Friday, 31 May 2013


Rocking Your World Friday - 22nd Friday of 2013 - if you've happened along her to see my ARC review for May and don't fancy reading the Rocking part of my post - scroll down until you see ARC in bold.

For the rest of you here's my Rocking post, a time to reflect, take stock and remember the positives of the things that have happened in the last 7 days.
Crikey hard week in places but there have been sunny moments and positives so lets focus on them.

Going to see Star Trek Into Darkness last Friday, fabulous film in 3D, we managed to get there mid-afternoon as said 12 year old finished early so win win.

Mixing jobs at home with fun evenings, we set to with the front garden which has been neglected for what appears to be an eternity, armed with the green bin (to put the garden waste in), shovels and forks, we set to reestablishing a small rockery at the front of the garden.  A quick jaunt to a local garden centre and we were set, weed suppressant fabric, some slate and some plants, within a few hours it had gone from a nondescript mess into a small manageable rockery.

The afternoon was spent reading and enjoying the weather, said 12 year old set his tent up because I was moaning that a day inside playing mine craft on Xbox was a waste - so this is what he did.

Set up tent, got his phone, reading light and alarm clock
 Comfy bed to enjoy his barbecue in and to play on Minecraft on his phone - honestly!
Next up this little guy whose had us giggling recently
Sunday was a fun day out at Crich Tramway Museum, where there was a bird of prey display
We found the Tardis, unfortunately the Doctor wasn't in.
We enjoyed a woodland walk along the sculpture trail
We posed for a photo
We had a picnic (well said 12 year old insisted on having a picnic on the blanket, rather than up to the tables!

A hair cut on Tuesday

Opticians on Wednesday were all positives.

Thursday was spent with family, keeping everyone close, and working hard to get things sorted, exhausting day but we felt like we'd achieved something as a result.  Albeit that it's been a mighty hard day.

Craft day with my Mum, sister and niece was also good on Tuesday.

The WW girls for being there, simply awesome all of them!

Right on with the ARC review for May

Arc Review
Ghost Town is book 9 in the Morganville Vampires series of books, I bought the first few from a discount book seller because I like Vampire books and they looked like a good read.  If I'm honest they are more like teen fiction, they aren't as complex or deep or naughty in an over 18 kind of way as the Sookie Stackhouses of the world, but they are an enjoyable read.  They merrily tumble along with ease, I've got to know the characters and the town in which it's based.

Morganville is home to Vampires, Claire who is the main character is an extremely intelligent girl whose ended up at Uni early as she's so clever and the story revolves around her, in each book she gets deeper and deeper into the town and the chances of her ever leaving seem remote if I'm honest.  She's still got a close group of friends and she's still in the middle of all the trouble at all times.

I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book but I did, if you see this group of books to buy and enjoy a quick and easy read then give these a whirl you shouldn't be disappointed.

I'll leave you with a layout and then Mr Linky for the Rocking post link ups

Finally Mr Linky

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Yes I think a Wednesday post is called for because I'm off work and because I can, the joys of having some time to myself, sometimes a bit dangerous (my brain engages and starts going into overdrive) but overall this week has been quite a pleasant little jaunt along, we've got eye tests to contend with this morning but other than that the day is our own.  We've woken to grey skies again but we made the most of the blue ones and the garden could do with a water, so I'm not stressing that we can't get outside.

So another bundle of layouts to share, these all from our first trip to The Deep at Hull, great day out for us all I wasn't really expecting it to be great but it was - so that's always nice!

First up the piece you can walk out on at The Deep to overlook the humber, the building is sort of boat-ish shaped and you've got a great vantage point to enjoy the view, however the central piece was taken up by a loving young couple enjoying the view for far too long - said 12 year old most frustrated and so the title quote - done once again on one of Mary-Anne's project life cards, I've seriously put these ones through their paces, so quick and easy to use and make a fabulous title to a page.  Mary-Anne's blog is here and the actual post relating to these cards is here 

Another page from the day, the ice wall inside, this is pretty awesome it has to be said so definitely photo time!
Then finally a double page piece using magenta papers at the back and the rest is off a Stampin Up kit I won from Carole as part of a UK Scrappers prize during their last cyber crop.  

