Friday, 31 August 2012


Well it's here the final week of the school holidays and haven't they flown by, this time next week said 11 year old will have started secondary school gulp and I'll be another 7 days closer to the big 4-0 but we are not talking about that are we.

This post is about what positives, happy moments, phone calls, conversations etc you've had that have made you smile and made life that little bit happier in the last week because its
Crikey where to start?

Well first up is a grateful from when I returned from holiday which I've only just got around to photographing - this gorgeous piece of mail art from Devon - thank you sweetie, it's gorgeous and I love the sentiment.  I actually like the thought of having an inner madness if I'm honest, I'm sure I have one!
I also received another piece of mail art that the Post Office decided to add to with a circled 'P' - how rude of them, but the piece is gorgeous, this is from Vicki from the Collaborart blog.
So two pieces of gorgeousness recently.

The garage sorting out my velocity gaitors - not mean personally I'll add, my car - despite the cost these will apparently allow my brakes to continue working which is a great alternative to the - "when they split your brakes won't work" comment - I'm sure you'll agree.

A trip up Sheffield to Weston Park Museum, as usual spent more time in the cafe than the exhibits but still enjoyed walking around the exhibition about childhood stories, however, I did feel the 'hype' on their website was a little over the top when compared to the actual display but we went we saw and it got us out of the house, actually said 11 year old was more excited about the gold postbox in Sheffield for Jessica Ennis than he was for the visit to the museum (well apart from the chips and chocolate milkshake he consumed in the cafe at the museum obviously)
 As you can see - smiley happy child!
 And the display on John Lewis' just across the way!
Weird bank holiday weekend, but nice to spend time with hubby - so another positive.

A visit from a friend from Stafford and her 12 year old son, always great company, one of those people who no matter how long it is since I last saw her (and we think it's a year since we last saw each other) we just pick up where we left off.  Always good.

A days TOIL from work (because I can) meaning more time with said 11 year old.

Asda delivering food (I hate supermarket shopping).

Chats with my sister - always positive, and the cuppa tea I needed the other day when I was a bit low.

My Wednesday Whine group who are a constant source of support and really rally round when one of us has got issues which included me this week.

Starting to have a plan, it's been a while coming but it is finally coming to fruition.

Postcard from my Mum whose away on her holiday, she rarely phones me these days so it was nice to get a postcard from her.

Finishing said 11 year old's bedroom off finally, although the trip to Ikea proved costly it was worthwhile as the room now looks like a 'teenagers' bedroom rather than a child's bedroom.

Celebrity Big Brother and X Factor, I know you are groaning at me but I do like these 'fly on the wall' type series and because there's no Mr Cowell in X Factor I'll tolerate another year of this Saturday night entertainment because it makes me giggle.

Crafting, firstly an entry for a CJ that I needed to do, then starting on a birthday book for a friend and starting to formulate a plan for another CJ.

Hubby getting my chair back for my craft table now I've got a rug for under it.  It's sooooooooooooo much better.

Said 11 year old for all the help he gave me this week, we tidied the dining room, kitchen and TV room and he vacuumed throughout with great enthusiasm - always a blessing.  Let's hope it carries on.

And that my beautiful Rockettes is my list for this week, fancy joining in then grab yourself a few minutes, throw a blog post together and list your grateful's for this week head back here for a quick link up and you're good to go, that way we can come and visit your world and celebrate your positives this week.

I hope you've had a good one!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Oh I'm behind on some of my promised arty things so given the beautiful weather we're having today (not) I've been crafting and am now working on a 2" square piece of workspace on my crafting desk (I kid you not) which means it's been a productive day.

I'm in a CJ on UK Scrappers at the moment which is the Rock In Peace Resurrected Circle Journal.  Unfortunately we've had a CJ go missing in action and despite best endeavours it hasn't re-emerged so some girls are re-doing their entry for it, others (like me) are having a first go at it, the CJ that has gone missing is based on colours.

First of all I spent far too long 'thinking' about it, whilst everyone else was logical and gave a big shout out on the forum of which colour they were going to do (not me I was too busy thinking), by the time my list came to fruition most of the colours had been taken and with a request not to repeat colours if at all possible I was back to the drawing board, I spent all morning (all morning I repeat all morning), scanning CD's trawling through lyrics websites all to no avail, then said 11 year old said opt for a specific colour in the search engine and see what it throws up - next minute I'm on You Tube watching Goldfinger's version of 99 Red Balloons and the plan comes together.

