Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Well I'm feeling contemplative (nothing new for New Year's Eve if I'm honest) and thought I'd sit and ponder the year that was (2013 that is).

It has been a mighty tough year in certain respects and in these respects it isn't one that I want to repeat. But in amongst the nonsense, anguish and at time frustrations there have been some amazing people and amazing times to celebrate.  So this post is my round up of some of the positives that have occurred this year.

Well there was the snow (and the lone post person), but snowy walks are beautiful and exhilarating!
I also started out with a fabulous intention to read these books, I didn't manage them all, but some, intending on making headway into the remainder in 2014.
 There was the refuelling stop on a snow walk in order to be able to walk back!
 And learning to sculpt sand at Harewood!
 A trip to the seaside is good for the soul!
 And catching up with friends was good fun too!
 Welcome trays at Easter!
 And trying purple potatoes!
 Discovering Mr Watt
 And genius barbecue eating meant setting up a tent home!
 Visiting Castles
 And joining in fabulous collaborart swaps!
 Having fun at paint a pot!
 And discovering the art of catching the flying icing sugar in your mouth!
 Mischief one and mischief 2
 Said 12 year old becoming said 13 year old!
 Discovering Northumberland!
 Making happy cards
 Family holidays
 spent enjoying each others company!
 And the joy of winning a minion!
 Outdoor theatre of the Shakespeare kind!
 Enjoying arting in the visitors book!
 Wandering around the beyond limits exhibit at Chatsworth
 And enjoying the autumn sunshine!

 Trip back to Stratford for October half term and the Mad Museum!
 Which is fabulous!
 Seeing the Coca Cola truck!
 Visiting Narnia!

 And seeing my sister enjoying tea with Mr Tumnus!
 Christmas preparations!
 These two mad women who have kept me sane this year!
My niece whose growing up not only into a beautiful young woman, but also one with a fabulous sense of humour and personality!
Joining in Secret Santa swaps - first on UKS 
 And the second via Carmen's blog!
Being asked to be part of the Wear Crafts design team - utterly amazed I was and having so much fun! Jen thank you - I hope you know by now what it means to me! 

Also to Lesley who is also part of the Wear Crafts DT, fabulous getting to know you hun!

And then there are the friends who have kept me sane this year, let me rant, cry, chat, download, you name it!

and of course my sister Melanie!

Being blessed with an amazing family, my hubby who is my rock and always has been, my son, for continuing to be an absolute joy and pleasure to be around and for making us very very proud.  My cousin for being there for me this year. 

I hope your year has been kind to you, but if it's been a hard one I truly hope that 2014 brings happiness, prosperity and joy to you and your home.  I'll leave you with an Irish Blessing that my Grandma used to say to us 

"May your days be many and your troubles be few.  May all God's blessings descend on you.  May peace be within you may your heart be strong.  May you find what you're seeking wherever you roam!" 

Until 2014 my good people...

Sunday, 29 December 2013


Morning all, tis Sunday morning, the main festivities are well and truly behind us, the turkey has been converted into soup and curry (the curry has gone), the soup is in the freezer.  The presents are disappearing into their new homes as we gear up for the New Year.  So many resolutions and plans whizzing around in my head at the moment...

But I thought I'd share a couple more Christmas layouts from last year, both from Chatsworth, first up was a compilation layout showing several of the photos we got in the main dining room
 And then the main tree in the Oak room
I haven't done nearly enough scrapping in the last few months, but with the mahoosive pile of papers bought by hubby when he went into a pre-Christmas present buying frenzy I have plenty to go at.

I hope your festivities have been fun and that you too are looking towards a New Year and the new clean sheet that we are start with at the beginning of January.

Saturday, 28 December 2013


This year I not only took part in Carmen's fabulous Secret Santa swap (see yesterday's post), but also UK Scrappers secret stocking swap.  My Santa was Frances AKA New2this on UK Scrappers, she must have wondered what she had let herself in for as I threw myself into the list making with great vigour and provided so much detailed information it was probably a little over the top! Again another fabulous haul of goodies in the most beautiful stocking which I've just realised I've forgotten to photograph - grrr, well I can say it's made of a denim blue materials, with an organza edge at the top, which shimmers in the light - like I said gorgeous!

This is the contents of the stocking.

 I received everything from homemade embellishments
To this amazing can I say that again AMAZING, bracelet with my favourite crystal Malachite contained therein!
 Some stencils and masks
 Earrings in fluorite and malachite, gorgeous cotton reels and brads
 A fabulous stamping set.
 Some hot chocolate drinks!
 Glue, red tape and sticky dots
 Christmas card, stamps and fine liners!
 And this beautiful handmade item with my initial on it!
And the contents?  It's a fantastic needle holder - amazing indeed because at the minute I either lose them permanently on my desk or I lose the envelope that I keep on the desk which is supposed to house them!
Frances I cannot tell you enough how much I loved the stocking, how grateful I felt that you'd gone to sooo much trouble and that I promise to share the items as they get used through the year on my blog!