Friday, 27 May 2011


Good Morning Rockers and Rockettes

How does this fair morning greet you - ours is a little on the grey side and looks likely to continue in this vain for the weekend - typical bank holiday - however, I'm sure you haven't come over here to read a Yorkshire weather forecast so it must be time for
Ok so blogger is being slow this morning and decided to put 10 copies of that picture on my blog - grrr!

Anyway list of gratefuls for this week - now you might think it's been a bad week, but you'd be wrong it's been a 'normal' week - the usual trials and tribulations nothing insurmountable but it's not been one of those amazing weeks either!

Actually thinking about it (literally as I type) Friday last week was awesome and technically that is the start of this week isn't it?  Because hubby arrived home from his week away in Birmingham, now we lived in Stafford for 14 years and in all that time we never actually ventured to Birmingham, never fancied the car park known as the M6 the closest we got was Aston Villa's Leisure centre when we went on a coach to see a gig.  So he was quite enthused when he arrived home to chat about the mix of buildings and architecture in Birmingham and he took a photo for me - what do you think?  We don't know 'why?' but I do think it's amazing  isn't it gorgeous! 

Then he took a few more piccies these outside memorial hall - apparently built after the first world war, commemorating the navy, the air force and the army as well as women's services!

I also liked this mix of old and new
As well as this building called the box!
So we had a little photographic tour of Birmingham when he arrived back
Last weekend was just a relaxed chilled weekend with some rugby watching which is always good because it means crafting, I discovered Shimelle does a sketch every Wednesday and I got hooked on one particular one and made several in the same style (not photographed yet but promise to share soon).

The week has disappeared with work in the blink of an eye (if I'm honest) but other gratefuls include

Weight watchers, I've started on plan again this week - with 6ish weeks until a break away I'm aiming for trying to shift a stone, it'll be a long haul but I'm thinking that short goals might work better, the idea is to lose it then maintain for a bit before going for the next stone, that way I can't technically get bored.

My glider, I hate it with a passion, never got the exercise 'high' that other people talk about, don't like it don't technically want to do it but know that the only way of getting somewhere near the stone goal is to bolt exercise into my routine, so I've set myself the challenge of gliding 2 miles every day, Monday and Tuesday were shakey starts but gentle persuasion from dear hubby and said 10 year old meant that I managed it and then managed it wednesday, Thursday and this morning before I'm even leaving the house.  I've found MP3 player at full blast and concentrating on 'speed' rather than 'mileage' means the half hour it takes go quite quickly, so I may end up slimmer by the end of this challenge but also slightly deafer!

Hubby for embracing yet another bout of dieting - bless him - he's seen me do this so often before.  Now my logics that set in whilst he was away was that the teetotalness that we've been enjoying (and yes I did just say enjoying) since New Year has been possible because we've both done it, so I've asked him to join me in the next five weeks dieting challenge to keep me going and bless him he's joined in with great enthusiasm, pointing up a couple fo Jamie Oliver teas as well as a Gino DeCampo meal - he's a star!

Sister and niece for coming over for crafting last night, my sister is going through rough times again and so we decided on some art journaling and despite her reservations that she wouldn't like what she'd done, she embraced it, got on with it and then said at the end that she finally liked the page - result!

Finally Jasmine and Carmen in my Rock In Peace circle journal for sending a couple of CD's with some great music on for us to sit and sing along too last night!  Thoroughly enjoyed the tracks thank you ladies I may try and share the album with you over the weekend but blogger doesn't seem to want me to upload 37 photos at once I just don't understand what's wrong with it LOL!

So there you have it, it took some thinking about but a lovley list of gratefuls was had - how was your week - there must be something that made you smile, a giggle you had with a friend, sharing a cuppa with a loved one?  Whatever, it is, no matter how small it reminds us that we are alive and that life even when tough has things that we can all be grateful for.

Now I'd normally share some crafting here with you and there is some to share but blogger is still considering trying to upload 37 photos from my circle journal that asking it to do any more seems a little silly - so I'll leave it for now and promise to do a couple of crafting postings over the weekend.

If you fancy joining this rather elite club of Rockers and Rockettes then leave a comment and if you're feeling brave (because let's be honest Mr Linky doesn't always work) - leave a link!

