Sunday, 28 April 2013


I find myself at a mental crossroads, not sure if it's the tablets I'm taking or the time of year, or reflecting on my Dad's life that was only 40 years long (it was the 24th anniversary of his passing yesterday).  Some parts of my life are fantastic and I wouldn't change them for the world, blessed with an amazing husband and a gorgeous son whom I'm lucky to spend time with, who know and understand me.  However, other elements seem to be constantly out of my range, I seem to aspire to that day - you know the one, the one when you have time to do ... and then you'll ... and that's obviously once you've lost some weight, changed your style and become ... mmmmmmmmmmmmm I seem to be waiting, constantly waiting for 'that' right time.  Which is why I feel I'm at a cross roads and I feel like it's time to make some changes.

I personally at the moment cannot see the wood for the trees.  So this morning whilst hubby cooks pancakes and makes pots of tea, reading his new book on bread, with the blackbirds rushing around the garden identifying their territory and the sparrows spending time in the conifers looking for nesting material I'm sat creating a 'goal' template on my computer, because it's time to take from the brain the things that are rattling around and give them some order, some I'll drop (not worth it), some I'll acknowledge (in an 'about time' kind of way) and the rest I'll give myself the time to identify, absorb and make a plan.  It's been a fruitful morning this morning making the template and being quiet, it's so nice being quiet don't you think.  The only noise being the clickety click of the keyboard as I tap away.

So today will be using my new 'goal' sheets to create a plan I'll let you know how it's going

And just so you've got something to look at a scrapbook layout

from Chatsworths Beyond Limits last year next to a giant Hare.

Thanks for stopping by I hope your Sunday proves beautiful and blessed.

Friday, 26 April 2013


Good morning, if you've happened here to read my review for the Artists Reading Challenge for April 2013 and don't fancy reading my 'Rocking Your World' element of this post - then scroll down until you find the ARC - heading in bold, otherwise for the rest of my lovely Rockers and Rockettes good morning and how are you this fine Friday - tis Rocking Your World Time

OK time to reflect on the last seven days, pull out the silver linings, note the positives and the moments that made life all that bit more enjoyable!  This may be a dig deep week - but we'll see...

  1. Blue skies - now that's always a positive 
  2. Slightly warmer days
  3. Spring cleaning the office - not necessarily the spring cleaning bit - but the bit when you walk in later on to find it all clean and tidy - now that I can cope with! 
  4. Our first barbecue of the year - let's hope we can manage many more! 
  5. Our first outdoor fire of the year, sitting next to an outdoor fire, wrapped in blankets, glass of wine in one hand, hubby and child next to me and a starry night - now there really is nothing finer than that in my book! 
  6. Freshly washed bed covers - smell lovely! 
  7. Freshly washed bath sheets that have been on the line! 
  8. Managing an art page in amongst these very long work days
  9. Crazy walks around a local supermarket on a Monday with my Mum, sister and niece, I'm sure the staff think we've been let out of somewhere for a wander around!
  10. Sister for second guessing a conversation my Mum was having on the phone completely correctly and us rolling with laughter about it! 
  11. My Mum re-naming two of her children with what could only be considered potentially derogatory names - however, it did have us giggling!  I had no idea that my sister was an "eyebrow university waller" - who'd have known!
  12. Said 12 year old for getting a postcard from school indicating that he is doing really well (I'm liking all this mail from school - fabulous stuff). 
  13. A certain photo company having a great discount last weekend that meant that the 350 photos that I've just ordered shouldn't (fingers crossed etc) break the bank! 
  14. Hubby for sorting out my bag the other day that had broken and me now having a credit note to go and spend - mmmm shopping! 
  15. Jack Reacher DVD - saw it at the cinema and enjoyed and thoroughly enjoyed it on DVD this week, I like the edgy element to the character!
  16. I forgot to mention our trip to see Oblivion at the cinema last week so I'm going to add that to my Rocking post this week because it really was fantastic and given half a chance I'd go and see it again!
Nope that wasn't a dig deep week at all was it!  So there you go, another Rocking post, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up at the bottom, leave a comment and we'll come and visit!  Now on with the ARC post...


