Friday, 26 May 2017


Evening all - apologies - it has been a rather busy day I'm afraid - too much work and no play! 

Means your Rocking post is late

So first up - weekend walks by the dam - proved very fruitful on the nature spotting front.  Can you see him? 

I also found this little guy on our jaunt, enjoying the sunshine and the walk along the wooden bridge!

Me and hubby managed a selfie, but I look tired, I know I do - 45 hour weeks working at maximum speed means I look absolutely wrecked - but I did enjoy the walk! 

This is at the end of the walk, an old water mill, which still works producing flour that you can buy and take home to use.  It's such a lovely building and not far from where we live.

It was gorgeous to walk through the woods, they were much cooler under the tree canopy

Next up a class with my Mum, she said she fancied having a go as neither of us have done structured class before, despite me wanting to do one for a while.  So we headed over to do the class.  It was really good, I don't think I've ever done such a precise class, or turned out such a good piece of sewing.  I must admit I'm a bit of a 'it'll do' kind of sewer, so it was good for someone to slow me down and show me that undoing and sorting, results in a better piece!

Here is a sneaky shot of my Mum in the midst of sewing.

I was very apprehensive as we set off, but I needn't have worried!

And this is the bag I did the following day all on my own!  I was really pleased with the finished item!

Sunday morning sandwiches were nom!

A morning walk treated us to this view

and more flowers from hubby!

I managed to do a scrapbook layout - that is 2 in two weeks, sigh, - I really need to sort this! 

The working week has been stressful and fraught, but I'm at Friday with a bank holiday in front of me.  Said 16 year old had shirt signing day on Thursday.  The end of his uniformed education at the least and the closing of one chapter.  

He has 10 more exams after half term, but has now been officially stood down for study leave and as I'm late posting, I can confirm that we had a fab mass this afternoon and an Oscar style ceremony afterwards with the kids.  

And that my lovely people is the week that was, I hope you had a fab one, if you fancy joining in pop a post together pop back and link up and we shall come and visit. 

Friday, 19 May 2017


Good Morning - the 20th Friday of 2017 - in some respects I'm still waiting to start my year - anybody else with me on that one?  Time for

First up hubby surprising me with flowers - so lovely and so pretty! I asked him what they were for and he said - just because!

And I didn't just get one bunch of flowers but two!

The pink ones are so very pretty

The weekend was spent working (well Saturday morning at least) and thereafter helping hubby in the garden, I put on my painting top so I could get on with the jobs - it has seen plenty of paint in its time as you can see!

Thankfully we were able to put our feet up at the end of the day, I'm loving all the flowers in the front garden, the time spent on it last year is proving more than worthwhile!

I also managed a scrapbook layout this week - astounding in itself as this hasn't happened for quite some time.  I used a new black and white paper pack hubby had bought me and Christmas to create the layout below.  A 'selfie' taken at the top of the Empire State Building by said 16 year old, that child is well travelled!

We were treated to a beautiful sky in the middle of the week and a vertical rainbow, which you can't really tell from this picture, but believe me it was lovely!

Then me and hubby managed two 6am walks this week and Thursday's walk was spectacular from a view perspective!

The heavy rain in the week meant that the greens were all the more vibrant in the morning sunlight!  

And it was good to simply enjoy the outdoors, the season, the fresh air and the time with hubby walking hand in hand. 

Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest differences.

We are still on with sorting the garden, but the weather is hampering our ability somewhat, in the evenings.  Mind you work is hampering it even further, as I have had several immensely long days to deal with, but that's the joys of job juggling isn't it.

Said 16 year old had his first written exam this week and has 7 to look forward to next week, keep your fingers and toes crossed for him at this stressful time!  

We did a Reiki treatment at the weekend, its been an age since we've done one but tuned straight back into it as always.  Me and hubby decided said 16 year old would benefit given the exam stress, he was also attuned all those years ago because I was pregnant when I did my Reiki levels.  He now wants to know more and when and who with and how and... but I've said to wait until the exams are out of the way.  Malcolm if you are reading this - you've been warned!   

I also had a fantastic natter with one of the Mums from school, you find you don't get chance to do that when they hit secondary, but I wanted a bit of advice and she was more than happy to ring and have a chat, really positive conversation and lovely to touch base with her.  So that was definitely a positive.

I hope your week has been productive, positive and fruitful. 

If you fancy joining in, then pop a post together, pop back link up and we shall come and visit. 

Saturday, 13 May 2017


Hello lovely people, another layout I've not shared before, this one of me, my Mum and my sister at the panto two years ago!  

I rarely use pink to scrapbook so this made a nice change if I'm honest.  

Hope you are having a happy scrappy Saturday 

Friday, 12 May 2017


Good morning, tis Friday - rocking time

Sometimes you find that the trials and tribulations in life can almost be missed without a little intervention.  Last Friday afternoon, my Mum, sister and niece popped over for a catch up.  It was lovely to touch base with them all and have a natter - as usual I missed the photo opportunity but we were enjoying the time.  Said 16 year old arrived home from school and the conversation fractured, he was nattering to my niece whilst me, my Mum and sister put the world to rights. 

