Friday, 24 November 2017


Good Morning lovely people

Tis Friday 

So it's been a funny old week if I'm honest.  

Friday was an epic phone catch up with not only my cousin but also my Mum, I thoroughly enjoyed the natter!

Last weekend said 17 year old worked all weekend both Saturday and Sunday which meant that our initial plans went to pot slightly, we decided to finish off the mass clean, which meant dragging out every morsel from under the stairs and also whilst we were at it, the utility room for good measure.  Exhausting - yes absolutely, but happy now it is finished - absolutely!  So I'm at the end of my Autumnal spring clean and I'm sooooooooooooo glad because before you know it I'll be bringing decorations down from the loft. 

Monday was a bit of a disaster (now you might be thinking why is this in my rocking post but hear me out).  Hubby on his way back into the bedroom about to leave for work managed to pull his back, we think it was a full blown sciatica attack and it rendered one leg useless and the pain made him black out (he's not great with excessive pain, his body just shuts down).  However, on the plus side, work were great with him and the Doctors were happy to prescribe something having spoken to him and work were good enough to let me work remotely, so I'm incredibly grateful for all of that.  He hasn't improved by much if I'm honest so grateful said 17 year old was around on Tuesday morning to keep an eye on him and glad work didn't mind me taking TOIL Tuesday afternoon.  Also grateful that he managed to get into the Doctors on Thursday as he's ended up with a numb leg, the verdict a physio appointment on the 27 December 2017 to release a trapped nerve! 

Anyhow, the rest of the week has been pretty much work, cook tea, sleep and repeat.  You don't realise how much work the other person does until they are incapacitated! 

Over this last week I've been sharing further black and white images on Facebook (it's one of those things that is doing the rounds at the moment, so I thought I would share the doctored image and the original which capture glimpses of my life. 

So first up this shot of our local Post Office, it really is a treat to go and shop there because the aroma of all the sweeties is fabulous!

And here is the original, together with the post office sign! 

Next up one of the things I tend to do at Christmas are cookie jars and we save our lovely Douwe Egbert jars all year around.  Then I put them through a hot dishwasher wash to sterilise them and pop the plastic lids in some milton fluid to do the same.  This photo was after I'd got them out of the dishwasher on the trays ready to use. 

And here is the original image

At one point, hubby mentioned using a photo of his Orangecello that he's made this year, but it didn't make for an exciting photo!

It has been a cold week in places this week, so we had a fire earlier in the week

The colour photo is sooooooooo much better

Then Christmas cards, I tend to make them at the beginning of the year in all honesty because I find this time of year too hectic for making them. 

And here is the original photo, I also did a batch after the Kate Crane weekend I did in autumn and that is what you can predominantly see here. 

Later on in the week I shared this photo which is the filled jars (not completed as they need decorating). 

And here is the colour photo, I've attempted a vegan one this Christmas for a friend, but I've no idea if the chocolate will be appropriate (it's a dark chocolate but mentions that it should be eaten by people with lactose problems as that is made in the same factory, however the ingredients are all vegan and I know she isn't lactose intolerant). The rest with the Smarties in are obviously not the vegan ones! 

And then another sign that the festive season is almost upon us, historically I've done a Christmas newsletter, I know they fell out of favour in recent years (hand written notes being so much more personal than a round robin letter apparently), but I've done it for so long I honestly think I'd get complaints if there wasn't one included in the Christmas cards I'm sending!  

And the colour picture!

And then I find myself at Friday, a whole day stretched out in front of me, said 17 year old working (again) and tomorrow and Sunday, so he is going to be shattered bless him, apparently he thinks he will be unpacking Christmas trees today! 

I've no specific plans for the weekend and hubby is still hobbling around (although I'm guessing he is also four walling it now so I might try and drag him out to get some fresh aid and see something different). 

I hope you've had a fabulous week if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up and we shall come and visit! 

Friday, 17 November 2017


Good morning lovely people, tis Friday again time for 

First up was spending time with said 17 year old last week, it was fabulous to just while away some time.  We popped to the local shopping centre so I could pick up some Christmas bags.  We walked all the way through the centre and stopped to admire the Christmas decorations, they've been doing the centre up so last years decorations left a lot to be desired.  The centre still isn't fully finished but it's almost there. 

I decided to treat us both to a Boost, we haven't been in ages so it was a bit of a treat, they aren't particularly cheap, so you can imagine my surprise when they said I had a 'free' one on my card and did I want to use it - yes please.  So bargain drinks that we both enjoyed!