Then I decided that the page would need 99 balloons (I kid you not) and several hours and rather sore fingers later it's done.  Now some of the balloons are covered with the hand piccie, but I know on the front of this (including the spine) are exactly 99 balloons.  Had much fun putting this together hope Clare likes it!

The finished page will go into a CD wallet and then the spine (on the left hand side) will be attached and used to put it into the remade book.

 Page on it's own
Signing in page at the back and yes before you ask that balloon would be number 100 - now I know the tracks not 100 red balloons this one is a special balloon for Clare, whose journal it is and whose original journal went missing in action!
Thanks for looking hope you like, now where's that craft list what else have I got to be getting on with.


Blink and I almost missed it - what I hear you say - the school holidays, it only seems like a short time ago that we had the end of primary school with a long break stretching out in front of us, with so many things we wanted to do and get done and now it's 29 August and the time has simply disappeared.

Crafting has been absolutely hit and miss during the holidays, I've no idea how I managed to have it so hap-hazard, I'll have a little flurry of activity and then nothing for days verging on weeks - absolutely crazy I tell you.

So I thought I'd best put a post together before you think I've disappeared completely.  First up a layout of a bouquet of flowers I received last year from a school friend whom I'd sent a gift to for her daughters birthday and this was what she sent me - I was utterly overwhelmed and told her to promise she wouldn't do anything so crazy again because I sent it as a gift not as something she had to reciprocate and she promised she wouldn't LOL, but I wanted to document this and the thoughtfulness (plus I got to play with pink paper - always a positive).

 And then the banner said 11 year old did for his Dad last year when he was away for a week!  He spent hours colouring it in and hanging it from the mirror and his Dad was really impressed with it!
So there you go I haven't fallen off the end of the world (yet) and here are the layouts to prove it!

Friday, 24 August 2012


Oh I've been meaning to update last weeks post all week - but it hasn't happened not one bit, so I'll give you a quick recap on what we managed (and didn't manage) to do last week, before noting a few things this week.  If you've happened along here from one of the gorgeous Rockettes and wonder what this is all about it's really rather simple, take a step back from your life and remember the positives of the week, the little things or the big things that have made life that bit easier and happier and lighter and made you smile - you get them?  No - well dig deeper they are there, we just spend a lot of time ignoring them, getting caught up with the doom and gloom news, or dwelling on things that haven't pleased us, if you focus your energy on positives I promise you'll soon be smiling.  Got them?  Right throw yourself a blog post together and come back and link so we can come and visit, no blog but want to note the positives leave a comment (hell leave a comment anyway I like reading).  So eyes down for my positives

So first up

1.  Fun family time away from home - check
2.  A beautiful cottage - yep had one of those
3.  A fabulous garden - had one of those
4.  Some dry weather - yes those blue skies were in this country and that my good people is Tintern Abbey
5.  Castle (s) plural = Caerphilly, Raglan and Castell Coch (no piccie of Raglan copied no idea why)
6.  Fun days out - oh yes managed them!
7.  Good Company - hubby said 11 year old and sister - check!
8.  Lots of laughter - absolutely
9.  A sprinkle of art journalling - managed some (not as much as I expected)
10.  Time with said 11 year old (with no juggling) - managed that
11.  Time away from TV - oh yes other than the Olympics closing ceremony we managed a TV free week until the last evening - don't ask - said 11 year old decided to ease himself back into TV big style!
12.  Time to plan - not really too busy chilling
13.  Time to take stock - again too busy chillaxing
14.  Hell just time - had time it was nice could do with some more!
15.  A wood burning stove (if it's cold) - it was not cold with walls 3 feet thick we didn't need any central heating in this place!
16.  A beautiful conservatory to enjoy - check - art journalling at the table and chilling on the chairs reading into the evening
17.  Countryside, yes this was me and little sis sat outside the cottage enjoying a lager and a good chat.
18.  A visit to a vineyard or brewery - didn't manage this but did find these little gems at a local pub
19.  Enough clothing to keep us going - check even brought some clean items home
20.  Smooth journey - check - there and back!
21.  Good food - this was a 'snack' at the pub and was shared between us - it twas yum!
So as you can see we had a fabulous time whilst we were away.  The gems this week, getting home to a tidy house - always rocks my world, not that it looks the same now but that doesn't matter does it!

