea - however, I can report it was very very nice. 

And here we are at Friday again, if you fancy joining in, sharing your positive moments, silver linings from the week that was, pop a post together pop back and link up.  Its always lovely if you can mention the original post and where to find it and if you comment it prompts me to check out if there are any new links! 

Have a beautiful and blessed bank holiday weekend! 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Last summer holiday said 15 year old brought home all the components parts for his art doll that he'd been working on at school.  He simply had to assemble the same, he worked solidly to get it completed.

I was so impressed with his work ethic that I took photos of him as he proceeded with the task from the beginnings, to the in the middle to the finished doll.  I love the funky hair and the couched face! 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


This layout still makes me smile.  We were on our way up to the entrance to Alnwick Castle and hubby stood on the Hagrid hill (see earlier post for reference to this), we were having a strange conversation when we realised hubby was trying to take a photo - only me and my sister noticed and as you can see - her surprised expression was as a result of her saying "Hi ya" - hence the title! 

Monday, 22 August 2016


Morning one and all, a 12 x 12 layout from me, showing said 15 year old and niece constructing Viking style flat pack furniture at Bamburgh Castle last year! 

We had a great day - much fun, great views, lovely castles and fabulous photo opportunities for scrapbooking! 

Sunday, 21 August 2016


I've recently completed scrapping the photos we took at Harry Potter world, the final pictures are that of the Hogwards model itself and lended itself to some purple papers.  I had some that I'd created on my gelli plate which came in rather handy when it came to completing the pictures. 

I even coloured in some of the raised purple circles on the border

Saturday, 20 August 2016


Alnwick Gardens have these fabulous fairy tale sculptures dotted around the garden and you all know how much I love a good sculpture.  We managed to get most of them photograph, but I particularly loved the Frog overlooking the water and the glass slipper on the pumpkin!

Friday, 19 August 2016


Good Morning one and all 

Tis Friday 


Well the week has galloped along at a merry old pace, a few of you may remember the crazy front garden that was causing much grief on back! 

Well this is how it started only two Fridays ago.  Said 15 year old and I pledged to get it sorted during the 6 week holiday and hubby was happy to lend a hand.  

Therefore after making some headway on the bottom tier last weekend, hubby decided to take an afternoon off to (as he put it) 'crack on and make a dent in the task' so I came home on Monday to find a lot of the structure in place and hubby hobbling with a dodgy back.

Regardless of the dodgy back, when he arrived home on Tuesday to find said 15 year old had 'finished' two more of the tiers, he set to putting the final components of railway sleeper in and said 15 year old worked on it on Wednesday digging out the last area. 

Wednesday afternoon we dived down to the local garden centre, grabbed 3 more bags of compost and 9 bags of slate and a few plants (and a lot of pennies less), we had the final elements to finish the garden off. 

And here we have the finished garden

I cannot begin to tell you how much work went into this, or how hard it was on the back or how hard hubby worked with a dodgy back or how much of the heavy graft said 15 year old did! 

But after a lot of hours work, this is the finished result.  No more grass to mow, an area that could take a bench (and is a real sun trap), some spring bulbs planted and some alpines as the banking is quite dry.  And the top border to disguise some bins across the way, which will take a little time to establish but I'm hoping they will do the trick! 

And yes before you ask there was quite a lot of pennies spent sorting this, but my attitude was once, it is done, it is done and we won't have to do it again! 

We did manage a family trip out to Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) last weekend for a picnic with some extended family.

And the weather was lovely for us! 

The Kaws outdoor sculptures are still in situ so couldn't resist getting another shot of this! 

And the Not Vital blooms reflecting me and said 15 year old taking the photo

Inside the main centre there is a joint exhibition between a few artists including Emily Sutton and Mark Hearld.  I knew Mark Hearld was a favourite of my friend Carmen who did her final project at college recently using him as inspiration and I promised to photograph a few of his pieces. 

This one was taken to show the actual size of the work.  Most of his work is this size if I'm honest.  He uses lithograph and collage for his work and it really is stunning and his work usually includes creatures or birds. 

I loved this collage piece of a hooded crow. 

And one of his lithographic pieces.

And his collage work - which I hadn't seen up close before. 

