Friday, 29 October 2010


Evening all - yes I did say evening - sorry it's late but only been back home for a couple of hours!  We've been away for a week in Scotland and have had a long trip home - so feeling tired - I'll apologise in advance that this post may be short but I'm wrecked!

My first grateful this week is to you lovely blog readers for all the positive thoughts regarding my back!  I have struggled immensely in the last couple of weeks but have refused to allow it to stop me!  I struggled for the first few days on holiday but a combination of TENS machine, painkillers and walking (yes believe it or not walking) have meant that I've managed to drop the first two by the end of the week and I'm still upright!  So thank you for all your beautiful wishes to me - I am immensely grateful!  

My second grateful is a lovely lodge which we had for the week which has become a home away from home!  This was the inside of the lodge that we've stayed in - definitely feel spoilt! 
Then I'm grateful for time to step back and enjoy the sheer wonder of the world around!  This is what greeted us on Weymss Bay beach last weekend!  How blessed did I feel to get this beautiful photo! 
 I'm also grateful for whoever built these little tiny mounds of pebbles on the beach, whilst the boys (hubby and little one) were exploring rock pools I had to behave and stay put (back related) and as I sat I got the amazing photo above and then spotted these little guys on the beach.  It makes you realise that sometimes the little things in life are the ones to be truly grateful for!
  Then there are days when you find likeminded people - we've always wanted to be officially eccentric people but have always professed we don't have the bank balance to allow us to truly explore this side of us - but occasionally we see things that tell us that if we had the money that we could own a Castle - we would do something just like this to it!  Kelburn Castle - a fabulous day out, with walks around the garden (unfortunately the house was shut but the gardens and the exterior were so worth it) walks around the Secret Forest and then walks further afield - amazing blue skies day - bliss
 And whilst we were there the giants castle led us to the base of the beanstalk - I mean don't you just love this!  Sheer imaginative genius! 
 Then my little man - he is so animated and funny and loving and I feel mighty blessed - this was one of those photos that was too much for him - you know when you're just click click clicking away - which means - it'll be the one I use to scrap with!  We were enjoying a coffee on the shores of Loch Lomond and little man was tucking into a hot chocolate!
  And then I'm grateful that dear hubby did occasionally manage to get a photo of me that I didn't detest completely!
This was the view outside the coffee shop
 Then grateful for fantastic days out - the trip to the Wallace monument in Stirling was fabulous!  And I managed to make it to the top of the steps - without completely freaking out - I'm not one for heights!
 Grateful for educational places which make the days interactive - the Glasgow Science Museum was awesome including the Science Show that we saw - half an hours live show which was funny, chaotic and educational!  And the planterium was fabulous! 
 St Mungo's Museum in Glasgow is an old haunt for us as it housed (notice past tense) a Dali print that is very dear to my heart, unfortunately when we arrived we discovered it had been moved and so thought we were going to have to have a huge hike across Glasgow to see it - but were then informed that it was currently on tour in America - so definitely grateful for information officers who kept us informed!  This was one of the statues in the building which is dedicated to all religions, it was amazing to learn about other religions all under one roof and we admired the Zen garden outside which was gorgeous!
 This little replica was gorgeous given our love of all things Celtic it certainly caught our eye - so grateful for beautiful craftmanship!
 Grateful for quiet moments in beautiful places, this is one of the stained glass windows in Glasgow Cathedral which is simply outstanding!  Sharing a quiet sit down with my little lad was lovely as we made our way around the building.  Even if he did keep insist on trying to find out where St Mungo's body was!
 Speaking of my little man - I must also mention him again for embracing the holidays we've had this year - they haven't been exactly conventional but he's enjoyed them all and embraced them all! 

He was quite taken with the car we had this week so much so that before it went back (hire car) he insisted on taking loads of photos of it - I won't bore you with the actual pictures but they include the fold down arm that gave him somewhere for his drinks, the boot, a close up of the gear stick - I mean honestly there are loads of pictures - we didn't even know he'd taken them until I downloaded the photos tonight - I mean what is he like!

Anyhow I'm going to toddle off now as my tiredness is reaching a peak!  

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Friday, 22 October 2010


OK so what a peculiar week - I mean - seriously strange 

Started it last Saturday by pulling my back - yes I know I said I'd hurt it the week before but that was nothing to the back opening (yes that's what it felt like) episode that went on on Saturday morning - the pain was unbelievable and left me bawling like a big baby for the rest of the day!  However, you'll be relieved to know that this has led to not one not two but three gratefuls 

1 - A grateful to my hubby who did a mad dash to Argos and Boots to suss out TENS machines and came back with one in tow - I genuinely believe that this has actually kept me upright.
2 - A huge grateful to my sister who came over and kept me company whilst I was feeling so low - and believe you and me following that Melanie had a Saturday night to end all Saturday nights - nothing to do with me - but big hugs and kisses go out to her at the minute!
3 - The TENS machine that Craig bought - it's lovely to have use of it! 

