Friday, 10 November 2017


Good Morning Lovely People

Friday arrives again, time to take stock

First up is our first fire of the Autumn, there have been a couple of evenings when we've almost lit it but it has been a bit late etc, so we haven't.  But finally we had a fire, twas warm very very warm (almost so warm we had to open doors and windows). 

Next up an inpromptu bonfire night, these two love fireworks and bonfire night so it seemed a shame to miss out, so off they went and bought some fireworks and when hubby came home he said he wasn't sure where he could set them off given the ample decking in the back garden! 

Anyway a very late call but we ended up at my Mums as she has a much bigger garden without the large quantities of decking! 

We even had an outdoor fire

where said 17 year old had great fun burning school books, hubby however, would appear to be enjoying reading them! 

and we got a spectacular moon to admire

Sunday saw hubby up to mischief in the kitchen baking - one of his favourite pastimes but not so great for my waistline! 

Said 17 year old kept himself busy on the Xbox which he hasn't been on for ages!

And I made a mini book but now I've no idea what to do with it! 

We managed a walk on Sunday morning

And enjoyed some blue skies and autumn air

Said 17 year old has been arting, arting and a bit more arting (you can see the toasty fire) and the stove fan on top, made from metal and using the heat from the fire, when it gets up to a certain temperature the fan spins and moves the warm air around the room.  We bought it from Amazon but I have seen them to buy in Aldi and some of the stove shops, well worth a buy!

Hubby decided the oranges were good enough to warrant a batch of orangecello (like limoncello but made with oranges).  Although he was unimpressed that the 75cl bottle didn't fill the 2 litre jar he was using!  Personally I think it was an excuse to buy more vodka!

Oh I forgot to show the dam picture from our walk - how fabulous was it on Sunday morning, I love blue sky days!

Here is the resulting bakes from hubby, orange drizzle muffins and a cinnamon cake - both were divine! 

So as you can see we had a fab weekend, the rest of the week has been a busy work one (nothing new there).  I've managed to grab an hour or so in TOIL time and went shopping earlier on tuesday to free up some of the evening. 

Me and hubby have continued the epic cleaning programme we started, we are currently on with the kitchen, we've been doing a couple of cupboards per night but it is still exhausting if I'm honest. 

Thursday night saw a trip to the hairdressers for both me and said 16 year old. 

I've made the tags for the Secret Santa at work and they have been distributed, now thinking cap on as to what to buy/make. 

So there you have it people, my week in a nutshell.  I hope yours has been just as positive, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together and pop back, link up and we shall come and visit.  If you fancy leaving a comment that would be awesome too, its always lovely to see who has visited. 


  1. Lots of relaxing fun this week...and now you reminded me I have 2 makes for family members who do Secret Santas at work lol XXX

  2. What a great weekend you have had! Yes, we have lit the fire too as you will read in mine.
    It's always great to see what you and your family get up to. A baking husband must be fantastic! (But as you say... not good for the waistline). My hubby has made a mean bread & Butter pudding, which we love warm with custard. But I'm not feeling very well today, so what a waste of a delicious B&B pudding!
    Have a lovely weekend and a great week,
    keep smiling,

  3. sounds like you've had a great week! love the photos of the walk, and all the baking, etc. your sofa looks so comfy!! I'm off to Kew again tomorrow so hoping for blue skies (sadly rain is forecast!)

  4. Sounds like a fun week, weekend anyway. I love a bonfire and fireworks, but of course we don't get those out here. I was very jealous when I saw the photos of the River of Light in Liverpool that my son took his boys to. It looked amazing.
    We haven't lit our fire yet but we will need to very soon. The evenings are getting chilly. The fan on yours looks like a very good idea.
    My husband wouldn't know where to start with any baking. Those cakes look very inviting. I don't bake very often now because I am diabetic, and if there is cake in the larder, my will-power goes on strike!
    I love the Autumn walk photos. You chose a good day to go out.
    Hope you have a good week this week. Kate x

  5. Those cakes look yummy.
    I love a real fire but unfortunately in my current home we have no working chimneys as the previous owners had them removed (and nowhere to put a wood burner) so I have to make do with an electric stove that looks like a wood burner - not quite the same but it still looks cosy.
    Toni xx