Friday, 31 March 2017


Good Morning lovely people time to count the blessings/silver linings and positives from the week that was 

First up was catching this photo when I got into work last week, the sun was shining and this is one of my colleagues view from her desk - my view is no where near as pretty! 

Next up the grape hyacinths in my pots outside, I grew these when we lived in Stafford many years ago, as they are a corm and not a bulb they continue to increase in numbers year on year and I love love love the colour.  I hadn't realised that even the bees manage to get pollen from them as I managed a few bouts of sitting and enjoying the sunshine on the front of the house over the weekend watching the bees enjoying themselves!

As you can tell from the light levels, the sun was really bright

I had a giggle at the weekend trying to find my foam dots on my desk! 

Said 16 year old presented me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for Mother's day, so I grabbed this photo of him!

Here they are close up - aren't they pretty! 

Hubby and said 16 year old went to get supplies for his final art exam, I sat on the front waiting for their return!  Note they both roll their sleeves up - 2 peas in a pod I tell you! 

And then the weekend was art art and a bit more art - not in a fun crazy expressive kind of way, but in a gathering supplies and cajoling said 16 year old to get his art book up to date ready for his exam on Monday next week! 

He even tried a bit of smocking - something I've never done, but he seemed to manage quite easily. 

Trialling coloured Powertex proved challenging! 

Trying out ideas on a mini maquette for him seemed to be quite fun though

I was treated to a beautiful morning sky when I put my make up on before work on Thursday

We got this on Monday and watched it that evening - we saw it at the cinema and loved it, but said 16 year old didn't.  He was of the same view as us after the film though - we want to own a niffler - the cutest of creatures in the film. 

I had a day this week where I just forgot to make lunch.  Thinking I would be OK and survive a rather long day I was offered this - all I can say is life saver!

The rest of the week has been busy busy busy, mainly ensuring that said 16 year old is as ready for his art exam as he can be, last night he was gathering supplies and bagging them up according to his plan.  This morning he has taken said supplies, canvases, board etc to school with hubby together with the world's heaviest bag for his weekend revision residential and I am now trying to reclaim the house.  My next task is to attack my art table - which has been used as a general dumping ground as you can imagine this week! 

I hope you've had a great week too, that the sun has been shining for you and that you have some positive elements to focus on.  If you fancy popping a post together, come back and link up and I can come and visit, comments are always lovely to - it means I'm not technically just talking to myself! 

Friday, 24 March 2017


Good Morning lovely people tis Friday

So it has been a busy week overall - has it been full of photos and fun - well not so much, if I'm brutally honest, said 16 year old and his revision schedule is making for rather a dull life for all of us at the moment, but lets wade through the last seven days to see if we can find those silver linings. 

Last Friday I was strictly instructed to craft not clean!  So I went searching through my 'alterables' box - anyone who crafts will know that hoarding box of things we really must alter by attacking with paint, paper, glue etc, the box contents tend to continue to grow but our lack of progress on tackling the alterables is a standard.  So I dragged out a few pieces.  This one had already been 'started' I initially was going to repaint and start again, but I decided to just attack it with some paper that was on my desk.  The downside of concertina fold in this style is the lack of depth that you can use on the pages before it starts to distort - alas this is still the case, but I had fun nonetheless!

I had to go and purchase a few items from certain craft shops and my Mum asked if I needed some company, so we got to spend a couple of hours together.  When we got back, my Mum's cat Murphy was very interested in having his photo taken, however, he wasn't so keen on standing still!

He did enjoy getting very close to my camera on my phone!   I think the noise it was making made him more inquisitive!

Saturday morning and despite said 16 year old having so much to do in the way of revision, we decided to take an hour out and let him try on some prom suits.  Needless to say I can't share the chosen one but I did grab this rejected suit one! 

I'm sure I'm not the only Mum to suddenly wonder where all the years have gone when said 16 year old is stood in front of me wearing a 3 piece suit!  Having tried on various, trudged around many stores, he still preferred the second one he tried on, thankfully we were able to purchase with the help of my Mum on Sunday (because he has great taste in suits which means expensive!).  My Mum welled up which made me smile, as she said she didn't think she would! 

