Friday, 19 May 2017


Good Morning - the 20th Friday of 2017 - in some respects I'm still waiting to start my year - anybody else with me on that one?  Time for

First up hubby surprising me with flowers - so lovely and so pretty! I asked him what they were for and he said - just because!

And I didn't just get one bunch of flowers but two!

The pink ones are so very pretty

The weekend was spent working (well Saturday morning at least) and thereafter helping hubby in the garden, I put on my painting top so I could get on with the jobs - it has seen plenty of paint in its time as you can see!

Thankfully we were able to put our feet up at the end of the day, I'm loving all the flowers in the front garden, the time spent on it last year is proving more than worthwhile!

I also managed a scrapbook layout this week - astounding in itself as this hasn't happened for quite some time.  I used a new black and white paper pack hubby had bought me and Christmas to create the layout below.  A 'selfie' taken at the top of the Empire State Building by said 16 year old, that child is well travelled!

We were treated to a beautiful sky in the middle of the week and a vertical rainbow, which you can't really tell from this picture, but believe me it was lovely!

Then me and hubby managed two 6am walks this week and Thursday's walk was spectacular from a view perspective!

The heavy rain in the week meant that the greens were all the more vibrant in the morning sunlight!  

And it was good to simply enjoy the outdoors, the season, the fresh air and the time with hubby walking hand in hand. 

Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest differences.

We are still on with sorting the garden, but the weather is hampering our ability somewhat, in the evenings.  Mind you work is hampering it even further, as I have had several immensely long days to deal with, but that's the joys of job juggling isn't it.

Said 16 year old had his first written exam this week and has 7 to look forward to next week, keep your fingers and toes crossed for him at this stressful time!  

We did a Reiki treatment at the weekend, its been an age since we've done one but tuned straight back into it as always.  Me and hubby decided said 16 year old would benefit given the exam stress, he was also attuned all those years ago because I was pregnant when I did my Reiki levels.  He now wants to know more and when and who with and how and... but I've said to wait until the exams are out of the way.  Malcolm if you are reading this - you've been warned!   

I also had a fantastic natter with one of the Mums from school, you find you don't get chance to do that when they hit secondary, but I wanted a bit of advice and she was more than happy to ring and have a chat, really positive conversation and lovely to touch base with her.  So that was definitely a positive.

I hope your week has been productive, positive and fruitful. 

If you fancy joining in, then pop a post together, pop back link up and we shall come and visit. 


  1. Lovely energy you managed to create around yourselves this week...gorgeous flowers and gorgeous views XXX

  2. Wow! What beautifl flowers! From a loving husband!
    Good for you that you go on early morning walks. I can't get up that early 'm afraid. I'm an evening/night person and don't actually fully wake up until midday. But of course you get to see the beautiful sunrise and this time a vertical rainbow. So special!
    I love your lay out with that black and White paper. The photo is great too. Yes, your boy has already seen a lot of the world. I wish him all the best in the week to come with all the exams. So stressfull!
    Hope you all have a good week,in spite of the exams,

  3. great pictures this week again! the rain has certainly freshened things up (it's made my grass grow madly!)

  4. Your roses are beautiful Virginia. The pink ones are interestingly different too.
    We both saw some 'sky phenomena' this week I see. I can see your vertical rainbow when I clicked on the photo to enlarge it.

    It is good that you are enjoying the garden you worked so hard in, and it is rewarding you with flowers.
    I don't know much about the Reiki treatment, but if it is doing you good then it is very worthwhile.
    The chat with another mum sounds as though it went well too, so you had a very positive week even if you did work long hours. I hope this week is just as good. Kate x

  5. Fabulous photos Virginia. Beautiful flowers from hubby and a great LO.
    Have a super week.
    Toni xx