Which put together look like this
And finally a photo at the end of the day outside the place, using the name plate pretty much as a title - more of Mary-Anne's freebies including the 'S' which can be found on her post here a little bit of hand stitching and some felt butterflies (which were placed on the photo to cover up a bin).  You can see from this that my favourite colours are definitely blues and greens which is why the stack of pink paper is forever growing!  
 Thanks for looking

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Hello all - how are you this morning, we've been promised a lousy day of rain and more rain so a craft day is planned with my sister, my niece and my Mum - should be fun, wonder if we'll actually get anything finished?

Anyway I've got a few friends who've decided to collaborate on an art project and it's started doing the rounds.  Mine started off spectacularly poorly with a very basic black and red design as I was running late to get it in the post.

However, I received my first one from Susie who had chosen a theme of steampunk - and her entry is beautiful as you can see (put this one first because Susie's seen it and if she doesn't want to see what I've done it doesn't spoil the 'surprise')
And this is my entry, a gelli plate background, die cut cogs.  Silver card stock, dry embossed and then black paint over it and wiped off to leave the black paint in the recesses.  Two strips of copper coloured paper hole punched and eyeletted, some real cogs from watch parts and a pair of copper wings added for effect (these were a freebie stamp on Craft Stamper recently) and I was done, the piece is now in the hands of Sarah.
This is the collaborative artwork up to now, can't wait to see how this one develops.

Monday, 27 May 2013


Well we've had a good weekend up to now, albeit that I'm feeling utterly shattered at the minute.  So today the plan is to do pretty much nothing which = crafting.  I've managed a 12 x 12 layout up to now, said 12 year old is plonked in front of a film which he's taped and hubby - well he's doing what he normally does these days - he's baking, this morning we've got biscotti - new flavours, orange chocolate and almond, and the other one he is doing is pistachio and cranberry - I swear I'm getting wider as we speak!

On the grounds I have a load of 12 x 12 layouts to photograph, I thought I'd put a few together in a single post to clear them out of my blog folder.

This one from our visit to The Deep last year, I loved these papers that I bought in a stack, blends of blues and greens - no flowers and quite quirky which definitely suit layouts of said 12 year old!

On this one I documented how we are more than just Mum and son we are good friends too.

On the same day trip out, I've done a layout to document his obsession with cuddly turtles - he can't help himself it's just one of those things! I managed some hand stitching on this one too.
Then this shot of him with his Nerf gun from last birthday, I love the powerful colours of Nerf and said 12 year old was wearing a lime green t-shirt - awesome stuff!  The journal cards that I've got on quite a few of my layouts recently are from Mary-Anne's blog where she's is continually offering fabulous freebies for personal use,  most of these are project life cards but I've found them just as much fun to use on layouts.  If you want the two elements on this layout (the quoted card and the 'why you are wonderful' then see this link and this link - thank you Mary-Anne, the cards really add to the layouts!
This one is using up elements from a Stamping Up freebie that I got from Carole when I won a raffle on UK Scrappers, the set was fabulous and just a few added elements really brought the page alive!
So thank you to all who helped make these layouts - LOL the added elements really make a difference.

Saturday, 25 May 2013


Morning all - hope the weather is fine and bright and sunny where you are, it's a blue skies day in Yorkshire this morning - bliss.  Hubby cooking pancakes at the moment and we are sat chatting, had a lovely morning up to now, just chatting and giggling it's good for the soul!

I keep forgetting to share what I've put on the Collaborart blog - so having a sort thought my blog folder I thought I'd show a circle journal I've been working on recently that is a fabric journal.  I was somewhat concerned about working on it initially but once the sewing machine was dusted off and I had a look through I managed to produce this. The inspiration came from the lyrics of the track in which the words were 'holy cow I love your eyes' - I couldn't help myself!
Up close you can see the angel 'wings' and the halo.  The background was gelli print fabric, the rest was predominantly felt with hessian and a bit of fabric (the eyes) added in for good measure. 
Oh and leather for the patches
Part of the collaborative side of the blog is to add to previous pieces, so on this one I added the bars.
Little 'ghost' fishes on this one
The 'frame' either side of the left top piccie.
which you can see better here
A little bit of a quilting stitch on this one
which again you can see better here.
Another quilting stitch around the title on this one
Which you can see here slightly better (although the photo is slightly blurry)
And finally I added the ribbon circle around the edge and the applique on the bodice.  
 Slightly better view of it here.
The worry of adding to someone's artwork is getting easier as we do more collaborations, if you fancy seeing other work then check out the Collabor-art blog! 