Sending you hugs this weekend, hope it's filled with enjoyment and happiness

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


The statement "if it's not broken don't fix it comes to mind" blogger seems to have had more issues for me in the last couple of weeks than ever before.  Last night being no different and I assumed it was something I'd done wrong, after lots and lots of growling at the screen we went and tracked down bloggers apology indicating they were suffering problems yet again!  Let's hope now they've fixed it they leave it alone! 

Anyway the intention was to photograph my desk and chat about what I've been doing etc, but if I'm honest I was up at quarter to 7 and on my glider - half an hour on that and time to wash, get dressed etc, eat breakfast, catch up with the 101 blog posts that I'd missed (and I really did miss them) and then well then it was 8.28am and I haven't had time - so I thought I'd just say - hello - big wave to you all - hope Wednesday morning is greeting you in a positive and upbeat way! 

A little craft sharing me thinks! I cut the paper out an age ago - it's the one from the Once Upon a time stack and I literally cut the scroll shape out and attached it to another sheet, now you might not appreciate it here but it looks great close up in real life.  I used a journal page out of a book (using old stash) but the flower in the bottom left corner didn't do it for me so I stamped a Celtic knot and covered it with that!

The photo is of my son and niece when we were at the Yurt last year, a huge tree had been cut down and the base of it had been carved into quite a relaxing seat!   The title is from a DCWV stack that I've had forever, it was one of those that came with lots of extras in the stack including a couple of pages of velum with statements on them, I've been in 'using up' mode recently with these.
Knot up close
And a bit of art journaling this one done after the visit to Castle Howard and shows the central dome image that has now been restored (it was decimated in a fire back in the 1940's)
So there you go - how's your Wednesday and is blogger playing ball now?

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Ooh it's been a lovely weekend up to now - thoroughly laid back and relaxing and much fun.  We've done the 'jobs' you know the ones the cooking and the washing and the ironing (that was approaching mountainous) and we've managed a watch a film, enjoy the rugby and do some crafting as well as a jaunt out to my sisters today so a good weekend has been had by all and I'm heading for more crafting with 80 minutes of rugby just starting.

Just thought I'd post a couple of photos of a layout that I did recently - definitely outside of my comfort zone on the colours front, I had to take this photo we found the 'den' in a wood whilst at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park last year and my niece was adamant it was Eeyore's House - question was where was Eeyore LOL
As you can see this was the first outing for one of the masks that I won via Carmen's blog, I know it's subtle but I like it! Then there is using up old brads
As well as using old tags that I've had forever, with some old stickers a bit of ribbon and a brad to make the title - I was really happy with the overall effect, I've a feeling the layout was predominantly a sketch but can't for the life of me think where from now.

Hope you're having a lovely sunny and relaxing Sunday!

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Good afternoon, just sneaking a quick post whilst my boys are watching football.  Yes DH Craig is back home safe and sound, we had a lovely evening with a romantic candle lit dinner and then he played Lego Pirates of the Caribbean on the Wii with said 10 year old LOL into the evening.  It is so nice to have him home, I knew I'd missed him just didn't appreciate how much until he was back.  So we're having a lazy family weekend, we've been food shopping and done a bit of washing and tumbling but that's about the sum of what we're doing today - bliss!!

What this actually means is that I get to scrap whilst they are watching rugby - so bonus decent TV and crafting at the same time - multi-tasking takes on a whole new meaning.

Anyway it was good to be able to put my Rocking post on at a sensible time yesterday, it's so lovely to come and visit and see what's been Rocking your world this week!  This is my take on the Scrapology blogs challenge this month, I really enjoyed working on the sketch and I've taken a slightly different slant on the 'bunch of flower' interpretation on the sketch.  I love sketches often they take me outside of my comfort zone which I'm always up for and this was no different! 

The detail you can see the build up of ribbon, stamped and inked hand cut leaves and punched butterflies

and then the journaling has been done on some nestability shapes that I've die cut. 
Hope you're all having a grand Saturday - if you pop by say hello it's always lovely to know whose been to visit!

