Friday, 25 May 2012


I never ceased to be amazed at how quickly the weeks fly past, they really do race along at the moment - but here we are again, our moment to reflect on the week, to count our blessings, to be grateful for those silver lining moments and in amongst it a beautifully dedicated bunch of Rockettes that join me in this path each week to take stock.  All are welcome we would love to meet some new Rockettes or even a Rocker - just pop a blog post together noting your positives of the week then head over here link up and we'll all head over for a visit!

So without further ado
Crikey where to start

  1. I'm alive and I'm breathing and I'm getting to enjoy the sunshine and the blue skies - this week said 11 year old came home one of his friends at school has a Mum who is poorly again, I don't know the detail but I know said 11 year old's friend has stayed home to spend some time with her Mum this week which doesn't bode well and on the same day he explains that another friend's Mum died over the weekend, to say I'm gobsmacked is an understatement, she can't have been very old and I saw her frequently as she used to walk to school to collect her daughter, having gone through the anguish of losing a parent at a young age I know hard difficult this time will by.  You may be asking why am I talking about it here - on a grateful post - what is there to be grateful about such sadness - because it was my chance to talk to said 11 year old about why I do this post each and every week, to say that none of us have a guaranteed amount of time, to say that none of us know what is around the next corner and that we should never wish our lives away no matter how difficult and challenging.  My Rocking posts are my chance to take stock, we all race through life, cooking and cleaning and ironing and sorting and taxi-ing and all the other daily chores that most of us wish would just do themselves so we could do something else, but when in the last week did you actually stop and take stock - that's what this post is about.  So my grateful if just that - I am alive, I have a fabulous family, an amazing hubby a gorgeous son, I can appreciate the blue skies and the sunshine I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach, we can just about manage our bills, we live in a country that gives us the right to vote.  We can be ourselves and for all of these things I am truly grateful.  
  2. I am grateful for my blogging friends who communicate frequently and 'get' my need to craft.
  3. I'm grateful to Joanna for sharing the Book of Secrets link last week as I signed up and am having great fun creating steampunk
  4. I'm grateful for Carmen pointing me in the direction of ERA that turned into a rediscovery of Enigma and then hubby finds Magna Canta (not sure if that's spelt right) and discovering new music!
  5. I'm grateful for Sarah starting the collabor-art blog which has led to my pairs journal which is allowing me to explore art more freely in my book and in Donna's!
  6. I'm grateful to Donna for convincing me that we would make a great pair - she's right we do seem to compliment each other brilliantly!
  7. I'm grateful to have a fabulous Mum, chats with her recently haven't all centered around work (except the hour and a half conversation Wednesday night but we'll forget that one).
  8. I'm grateful my sister finished her assignments and sat her exam and we now have a summer to look forward to where we spend a bit more time together.
  9. I'm grateful that said 11 year old has finished his SATS.
  10. I'm grateful that I finally acknowledged that I need some help on the weight loss front - watch this space.
  11. I'm glad that our house is cool in summer when it's warm outside - I will whinge about it being cold in winter but for now it's nice to come into a cool house. 
  12. I'm glad hubby got the car sorted on Wednesday when the air-con stopped working on it - with it being a black car and this heat and no air con working it wasn't pleasant! 
  13. I'm glad I got up stupidly early on Thursday morning because it gave me down time! 
  14. I'm glad Charlaine Harris decided to put a plot in the book I'm reading, it was sadly lacking from the last one! 
  15. I'm glad it's pay day on Friday - hopefully if I hit the button and I'll actually get paid LMAO! 
There are so many other things I could list but for now I'm going to stop and thank you for reading and for sharing and thank you for being part of my life - I am blessed! 