Sunday brought a works away day and despite bad back I still got there and managed to drag myself up the stairs despite the back issues.  It was a good day and I really enjoyed it - so that's something to be grateful for!

Tuesday night brought a trip to the theatre - John Sims in Hamlet at the Crucible theatre - absolutely amazing!  It was a strange evening though -broken car to begin with, taxi rides (unexpected), Shakespeares longest play - all strange but all 'fun' in their own way.  There were loads of us that went including niece whose 11 and my son whose 10!  I wasn't sure what they'd think of a Shakespearean tragedy I mean in all honesty what were they going to make of it?  Well 10 year old thought it was great - his only question "What's a nunnery?" and when I asked him at the interval if he understood what was going on - his reply was "ooh yes Mum" - so left him too it!  11 year old niece - well she fell asleep and woke up during the last scene somewhat confused!  Sometimes it makes me giggle to see the difference!  So grateful that just occasionally we get to remove ourselves from life to sit and enjoy that which is live theatre!

Grateful for hubby this morning (Wednesday) resolving issues with the car - despite the fact that he didn't really want to - he was a reluctant hero (leaving me somewhat grumpy due to his reluctancy) but it meant i could get to work, I could collect child from school and I could get home!  All fairly important if I'm honest!  So a big grateful - even though you won't read this I'm pleased you resolved the issues -even if you didn't want to!

Other little gems this week

A beautiful gift from my circle journal buddy Suzy - which was unexpected and a lovely surprise - isn't it awesome when virtual friendships lead to something proper full blown friendships - awesome stuff! 

A gorgeous text message from Sandy Poppins on Wednesday in amongst that which was the madness known as payroll - sheer bliss!  I hope you had a fabulous day as guest tutor at Dy's - I was thinking about you! 

Beautiful messages from precious people - one from Karen who I made last weeks baby gift for - she was overwhelmed with it and sent me a gorgeous message which made my heart sing and another by Suzy when her journal returned to her!  

Friday gratefuls are essential and key and special and if you'd like to join in just pop a blog post on your blog and then link back here!  Simple! 

Friday, 15 October 2010


Ok another week but it's been eventful!

Why do I say eventful well try this out for an equation
Clearing kitchen cupboards for duration of Saturday + Mowing postage stamp garden from hell on Sunday = Poorly back (big style)

Yes yes I know I've got a dodgy back and yes I do know that doing too much can result in causing it grief but what exactly is too much?  Apparently the sum above shows the 'too much' factor - sod! 
But I have a grateful from this - ooh yes I do 

I am grateful for still being upright (ie I didn't hurt it so much that I could actually straighten even if I am in pain LOL).
I am grateful for crafting nights with family I was feeling low (poorly back syndrome) before they arrived and wasn't sure if I'd manage but we had a good giggle and it reminded me that time with family is spectacularly beautiful and can lift your mood no matter what - so for that I am truly grateful.

I am also grateful to have finished my last entry in a beginner's circle journal, it has been an absolute joy to do but I do insist on making the current one better than the last and this has been the case every month.  The one just completed is Suzy's I have posted to her every single month and so she's probably got to know my style but I hadn't seen any of Suzy's scrapbooking until this one which is hers.  It was gorgeous before I got my hands on it and there were three double pages left - so I filled them (something about the Virgoan in me means I have to finish things LOL) and it's all wrapped up and on it's way again now back to its home!  
I am also grateful for rolls of brown parcel paper - I've finally managed to put gift I made weeks ago into a parcel and send it on it's way to a friend who has recently had a baby - so that's another job done!  Loving finishing all these tasks - not that the list is getting any smaller LOL!  On the grounds said recipient is a friend on facebook a not a follower of my blog I thought I'd share what I've made, it's a keepsake in a box which is decorative with her baby's name on one side and contains all the facebook messages that she got on the other side - I really enjoyed making it - I don't often get chance to play with pink so this made a lovely change!