Friday, 20 May 2011


Morning Rockers and Rockettes out there - how are you all this fair morning?  Well I trust?  I appear to have been missing in action pretty much all week, I hadn't realised just how much I depend on hubby until he's away and well then I'm busy cleaning and tidying and cooking etc - so much so I've not been a blog hopping at all this week - I promise to come and annoy you really soon! 

Yes it's Friday again - so whilst most of us whoop it up as the weekend approaches what things have Rocked our world this week - they can be tiny little things or great big things it doesn't matter - as long as it makes you remember that life even when difficult still gives us little threads that make us smile!

So what's Rocked my World this week - well hubby being away on business has made me sad - but a big shout out for mobile phone contracts which mean he can ring me and chat to his hearts content - that's enough to make me cheer!

A free martial arts taster class at work last night that made said 10 year old very happy - so much so now looking into it for him!

Advance thoughts on birthdays and special occasions almost on us, with work being so mad this year my pre-planning has been none existent so even though the thoughts have been random and off the wall they are possible - all will be explained in due course - excuse the cryptic side of all this but giving myself a little pat on the back!

The cleaning bug - I'm going to blame Melanie because she got me started  and even though it meant a whole night without crafting and then it seemed to sap my creativity it has to be said that there is something about a clean and tidy work area that just makes your heart sing!  Definitely getting into the spring cleaning mode now!

Special post dropping through my door, I won a book on a blog giveaway with the amazingly talented Susie recently and it dropped through the door this week - thank you hun - not had time to read it yet but it looks like it's right up my street and thank you also for the beautiful tag (it is beautiful I will have to photograph it for you to appreciate just how gorgeous it is) and some little crafting items that will be appearing on a layout near you very soon!

Finally I'm glad to be here, I'm glad to be alive, I'm glad for all the beautiful people in my life - I am truly blessed and each one of you that joins in this little journey each week makes mine complete!  Thank you for being part of that - you are all truly amazing!

Can't leave you without the crafting now can I (even though it's been in short supply this week).

This is a journal page from the week we had away in York - documenting the seaside day to Scarborough, this image was in one of the local papers that was in the bin ready for the wood burning fire - thankfully  and really struck a cord!  I did the hubby rescued it for me - I wrote my journaling along the sand!  It's not my normal colour choice which is probably why I like it so much! 

Then a layout for you, I was sooooooooooooo pleased with the title, which is an acetate piece out of a booklet which I cut into a circle and then mounted onto a piece of cardstock and finished with a piece of ribbon, once again pleased with the colour combinations on this one because they go with the photo and yet aren't my normal loud style!
So there you have it - what's your week been like?  What's been Rocking Your World this week?

Trying to give Mr Linky a go again - see what you think - if you do manage to leave a link please leave a comment with the linky too just in case, plus in means in future people can find you again!

Friday, 13 May 2011


Well I thought I was being clever getting all ready on a Thursday for the Rocking Your World post, just a little bit of tweaking here and there and it would have been good to go - but nooooooooooooooooooooooooo they decided to break it so it's been MIA all day and now it's back it's lost the prepared one!

Hey ho - my week has still been Rocking so let's touch on the reasons why!

Firstly and at the top of my list is the return of my circle journal, this is my second one and the subject was Rock in Peace, we had to pick a Rock idol that had passed away and document about them and then send on to my fellow circle journallers for them to play with.  Now when I set out I made the pages individually, the only specification was that it should be 6 x 6 inches - not a problem - however the depth was never agreed - whoops! 
So what went off was already super huge before all the gorgeous artwork was added!  Now didn't Jasmine do a beautiful job of sending my circle journal back all ready for me - how gorgeous is that packaging?
With a little note from Jasmine - thank you hun!
Look at this little beauty, it took an age to digest all the gorgeous gorgeous work that everyone has done!  Honestly it's divine and deserves an entire post of it's own - which is what it will get - but like I said it's back not only in one piece but has also been beautifully looked after with some amazing and gorgeous artwork!
Next up is my annual appraisal that went really well the other day which was great!  It's been a tumultuous year at work but I'm still smiling which is the main thing!