Pyjama day on Sunday - bliss - I was feeling that lazy!

Won't mention work Monday Tuesday - that's not what this post is about!

Wednesday trip out with said 11 year old, niece and sister to local shopping centre, mooching around the shops, buying bags for school and pencil cases and grabbing a quick bite to eat whilst in great company - bliss!

Thursday - well todays been a bit odd, but cooking for hubby this evening, picking up a CJ from the post office and reminiscing about films from my teen years has been fun.

Teapots full of hot tea, weight watchers has also been nice since I got home.  Fabulous crystal purchases last week now being used, the fluorite tea light holder a particular favourite.  Hubby always being happy to listen even when I'm a bit low and see what we can do!

Overall not a bad week I've had to dig a bit deeper through this week than last week, but that's to be expected.

So that's it, my positives for this last week or two, the things that have made my heart lighter, made me smile made me be thankful to be alive and to be surrounded by amazing people, including my Friday Rockettes who never cease to amaze me when they join in and share they positives - you are all amazing!

And I'll leave you with piccie of said 11 year old and the way to cheer him up after a five mile walk!
 And how to get him home without the 5 mile hike back!
I kid you not!

Friday, 17 August 2012


Tis time to give our gratefuls an airing on our blog, dig deep or long list fulls it doesn't matter, provided it's made you smile, has been a positive or lifted your heart a little it's worth celebrating

OK so this is going to be interesting because I'm doing this post before I've actually got my gratefuls - why?  Away with no internet access so here goes what I'm hoping will be my list of gratefuls this next week

  1. Fun family time away from home 
  2. A beautiful cottage
  3. A fabulous garden
  4. Some dry weather (pretty pretty please, it's not forecast but if we can just see the blue skies occasionally I might stay sane).
  5. Castle
  6. Fun days out 
  7. Good company
  8. Lots of laughter
  9. A sprinkle of art journalling
  10. Time with said 11 year old (with no juggling)
  11. Time away from TV 
  12. Time to plan
  13. Time to take stock
  14. Hell just time 
  15. A woodburning stove (if it's cold)
  16. A beautiful conservatory to enjoy
  17. Countryside
  18. A visit to a vineyard or brewery 
  19. Enough clothing to keep us going but not too much to stuff the car (we've got an extra passenger)
  20. A smooth journey to and from our holiday destination
  21. Good food
I'll update this when I get back and let you know if and what of the above we manage.

As I've already got one Mr Linky up, can't use another just yet, so leave a comment with your blog info and I'll try and grab a signal and update as I go whilst we are jaunting around.

May you all have had a beautiful and blessed week. 

Friday, 10 August 2012


Good Morning, it is Friday once again now three weeks of the school holidays are over and we are nearing the end of the Olympics but before we continue we must remember what the post is about - it's about celebrating the positives that we've had in our lives over the last 7 days - no matter how small or seemingly trivial if they lightened your heart and made you smile then they are 'rocking' moments!

So eyes down starter for ten no conferring

  • the Olympics have been fabulous to watch enjoy and soak up - we've watched some amazing sports in the last two weeks and although I was dreading two weeks of wall to wall sport I can honestly say it's been great, our 11 year old was looking forward to it sooooooooooo much but we were somewhat sceptical, isn't it nice when  you are wrong.  And we've put the Tivo box through its paces whilst we've been out and about - thus not missing any of the action! 
  • the BBC for putting on the sport specific channels over the last couple of weeks, truly world class coverage
  • The news for having something positive to enjoy - we normally have wall to wall doom and gloom and I've been known to ban news because all that doom and gloom is no good for anyone, but with the Olympics we've had medal this that and the other - shame it's going to end it would be nice if the news could keep with its upbeat and positive news items as well as the doom and gloom.
  • Having my first post published on It's a Creative World - Kat a fellow team member on UKS put me forward and I was asked to join in - I provided details of how to create these little beasties
If fancy finding out more this is the link to my Embellishments Post 