When we got home, the TV room was quite cool, rather than putting the central heating on said 17 year old decided to sort the fire out. 

Which meant I got cozy on the sofa, with a lovely cup of coffee, warm feet and my beautifully illustrated book which I haven't picked up in forever!

I had to 'turn' the fire down, by reducing the airflow at one point

Me and hubby popped to Hobbycraft in the evening as I decided I needed some funky Christmas papers to do something with (no idea what at the moment), we were treated to a beautiful night sky which I grabbed a shot of. 

Oh then the weekend arrives in the blink of an eye and disappeared just as fast.  

We had plans to clean on Saturday (I'm still spring cleaning which I started late - very very late) and had planned to head out and go to Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Sunday to see the new Ed Kluz exhibition.

However, said 17 year old got a call from his summer job employer asking if he wanted a shift on the Sunday which he agreed to, so we dropped everything and dashed up to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. 

We weren't there a huge amount of time if I'm honest, I didn't enjoy the exhibition in the underground gallery as it was very political and rather repetitive and whilst I appreciated the political stance I didn't understand the way the art was being presented.  I did however, like the artwork outside which was about hidden black sites around the world. 

The Ed Kluz exhibition was stunning, I love this 3 dimensional piece

I love seeing the art display showing sketchbooks and the artists work in progress

And look at the beautiful sky we were treated to!

After the Ed Kluz exhibition, said 17 year old decided follies were an interesting idea, so we dashed back to where we live and grabbed a few photos of local ones.  This one is the Needles Eye

I spotted this beautiful private woodland walk on our way down, how lovely to have the rites to walk around this.

Sunday was a rather busy day cleaning, we thought the kitchen was almost done, but I hadn't factored in cleaning the fridge or the oven into the equation and most of the day was spent sorting the same.  I was grateful to have hubby helping me sort it.  Just the utility room and under the stairs to sort now both pretty epic jobs.

Said 17 year old had a good shift, he was directing traffic in the car park and had 6 layers of clothing on as, if you recall it was bitterly cold, he had gone out in 2 t-shirts and that was it so I was grateful they found him a fleece and jacket and a high visibility jacket to keep him warm.  He clocked up 20,000 steps on his phone as well. 

Monday was a busy day at work (nothing new I know) as was Tuesday closing down month end and doing some work on an assignment about strategic change.  Wednesday I was tagged on facebook to share 7 photos over 7 days in black and white, so I thought I'd share them here, this is the first 

and here is my work shot from today

Said 17 year old had an awards evening at school to collect his GCSE certificates and was given an additional attainment award for his GCSE Art Textile, including a lovely glass trophy, here is the photo we had from the evening - proud Mum and Dad moment and we enjoyed the leavers video that we didn't get to see in the summer. 

Also grateful for happening across this photo on social media, from early in his college course, this was when they demanded he work big - not a problem all he needs is the space and music and away he went, he's drawing a crystal pendant owned by hubby. 

Thursday has been mighty busy and grateful for hubby giving me a hand to clean tonight, because it didn't take too long to sort and that was my week, a mix of art exhibitions, fresh air, family moments, and achievements for said 17 year old a pretty good week if I do say so myself. 

If you fancy joining in do a post, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 10 November 2017


Good Morning Lovely People

Friday arrives again, time to take stock

First up is our first fire of the Autumn, there have been a couple of evenings when we've almost lit it but it has been a bit late etc, so we haven't.  But finally we had a fire, twas warm very very warm (almost so warm we had to open doors and windows). 

Next up an inpromptu bonfire night, these two love fireworks and bonfire night so it seemed a shame to miss out, so off they went and bought some fireworks and when hubby came home he said he wasn't sure where he could set them off given the ample decking in the back garden! 

Anyway a very late call but we ended up at my Mums as she has a much bigger garden without the large quantities of decking! 

We even had an outdoor fire

where said 17 year old had great fun burning school books, hubby however, would appear to be enjoying reading them! 

and we got a spectacular moon to admire

Sunday saw hubby up to mischief in the kitchen baking - one of his favourite pastimes but not so great for my waistline! 

Said 17 year old kept himself busy on the Xbox which he hasn't been on for ages!

And I made a mini book but now I've no idea what to do with it! 

