Friday, 31 August 2012


Well it's here the final week of the school holidays and haven't they flown by, this time next week said 11 year old will have started secondary school gulp and I'll be another 7 days closer to the big 4-0 but we are not talking about that are we.

This post is about what positives, happy moments, phone calls, conversations etc you've had that have made you smile and made life that little bit happier in the last week because its
Crikey where to start?

Well first up is a grateful from when I returned from holiday which I've only just got around to photographing - this gorgeous piece of mail art from Devon - thank you sweetie, it's gorgeous and I love the sentiment.  I actually like the thought of having an inner madness if I'm honest, I'm sure I have one!
I also received another piece of mail art that the Post Office decided to add to with a circled 'P' - how rude of them, but the piece is gorgeous, this is from Vicki from the Collaborart blog.
So two pieces of gorgeousness recently.

The garage sorting out my velocity gaitors - not mean personally I'll add, my car - despite the cost these will apparently allow my brakes to continue working which is a great alternative to the - "when they split your brakes won't work" comment - I'm sure you'll agree.

A trip up Sheffield to Weston Park Museum, as usual spent more time in the cafe than the exhibits but still enjoyed walking around the exhibition about childhood stories, however, I did feel the 'hype' on their website was a little over the top when compared to the actual display but we went we saw and it got us out of the house, actually said 11 year old was more excited about the gold postbox in Sheffield for Jessica Ennis than he was for the visit to the museum (well apart from the chips and chocolate milkshake he consumed in the cafe at the museum obviously)
 As you can see - smiley happy child!
 And the display on John Lewis' just across the way!
Weird bank holiday weekend, but nice to spend time with hubby - so another positive.

A visit from a friend from Stafford and her 12 year old son, always great company, one of those people who no matter how long it is since I last saw her (and we think it's a year since we last saw each other) we just pick up where we left off.  Always good.

A days TOIL from work (because I can) meaning more time with said 11 year old.

Asda delivering food (I hate supermarket shopping).

Chats with my sister - always positive, and the cuppa tea I needed the other day when I was a bit low.

My Wednesday Whine group who are a constant source of support and really rally round when one of us has got issues which included me this week.

Starting to have a plan, it's been a while coming but it is finally coming to fruition.

Postcard from my Mum whose away on her holiday, she rarely phones me these days so it was nice to get a postcard from her.

Finishing said 11 year old's bedroom off finally, although the trip to Ikea proved costly it was worthwhile as the room now looks like a 'teenagers' bedroom rather than a child's bedroom.

Celebrity Big Brother and X Factor, I know you are groaning at me but I do like these 'fly on the wall' type series and because there's no Mr Cowell in X Factor I'll tolerate another year of this Saturday night entertainment because it makes me giggle.

Crafting, firstly an entry for a CJ that I needed to do, then starting on a birthday book for a friend and starting to formulate a plan for another CJ.

Hubby getting my chair back for my craft table now I've got a rug for under it.  It's sooooooooooooo much better.

Said 11 year old for all the help he gave me this week, we tidied the dining room, kitchen and TV room and he vacuumed throughout with great enthusiasm - always a blessing.  Let's hope it carries on.

And that my beautiful Rockettes is my list for this week, fancy joining in then grab yourself a few minutes, throw a blog post together and list your grateful's for this week head back here for a quick link up and you're good to go, that way we can come and visit your world and celebrate your positives this week.

I hope you've had a good one!


  1. i must be tired! (For a change!) I swear I read that as the garage sorted out your veloceraptors! Scary! haha!

    Devvie will be so pleased you liked your mail art. Phoebe loved hers from DS tell him but she's been away for two weeks on holiday with her Dad so couldn't blog it ;)

    Love your other mail art too!

    Lots of lovely positives, the bank holiday weekend looks fun even if not what was expected :) I know what you mean about the bedroom - Devvie and Ruby share the loft room, it's not massive and we are trying to figure out how to give them better storage, make it look like a teenage room while keeping it child friendly (lucky they are both girly girls - it's like Devvie has a mini-me!) Certainly got us scratching our heads.

    Have a lovely week Virginia - You knew I wouldn't keep up posting on time, will get my post up tomorrow :)

  2. Wow, Virginia, what a great list this week :)

    LOVING both your Mail Arts, you lucky girl! I can hardly believe that some twit in Royal Mail put a biro P on Vicki's - could they really find no where else to put it?! (Doesn't the P just mean there's a packet anyway?).

    We did the changing the bedroom thing when both the kids went from primary to secondary school - it's almost like a physical sign that you understand they are growing up and need to have their room show that.

    IKEA always costs more that you plan it to - especially when they have such good value goodies, they just jump into that bag/trolley!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


  3. Virginia, I always love reading about your trips out and about with said 11 year old and hubby. They are always interesting and different. How fantastic that you have so much (somewhat) near to you to explore!

    I need to get over to Ikea soon as I need a dresser (or 2) for my daughter's room. It's always dangerous as I always find more things I just have to have and although most of their prices are good (good enough for me to justify) it does still all add up, doesn't it?

    Have a great week!

  4. I am going to do my Rocking Your World Friday Post I promise! Been away on holly berries so I will be rocking my world friday on saturday lol! jenx

  5. As my gran would have said...I'm all behind like the cat's tail...I've spent most of this week trying to play catch-up.

    Sounds like you have had a fab week and I love the photo of 'said 11 yr old' next to the post box - I wish they had painted boxes for all the medal winners. Wouldn't it be fab to see bronze/silver/gold boxes dotted all around the country.

    Have a great weekend.

    Toni xx

  6. Another full and exciting week! I love Ikea but our nearest one is southampton which means a ferry trip and anything big would have to be delivered and that costs £50!!! I bet said 11 yr old is so pleased with his new room. Your trip to the mueseum looks fab and I love the gold post box. The mail art is great and I cant belive the post office drew on the front of that one!
    I am behind again and have not done a rocking post, I hope to have time later in the week.
    Have a great week and I hope everything goes ok for your sons first day x

  7. Another lovely week...I'm late commenting I know!
    Hope the start to Secondary school has gone well and that you're not too overworked.
    Hugs xx