  • Then said 11 year old starting his own blog (well it's in my name but it's a start), if it gets him writing I'm all for it - again here's the link 
  • Venturing out to the garden centre last Friday and having some sunshine - great company with my sister and my niece as well as said 11 year old.
  • Having a lovely weekend tootling around the house, painting and decorating, tidying, defrosting freezers etc, all good fun now that it's done.  
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid film I was sceptical that I'd enjoy it but overall it was OK and said 11 year old enjoyed it.
  • Hubby for listening, understanding being cross and frustrated for me when things were going pear shaped and for being truly awesome as always.
  • Hubby for helping coming and doing the difficult bit painting wise on my sister's stairs (the ones where you have to offset the ladder and scare everyone) 
  • Sister for making the most awesome soup before we painted her stairs on Wednesday - homemade vegetable soup - nothing finer I tell you! 
And that my beautiful Rockers and Rockettes is it for this week, short and to the point but sometimes that's the way it rolls, I hope you've had a truly beautiful and blessed week and have a great weekend and week ahead, fancy joining in (even though there are only a few of us), then pop a post together, link back here and we'll come and visit, don't stress if its not on Friday, whenever you get five minutes.

Monday, 6 August 2012


I'm finding it harder and harder to get up and go to work during these six week holidays, the time away from work has me taking stock a little and realising the things I'm missing out on, like time with said 11 year old and keeping the house ticking over so weekends can be more fun and less work, but work helps pay the bills so I'll be toddling off shortly, in the meantime I thought I'd pop a quick post together with another layout (this is becoming a habit)

this layout from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and is quite apt because when we left the local garden centre on Friday their farm is advertising that they too now have mere cats, so I can see said 11 year old wanting to pop there soon.
A simply layout, layered up shaped pieces, some dry embossing with a favourite embossing folder, hand stamped title and a little bit of stitching and glossy accents and that's all you need.

Hope you are having a great day.


I'm finding it harder and harder to get up and go to work during these six week holidays, the time away from work has me taking stock a little and realising the things I'm missing out on, like time with said 11 year old and keeping the house ticking over so weekends can be more fun and less work, but work helps pay the bills so I'll be toddling off shortly, in the meantime I thought I'd pop a quick post together with another layout (this is becoming a habit)

this layout from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and is quite apt because when we left the local garden centre on Friday their farm is advertising that they too now have mere cats, so I can see said 11 year old wanting to pop there soon.
A simply layout, layered up shaped pieces, some dry embossing with a favourite embossing folder, hand stamped title and a little bit of stitching and glossy accents and that's all you need.

Hope you are having a great day.

Friday, 3 August 2012


OK so the first week of the holidays went sooooooooooo slowly and it was lovely, this week has gone in a blink of an eye - literally - blink and I'll miss it!   Oh it's been a mixed week, I'm not sure having time for my brain to kick in at home is necessarily a good thing at the moment!

But this post is about positives so I'm going to dig deep and come up with some

  • The opening ceremony of the Olympics - simply fabulous TV watching
  • Then watching the Olympics - I never thought I'd say that because we are not a sport watching family (with the exception of Rugby) but it has been fabulous!
  • The BBC coverage of the Olympics, not one to blow our own trumpet but having all these specific channels to be able to get to grips with the sports has been great - even the golden snitch 100 point moment in judo - thank you Susie for explaining - I was soooooooooo confused!
  • Karma Clay at Elsecar for a fabulous time painting pots last week, we're due to pick them up tomorrow, fingers crossed they are OK, my niece on with her bowl 
 and said 11 year old with his new popcorn bowl - to be honest it's not big enough LOL!
And the bowls before the glaze

  • Katherine for thinking of me when it came to A Creative World, a blog I've been asked to         participate in - now what to share?
  • My sister for having said 11 year old on Monday and Tuesday despite the issues - thanks Melanie you are a star!
  • Painting the pool room, it looks fabulous now, a few things to go to the Charity shop and some new curtains and a canvas but apart from that it's all sorted
  • Sorting the bathroom including painting the ceiling, I managed it all on my own (apart from the paint touch up once the first coat had dried) and I was mighty pleased with it! 
  • Discussions with said 11 year old - just general chats recently have made me so happy and so proud, in fact let me share a photo from school a few weeks ago, as one of the house captains he was actively encouraged to help during the sports day, encouraging the younger children and helping get the equipment ready for the races - this is a photo we got of him on the day - soo proud! 

He is also quite genius when it comes to achieving things that he wants - as some of you may remember he sooooooooooooo wanted a pet, but as parents who like to venture away as many times as the bank balance will let us and no close friends and family a little bit further afield we've always been reluctant to agree to it, despite his protestations about looking after the pet, cleaning the pet etc.  