This month's book was Snuff by Terry Pratchett (TP), an author whose books adorn at least two shelves on our bookshelves upstairs, we've always been discworld fans but I've had this book an age and given my change in taste and type of book I wondered if it would still be a good read.  Now don't get me wrong as an avid fan it doesn't mean that I always find his books an easy read, I often find you are better off disengaging your brain and just reading until your subconscious catches up and you've fathomed out what's going on.

Snuff started really well, I was engaging in the story, grasping the characters and enjoying the read, albeit that initially I was reading only short bursts of a few pages at a time.  This one is back to one of my favourite TP characters Commander Vimes of the Ank Morpork City Watch, however, in this one he's off on holiday!   The book was overall a good read, there were areas when I felt I was starting to lose the plot a little, but the characters are so colourful and charming that I kept reading regardless.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book, the build up to the ending, the giggles that it brought and expect no doubt to re-read it in the future.  

My art this month is yet again another journal page (becoming something of a habit) albeit more prescriptive on the journal style than the previous few months.  I centred the page around a key character in the book who was called Tears of a Mushroom (not that she was a mushroom or a person technically speaking) - so I hope you'll understand why my page has a crying mushroom on it!  Next month's book is one of the Morganville Vampire books, a series I've been reading on and off for a few years I'll let you know what I think of that in next months review! 

Friday, 19 April 2013


Crikey blimey O'trousers I'm a tad late (OK very late)on this one - many apologies but I've just done a 48 hour week (my normal hours are 32) so I'm feeling a little fragile and most definitely tired and considering going into work tomorrow as well - but it is Friday so it's time to see what's been rocking my world - have a feeling it's gonna be a dig deep week this week people

  • Jen - for checking that I was OK - she came to link her Rocking post to find mine wasn't there - too much work time and not enough play Jen! 
  • Hubby - for a lovely anniversary evening, sat chatting, enjoying an M&S meal for two, really was bliss!  So thank you hun! 
  • Cinnamon cake - nom nom - however, it really isn't doing my waistline any good whatsoever! 
  • The wonderful WW girls some of whom got to meet up (still green with envy) at Ally Pally and who have now sent some beautiful tags to me and my sister - I'll blog them later (maybe not tonight - shower and bed is maybe all I'll manage ooh and possibly tea). 
  • The girls at work, I've got two fabulous assistants who really are fantastic and both of whom are facing redundancy - but they've worked like troopers this week really cracked on and got on with things even when I've been asking what may initially seem virtually impossible! 
  • Said 12 year old for getting the most achievements in his form last term and getting prizes from school - really made me smile!  
  • Hubby for just being him, knowing when I'm fried, knowing when I need help or a chat, or a hand with the house - he really is amazing! 
  • M&S meal for two - I read the menu on line and pulled all sorts of faces doing the whole I don't fancy that, but then having perused the aisles properly (rather than reading an online menu), found the Seafood Casserole (which to me frankly sounds awful), was actually a rather delicious mix of salmon, scallops and prawns in a tasty tomato and creme fraiche sauce - sounds much better now doesn't it! 
  • Hubby for bringing down our wedding photos and reminiscing with me, I'm going to get them scanned (we actually bought the digital rights to them so I can get them reprinted) and then I'm going to scrapbook them so I can remember the day and all the little things that went off in the same! 
  • The gentleman at Sage who survived my crazy RTI payroll questions and actually sorted the problem I was on the phone for an hour and a half but we got there in the end! 
So there you go lovely people, my week's gratefuls duly documented, it really is a therapy in itself and one I love to do because it helps regain perspective and looking back at that list - I've had a pretty good week, always nice to clock I tell you! 