Before I go and put up Mr Linky - some 12 x 12 crafting - now Susie I'm going to warn you that you may need to look away at the moment because this blog folder of mine is full I repeat full of Christmassy layouts - I'll get three put here to start to empty it but you may need to close your eyes for now! 

first up a photo we took at Chatsworth last Christmas 
 A mixture of things to create the title - all items from my stash that I was 'using up'
 The real stitching - in case you thought it was missing
 a very busy double layout - probably too busy but hey it's done!
 Then up close
 and again - the photo of the blue John crystal screen at the bottom left, below were bowls of spices - cinnamon and cloves etc - the whole area smelled of Christmas!
 Another one - Chatsworth is always themed at Christmas - last years was Christmas Carols and this area was While Shepherd's Watch their Flocks by Night with tiny ornamental sheep in the Christmas trees and giant sheep on the floor!  I loved the row of hung socks on a washing line - always do like a sense of humour
 Up close the title is a mix of different alphabet stamps
 and hearts that I've double matted and stuck on foam
Susie you can look back now - here's My Linky - hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead! 


  1. Cor blimey Virginia, that's a powerful ol' post. They always say don't they that when people from your own generation start to pass away it's a real wake up call - I think that's what probably prompts a lot of those mid life crises like the guys getting sports cars and tight trews, and people like my auntie dumping her poor husband and kids in the middle of a holiday in the med and running off with a local waiter half her age!!

    I'm hoping my mid life crisis when it hits will be something rather less home wrecking :)

    A big hooray for you well and truly getting your crafty mojo back, and for your young fella and lil sister finishing their exams and assignments

    and another big hooray for houses with nice thick walls that are cool in the summer - mine too - lovely

    now I just need your chap to come and fix the air con in my car (also a black car, also insufferably hot) - I think the gas bottle thing must need a top up

    have a fab week! I hope you get one of those elusive lunch breaks....

  2. Thank you for the warning!!!
    I don't mind LOs about Christmas's the prep for the next one that I try to avoid!!lol

    Seriously - how awful for those can be so cruel...and I agree with your list of gratefuls (#1) sad.
    Love the rest of your list too..enjoy your time with Melanie...:)

    Have a fabulous weekend.
    Sue xx

  3. an amazing list as always Virginia - you have an enormous amount of courage which I have huge respect for. Love the gorgeous layouts and I for one am thrilled to see Christmas any time of year :0)

  4. Hi honey, me thinks last friday I commented to you through Mr Linky!!! Opps. At laest my understanding of blogging is slowly coming together, I only realised Wednesday what a siiy mistake I'd made. Sorry to your Rockettes and yourself.
    You have been a busy bunny, your Christmas layouts are a fab colour, If only I could smell them too[cloves and cinnamon] bliss!

  5. Seriously Virginia, you say it so well. I don't know what I'd do without our Rocking posts now.

    Intrigued about the weight loss!

    Hurrah for cool houses (mine too!)

    I knew you and Donna were perfect for each other. I did. Your class sounds amazing too - what you've shown so far is gorgeous!

    Another amazing post and gorgeous pages. I want to start scrapbooking again. Where to start, where to start.

    Big hugs x x

  6. Wow, Virginia. Number 1 on your list stopped me in my tracks. And you're right, it's what this Friday post is all about. Being aware that life can change so quickly through no fault of our own and just to appreciate what we have at any one time. I'm so grateful to you for running this 'club', it REALLY makes me focus on what I'm fortunate to have in my life and it's really uplifting. I'm enjoying the Andy Skinner class too - I'm just at the stage where I'm ready to apply the black paint. I've been pretty busy with other stuff this week but I hope to do some of that later. Your book cover looks SO COOL! It's so good to read about all the crafting you're taking part in, it's so good for the soul.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


  7. Oh Virginia what a powerful post. My heart goes out to those poor children losing their mum. I also love being part of this 'club' as it does make you appreciate what you have. I will be doing something and think 'oh, i have to put that in my rocking post'. It makes me reflect on the past week, say my thanks for all my blessings, no matter how small they may be some weeks.Thank you so much for all your wonderful inspiring posts and reminding us of all the joyous things we have.
    Great scrapbooking pages as well x