Fencing - I know boring as hell but you wouldn't believe how nice it is to turn into our road and see the new fencing which actually stands up straight rather than leaning, it's taken an age to save for it but has been so worth while.  And we've finished the fencing the back garden so now I'm now looking through the hedge at the people that back onto us.  They finished it with the last panel today, all that and I only got the guy to look at it last weekend! 

Marks and Spencer's two for £10 deals (with the non-alcholic drinks) - yep it's back on and we've bought for tonight and tomorrow - so that's tea sorted! 

Crafting time in the evening - always bliss even if I'm not managing much past nine too early a start to be honest!

Lovely comments from Carmen indicating that people may just fancy a journal done by me if I join in the PIF for the WOYWW - still considering at the moment!  If you don't know what I'm talking about don't stress it!

Morello cherry and milk chocolate muffins - don't ask I know I should be being good but hell fire they were rather naughty!

Little man finishing his practice SATS means I should have a slightly more chilled out child this weekend - not altogether sure the stress that he's had over the last couple of weeks is the sort of stress he should be having to deal with at 10 if I'm honest! 

So I'm going to leave it at that just in case we have further problems posting LOL!

Bit of crafting this is a double page - documenting the now infamous Bate's Motel gingerbread house from Christmas day two years ago courtesty of my brother - hence the title Only John!
The other page with the detailed pictures including the frontage and the massacre!
then the up close detail ribbons and layers of papers and embellishments
and the title a combination of stickers and stickers mounted on cardstock!
and for those art journallers out there another layout from our weekend break to Scarborough in February!
So what's been Rocking Your World this week... if you join in leave a message and a link to your blog so we can come and annoy you!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Good morning one and all - how are you this Wednesday - weather is a little grey and cloudy this morning but currently dry which is good.  Here is the state of my desk this morning are you ready yes this is exactly as it looks this morning and yes I do realise there is little in the way of space to work LOL!
What you don't normally see is some of the other space that I often use - this is our Pool room - fairly obvious the reason why and yes I do appreciate that that is not how the table is supposed to be used!  Layouts that are work in progress, two cycle helmets and the start of a wooden crossbow hubby is making - glider in background and certain 10 year olds go-cart in the bottom right of the picture - the only time this room is truly used as it should be is Christmas!
At the other side of the room is my stack of papers on the rack (I got from the local craft store when they were having a sort out ) and I still claim that I don't have enough papers LOL!  There is also a giant canvas a couple of wooden Celtic knots on the floor and a back of chipboard/greyboard
Up close on my desk a layout I did last night which I think I've overworked - boo hiss will have to resolve later - the challenge was to
  • put something secret on it - check
  • Include either instructions or a recipe - check 
  • Include four techniques that you've learned in the last four months - I haven't learned any in the last four months - the techniques I use go wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back so I thought I'd use four techniques that I've not used in absolutely ages, therefore paper weaving, making frames, hand cutting title, using an envelope to create a pocket for the something secret!  However this morning I can see that my over zealous stamping hand has attacked the page with some vigour - will have to resolve later - hey ho!
Then the art journal page - it's the word 'nearby' on Darcy's 52 word challenge (see link on right), and was the perfect excuse to use up the type written messages my 10 year old has been typing to me and his Dad recently since the purchase of said typewriter in a charity shop, together with a row of bats he made and coloured in which I thought were adorable!  Together with the craft stamper magazine stamps from last month and little bits of journaling in between, overall really pleased with these pages and definitely a view of what was 'nearby' when I created it! 
Finally the wooden man I bought the other week - minus his beard - he needs a sand so he's still sat there because strangely enough I can't actually touch sandpaper - just one of my weird traits so have to wait for DH to accept the challenge - however little wooden man who I'm going to call Herbert because he needs a name has a huge hole for a mouth so I can see some facial moulding coming on - didn't know I was into a bit of the old plastic surgery now did you!
Finally the word prompts from Darcy's word challenge, the next one is 'purpose' and the one after that is 'indulge' - should be fun!  So what's on your workstation this Wednesday.  I've been considering making the PIF gift for the second anniversary - but I have two issues, the first is will anyone want what I've actually made and the second is what the hell to make?  Mmmm what do you think - still have time?
Hope you're all having a great day!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


That is my challenge I have 10 minutes before I have to be heading out of the door, I've checked out UK Scrappers, caught up with my bloggy friends, checked my e-mails had a shower had breakfast and it's only 7.35am?  How - well DH setting off at some ridiculous hour and not leaving me enough time for a decent sleep cycle meant I was up and in the shower just gone six.