I'll leave you with a layout (given the lack of photographic evidence above) now look away if Christmas decorations make you run in horror but it is a Christmas layout 
Up close, the new decorations at Meadowhall last year, worthy of photos albeit on my phone! 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend planned doing some fantastic things with people you love until next time

Sunday, 14 April 2013


Afternoon all, we're having a rather warmer day here in Yorkshire, shame it's meant more cloud, sprinkles of rain and rather a lot of gusty wind!  Been for a jaunt to Ikea, how do I manage to actually spend that much money on what looks like such a tiny amount of stuff - I'll never understand.  However on the plus side I'm hoping that we may have found 'the' new mattress that we are after because the current one is attempting to slowly kill me of this I am sure!

Anyway I got back to see lots of updates on Facebook including a fab one of the girls down at Ally Pally - missed you today, so envious not to have been there.

So in my effort to blog more I thought I'd pop a quick post together, this one caught on my birthday last year, me on the left, my Mum next to me, then my sister and then my brother's girlfriend, all in absolute hysterics due to a photo-bombed photo - honestly, we had to stand still to stop giggling it was that funny!
Given the background colours on the page I chose my favourite colour combination of greens and blues, hand stitched arrows on the layout too.

Hope you're having a grand Sunday - off to do some scrapbooking now!

Saturday, 13 April 2013


Mmm some weeks I'm prepared and ready and put plenty of posts together other times - not so much - but you'll have noticed that already, so you'd think I've got nothing to share wouldn't you - wrong - loads to share if I'm honest just no time to share it!

So quick Saturday morning post for you to enjoy, hope your weekend has been good up to now.

A quick layout titled - 'Make Your Own Happiness' of me and said 12 year old last year at Chatsworth, muted colours (unusual for me) and simple embellishments, a couple of felt butterflies and the free Craft Stamper stamp stamped (wow that's a mouthful) from a few months ago in the top left hand corner.

Ooh to have a warm day with the sunshine, it's been sunny of late but oooooooooooooh so cold.  Getting used to seeing me with blonde hair in layouts now although it still seems mighty strange, I was brunette for a very long time!

Off to pictures this morning to see Mr Cruise in Oblivion, hope it's half decent!

Have a fabulous day ta ta for now.

Friday, 12 April 2013


Morning, afternoon/evening lovely people, how do we find you today?  Is it warm and sunny where you are?  I wish it was here but we still feel like we are in the grips of winter it's been sooooooo cold.  Anyway tis Friday which means it's time for
I'm going to combine last week and this week if you don't mind because there were lots of rocking moments last week when we were away in a cottage just outside Much Wenlock.

First up the view out of the kitchen window last week - this is what greeted us and that hillside is Wenlock edge, apparently on the equator about 350 million years ago - so we were a tad late if we were expecting warmth!
then the Welcome tray - bottle of cava, some daffies and chocolate (actually the chocolate was one light - said 12 year old had already eaten one of the choccie bunnies before I got the picture taken!).
Blist Hill Open Air Museum - for bringing history to life!
Loved the printers all those printing blocks and look a brayer - home away from home - all that ink!
Hubby howling with laughter at the signage at Blist Hill
You see it made you giggle too didn't it - read it again you know you want to!

Said 12 year old having a go at printing the old fashioned way, no electronic gadgetry here!
 And candle dipping!
 Next up Stokesay Castle - a little gem
 Fabulous carvings inside Stokesay - we wondered if that was a chastity belt - what do you think?
 Said 12 year old photobombing his Dad's photo - this will be scrapbooked very shortly
 Red Kites above Ludlow Castle (we thought they were red kites)
 Stokesay Church
 Snow by the side of the road was a tad scary in places but made for a fun 'on the move' photo.
 I loved the Woolly Mammoth!
 Only bit of crafting I did when away was three postcards for my Mum, niece and brother and sister