So he thought he'd sort his own

This is what we found in his room recently, this is a metal bin which has a metal mesh so therefore you can breath through it, in the garden recently he discovered a cricket, he put it in a jar but then converted his bin into a home for it, complete with lego house and has proceeded to provide fresh grass for it each day - to say genius is probably going some but it did make us smile - the term where there's a will there is a way! 

  • The blokes for sorting the front door out last weekend, even if we were left £140 lighter - gulp 
  • The Virgin Media man for sorting the new Tivo box out - I mean You Tube on TV all those craft videos at my disposal - oooooooooooooh if you insist! 
Then arting gifts first up my pairs journal returned home from Donna again for the next stage, my book is on the right on top and the rest of those items are pressies from Donna - honestly - amazing! 
 Spread out a bit more
 And in amongst the pile - the giddy bit - one of Donna's stamps
and if that wasn't enough a load thud on a Thursday afternoon - I glanced up to see the Postie leaving the drive, what on earth had she posted?  This beauty from Jo on a small posterboard (hence the load thud), managed absolutely fine in the postal system Jo and is utterly utterly gorgeous! THANK YOU!!!
 And my beautiful Rockettes that is all for this week, may yours have been as fruitful and positive.

And I'll leave you with a layout, said 11 year old with a favourite vegetable at the local town's show last year, in the fresh produce tent - only me could use veggies as a photo opportunity but I wanted to do an orangey layout!

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Yes that's right you've been treated to post after post this week and why because I work less hours in the holidays!  This morning has greeted us with blue skies and sunshine - who'd have thought, the washers on and I'm planning a trip into town on the bus - why the bus because said 11 year old needs to know the route the bus goes to get to school in September and so I have to get on a bus, personally I'm not looking forward to this because it's going to take an absolute age because we live so far from town grrrrrrrrr but it has to be done, so this is the school uniform run.  My car will think we've abandoned her and she'll sit forlornly on the front of the house whilst we head off to the bus stop - wish me luck!  Last time I did this we were knee deep in snow and it was the only way to get to work, we spent 4 hours travelling there and back and only 2 hours in work, hopefully today's journey will be less painful!

Another layout, I was on a roll recently and just started churning them out (literally) so I've plenty to share!

These two layouts were the mint choc chip ones I did from the Summer of Colour challenge, you'll maybe have noticed by now, that as well as insisting on doing two layouts per colour (this was after the 6 pieces of mail art per colour) that I also decided to use exactly the same layout design on each page!  Sometimes to come up with something brand new and different every time is simply too time consuming so I decided that all the summer of colour challenge layouts could follow the same design and hopefully turn out a bit different, which I think I managed.

The felt letters were from Poundland, the stitching is real stitching using up my excessive amounts of embroidery thread and the rest is paper, the wobbly lined piece was using some old decorative scissors that I've had forever - sometimes you forget what you actually have to play with - go and rummage and challenge yourself to use something that you've not used in an age!
Both layouts refer to a day trip to Crich Tramway museum earlier in the year!
 Thanks for looking

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Good Afternoon, well after a productive day having a good sort out, I thought I'd pop along to do a post, now a couple of years ago I went to Art From the Heart in Harrogate for an amazing art journalling weekend.  It was fantastic, I went with my Mum and my sister and we had a fabulous time meeting lots of new friends.  Dyan is a fabulous teacher, but most of you know that anyway!

Unfortunately we didn't take a camera but Jude who we met there and have become good friends with did have her camera with her and took loads of photos, so I asked Jude permission to use the photos she'd taken of me, my Mum and Melanie my sister for a layout so I could document out weekend and  she was kind enough to oblige - so big thanks to Jude!

Now I thought which papers, well it had to be some of Dyan's gorgeous Blonde Moments papers but which one, I went a rummaging and came up with a page, but the colours didn't quite go, so I sat and painted all the spots the colour I wanted them to be - much fun!  I highly recommend it and because Dyan's papers are so thick they didn't warp from the paint - win win!
Up close!  As part of the weekend we were all awarded with a certificate in Prattology - hence the title!

So if you have papers that don't quite suit your photos but are almost there, then I suggest you get out those acrylic paints and have a play - great fun!