I've always stated that there is no time before 7am - it simply doesn't exist because I never see it - I used to get mighty grumpy if I was woken before 7am (I'm not a morning person I mean please don't expect me to converse and anybody who approaches me at work with a question prior to a cup of tea in my hand usually gets a very stern stare)! 

But I find before 7am (particularly on breakfast club mornings) quite beneficial the flip side is that I'm then shattered at night and end up asleep around 10pm and getting no crafting done - grrrrrrr - things have got to change I tell you!

Anyway a quick layout from my A5 art journal and was entitled Fragile World which I completed around the time of the devastating earthquakes in Japan.
I hope you're all having a beautiful and bright Tuesday morning and that I find you well.  Did yesterday's rest work - no not really far too much to do - but it was different LOL!

Anway going now - record time 7.39am - a four minute post what do you think?

Sunday, 8 May 2011


...but apparently that's the case, it seems to have gone in the blink of an eye - and yet I'm sure we've done things - ah well there was the car washing and car hoovering and ironing, the jaunt to my sister the state of my nieces room - the no nails that don't stick things to the wall grrr - the rugby that was peculiar with it's token 'scrum', the Ugly Truth (film) and the last Pirates Film 'At World's End'. 

Then was the fencing man who came to visit (to talk wooden fence - not to have a fight with swords) and the scrap man who took the old radiator away rather than someone who enjoys scrapbooking.  He didn't however want the reinforced concrete lintel - despite us trying to convince him there was metal rods in it grrrr! 

There was the half hearted attempt at tidying under the stairs and their was the trouser repairs, then there was my nieces coat repair and the sewing machine left out in the hope that something will grab me and make me want to do some more sewing.  Obviously there was blog hopping and a jaunt to town for a trip to the bank and a trip to the post office to send Lou's circle journal on it's merry way and in amongst this there was also some scrapping, a little art journaling and some card making to boot!  So coming to think of it - that blink of an eye took a little longer than I thought! 

A 12 x 12 layout to have a look at

Up close stitching and brads
Together with stickers that co-ordinated and I hadn't even realised!
then butterflies off another sheet!
Hope you've all had a great weekend - off to work tomorrow - for a rest!!!!

Friday, 6 May 2011


Good morning one and all - I'm running a little late but sooooooooo needed that shower, unfortunately the heating also kicked in at the same time so now I'm running a little on the warm side - whoops - anyhow why are we here?  Well the question is what's Rocking Your World this Friday?

First up was the theatre last weekend - Marti Pellow in the musical Jekyll and Hyde, we had to fight our way through the snooker 'traffic' (world championship snooker was on at the Crucible as we were seeing the musical at the Lyceum and they are next to each other), together with getting slightly sidetracked with the foreign market in Fargate but we made it, just the three of us, wasn't sure if hubby and child would cope with wall to wall singing but they did and enjoyed the musical to boot, probably not what you'd call child entertainment and there were a few parts with raised eyebrows but when quizzing said 10 year old afterwards he seemed to have missed the questionable parts!

Then Sunday we headed to Bolsover Castle in glorious sunshine, despite the sun it was still extremely cold when you got caught by the breeze (which we did quite often) so we clung to walls - don't believe me?  A photo to prove it -  me and my sister 'clung' to walls - and no we weren't ignorring each other whilst on phones we were in fact listening to the history of Bolsover on one of those sound thingies!
Then there was the barbecue's at my Mum's last Friday night (forgot about this one - all sense of order lost LOL) she decided to have a barbecue because of the wedding - forward planned you may ask?  Nope spur of the minute as usual, but it was a grand night with good company.