We really wanted to visit Wroxeter's Roman Villa that was featured on the Channel 4 series a few years ago, but were saddened to find it only had one room open, the rest was closed and looked more like a building site with lots of scaffolding etc on, whilst they repaired it!
 Said 12 year old trying the purple potatoes when we were away - we liked them - him not so much!
Said 12 year old ready for battle, the woman at Ludlow discussing the weapons and armour etc was fabulous, this was a light weight chain mail the one worn by the blokes there weighed 5 stone and apparently one of them could cartwheel whilst wearing full armour!
A day out at RAF Cosford, I like this missile it had wooden bits on that had been varnished, now who thought varnishing was an essential on such a thing!

Catching up with friends at Cosford was good too!
 The Iron Bridge that we remembered well but said 12 year old could not!

 Spending time with family!
 Doing the tar Tunnel at Ironbridge, a must just not great for your back!
Said 12 year old glass blowing, this was brilliant, spent loads of time with the glass blower who was there discussing glass blowing, furnaces etc - that kind of learning is terrific!
Enjoying a pint in the pub in Ironbridge, this poor pub was flooded 7 times this last winter, their kitchen was still struggling to re-open!
 Glorious sunsets!
Warm days inside when it was far too cold out, this one at Enginuity at Ironbridge, an incredible interactive museum!
I also got to meet Mr Watt there - he's wicked, a blacksmith, some metal, an imagination and the basis for a book!  If you get chance go and look at his work - truly fabulous (click Mr Watt above for link).
the fun of building our own arch
Said 12 year old just chilling at the cottage, I asked if he was OK, he said he was great and was just spending some time in his own company!
The rooms at Attingham brought to life by the fabulous volunteers, such a shame about the temperature in there - it was freezing!
 Family photos
 Dressing up fun - the hat was wayyyyyyyyyyy too big!
 Said 12 year old managing a photo of me and hubby!
The fun of a gallery type landing when you've taken shoe boxes, string and some cuddly toys!
And the guest book we left two full pages and came home exhausted.
This weeks gratefuls in no particular order.

  • Mail art from Donna when I arrived home
  • Special gifts from Sami - thank you hun much appreciated! 
  • Time with my niece
  • Making mini-books
  • Gifts being received
  • Having my hair cut
  • Being home 
  • Concerned PM's on Facebook when I've been a bit low and absent (thank you, you know who you are!). 
  • Hubby taking my car to be washed.
  • Not being at work (well for most of the week). 
  • Getting through the post holiday washing/ironing pile (well once I got to the end of it).
  • Help from said 12 year old to get his room sorted!
  • Boost drink 
  • Mexican wrap
  • Hubby 
  • Chatting with my Mum
  • Seeing my brother and sister
  • Said 12 year old having a friend over for the afternoon. 
  • Happify
I hope your week has been good as well.  Apologies for the length of this one (making up for the rather quick post last week).  

If you fancy joining in then pop yourself a blog post together and head back here to link up.  Your list doesn't have to be photo heavy (but it can if you like), it doesn't have to be long (but it can if you want it to be).  It just has to be heartfelt and if you think you've not had many gratefuls this week, then dig deep you'll be surprised at how many little things make your life truly better - go on I dare you! 

Friday, 5 April 2013


Morning all  it is

Now I'll be on my way back from a week away and so I'm preparing this in advance so I've no idea what my gratefuls will be - so let's try and guess and I'll update on return to let you know if I got any of them right.

  • Time to read 
  • Time 
  • Time to relax
  • Time to sleep
  • Time with hubby
  • Time with son
  • Just time
  • Time to breathe
  • Time to absorb
  • Time to write
  • Time to cook 
  • Time to find lovely new places
  • Time to explore old haunts
  • Time to take photos
  • Time just time 
  • Time to take stock
  • Time to plan
  • Time to remind myself who I am 
  • Just time 
You can see what I really really need is time, let's hope I manage it, Mr Linky for you all, and I'll catch up with all your gratefuls when I return.