Friday, 24 May 2013


Where are these weeks going to - honestly it does make you wonder, blink and I'm at Thursday night again reflecting and taking stock and finding the positives, I've had a hard day so having a good think about the week might improve my mood - let's see because it's
Well let's see last Friday night saw operation history homework commence, the task to make a castle - well that's what said 12 year old had decided on and I saw fit to open my mouth and say - well we did do a gingerbread castle once didn't we and that was it the seed was sown and there was nothing we could do about it.  So Friday was baking night, for anyone who hasn't created elaborate gingerbread buildings before let me tell you it's hard work, but work he did, he managed the first batch of gingerbread pretty much on his own rolling and cutting the templates out.  However, recutting them when they were out of the oven and still scolding hot however was a no go area so me and his Dad did that.  Four hours baking I tell you that's some serious dedication!

Saturday was not surprisingly spent assisting said 12 year old with construction, first off he had to make the 'glue' to stick the building together which is a mix of egg white and icing sugar - this is him enjoying the fact that there was more icing sugar in the air than in the bowl!  
then gluing the sides together - I know it looks like hubby is covered in icing but I can assure you that he is actually wearing what we call painting gear and the white splodges are actually old emulsion paint that won't wash out!
Then we were happy to leave him to it, armed with plenty of sweeties and some coloured icing he spent the remainder of the weekend, decorating and tinkering including his jelly baby army!
 You'll have to forgive the rather macabre look of the castle - but after all he is a boy!

He also had to make a book detailing how castles were used and for this we used the many photos we've got of us at castles looking at various attributes on the same, I left him to it on the book and let him loose with papers and stamps as you can see.  He did the write up on the computer and cut it out!
 And here it is all finished!
Next rocking moment - we managed a bit of a sort around in one of the rooms on Saturday which has meant the house flows better.  We actually  moved one of my craft cupboards but now it's been moved I think I'll have to sort it again because I can't actually find anything in it!

Sunday I tootled around the garden, cutting and mowing and strimming and tidying and it felt a lot better for it, now with all the rain we've had it'll be due for another cut soon - oh well it was the thought that counts and I really did enjoy just spending a bit of time outside, it's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for you!

Monday was gig night - we dragged said 12 year old along to the Thunder/Whitesnake/Journey gig, had a great evening didn't stop for the final act (Journey) as it's not our cup of tea and said 12 year old had school the following day!  We came out very happy singing away and very very deaf!
Tuesday was Operation Castle Move - when we had to get gingerbread castle from A to B in one piece, with lots of instructions from said 12 year old when I was driving like "mind that pothole, Mum" we pulled up at the school gates with castle in box and still intact.  The positive from Tuesday was the positive response that said 12 year old got from school, his history teacher thought it was fantastic and brought another history teacher down to have a look.  Said 12 year old was made to do his presentation first, so win win overall and after all the presentations were finished after Wednesday's lesson - they ate it!  Thank goodness for that - I warned him not to bring it home!

Wednesday saw a hospital appointment for me with my tablets continuing for two more months which is what I wanted albeit that I am tiring of the side effects but hopefully I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

Said 12 year old had a school friend over for tea on Wednesday, it was fantastic to listen to them chatting in the TV room playing on Xbox, the laughter was unbelievable, its great to see him forging stronger friendships.

Another Rocking moment was catching up with my sister by phone, she's busy doing assignments for her 2nd year at uni and I haven't had a proper catch up in ages so it was good to have a proper chat with her.

Thursday well it's been a funny old day weather wise and said 12 year old has been on a geography field trip but managed to dodge all but two rain showers.  He was however, very low when he got in as one of the girls he's got to know really well has decided to move to a different school, he was quite teary when he got in, but held it together at school and why has this made my Rocking list, because it means he can still be emotional and have a good cry and tell his Mum and Dad, when he needs to.

And now I have a day off to look forward to on Friday - mmmm now what can I get up to?

I hope your week has had some silver linings and positive moments to make it that bit special, it's always amazing when you look back at how many positives exist in our lives if only we would take note of them.  If you fancy joining us in our Rocking post then just pop a post together, come back, link up and we'll come and visit, we love new people to join in, it doesn't have to be every week, it doesn't have to be a long write up like mine, bullet points are fine, if it reminds you then that's what counts and it doesn't have to be on a Friday !

I'll leave you with a layout, because I can this one the closing stageset of Macbeth that we saw and were naughty getting a quick photo at the end after all the actors had left the stage - Macbeth's head on a stick (very apt given the macabre castle) and then said 12 year old's lego version!

Mr Linky for my fellow rockers and rockettes