Friday, 17 November 2017


Good morning lovely people, tis Friday again time for 

First up was spending time with said 17 year old last week, it was fabulous to just while away some time.  We popped to the local shopping centre so I could pick up some Christmas bags.  We walked all the way through the centre and stopped to admire the Christmas decorations, they've been doing the centre up so last years decorations left a lot to be desired.  The centre still isn't fully finished but it's almost there. 

I decided to treat us both to a Boost, we haven't been in ages so it was a bit of a treat, they aren't particularly cheap, so you can imagine my surprise when they said I had a 'free' one on my card and did I want to use it - yes please.  So bargain drinks that we both enjoyed!

When we got home, the TV room was quite cool, rather than putting the central heating on said 17 year old decided to sort the fire out. 

Which meant I got cozy on the sofa, with a lovely cup of coffee, warm feet and my beautifully illustrated book which I haven't picked up in forever!

I had to 'turn' the fire down, by reducing the airflow at one point

Me and hubby popped to Hobbycraft in the evening as I decided I needed some funky Christmas papers to do something with (no idea what at the moment), we were treated to a beautiful night sky which I grabbed a shot of. 

Oh then the weekend arrives in the blink of an eye and disappeared just as fast.  

We had plans to clean on Saturday (I'm still spring cleaning which I started late - very very late) and had planned to head out and go to Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Sunday to see the new Ed Kluz exhibition.

However, said 17 year old got a call from his summer job employer asking if he wanted a shift on the Sunday which he agreed to, so we dropped everything and dashed up to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. 

We weren't there a huge amount of time if I'm honest, I didn't enjoy the exhibition in the underground gallery as it was very political and rather repetitive and whilst I appreciated the political stance I didn't understand the way the art was being presented.  I did however, like the artwork outside which was about hidden black sites around the world. 

The Ed Kluz exhibition was stunning, I love this 3 dimensional piece

I love seeing the art display showing sketchbooks and the artists work in progress

And look at the beautiful sky we were treated to!

After the Ed Kluz exhibition, said 17 year old decided follies were an interesting idea, so we dashed back to where we live and grabbed a few photos of local ones.  This one is the Needles Eye

I spotted this beautiful private woodland walk on our way down, how lovely to have the rites to walk around this.

Sunday was a rather busy day cleaning, we thought the kitchen was almost done, but I hadn't factored in cleaning the fridge or the oven into the equation and most of the day was spent sorting the same.  I was grateful to have hubby helping me sort it.  Just the utility room and under the stairs to sort now both pretty epic jobs.

Said 17 year old had a good shift, he was directing traffic in the car park and had 6 layers of clothing on as, if you recall it was bitterly cold, he had gone out in 2 t-shirts and that was it so I was grateful they found him a fleece and jacket and a high visibility jacket to keep him warm.  He clocked up 20,000 steps on his phone as well. 

Monday was a busy day at work (nothing new I know) as was Tuesday closing down month end and doing some work on an assignment about strategic change.  Wednesday I was tagged on facebook to share 7 photos over 7 days in black and white, so I thought I'd share them here, this is the first 

and here is my work shot from today

Said 17 year old had an awards evening at school to collect his GCSE certificates and was given an additional attainment award for his GCSE Art Textile, including a lovely glass trophy, here is the photo we had from the evening - proud Mum and Dad moment and we enjoyed the leavers video that we didn't get to see in the summer. 

Also grateful for happening across this photo on social media, from early in his college course, this was when they demanded he work big - not a problem all he needs is the space and music and away he went, he's drawing a crystal pendant owned by hubby. 

Thursday has been mighty busy and grateful for hubby giving me a hand to clean tonight, because it didn't take too long to sort and that was my week, a mix of art exhibitions, fresh air, family moments, and achievements for said 17 year old a pretty good week if I do say so myself. 

If you fancy joining in do a post, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. Sounds like a good week all round - love the skies you captured, especially through (and round) your folly - brilliant!

  2. What a lovely week to usher in the cold winter days :D XXX

  3. How lovely to be Reading your comment this sunny morning with a cup of coffee. I always look forward to Reading what you all have been up to.
    You treated yourself to a Boost. I must admit I have never Heard of that drink, but it says juice bar on the cup so I asume it is fruit juice. Very nice too. Lucky you got a free one!
    Lovely fire! We don't have central heating. The fire is our only heating, so we light it every evening. When the weather gets colder later on we will have to light it every morning. We live in a large open plan living room/kitchen, and my desktop computer is in the corner and hubby's laptop is on the coffee table. (We don't have telly). This space is easy to heat. There is anopen staircase up to the bedroom, so the warm air rises and the bedroom is always cozy. We have one Wall all window, and as the sun shines here every day, the sun on the window heats up the room in the day time. It's 19 degrees now outside, which is not bad.
    Thank you for sharing a few Ed Klutz bits. He is not such a klutz really is he? I had not Heard of him but quite like what I see.
    Proud moments with Said 17 yr old. He is a good kid. I love that large drawing on the Wall. I must admit, I found drawing at eye height on a Wall or easel, much easier than with a large paper on the table. I hope you will share it when finished.
    I enjoyed Reading about your week. And felt guilty hearing about all the cleaning you are doing. I haven't done my spring cleaning yet and it is now autumn. It is late but at least you are doing it!
    Have a great weekend and a splendid week ahead,
    Keep smiling,

  4. That's a pretty good mix for one week Virginia. You do make the most of all your time. Well done to the young man for his award. It is nice to get some recognition when you do something well. I can imagine you were very proud of him.
    I love the woodland path. just my sort of place for a walk, and the skies are beautiful.
    You have a good fire burning there. I can imagine it makes the room very cosy - probably too hot for me. When I get too warm I just fall asleep! Ours is a 'real flame effect' gas fire, but it warms the room a treat. We don't have the luxury of central heating so the rest of the house is often colder than it is outside. Stay warm and don't work too hard at that 'spring cleaning'. Kate x