After we left the shopping centre, we headed into town as Gemma from the Button Tin has recently had to move business premises and had an open event.  We weren't sure we would find it very easily, but we did.  Her new studio (despite being underground) is actually very light and airy and enabled her to show off her amazing textile creations.  We did a class with Gemma a couple of years ago in her old studio and had a fabulous afternoon.  So I'm hoping we might be able to do the same again in the future! 

We didn't actually get any photos of any of her new studio space unfortunately, however when we came back out into the bright sunlight, we spotted a gallery across the way - not that it was open.  We had a peer through the window - I loved the metal sculpture, hoping to pop back when it is open. 

Saturday afternoon found us rugby watching, we'd missed the first match and the Tivo box had decided it didn't need to record it! Argh, but watched the second and third matches.  No guesses at which match this one was hubby was mighty frustrated at the England game

He did calm though, but I'm not sure sitting that close to the TV wasn't warranted!

I did attempt to craft whilst the rugby was on, but look at the size of the space I was working on! 

Sunday found us back at the shopping centre to pick the suit up and then we spent a very enjoyable few hours catching up with my Mum, sister and niece putting the world to rights.  Always fun!

We managed a fire as it has been mighty chilly some evenings in particular at the weekend.

In fact Saturday night was just a perfect night, roaring fire, glass of red wine and the second illustrated Harry Potter book, I loved the first illustrated one, the book is beautiful and I'm giddy to note that they are bringing the third one out near Christmas!

Work has been mighty busy - but then I'm gearing up to year end so that isn't really a surprise if I'm honest. 

Me and hubby commenced yet a new eating plan on Monday, desperately in need of shifting some of the excess before the warm weather and holiday season is upon us!  Mind you got loads to lose so be glad just to make a dent as it were. 

Evenings have been spent without said 16 year old on the whole as he is battling to revise for his impending exams.  We were somewhat stressed out on Wednesday to discover the 10 hour art exam, that we thought was after the Easter break is in fact on the 3 and 4 April, then we had a sigh of relief that at least that gives him 2 weekends to finish his sketch book, only to find that he has a revision weekend away next weekend!   Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So he stayed to a long art session on Thursday evening from 3.30pm until 7.30pm.  He also stayed for maths revision on Monday, Science revision on Wednesday.  Today he has his usual DT Food, Art, Media and RE, but he also has his speaking exam at lunchtime, a meeting about his revision weekend at break and an RE test last lesson.  Stressed - can you hear me stressed, not only is he counting down the days, but so are we if I'm honest. 

I think once the art exam is out of the way that may actually help as it is one less thing to worry about as it were.  But the time really can't come soon enough. 

Whilst he was at art yesterday we went to a parent's evening for the NCS - National Citizens Service.  He has signed up to it for 4 weeks over the summer.  A week at a youth hostel doing outdoor activities, a week at Leeds university, living the student life (minus the sex, drugs and alcohol - that's one of the rules) learning to manage on a budget, gaining a First Aid qualification, speaking to University people about putting a good personal statement together and general teambuilding.  And the last two weeks doing some sort of social action project for a local organisation, whether that be fundraising through sponsorships or as one group in the area did last year, recording and releasing a single.  There is a graduation ceremony in September and the chance to continue helping in a volunteer capacity going forward! 

So that's his summer sorted! 

Well lovely people, I think that is it for this week, I actually had more positive than I had initially thought! 

I hope you've had a great week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up. 

Remember to leave a message so I can come and visit. 

Friday, 17 March 2017


Good Morning/evening/afternoon lovely people 

tis the 11th Friday of 2017 

So time to check out the positive moments, silver linings etc that made the last 7 days more manageable

First up is having some crafting time, actually setting myself some time to craft, I decided to have a play and had a fun morning it has to be said.  

Friday afternoon I managed an impromptu catch up with my sister, but alas - again no photos - ARGH - I really do have to get my act together on this now! 

Next up a jaunt out with hubby, we went in search of a large frame for said 16 year old's final art piece - alas we didn't find any - we came home with a mirror (a potential but definitely not what we set out to get), a metal wall hanging (again a potential but not what we set out to get) and the second series of Gossip Girl which said 16 year old has been binge watching when he's downed tools from his revision escapades!   

When we ventured into town, we found they'd painted up this beautiful part of town, unfortunately the footfall in town is simply not what it used to be!

