Friday, 30 August 2019


Good evening lovely people

apologies for the delay but hectic day 

Anyway without further delay 

So first on the list, is a little bit of late summer and enjoying the garden 

We really haven't spent a lot of time at the front of the house this year, but last week hubby gave me a hand and we cleared some weeds off the drive and front garden.  It looked so much better at the end and we sat and enjoyed our hardwork with a well earned cuppa. 

Saturday night me and hubby (as said 18 year old was working), went out to my cousins belated birthday celebration.  It was a lovely night out and we got chance to catch up with lots of people. 

We had a fabulous weekend walk 

we spied lots of beautiful wild flowers and the bees were having a fabulous time 

The river was so peaceful 

Then me and hubby grabbed a selfie, I recently had my hair cut much shorter, I'm still not sure I like it! 

the sun came out and we had some beautiful blue skies

I love big expanses of water and love how the trees framed this shot

The woods really are full of green at the moment, we need to make the most of it as they were soon be on the turn

the fishermen were all set up on the river bank

We were very busy doing other jobs around the house which was positive. 

I enjoyed a lovely breakfast with hubby on bank holiday Monday 

The rest of the week has been mainly work if I'm honest, I also have a very sore and painful back currently which I'm really hoping to resolve.  I've had some blood tests that I'm waiting on the results, fingers crossed they are fine and then I can move on to physio, I'm grateful that my Doctors were able to fit me in so quickly. 

I hope you've had a good week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up. 

Friday, 23 August 2019

Rocking Your World Friday - 34th of 2019

The weeks trip along at a merry old pace and I find myself planning my next Rocking post already

So first up preparing for the open day at work (as well as finishing the utility) so without further to do, the utility all finished and I love it!  

After hubby had finished the utility he decided to make cake for our open day.  Hubby decided to make a rainbow cake, he made 8 layers in total, but when we got to the 6th layer decided that it was already too tall, so he decided to make two cakes. We didn't finish until 11.30pm that night and were absolutely shattered but the cakes went down really well! 

This is the cake after the first couple of slices were bought on Saturday! 

We had a great day on Saturday, my Mum came and helped we were serving on refreshments all day and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves it was great fun and we raised much needed funds so a win win on that front. 

With the very late day on the open day, we resorted to a very quick tea courtesy of Asda, I have to say with the made up pizzas they do taste lovely (albeit very naughty). 

I had a catch up with my Mum and sister at Ikea on Tuesday, this is my sister trying out one of the chairs.  

Wednesday me and hubby decided to have  a day out.  We went to Saltaire, a Unesco World Heritage site which is amazing.  Built by Titus Salt back in the Victorian Era, a philanthropist that brought his workforce to a greener cleaner part of the world away from the mills of Bradford.  He then built a new mill, a village of houses for his workers, a hall, church, the list goes on.

We really loved visiting but the journey up was a bit of a hassle so for anyone wanting to visit there is a train station right next to the mill which apparently comes up from Leeds. 

First up Salt mill,  this has now been converted into art space and shops (albeit only a few) this is the 1853 gallery with lots of David Hockney artwork within (as he trained locally many years ago).


I also loved the oversized chair. 

David Hockney has played with digital imagery, these were done with traditional sitters, but were created on an Ipad!

I also loved the rather funky post box

The history of the Salt Mill on the final floor was brilliant

I also loved the Hockney material

We stopped at the Salts Diner for brunch

And their logo

The neon sign across the door

The BIG BIG camera

And all the fabulous poems

I loved this portrait of Titus Salt, made from fabric

Into Saltaire village itself, I loved the lions outside Victoria Hall

And the mill building really is a fabulous spectacle

Even the church was amazing

We then ventured from Saltaire to Halifax to the Piece Hall, whilst this building is impressive it really is mainly for shopping purposes, so whilst I enjoyed the visit I don't think we will rush back

The Piece hall, was originally built to sell pieces of cloth, a piece of cloth apparently 30 yards long, eventually it fell into disuse and was reused as a market place. 

It was saved from demolition in 1972 and has been gradually restored. 