Within a short time he'd divulged that he was missing out on an event that other friends were partaking in, but with it being invitation only it just wasn't to be, that in itself had saddened him as the three people he spends the most time with at school were all enjoying the event, but it isn't the first time this has happened so whilst disappointed he wasn't too bothered, however, the fact his friends had avoided telling him had really hurt, to the point of tears and I felt cross and disappointed for him.  Without my niece, we would not have been any the wiser, despite knowing there had been something upsetting him for a good few days!  So why does this make my post, well without that conversation with my niece and her being a typical female in this family and letting everyone join in the discussion we may never have been any the wiser! 

This in turn led to a rather loud Friday night - loud in the You Tube linked with tablet throwing every decent loud rock track I could think of.  I always remember being angry at that age and that was how I dealt with issues - loud metal and rock music - nothing finer.  We eventually headed to bed at 2am - it was an awesome night and I think it rebalanced the world a little for said 16 year old! 

We did however, discover that it clipped the music and that we couldn't have it at quite the loudness desired.  So on Saturday hubby and said 16 year old went and found a soundbar - now the sound is much better and much louder and we've tested that it shouldn't upset the neighbours too much and we are good to go!

Said 16 year old withdrew somewhat on Saturday - I think a bit of self-preservation mode.  However, at tea time one of his friends called him and between them they had a good chat, a good bawl and sorted things out.  Thankfully, things are now back on an even keel!

Saturday was a strange day, we need to be getting on with the garden, but as we hadn't planned anything I ended up working on Doris, my new zombie art doll, here she is with Derek

And here is their first instagram post together!

I discovered whilst wandering around the supermarket that I was still wearing the badge given to me by one of the children that attended where I work!  It made me smile when I realised I still had it on.

I took a final photo of the zombie threesome 

Because Carmen went on her merry way to her new home, she is now living quite happily with her namesake Carmen.  Weirdly I just sent it first class post and hoped for the best - normally I'm recorded special barcode delivery etc, I was amazed when Royal Mail not only delivered her safe and sound but managed it by the following day - pretty epic delivery if I'm honest!  It was a surprise too so I got a lovely message saying how happy she was to meet her and that she was quite happy in her new forever home!  She was also amazed at how big Carmen the zombie doll was - apparently she is quite deceptive!

I even managed a single scrapbook page over the weekend - which is a rarity and discovered that the lack of scrapping is a result of a lack of photos - so I'm now starting to sort so I can send off a photo order.  There is a lot of sorting - a lot!  But it will be worth it! 

However, before I could commence the work - I had to start by making some room, this was my desk before the layout! 

And this was the desk after about a 10 minutes sort - enough space to scrap 

This was a work in progress shot

And this is the finished layout, a page on Lincoln Cathedral 

Next up the mad baking session we had on Saturday evening, hubby made biscotti, this time leaving them slightly moist so they were chewy rather than dry (although they are supposed to be dry as they are designed to be dipped in coffee). 

We also made scones and some double chocolate chip cookies, but once again I feel muffins are nicer (and healthier because the amount of butter in cookies is scary). 

Other positives were receiving a parcel from Amygdala - facebook page link here a young enterprise project that one of my friend's daughters is involved in.  They've created an amazing wellness journal designed to play in and add to, I sent them the money direct and got the journal near the end of last week.  I've only just started to play but I'm having a lot of fun with it, so I'll share some pages later! 

I managed another catch up with my sister, in the middle of the week which was great because we still had loads to talk about that we'd not managed to discuss on Friday. 

I forgot to mention said 16 year old went with hubby, expending some frustrations after Friday night down at the shooting range, him and hubby go and use air pistols occasionally, they had a lot of fun, which was great and came back really chatty.  

Image may contain: one or more people

And I find myself at Thursday evening again, a busy week at both work places, but I've managed the odd coffee enjoying the front garden and watched a couple of shows that I've enjoyed this week, so overall it has been good. 

I know I got a few questions last week from Lisca so I shall try and answer them now. 

The House Style exhibition is on at Chatsworth until the 22 October and therefore it will be most definitely on when you are visiting the UK. 

The Sculpture Park changes at various degrees of frequency. 

Could you get to both in the same day - technically - they are probably an hour or two apart as it were - however, if I'm honest Chatsworth is a full day and is well worth enjoying not only the house but the fabulous garden too and the Sculpture Park is just that a very large park, its deceptive how spread out it is, if you just do the sculptures close to the main visitors centre - then potentially you could do both in the same day but you might feel like you missed out on the whole Chatsworth experience.

The drink in last week's post was a pint of cider Lisca, it was lovely!  The fabric daffodils were for his second art piece, he did three in total, he did the original art doll (and the follow up art doll), the canvas with the powertex body with flowers in the style of Bedelgeuse and his final piece on dyslexia!