We had a fabulous afternoon, it was a shame the numbers were fewer than we were hoping, but we had good fun regardless. 

The rest of the week has been garden, garden and garden but we've managed to enjoy watching some of the medals being won in Rio (I love the summary programmes if I'm honest).  

I've been watching Celebrity Big Brother which I've really enjoyed an hour of hilarious escapism. 

I've managed to finish a few more elephants but haven't started the next batch and I haven't been near my scrapping table in what feels like months.  I'm hoping the weather we've got forecast this weekend will mean I at least get sat there this weekend at some point. 

I hope you've all had a good week, if you fancy joining in pop a blog post together, mention the rocking posts and come back and link up so we can come and visit! 

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Oh to be beside the seaside today, sigh! 

The beautiful Northumberland coastline of an evening and said 15 year old's company - nothing finer! 

I hope you are making the most of your Sunday! 

Friday, 12 August 2016


Good Morning lovely people t'is Friday which means only one thing in this house

The first grateful is said 15 year old.  We've been talking for a while about sorting out our front garden, it is very steep and is deceptive as it looks quite small - but is actually a fair size.  Being at such a difficult angle it has always been difficult to mow and keep in check and over the years we've just kept it mowed.  However due to the extension on the house done prior to us moving in, we have to carry the mower through the house - impractical is an understatement. 

So last Friday said 15 year old and myself decided to expand the border at the bottom of the garden, taking the flower bed back up to what we think was the original line. 

I unfortunately had a rather painful back on the day so said 15 year old worked solidly digging it out and turning it over.  Whilst I tried to separate the soil (wanted) from the grass (unwanted).  

This is the garden at the end of the day - he worked solidly on the garden for about 6 hours!

Given the success of Friday rather than doing a house job on Saturday we all headed out into the garden.  My back had improved so we decided to extend the path at the bottom of the garden. 

Can you see that little green shrub, well that little green shrub has been in situ since we moved in and we've kept it trimmed down year on year, this time we had to dig it out - but the roots and the base were now enormous - that little green shrub set us back hours, but with lots of perseverance we managed to get it flat enough to allow the path to be extended!  

This was the garden at the end of the day - another solid day of working on the garden, but well worth it.  We are now considering terracing the rest of the garden and doing away with the grass altogether! 

As we finished off the garden and put the last of the slate on the path, said 15 year old proved that despite being almost 6 feet tall, he could still fit in my tiny boot! 

I was also giddy that I had two Rockettes from the past join in last Fridays post, it was lovely to read their posts - hopefully they will be venturing along more frequent! 

Sunday was officially a day off following 2 very busy gardening days.  We treated ourselves and went to see something that hubby had been desperate to see as can be seen from his favourite movie magazine! 

Suicide Squad was brilliant, thoroughly enjoyable, quirky, humorous and all round great entertainment! 

I also forgot to share anniversary present from hubby, not that I've had chance to read it yet! 

When we got back from the cinema we stopped at my Mum's for a cuppa and a natter and sat out in her garden, she has this huge fuschia plant in the garden and it is covered in these little beauties, that always look like dancing girls with pretty skirts on! 

Monday night saw said 15 year old making tea, this has become something of a norm and so it was lovely for him to make a gorgeous spag bol tea.  I almost forgot to get a picture of it! 

Wednesday evening we had tickets to go and see The Lord Chamberlain's Men at Chatsworth performing Much Ado about Nothing.  An all male cast that we've seen before on numerous occasions in numerous venues. 

Unfortunately the forecast dry evening, started to look less promising as the evening drew near and low and behold we had drizzle as we journeyed through Sheffield. 

It did however, stay dry enough before the play for us to have a picnic and enjoy the company.

As you can see Chatsworth is undergoing some rather extensive building works at the moment! 

Unfortunately, the weather did deteriorate as the evening progressed.  Thankfully we all had rain jackets and warm hiking boots and socks.  We also had a stack of blankets to keep us warm.  By the middle of the second half we were under a fairly consistent bout of drizzle so we had other waterproof items with us, my Mum for instance had brought her jubilee rain mac from when she went to see the Queen - it was down to her feet and kept her both warm and dry! Thankfully, we just about got away with it and we had a lovely evening.  Glad to get back in the car and in the dry we were able to reflect on a fabulous evening out! 