My sister and niece stopped over on Sunday night, we sat up chatting and nattering, had pizza for tea and many many many garlic breads (don't ask) and then sat and watched The Tourist on DVD (another thing that Rocked my World) honestly the DVD is brilliant loved it - Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie - great stuff!  We all enjoyed it - sent hubby on a popcorn hunt to the local shops (he found some phew!!!!!!) after the kids headed up to bed we decided we weren't tired so we put on another film - Taking Lives with Angelina Jolie - I'd forgotten how many times I jumped when this film is on and Melanie was no better - we had to watch Russell Howard's Good News afterwards to help us sleep LOL!

Royal Mail for getting my mail art to their destinations! 

Then there is a day off - you asked did I go and shop?  Hell yes I shopped so here is how it's looking, this was the state of the dining table on my return!
What did I get? Well I got some plastics which I needed
then I got some promarkers reduced down to £6.49 a pack (every time I see these I think I'll buy some and then I think I'll wait til I see them cheaper, then I see them cheaper and I don't buy them - go figure)
 Then I bought some spray fabric paint - no idea what I'm going to do with them (yet) but I'll let you know it'll either be a complete success or a miserable failure LOL!
Then I got this book, it's absolutely fantastic - I love it sooooooo much, normally I'd have waited to source it cheaper but wanted to bring it home straight away so bit the bullet and paid that little bit extra for it!
Finally I bought this - I can't make my mind up whether it was a great idea or not - I'll let you know - if it ends up gathering dust on the coffee table or if it sparks a run on the sewing machine then it will be worth it!  Watch this space

Then I went to Homebase and bought this - not exciting but necessary!
Then I bought these in the sale - thinking of using the images for art journaling
Then I bought this recipe book
I loved the inside cover of this where there is a dedication to curvy women - it says "to all the curvy women out there who are constantly calorie counting.  Remember, no man likes to chew on bones!" More interestingly I actually came home and cooked out of it (and it was yum)

A couple of t-shirts to play with (or destroy depending on the state of my spray fabric painting!
then I popped to my sisters to pick up my Weight Watcher pack (need a re-read)
Then on to my brother who has loaned me these to help with the t-shirt project
And then home to have a proper look at the CJ I had picked up from the Post Office and look at the beautiful goodies Carmen had sent me as my prize from a recent draw she had had, she'd asked what I'd wanted and I said to surprise me and this is what I got - gulp - absolutely awesome and she's a mindreader - honestly this girl is utterly amazing!  The two masks I don't have but have wanted for an age (I almost ordered them at the weekend but held back) and I'm fighting with the dregs in the bottom of my glossy accents bottle!  Added to that the stamps are absolutely gorgeous I promise to share what I make with them - they will all be appearing on a journal page near you LOL!
Then I toddled off to the Charity shop where my Mum works and picked these up - no idea what I'll do with them yet - any ideas?  I've removed the flowers but wanted to create something 3 dimensional inside but not sure - you know when you buy something and think it's a good idea and you're not sure why and then you seem to lose the plot when they are sat in front of you - well that's where I'm at.  The frames are really well made and I don't want to lose the 'box' effect on them!
Then finally I got a cheap game for said 10 year old to play on the second hand XBox we bought recently (Xbox rather than an Xbox 360 - so the games are proving interesting to try and find) anyhow he was more than happy with my £1.50 purchase!  And yes before you ask I did tell him to sit up straight after I took the photo! 

So there you are hold up a 12 x 12 layout for you - quite happy with this one it came together really quick!
Close up showing the faux stitching around the title and really stitching around the photos!
A Darcy page on Puddles - sorry for the appalling photography this one proved hard work to photograph!
Then another page from my A5 journal when we went away for the weekend to Scarborough back in February!
Finally (I promise)
  • listening - child laughing at TV
  • eating - actually eaten the usual morello cherry and blueberry porridge with banana
  • drinking - was tea - need more!
  • wearing - black top and leggings
  • feeling - tired at the moment but looking forward to some crafting today!
  • weather - overcast but bright - weird
  • wanting - to get this post on my blog!
  • needing - some fresh air
  • enjoying - life it's a true blessing
  • wondering - if my CJ buddy will get in contact soon! 
So we are finally at the end of the post - pat yourself on the back for getting here - yes it was an ultimate post but it was fun wasn't it - Leave your comment and the details of the link if you're joining in - haven't bothered with Mr Linky this week - he's driving me nuts!