And can I say a big thank you to those rooting for said 16 year old and hoping he gets good grades.  He has his first sit down written exam on Monday - (RE) and then a gap of a week before commencing the next 7 in one week.  He's already fairly stressed so we are trying to control this somewhat, but as you can imagine we are all fairly on edge. 

I hope you've had a splendiferous week and that you fancy popping a post together and linking up with me, if you do, here is Mr Linky 

Monday, 8 May 2017


It is soooooooooooooooo long since I last posted a layout, this one was using the Crafters' Companion February kit, that came with a 6 x 6 pad, I personally never buy these as a rule as I'm a 12 x 12 girl, but when presented with it in a kit you have to play - so with some cleverly positioned embellishment and layers I doubt anyone would know that the papers came from a 6 x 6 pad. 

I've hardly done any scrapbooking this year, however, I feel that part of the problem links with a lack of new photos!  So I've started to sort them, unfortunately there are thousands - but I've got to start somewhere. 

Photo was a date night selfie, we rarely get a night out together on our own that we consider a date night, so it was good to actually capture the rather rare moment! 

Saturday, 6 May 2017


As most of you know I don't scrap in pink but sometimes a collection comes along and I can't help myself, which is why this is pink, pink and a bit more pink! 

One of our many trips to YSP!

Hope you are having a good day! 

Friday, 5 May 2017


Good Morning - tis Friday again time for 

First up said 16 year old and the second art doll.  After much procrastinating he finally got on and made it, despite the old one being found (eventually) safe and sound.  He used different techniques for this one, including making a garment and creating button holes. 

It is said 16 year old's final art lesson today, his books have to be handed in, he has taken the doll in and he has a few final flowers to add to his second piece and then it is all over art wise, until results day.

The aforementioned daffodils

Next up another bank holiday weekend with some good weather, meant a wander to the local pub for a pint after a very busy day!

Sunday saw us dragging said 16 year old away from the revision books and down to Chatsworth for the day.  Here is a scrapbook kept by the Duke of Devonshire around 1830 - who knew scrapbooking went back that far!

I still love the fashion display in the chapel - from cradle to grave 

the wedding dresses are beautiful 

Finally got a decent photo(ish) of this fancy dress outfit worn at a ball in 1897 I think it said.  We had to giggle as we were walking through the displays with two American ladies quite near us at this point

one looked at the outfit and turned to the other and said

"I would totally rock that outfit in Walmart"

They made us giggle! 

This is another of my favourites from the same area.

This is a replica dress 

of the one worn by Queen Elizabeth I in this famous protrait. 

Notice all the sea monsters on it.  It is believed that the design was done by that of Bess of Hardwick and that she may well have worked on the original as a New Year gift for the Queen at the time! 

I still love the previous Dukes wardrobe of woollen jumpers, he obviously had a great sense of humour and yes he did wear them, there are photos on display of him wearing various ones and this is only a small selection of the all the jumpers. 

I loved this dress for its three dimensional detail 

In particular I loved the bees. 

I got a better shot of the dress inspired by the oil painting of Georgiana

This is my favourite painting in Chatsworth - simply beautiful 

I also loved the 'new' carpets they've had.  Obviously with the amount of footfall through the house each year the original carpets are bound to get worn out.  They appear to have taken a digital image of the floor and had the carpet 'printed' and laid over the original.  We only noticed it because the floor felt soft to walk on rather than the hard flooring we were expecting. 

Outside and enjoying the garden, we grabbed a cuppa and were bemused once again by another group of American tourists who asked "is any of this money attractive to you" whilst trying to pay for a cup  of tea. 

Found some bluebells

And a fantastic display of tulips, next to beds of heavenly scented hyacinths!

Monday we had a venture to look at a few gardens items we need - these two managed to find something to amuse themselves with - can't take them anywhere!

Tuesday back to work and a busy busy day (again).   Wednesday was much the same with a mad dash back home so we could get to Sheffield University in good time for an evening presentation for said 16 year old who had received an award together with a good few of his friends. 

and here he is when we arrived home - I've blotted the name and school out for obvious reasons, but you get the gist - mighty proud Mum moment as you can imagine. 

Other positives were an email from school from said 16 year old's RE teacher to tell us how happy she was with his last mock paper, he was 1 mark off an A grade, lets hope he manages a good grade with this year's paper! 

The other one was my Mum's body scan results on her spine are showing that the current injections she is having for the cancer are keeping things at bay, they have found a nodule though on her thyroid so they are going to get that checked out, but they don't think it is anything to worry about. 

We also got news this week that my Aunty had suffered a stroke that has left her blind in one eye, if you can offer up a prayer for her this week it would be very much appreciated, she is an amazing lady (one of my Dad's sisters) and still working far too hard.   

So that my lovely people is that for this week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back, link up and we shall come and visit.