Saturday evening spent catching up with the Six Nations - oh how we yelled and shouted as is the norm with me and hubby, we've officially won - now to see if they can do a back to back grand slam!  We shall see! 

Sunday saw us having a jaunt out to Yorkshire Sculpture Park - one of my all time favourite places to visit.  A new exhibition, blue skies and good company (we even managed to prize said 16 year old out of the house for some fresh air). 

The exhibition is by Tony Cragg - I loved this one reminded me of a giant tooth!

Managed a selfie with said 16 year old 

And hubby!

Giggled at the Highland Cattle hiding behind the post!   I did tell him on the way past that we could still see him! 

The underground gallery was full of more sculptures and we had permission to take photos! 

And the sun was still shining as we headed back towards the centre having hit 10,000 steps on the fitbit! 

Inside there was great debate on how he had cast this!

I loved the laminated wood sculpture

And the dice sculpture - how many board games did he have to buy to make this! 

Some of the sculptures were huge!

I loved the vibrant colour of this.  Hubby said the work reminded him of ants nests. 

I also loved the smaller sculptures 

And his sketches

this was a favourite - hubby thought it looked like something out of Alien

But when we read it - it said Church, which initially confused us 

Until we saw it from a different angle - do you see it?

Other happies - blue skies and sunshine make for happy flowers apparently 

This morning I was treated to a beautiful sky as I put my make up on! 

And my flowers that hubby bought are lasting so well

So there we have it, positive moments and silver linings, I hope you've had a fabulous week too, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up and we shall come and visit, leave me a message so I know to come and check out the link! 

Friday, 10 March 2017


Good morning/evening/afternoon (delete as appropriate) - hello lovely people - 'tis Friday which means it is time to see what's

First up a re-paint - courtesy of hubby (and a little bit of my time).  He made these Celtic knots out of wood an age ago, they've been cream in their time and then cream and red, but with the change in decor in the TV room last year we decided to go for a neutral colour but still wanted to show the two different strands in the central knot, so we've opted for grey and black and here they are back over the TV in the TV room and I have to say I'm really pleased with them!

A fab catch up with family on Saturday - the downside, so busy chatting we never got any photos - this is becoming annoying so I must remedy when we next catch up, but needless to say it was me, hubby and said 16 year old, my Mum, my sister, my niece, my brother and my brother's girlfriend, we put the world to rights for quite a few hours - which was bliss.  I drove so hubby could have a pint or two (or three or four - we were there a while)

We enjoyed watching Deep Water Horizon which we'd bought recently and the Art of Getting By, I've also enjoyed Broadchurch which is superbly acted as always, we have attempted to watch the first episode of Legion - no idea what's going on but may attempt a couple more episodes before we give up on it!

Next happy this week, was an away day at work, we couldn't get the meeting room in the building we are based in, so we had to book a venue nearby, which is a church, how beautiful is that window! 

I also loved the sculptures either side of the windows, in metal work

Next happy is the flowers in the front garden - in full bloom - look how happy these looked when the sun shone earlier in the week!

We've also started ordering items for said 16 year old's final art piece - here is the mirror foil fabric we ordered which arrived this week

Next up - impromptu flowers from hubby - just because he knew I was having a hard day - they certainly raised a smile! 

Said 16 year old finally getting his NCS pack through the post (the original got lost), he seems to have a busy year coming up on all sorts of fronts.

Thursday night, the week had been long and hard work and we seemed to have done a repeat mode of wake/work/eat+clean/TV/bed - repeat - so hubby decided to break the cycle and asked if we fancied a bar meal out - not something we do very often. 

We are blessed to have a fabulous pub only about a mile away that serves fantastic food.  

So off we toddled

I love the decor inside - the lights create a fabulous pattern on the ceiling

And hubby managed to grab this photo of me and said 16 year old

And likewise - the view from our side of the table - hubby and that all knowing look he gets, I swear he can read my mind sometimes! 

The rest of the week as I've already mentioned has been hard work, a little bit too much work and not enough down time and creativity, however, I've been banned today from cleaning by said 16 year old and hubby - so I'm going to craft - the question is what - with time on my hands that can often prove quite difficult if I'm honest! 

I hope you've had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit!