Friday, 3 May 2013


Tis Friday again, the first in the fifth month of the year, fifth month??? How did that happen? No really how did that happen, that's crazy stuff anyway, time to take stock and offer up the grateful moments that have occurred this week as it's

  1. Blue skies 
  2. The birds sounding happy in the garden
  3. The cat several doors up from us finding a field mouse and chasing it around, the mouse got away - the cat looked confused - made me giggle watching her! 
  4. A trip out with hubby and son last weekend to the local English Heritage place enjoying our first visit of the year  Had a fantastic time just enjoying the sunshine and the time with each other. 
Me and said 12 year old - hadn't realised it was going to be a close up - we were miles away! 
 Just enjoying each others company
 5.  Giggling at said 12 year old revisiting his 'youth' he was way too big for this!
6.  Spending time crafting, completely filling my desk with pretty much anything and everything, is it just me that waits until I'm working on a 2" square part of my desk before deciding it needs a tidy?
7.  Taking a few days off when I fried myself at work, even if it did take me one of those days to adjust.  
8.  Hubby giving me strict instructions to craft and leave everything else!  
9.  Listening to relaxing music in our bedroom after I've had a soak in the bath
10.  'Chatting' on line to lovely crafting people loving the groups I'm part of on there. 
11.  Game of Thrones - just started watching this series and thoroughly enjoying. 

So there you have it - there have been other positives along the way but these are my main ones

I'll leave you with a layout and Mr Linky so you too can join in with a 'Rocking' post if you fancy, we are a small band of people who acknowledge the silver linings in our week and are always happy to meet some new rockers/rockettes so join in if you fancy and pop back and link up. 

A photo from the Beyond Limits exhibition at Chatsworth last year, I loved this particular sculpture! 


  1. Fantastic photos of you and said 12 year old! And oh my gosh...Game of Thrones, I got hooked on the books as well. :)

    Here is to crafting and mental health breaks and supportive husbands and adventures. A glorious week by the sounds of it. I hope you are refreshed and refilled for the next week.

  2. Sounds like you had a good week and your deserved unwind was successful! Loved seeing you and said 12 year old in the photos... Have a great weekend.

  3. You have a top husband (but I guess you knew that!) who orders you to spend a day crafting! He knows what you need. I'm loving the look of your workdesk, it's mad!!!

    Great pics of you with said 12 year old :)

    I hope you have a lovely long weekend!


  4. Lovely photos Virginia and glad you were able to take some 'chill' time.

    Have a fab weekend.

    Toni xx

  5. I have a photo just like that of Devvie on one of those playground things and it had boinged backwards so she was practically sitting on the ground and she's nearly wetting herself she's laughing so much and so are we and she's screaming for help but me and her nan are to busy in fits of giggles and taking photos! Great fun.

    Lovely piccie of you and said son, am glad they are zoomed in ;)

    Hooray for hubby making you chillax, hope this week is easier work wise. Hope it's a good 'un all round. Big hugs x x x

  6. Hi Virginia, just had a good read of your blog and got all caught up again, so sorry its been so long im just not in a blogging place right now! Some lovely photos of your family and you and some great scrapbooking pages x