It was used in the film Brassed Off years ago and is apparently the only surviving cloth hall in the UK. 

and that my lovely people was the week that was, I hope you've had a grand week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 16 August 2019

Rocking Your World Friday - 33rd of 2019

Morning all, tis Friday and time for

Well I'm going to apologise for the lack of photos, it has been one of those weeks where I just haven't had anything fun to photograph, I promise to do better this next week.  So why, you may ask well basically because we are on with house jobs, in particular sorting the utility room out and well lets be honest it isn't the most exciting room in the house, critical but not exciting. 

We've made good progress but we are at the worst part when we are in a state of complete disarray and the end is not yet in sight.  On a positive though the new tiling looks fab and the painted walls look so much better.  We've got a shelving system, laminate and skirting to finish off before we can start putting it back together but it already feels so much better and I know i will be really pleased with it once it is done. 

Even our evenings have been filled with doing bits of the work, although hubby often works late which means we haven't got as much done as we would like. 

We have been busy preparing for our summer gala at work, lots of work behind the scenes goes on to make this a success, I hope to be able to share some of what we have been doing on my post next week. 

I managed a really quick catch up with my sister at the beginning of the week, being a nurse means long hours and unsociable ones at that, so its lovely to get a catch up even when they are only short. 

Said 18 year old has had a few days away at his girlfriends and went to Friends Fest in Manchester, a festival about the TV programme Friends, including set pieces etc.  They seem to have had a fabulous trip and it was lovely to see their photos and that my lovely people will have to do for this week, fingers crossed next week is more interesting! 

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together come back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 9 August 2019

Rocking Your World Friday - 32nd of 2019

Morning all tis Friday time for 

First up was a walk around a local dam this funky little fairy door was one of the first things we saw on our travels, shame about the screws if I'm honest but it was still mighty sweet! 

After all the rain last week the water was flowing quite fast and the stream was more like a river if I'm honest. 

The path is so very green and dense at this time of year

We grabbed a selfie near the bridge

And managed to clock up nearly 10,000 steps just on this walk alone

We saw lots of wildflowers whilst we were walking, this one the bees absolutely loved! 

I love being near large expanses of water, I find its good for the soul 

We finished the walk by stopping at the mill and having a cuppa 

Sunday dawned and we headed up to YSP, whilst celebrating 29 years since we met, which is ridiculous because surely it is only a couple of years ago.

We came across these wandering down to the river on our way, it did make me smile that they were all in a line.  


We went for a decent walk up to see the new sculpture, passing detailed architecture from yesteryear, this was a well dedicated by the widow of Sir Thomas Wentworth who lived at Bretton Hall (which is in the grounds of YSP) after her husband passed. 

It's mighty muddy now but technically looks no different to when it was first built. 

I loved the new sculpture called Seated Figure 


So much detail in the structure and I loved the scale! 

Up at the Long Gallery there were two exhibitions in one.  One recreated a 1970's school room linked with an unqualified teacher who changed the way children were taught.  The room was very reminiscent of my childhood primary school days, including the heavy textile artwork from the era that adorned the walls.  However, it didn't take any photos.

The main exhibition was where an artist had left canvas covers over desks in classrooms around the world for six months and basically said 'anything goes' to the children.  They were fascinating, from the beautifully adorned (which we assume were from strict backgrounds), to the ones with holes that we think may have been censored.  So many similarities but also so many differences. 

I loved the sea creatures

This one was from China and I loved the characters

The statements were really powerful and thought provoking

Including this one that really did make me stop and think!

Some of them were quite decorative

I loved the minions

I loved the colours of this one

And this one reminded me of the character in the Weasley's Magic Shop in Harry Potter

Despite the fact that the exhibition wasn't visually very appealing, we did spend an inordinate amount of time, reading and studying the work. 

The rest of the week has been the usual, however, unusually we headed to Chatsworth Wednesday night to The Lord Chamberlain's Men who were playing

They were there usual awesome selves

Hysterically funny and great fun, my Mum came with us too which was brilliant

And that my lovely people is that. 

If you fancy joining in then pop a post together and pop back link up and we can come and visit. 

Until next week.