I am grateful to my work colleagues who left me alone long enough today to actually get the month end finished - done on a wing and a prayer but it's on its way to where it needs to be - no doubt there will be questions but I can sort them! 
I am grateful to my hubby who when I threw a strop several weeks ago jumped on the teetotal following weight watchers band wagon whole heartedly!  I've had a roller coaster year with my weight (not that it's done much movement on the scales front just stayed the same which was not what I'd set out to do) but I've managed a week on plan.  I'm not doing classes they always want to discuss what you can't eat or what they've eaten that they shouldn't which usually means you leaving want a take away and a bottle of wine thinking that's what everyone else is doing!  So we're doing it from home, I'm counting the world in points and loving the versatility of everything.  Tonight we're having fish chips and mushy peas - all weight watchers, all pointed and all on plan!  I'll explain more in later posts if I manage to keep it going - just want to get on the treadmill that is weight loss and stay there for a bit before I decide that 'I'm on it'

I'm grateful for excellent vampire books, reading a fabulous series at the moment, very adult in content but a good read and not too stressful, there's nothing nicer than going and sitting in our bedroom on the bed (now it's all decorated and gorgeous) with a hot steaming cup of coffee and a good book! Bliss
Talking of which the alternative is the Christmas magazine - not being funny but I love the Christmas magazine it reminds me of all the things I want to make because buying them is far too expensive LOL!

So there you go 

Leaving you on a funny of little man's - school reading book a story which includes a little boy going to a kennels to choose a dog 
"first there was a spaniel, then there was a mongrel and then there was a cockerel!"
"A what?"
Mmmm - we giggled somewhat - what on earth was a cockerel doing at the kennels - needless to say it was a Cocker Spaniel!

If you fancy joining in then add your name to the list, being grateful on Friday is a lovely way to start the weekend.

Friday, 8 October 2010


Yes it's Friday again - I mean where are the weeks going - this is crazy I tell you!

Yes we're on with the weeks gratefuls - I can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying by at the minute - it's almost time to put the tree up LMAO
OK - so let's get down to the list 

Let me see
(yes this is a wing and a prayer post on a Friday morning - crazy I tell you)

The first thing to be grateful for are free online courses and yes I did say the word free - so if you fancy a bit of art journaling with healing thrown in for good measure this is the place for you - course starts 18th October 2010 and from the classlist it looks fabulous - so head over and take a look!

The next are all the fantastic ladies at my Scrapbook class - I arrived on Monday with said 10 year old in tow (long story but he had to come with me due to a family crisis) Sandra (the gorgeous and talented Sandy Poppins) was there to deliver the class - a gorgeous mini book (having travelled all the way down from Durham).  Lynn (owner of said gorgeous craft shop) kept said 10 year old busy whilst I did a little speed scrapping!  The book is coming together and we have the remainder of the class next Monday where we'll be making the embellishments and finishing off the 'Book of Me' it was just the tonic I needed after a frantic and fraught day - so thank you one and all - it was most fun! 

My craft evening with family occurred yet again on Wednesday - I wasn't prepared - threw a quick bolognese together so I could feed the masses and then we tucked into crafting, thankfully (as I'd had a hard day) they just set too throwing cards together whilst I did a little circle journal crafting - I wasn't particularly 'with it' that night but they put up with my half sentence answers and seemed to enjoy themselves - I'm going to stop professing that I'm going to get more organised prior to these events - to be honest I think they'll be done on a wing and a prayer throughout the run up to Christmas.

Good neighbours - think I'll leave it at that for the time being - this is after all a grateful post so you don't need to know why the neighbours in question are good - just take it as read that they are.

Evenings - yes I'm grateful for evenings - they've been missing a while - but I'm slowly clawing back the balance between home and work.  I'm also grateful for 'fly lady' network who has encouraged me to embrace the cleaning aspect of life and thus managing a little and often is allowing the house to tick along! 

I'm also grateful for fun conversations with little ones - although my little one isn't that little anymore, having recently reached double digits!

However he does still have me rolling with laughter - pretty much all the time!   The recent one went like this 

Background information - on our way to the supermarket we pass a farm which has a field next to it, in the field is a large mound of earth and during certain times of the year the farmer has been known to let the sheep run around the field, the lambs in particular enjoy running up and down the mound of earth anyway back to the story 

"Mum - look at that!"
"What love?"
"The hill in the field has disappeared"
Glancing out of car - it is noted that said mound is no more but the farm has recently been sold and therefore presumably the new owners were not lovers of the mound of earth

"So it has" I said
"Must have been the sheep"
"What must?"

"That ate the mound!"

"No sweetie I think you'll find the farmer moved the mound!"

"Nope definitely sheep that ate it"
"but it was made of soil - sheep don't eat soil"

"I think you'll find they do"

"No they don't"

"Yes they do"
"They don't"
"Well they might have - if the entire mound was made of grass"
"it wasn't made entirely of grass it was made of soil with grass on it and the sheep did not eat it"
"I think you'll find they did" 


Love them don't you!