So there we go the week in view, some work, some play, some fun and some family time - you can't say better than that! 

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together, mention Rocking Your World and we shall come and visit! 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Morning all, oh its a bit surreal sharing these layouts at the minutes as they are from this time last year, sigh - oh for a sea view this morning. 

We stayed at Seahouses in Northumberland last year and were close enough to walk to the beach every evening.  We were treated to a fabulous week weather wise and loved the evening sunsets, due to the coastline we did actually see it setting over the sea, which seemed weird given we were on the east coast of England! 

Sunday, 7 August 2016


Morning all, well this time last year we were enjoying the beautiful coastline in Northumberland, one of these trips was to Alnwick and they have the most amazing tree house to explore (its also a restaurant) - it is such a magical place to visit and explore!  

Hope you are having a great Sunday! 

Friday, 5 August 2016


And I find myself at Friday again - although unsure how that exactly happened if I'm honest.

Given that the week has been pretty much wall to wall work sigh - I thought I'd share a few things that we came across last week that I didn't share last Friday (in effect I'm still riding the euphoria of our week away).

I know Lisca likes to photograph doors as much as I do - I'm always intrigued as to where they lead - so here is one I photographed in Lacock Abbey - I love all the metal studs on the door! 

Lacock Abbey has quite a number of gargoyle/grotesques around the premises in various locations.  They know one day that these will deteriorate and need replacing, so they've already organised the replacements living them in the brew house for all to see - I loved being able to see these up close, although I'm struggling to choose a favourite!  Possibly the second one or the second to last one.

This was the doorway leaving the brewhouse - I loved the view out and how the greenery was growing around the doorway.

Outside this building we discovered this plant - it was the full height of the barn (which was two stories) and had the most amazing smell - I have never come across the flower which such a beautiful citrus like smell.  We asked the lady in the second hand bookshop if she knew what the plant was and she reliably told us it was magnolia grandiflora the flower was bigger than my hand - so you can imagine the scent!

This is the seed head after the flower dies off - how amazing is it - it looks like a peculiar take on a pineapple!

And here is one still in situ!

Another shot of the flower!

And the gateway into Lacock Abbey - another stunning piece of architecture - and yes blue skies always helps! 

Avebury Manor house provided the opportunity to play Lord and Lady of the house! 

And another gateway at Avebury Manor

Avebury was one of our favourites.  The Church (just outside the stone circle) was one of the most welcoming and inclusive churches I've been in for a while.  The heart tree was somewhere to put your prayers and I think it looks amazing. 

They also had a pebble pile that you could sit and hold and think about things and then once you'd done you placed it in a jug of water.  Both me and said 15 year old did just that and found it really calming.  

On the way out of the church there was also a large storage box that contained lots of items.  A note on the outside, for anyone camping, hiking or rough sleeping the items inside the box were there for people to utilise, there were sleeping bags and wetwipes etc - a really thoughtful and useful way of the church working with its visitors - it certainly raised a smile from us! 

The final day me and hubby headed to a pub where there was a large beer garden, the whole garden was surrounded by flowering lavender which smelt absolutely divine! 

So there you go me riding the crest of a wave with the holiday. 

There have been lots of little positives this week - I've just not got photos to document them as it were. 

Said 15 year old spending time getting on with a few jobs that I set him, he has just got on with them, no whinging or whining - which means the house runs a bit more efficiently and he isn't stuck to the Xbox for too many hours!

Whilst my scrapping mojo is still missing, I have managed to do some more artwork around the Sheffield herd.  I set to last weekend doing these little beasties.  I honestly was fighting with them, I got to a point where I didn't think I'd be able to recover them into something I actually liked and you have to remember that I'm not an artist!  But with the inspirations of the Hendo's Elephant from the herd I managed to make these. 

Other positives are chats with the WW girls.

Said 15 year old coming home and playing Wanted Dead or Alive on his acoustic guitar!

Me and hubby celebrating 26 years of meeting each other - it really doesn't seem that long at all! 

And this morning on our way back from our morning walk, finding not one or two but three families of swallows flying in and out of nests and clinging to the wall below! 

Absolutely fabulous stuff!