We managed a walk on Sunday morning

And enjoyed some blue skies and autumn air

Said 17 year old has been arting, arting and a bit more arting (you can see the toasty fire) and the stove fan on top, made from metal and using the heat from the fire, when it gets up to a certain temperature the fan spins and moves the warm air around the room.  We bought it from Amazon but I have seen them to buy in Aldi and some of the stove shops, well worth a buy!

Hubby decided the oranges were good enough to warrant a batch of orangecello (like limoncello but made with oranges).  Although he was unimpressed that the 75cl bottle didn't fill the 2 litre jar he was using!  Personally I think it was an excuse to buy more vodka!

Oh I forgot to show the dam picture from our walk - how fabulous was it on Sunday morning, I love blue sky days!

Here is the resulting bakes from hubby, orange drizzle muffins and a cinnamon cake - both were divine! 

So as you can see we had a fab weekend, the rest of the week has been a busy work one (nothing new there).  I've managed to grab an hour or so in TOIL time and went shopping earlier on tuesday to free up some of the evening. 

Me and hubby have continued the epic cleaning programme we started, we are currently on with the kitchen, we've been doing a couple of cupboards per night but it is still exhausting if I'm honest. 

Thursday night saw a trip to the hairdressers for both me and said 16 year old. 

I've made the tags for the Secret Santa at work and they have been distributed, now thinking cap on as to what to buy/make. 

So there you have it people, my week in a nutshell.  I hope yours has been just as positive, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together and pop back, link up and we shall come and visit.  If you fancy leaving a comment that would be awesome too, its always lovely to see who has visited. 

Friday, 3 November 2017


Good Afternoon lovely people 

't'is Friday time for 

So first up on the list was finally buying a pint of milk and having a cuppa last Friday afternoon, it is quite honestly unheard of for us to run out of milk in this house so the tea was very much appreciated once it was bought! 

Another trip to Ikea I had a voucher that I needed to use up so we had to go (obviously), they also gave me a voucher for free coffee and cake, so I assumed (mistakenly) when I purchased two slices of cake and two cups of tea for me and hubby that we would be paying for one of the teas and one of the cakes - but apparently not - free cake and tea all round! 

Then these two, they literally make my heart sing, I adore spending time with the two of them, they are so alike in soooooooooooo many ways including their wicked sense of humour, this house is often filled with the sound of laughter! 

Then the complimentary tickets from Chatsworth that we got after the disastrous visit in early September.  They were due to run out on the 31st of October and as my niece couldn't make it we asked my Mum if she fancied coming, so me, hubby, said 17 year old, Mum and sister all went and we enjoyed a walk around the house and the garden.  We thoroughly enjoyed the blue skies too - bliss! 

Here is a photo of a few of us near the grotto garden

And a collage of photos, you can see how lovely the day was

Said 17 year old enjoyed exploring and I got this great shot of him. 

I've had this week off and well we haven't done much which sounds odd for us, but we just wanted to plod through the week, hubby was working anyway! 

I did have my niece over for one of the days as she wanted a top for her night out and hadn't had much instruction on dress making yet. 

Me and said 17 year old had painty fun one of the days, hubby wasn't quite as impressed when he walked through the door that night to discover a lack of worktop to cook tea on, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.  We also managed to watch Beetlejuice, The Frighteners, Monster House and Paranorman (as it was Halloween), but then said 17 year old decided to put on Home Alone, I'm not sure how we had suddenly ventured from Halloween films to Christmas! 

Hubby got the beer barreled later in the week working around said 17 year old arting again! 

I met my Mum and sister for a cuppa at the local garden centre with said 17 year old and we got to see a beautiful sunset on the way home.

We got said 17 year old's room redone last week, some of you may recall the epic sort of this room two year's ago when he came back from Lesotho, well two years on and we've had a change in soft furnishings as well as a thorough sort out in his walk in wardrobe that was housing lots of things he no longer needed/wanted. 

The duvet is fabulous, up close it shows all the fabulous safari creatures, a hark back to his trip to South Africa. 

You have to really study it up close to see some of the creatures, I think the giraffes are really well hidden!

I promised to show the organised craft room the other week, well here are my papers now sorted into colours. 

And the bathroom that needed a good fettle and a paint

We are now working way through the dining room/kitchen and TV room until we are finally done. 

I've enjoyed having a good sort though as I've found loads of things I didn't even know I had! 

The week has been lovely, not that I've managed a lay in as hubby's alarm has gone off just before six each morning, actually I tell a lie, I had a lie in this morning, it was 7am when I woke - woohoo an extra hour in bed.  

I hope you've had a splendid week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit.