Thursday, 31 May 2012


Yes that's right I'm posting because I can - a day off in front of me (albeit with a blood pressure monitor fitted) so what better way to start the day than to head over here and pop a quick post together - decision decisions what to post on here?  Ah actually I could do a Rock in Peace Resurrected CJ catch up all in one post, I've got three to show you - the first is the one I had last which was the Art Journal style Lyrics one of Kate's - for this one I let the picture guide me as I was struggling to find an image to work with, then found this and it worked perfectly for me!

I even glossy accented the title to give it a bit of additional dimension and overall I was really pleased with this one!
 Up close

Then Sarah's CJ - ooh now this one was fun I could have probably filled the box with 'altered covers' but settled on this one, using a silhouette of a man with a gun I had great fun creating this one!
 And the back
 And finally Liz's children's board book which I fought with a little but eventually came up with
I've really enjoyed this CJ up to now currently got a slight delay on receiving the next one but that gives me plenty of thinking time!

Hope everyone likes!

Sunday, 27 May 2012


Oh it's lovely out there but given the skin tablets I'm on I'm not allowed to sit in the sun because I might burn - having tested this theory yesterday when I was out for 10 minutes in the sun and came back in with a burnt shoulder - they are correct - shall not be doing that again in a hurry!

Sunday morning has consisted of the world's biggest ironing pile and that's official whilst hubby and said 11 year old made the mad dash to Toys R Us for the last lego freebie (thank goodness - not being funny but I'm sick of seeing this paper in my house - probably because as the week wore on we started buying multiples of the paper so said 11 year old could have multiples of the free lego)!  However on their return, we are now the proud owners of two Star War lego freebies, a pack of Skylanders and a packet of cress.

The ironing is done, the washer is on again and I've managed a rather cooling shower.  Hubby came back and mowed the front lawn so he's now sat with the fan on him - so main jobs done - hurray.

Yesterday I spent most of my time Steampunking everything - Andy Skinner style - hoping to do some more work on those later!

So the rest of Sunday stretches out - decision decision - what to do!

So emptying more of my blog folder - this photo was taken whilst we were away October half term last year and the wood burning in the fire - looked decidedly strange - like a face - it was a little eerie - so I took two photos one showing said 11 year old and the other showing the 'close up' fire face and then scrapbooked about it when I returned.
Up close, punched hearts with glossy accents and hand stitching as well as double matted photos!

Friday, 25 May 2012


I never ceased to be amazed at how quickly the weeks fly past, they really do race along at the moment - but here we are again, our moment to reflect on the week, to count our blessings, to be grateful for those silver lining moments and in amongst it a beautifully dedicated bunch of Rockettes that join me in this path each week to take stock.  All are welcome we would love to meet some new Rockettes or even a Rocker - just pop a blog post together noting your positives of the week then head over here link up and we'll all head over for a visit!

So without further ado
Crikey where to start

  1. I'm alive and I'm breathing and I'm getting to enjoy the sunshine and the blue skies - this week said 11 year old came home one of his friends at school has a Mum who is poorly again, I don't know the detail but I know said 11 year old's friend has stayed home to spend some time with her Mum this week which doesn't bode well and on the same day he explains that another friend's Mum died over the weekend, to say I'm gobsmacked is an understatement, she can't have been very old and I saw her frequently as she used to walk to school to collect her daughter, having gone through the anguish of losing a parent at a young age I know hard difficult this time will by.  You may be asking why am I talking about it here - on a grateful post - what is there to be grateful about such sadness - because it was my chance to talk to said 11 year old about why I do this post each and every week, to say that none of us have a guaranteed amount of time, to say that none of us know what is around the next corner and that we should never wish our lives away no matter how difficult and challenging.  My Rocking posts are my chance to take stock, we all race through life, cooking and cleaning and ironing and sorting and taxi-ing and all the other daily chores that most of us wish would just do themselves so we could do something else, but when in the last week did you actually stop and take stock - that's what this post is about.  So my grateful if just that - I am alive, I have a fabulous family, an amazing hubby a gorgeous son, I can appreciate the blue skies and the sunshine I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach, we can just about manage our bills, we live in a country that gives us the right to vote.  We can be ourselves and for all of these things I am truly grateful.  
  2. I am grateful for my blogging friends who communicate frequently and 'get' my need to craft.
  3. I'm grateful to Joanna for sharing the Book of Secrets link last week as I signed up and am having great fun creating steampunk
  4. I'm grateful for Carmen pointing me in the direction of ERA that turned into a rediscovery of Enigma and then hubby finds Magna Canta (not sure if that's spelt right) and discovering new music!
  5. I'm grateful for Sarah starting the collabor-art blog which has led to my pairs journal which is allowing me to explore art more freely in my book and in Donna's!
  6. I'm grateful to Donna for convincing me that we would make a great pair - she's right we do seem to compliment each other brilliantly!
  7. I'm grateful to have a fabulous Mum, chats with her recently haven't all centered around work (except the hour and a half conversation Wednesday night but we'll forget that one).
  8. I'm grateful my sister finished her assignments and sat her exam and we now have a summer to look forward to where we spend a bit more time together.
  9. I'm grateful that said 11 year old has finished his SATS.
  10. I'm grateful that I finally acknowledged that I need some help on the weight loss front - watch this space.
  11. I'm glad that our house is cool in summer when it's warm outside - I will whinge about it being cold in winter but for now it's nice to come into a cool house. 
  12. I'm glad hubby got the car sorted on Wednesday when the air-con stopped working on it - with it being a black car and this heat and no air con working it wasn't pleasant! 
  13. I'm glad I got up stupidly early on Thursday morning because it gave me down time! 
  14. I'm glad Charlaine Harris decided to put a plot in the book I'm reading, it was sadly lacking from the last one! 
  15. I'm glad it's pay day on Friday - hopefully if I hit the button and I'll actually get paid LMAO! 
There are so many other things I could list but for now I'm going to stop and thank you for reading and for sharing and thank you for being part of my life - I am blessed! 

Before I go and put up Mr Linky - some 12 x 12 crafting - now Susie I'm going to warn you that you may need to look away at the moment because this blog folder of mine is full I repeat full of Christmassy layouts - I'll get three put here to start to empty it but you may need to close your eyes for now! 

first up a photo we took at Chatsworth last Christmas 
 A mixture of things to create the title - all items from my stash that I was 'using up'
 The real stitching - in case you thought it was missing
 a very busy double layout - probably too busy but hey it's done!
 Then up close
 and again - the photo of the blue John crystal screen at the bottom left, below were bowls of spices - cinnamon and cloves etc - the whole area smelled of Christmas!
 Another one - Chatsworth is always themed at Christmas - last years was Christmas Carols and this area was While Shepherd's Watch their Flocks by Night with tiny ornamental sheep in the Christmas trees and giant sheep on the floor!  I loved the row of hung socks on a washing line - always do like a sense of humour
 Up close the title is a mix of different alphabet stamps
 and hearts that I've double matted and stuck on foam
Susie you can look back now - here's My Linky - hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead! 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Morning all and what a beautiful morning it is too - blue skies and sunshine - shame I have to go to work, thanks to everyone who commented the other week, I didn't get around nearly as many desks as I would have liked.  Following on from the comments this week I've added a couple of close up shots - but I'll keep the words brief as requested - hope you're having a great Wednesday

Lots going on on my desk at the moment as you can see, from online classes to 12 x 12 to mail art, to card making - you get the idea.  In fact the book open on the desk has the list of 'current' things I'm on with!
 Up close a 12 x 12 layout following a sketch that Kat my friend on UKS put on our group recently. from the studio challenges.
 The start of a book cover following the amazing no no AMAZING online course by Andy Skinner called - book of secrets - I've 'played' steampunk before but without great success - so am really pleased with this and it's still a work in progress!    I want to do his altered bottle course too!
 A stack of mail art waiting to be 'claimed' LOL - I made a batch of them a while ago so I was ready to go
 My first watercolour card using my new stamp - I found it very therapeutic!
 A sticky backed canvas page that I've used in my pairs journal on collabor-art blog, I was amazed at how much it curled up - really must get around to flattening the rest!
 And finally the other week I mentioned my time turner - this was a gift from hubby for Christmas, a replica of Hermoine's time turner from Harry Potter it sit's in it's own case on my desk all the time - it's much loved because it's something that I often say I wish was real - a way to turn back time and do even more with my day - I could go to work and stay at home and craft and play in one day - now that would be awesome!
 Off to link up with Julia and then to see how many desks I can 'hit' before I leave this morning!

Friday, 18 May 2012


Oh here again, still waiting for Summer to commence, still waiting for life to slow down and get calmer but it's time to put our moans and whinges to one side and consider the positives that have occurred this week?  It's
(or Saturday or Sunday or Monday you get the drift...)

Anyway what have I got up my sleeve this week let's see.

  1. Geo-caching last weekend that led us to a triangular building - we live a matter of a couple of miles from the follies of the Wentworth Woodhouse estate and see these follies from a distance constantly but I have never been up close to the building, I was confused with the building when I walked around the building to find a second door that looked just like the first one - it was amazing - right up to the point where DH pointed out that it only had three sides and I was back to the beginning LOL!  And we found the geo-cache to add to our day.
  2. Finding new supermarket's in town selling weird and wonderful things - awesome stuff! 
  3. Buying cheap food stuffs on the market rather than supermarket prices.
  4. Magazine buys on the cheap magazine stall and a couple of Jamie Oliver mags for £1.50 each - fabulous stuff.
  5. Working on my rock in peace resurrected circle journal has been such fun.
  6. Working on pairs journals - also much fun!
  7. Blood tests coming through from Doctors all good and fine (just need to sort the blood pressure now). 
  8. Working myself into the ground today (Thursday) in order that I can have Friday off - woo-hoo.
  9. Lavender oil in the oil burning - mmmmm - relaxing.
  10. Listening to the chillout albums - the Gregorian Chants on Sunday morning were most apt! 
  11. DH for providing a full reflexology treatment - sheer bliss - even if I did end up fast on afterwards LOL
  12. Asda delivering Thursday evening and it all being put away by the time I got home! 
  13. Flying fox shower gel from Lush - yum! 
  14. Tea pigs - tea - freebie in a Jamie mag - tried chai tea - most yum particularly with a bit of honey in - just need to buy some for real now!
  15. Said 11 year old making the Christmas cookie jar mix up and making delicious cookies - yum - not good for your waistline but yum all the same!
  16. Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows on DVD - not as good as the first - but still a good watch! 
  17. Milky coffee made in a coffee pot, served in cups and sauces - felt like I was playing house LOL!
  18. Getting the ironing out of the way first thing Sunday to leave the remainder of the day free.
  19. Playing with paint and ink and canvas this week and it being a work in progress so something to dip into whenever I fancy.
  20. Reading Dead Reckoning the one before the latest Charlaine Harris book my sister bought it for me last year and I've only just got round to reading, I'm hoping I'm just getting to the plot - as the one before this was disappointing and a little plotless, this seems to have a little more substance.
  21. Making muffins with hubby on Sunday morning for my Mum's coffee morning on Monday morning at the Charity Shop she manages - apparently they were down a treat, although there were enough left to freeze pending the next coffee morning! 
  22. Said 11 year old for working so hard on his Sats - bless him! He has tried so hard to keep going this week, roll on Friday afternoon! 
  23. Said 11 year old for creating the most imaginative lego structures ever!  Even if he does get a little frustrated when he discovers slight alterations to the same that either me or his Dad have done!  This morning he discovered a little lego man - attached by chain to the back of the truck he's built - being dragged on the floor - he was sooooooooooo not impressed. 
  24. The English Heritage app for the phone - genius and should be great when we are away in future as it shows the 'nearest' English Heritage places to visit. 
Well my lovely rockettes (and rockers if there's any out there that fancy doing a grateful post) that's your lot for this week. 

Before I link up with Mr Linky - a bit of crafting for you .

this one with said 11 year old enjoying the bell outside when we visited the mill at Fountains Abbey last year.  Using up old papers, old embellishments in the form of felt flowers, ribbons and stickers! 
 Up close - just to prove there is a bit of stitching on their - the buttons on the flowers were sewn into place!

I hope your week has proved positive and enjoyable. 

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Good Morning - can't believe it's almost a week since I last posted - where is the time going!  SATS week here so majorly stressed 11 year old, thankfully we've gone past the half way mark, he's got Maths Paper B today and two science papers tomorrow and then he's done - none of us can wait!

Anyway since I have such a lot of items still sat in my blog folder I thought I'd share a few things this morning, I've woken up to a bright morning with a bit of sun and it's raining - most confused?

This is a piece of mail art I sent on the Collabor-art blog - well received from what I understand
 and this is one received in return from Shirley
 Another one sent out recently
 and another
 and another
 and one received from Lorraine
 this is my pairs journal that I've received back from Donna and am currently working on - we've worked on our own, swapped then I worked on Donna's journal and now it's returned home and I'm back working on my own again - it really is making me think outside the box on some of my pages, so much so that last night I swapped some of my 'blanks' for other more interesting base pages - much fun!
 Inside Donna's journal - I extended her fabric of Paris - with paint on the left.
Layout wise this is one from a visit to the Forbidden Corner last year, if you look closely you can see said 11 year old at the bottom on the left hand side - hence the title are you a giant.  Made from two stumps of wood it was an amazing piece of art work hidden in the woods and was one of the last pieces that we found as well as being one of my favourites.
 Up close, hand stamping, hand stitching - the norm for me LOL  the journalling is hidden on a tag behind the main picture.
So there we have it a few bits of art to share!  Hope you are having a great day!

Saturday, 12 May 2012


Morning all, I was reading a blog post this morning about the versatility of the Portabello Road papers from Papermania, I did yet another layout with a Union Jack style page last night which was great fun.  I didn't think I'd 'empty' the pack, but that's what I've managed to do up to now - it's looking decidedly thin on the ground now which is only a good thing.  I've not managed to get it photographed yet - but thought I'd share a layout from when I first got the pack!

This was one of the first I did using the papers just as they were, however I did hand stitch around all the elements on the page and yes before you ask it did take an absolute age!
 Up close you can see the tiny handstitching in cream
Hope you are all having a great Saturday morning, the sun is shining here, hubby is reading a recipe book and we're listening to an Asian Lounge CD at the moment - bliss!

Friday, 11 May 2012


Well here we are again - Friday already, time to think about our week what's gone well, what's been the silver linings, what person has made your week, what contact have you had, what time have you spent in your own time for which you are grateful!  Each and every one of these are 'rocking your world' moments and these are the ones that we document on a Friday to retain a balance in life.
So without further ado this is the positives for my week!

Friday morning brought an inset day for said 11 year old so we had a slow start to the day, so slow he was still in PJ's when hubby arrived home at 11am - having taken half a days leave!  We headed to Meadowhall for a trip to Lush for some new shower gel amongst other things, discovered a 2 for £10 deal at a well known store so that was tea sorted, I had to take it slow because I was still mighty dizzy but I was happy to be upright and sharing time with my family.

Saturday brought about some dry whether so we decided to go and do a geo-cache (or three) for a change.  We headed to the woods that are a couple of mile from us, they are actually ancient woods which was news to me as they are only a stones throw from a mighty busy road and you can actually see the M1 from part of the woods so we were amazed and this is what we found

The entrance to the woods
then in the woods - we found this carpet of loveliness
Up close - how pretty are these
In the wood we found this
And some geo-caches along the way!
 Trying the new camera for taking photos that I can cope with LOL!
 After finding two in the wood we headed to Wentworth to try for a third - and visited for the first time this -
 The needles eye - part of the Wentworth Woodhouse estate this folly is up on the hillside, it's not wonky honestly - it's just the angle it's been taken at LOL, there are more near us but we managed this one and then said 11 year old decided three geo-caches were enough - which meant hubby found a pub for us to visit, a decent play area meant said 11 year old was happy.  It was so surreal, a decent beer garden on a bank holiday in dry weather that was empty - most strange!

A great day overall, Sunday brought another trip out to Brodsworth Hall this time up close - look how pretty these flowers are

 Photo as said 11 year old started exploring
 The quarry garden from on high
Overall a great day, enjoying some fresh air and blue skies - much needed!

Monday brought grey skies but we'd free tickets to Bang Goes the Theory in Sheffield, so off we trundled to an awesome science show with a great after show attraction.  Watching people blow things up on stage is always fun and that's what we got!

So the weekend was positive and fun and only a little bit wobbly!

Tuesday brought work which felt a bit - boo hiss!  But the evenings have brought crafting and discussions with blogging friends, chats on facebook and other niceties so it has been positive evenings and hard work day times.

I had a few crafting positives this week, receiving a blog win from Susie in the form of a scrapbook mystery book was awesome as were the gorgeous crafty gifts included, a gorgeous piece of mail art arrived from Lorraine as part of the Collaborart blog and Donna's journal arrived on Thursday my first pairs journal - and the book is gorgeous!

I've another journal due with me from the rock in peace resurrected blog tomorrow which will finish my crafty week off just grand.  I managed a double page layout this week that I'm really pleased with because I altered the paper so overall on a craft basis things have been good.

To really top my week off like a cherry on top, I've had some positives from bits of mail art sent out recently, most of which was unannounced, it's been lovely getting some positive feedback from people saying how much they enjoyed receiving the art and that it's amused posties up and down the land as they go through the hands of Royal Mail.  So much so that I've now got 20 mail art pieces in hand ready to fly from my hands to another recipient, such a shame Royal Mail has seen fit to charge 50p for a second class stamp, I really do wonder with such a massive hike in fees if this will detrimentally affect their business.

So here I sit on Thursday evening, absolutely shattered, slightly wobbly but overall good with my hubby and my son by my side - what could be finer!

Finally a bit of crafting for you -  entitled Blue Sky Day - I hope your day is full of blue skies
Up close torn strips of paper for journaling, embellishment spots and simple hand stamping create this accents as well as the embroidery thread running around the page!
So there we have it - what's been Rocking Your World this week?  If you think your week had been mediocre or not that great, dig deep and think about all those silver linings, glimmers of positives, little bits of happiness that have sprinkled your life like icing on the top of a cake and join in, throw yourself a post together pop along here and link up and we can all come and visit.  Don't stress if it's not today just when you get chance, it's a gift to give thanks for what we have whilst we have it!  And may you all have a truly beautiful and blessed week ahead.