Grateful for speed decorating - similar to speed scrapping!  We set too on Saturday morning last weekend with buckets of paint to hand - painted ceiling - painted walls - twice, painted gloss work - put everything back, made bed with new duvet - (had to wait overnight for gloss work - grr) but then Sunday took curtains up - ironed and hung.  Artwork hung, mirror moved to new position - back in room Sunday evening - all snuggly and warm - bliss! 

Right enough of my waffle - time to hand the reigns over to you - how is your week?  How are you managing?  How are things generally - one of our beautiful Rockettes last week managed her grateful posting despite it being one of the hardest of times for her - her ability to find gratefuls in amongst this was truly humbling and I feel blessed that you shared that with us - you know who you are and you've been in my thoughts and prayers this week!  

Mr Linky - if it's behaving below, if you don't want to link like this then leave a comment with a link - I love your comments so please leave them - means that I'm not just talking to myself LOL! 



Friday, 1 October 2010


Well good morning Rockers and Rockettes 

It's Friday again!
Well what a week what a week - gratefuls - mmmm let me think

Well the first is that dear husband has found the leaking brake pipe on his car this morning BEFORE he set off for work - let's offer a prayer up for that one!
Then there is my smiley sister - for those of you who know Melanie she is a vivacious, happy, smiley person but she's also very good at using that as a front even when other parts of her life are difficult - well last night was crafting night with her and my Mum and she had her sparkly eyes and smiles that created dimples in her cheeks which mean it's a genuine smile - so I'm grateful for that too!

I'm grateful for family crafting last night even if I didn't get any done whilst helping Mum and Melanie complete a popcorn style gift box - Melanie has officially got her first Christmas present sorted - this is an amazing fact and most unlike her if I'm honest - she's the one at 4.30pm on Christmas Eve still running around the Meadowhall like it's a trolley dash - I'm trying to prevent a recurrence of that this year for her but we'll see!  We did Christmas cards last week and gift boxes this week - any suggestions for next week's activity - I've mentioned making an advent calendar out of match boxes and Melanie wants to do the Journal your Christmas this year so there will be a degree of making on that front too - but I'm not sure what else - Melanie's trying to make things as well as learn techniques and we've managed it both weeks now but on a bit of a wing and a prayer and I'd like to be a bit more organised for next week!

I'm grateful for an accurate weather forecast yesterday which meant that the washing basket diminished somewhat - just ironing to sort now!

I'm grateful for managing a day off today - I'm going to craft shops for goodies - not sure what if I'm honest other than 12 x 12 cardstock but I'll let you know later what I've bought! 

I have been doing some crafting this week but I haven't managed to photograph it - I promise I will photograph it and I will put it on here at some point over the weekend!

I'm grateful for Charity Shop lego - kept said 10 year old quite happy and busy last night - despite his protestations that one of the pirates in the kit was 'harmless' - I asked "why" (because pirates were very often ferocious?)  Puzzled he brought said pirate over saying "Armless Mummy - Armless!" LOL 
And indeed it had no arms - ahhhh!

I'm grateful for fantastic brothers whose birthday it was this week - I'm not sure if I've ever seen anyone so giddy about what he had receivied as a birthday present - his very own tattooing equipment - I kid you not ( he got theatre tickets from me but i bought them before the plea towards his main present was put out!)  And to add to that he had some more tattoos done (not by himself - yet!) on his birthday so he was a very happy bunny on that front!  He was eager to show me all this amazing tattoo equipment and I said it was all great but I hadn't got a clue what any of it was LOL!

I'm grateful for long evenings, this week has been a strange one on that front Craig (DH) was away from Sunday to Tuesday evening on a course so I had two very full crafting evenings, when he arrived home on Tuesday we shared a takeaway (yes don't ask about the diet LOL) and he brought wine even though I said not to - and the usual happened I get all cozy on the sofa and then fall asleep - Wednesday morning I was grumpy because the evening had disappeared - you'll be pleased to know there hasn't been a repeat performance since then which has meant lots and lots of evening crafting - sheer bliss!  So I'm grateful for new paths in life - these are always amazing and fun!

I'm also amazed at the gorgeous ribbons sent by one of my CJ buddies - they arrived yesterday morning and are absolutely gorgeous!  

Right I'm going to stop waffling now before you all doze off - to my beautiful Rockers and Rockettes - join in the therapy of listing your weekly gratefuls and add your linky below!  No matter how hard a week there are always little things to be grateful for!  Finally my major grateful is being here for another amazing day - for that I am always truly grateful!