Sunday, 31 August 2014


Good morning, so I've been playing with the kit that Jen sent for the August Wear Crafts 12 Pledges kit - it is gorgeous, lots of blues and turquoise, splash of red and seaside and water themed - what more could I ask for.  So without further ado this is my first layout.

I loved the boxey style paper, so cut the outer boxes as a border which I think really works.  I inked and stamped the background cardstock which I added to the kit, added a shaped edged, cut the fabulous wave paper and got to work

The photo was taken at Bridlington earlier in the year.  I added the lettering from a sheet I previously got from Wear Crafts and then added a little bit of hand stitching.

I'd actually run out of the letter 't' in this set so played with the letter 'l' with a white pen and a marker pen, up close you can just about make it out but from afar - not so much! 

So you'll be asking where to get this kit from - well head over to Jen's Wear Craft website

Fancy some more inspiration then check out fellow DT Lesley's blog posts 

or our leader herself - Jen's blog 

And did I mention the cost of the kit - £5 - that's right £5, fancy a few extras, Jen usually has some fab add on elements you can buy too - so what are you waiting for! 

Friday, 29 August 2014


Good morning one and all here we are at Friday already and it's time for

Oh what a week we've had - now stop fretting it's been grand.  Living at a converted granary for a week in a beautiful part of the world has been utterly bliss. 

So first up Bowes Museum - we had it on our list and it twas lovely!  

The Silver Swan is well worth a watch when it's working an amazing automaton we loved it!

The glass rods creating the moving water and the little fish swimming were fab too

Then High Force, really a force of nature worth taking the time out to visit, we were there on a calm day - I kid you not! 

And on a calm day you can get seriously close!

Raby Castle we couldn't take photos inside (which is a great shame) but loved the privately owned, privately lived in Castle!

The views of the Castle from the walled garden are awesome and it reminded me much of Alnwick Castle which is a personal favourite! 

The end of a long touristy day should definitely look like this!

Growing up involves teenagers ordering themselves a pot of tea - go figure!

Hamsterley Forest is a must visit - particularly if you have bikes with you (which we didn't but I still loved the Gruffalo trail - even if it involved said 13 year old rolling his eyes at me and saying the word 'Mum!!' a lot - other Mum's with teenagers will appreciate where I'm coming from on this)!

A day trip to Beamish and the Masonic Hall - I still love this Hall and all its secrecy and rituals - makes me want to go home and read Terry Pratchett (Guards Guards).

A drink in the pub - said 13 year old discovered his love of Rose Lemonade - it tastes likes Turkish Delight!

Then the fabulous  bag of chips - lad really wanted a portion of chips at Beamish - the one hour queue at lunchtime was definitely at the 2 hour length - so jaunting down at 3.20pm when they shut at 3.30pm was brave but bless the staff for keeping going, a 15 minute wait and he had the chips he desperately, no I say that again DESPERATELY wanted!

Can I just say I love this pig - she was awesome on our walk around the farm at Beamish!

End of the day! 

Mischief 1 and 2 at Beamish!

Now the next day I'd made contact with Jen, our wonderful, amazing leader of the Wear Crafts design team (and very obviously it's owner) and went to visit in her craft space and not only got to meet Jen but got to meet her wonderful Mum too!  Thank you both for a wonderful reception, for the cuppa teas and for letting me meet some of the wonderful crafters that meet up at Wear Crafts for fantastic craft classes!

Now Jen was not only an amazing hostess but she also suggested a place to spend the remainder of our day when we were leaving and oooh can I just say THANK YOU JEN IT WAS FAB!  We went to Souter Lighthouse run by the Nation Trust, an amazing no I say again AMAZING place to visit.  We ventured up inside the lighthouse, got chatting to all the amazing staff and volunteers that made the place work so seamlessly!

There are fabulous coastal places to visit from Souter which I can thoroughly recommend.

Today saw a visit to Hartlepool and the historic Quay and amazing ship that has been so lovingly restored.

I loved this sign.

The ship (and the blue skies which made it really special).

The coffee shop and the company!

Mischief 1 and 2 on the ship the HMS Trincomalee!

Looking at the exhibits

 Blue skies

Interactive pieces

And the beautiful views!

Climbing the mast despite my utter fear of heights!

Locking hubby up for being naughty!

And reflecting on a fabulous week, beautiful home for the week, getting to venture out find amazing places and spaces, loving mother earth and getting to meet friends in real life - utterly blessed that's the only way to describe it! 

Hope your week has been rocking, I've got to try and make Mr Linky work - which is probably not possible, so just leave a message and a link and we'll come and visit and I'll work it out when I get home. 


Friday, 22 August 2014


Good morning one and all and here we find ourselves at Friday again, I swear these weeks are speeding up!

So this week I find myself being grateful for honest tradesmen - we knew we had a problem with the boiler, I managed to find and source a local repairman using a local forum, not only did he come out and have a look Friday but he returned on Saturday to do the work, it didn't take as long as expected.  He thanked us for moving furniture out of his way to make his life easier and that as we say is that!  So despite the bill (although even that was far less than we'd been quoted by other 'big' firms and that was with an additional job added in) we are now (all being well) prepared ready for the cooler mornings and evenings - yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next up hubby for putting up with my whimsical ideas - oh the boilers mans has gone - let's paint the hall stairs and landing (at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon), his answer - OK then!  So that's what we did, emulsioned Saturday, glossed Sunday morning, job done now all it needs is carpet and bits and bobs - but we've done the hardwork involved - yay!!!!!

A meeting on Monday being shorter and less difficult than expected and closes another chapter which I'm quite happy to close - yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next up the highlight of the week, the all male theatre group - Lord Chamberlain's Men, entertaining us with Romeo and Juliet at Chatsworth house a fabulous evening, sat in hiking chairs, drinking hot coffee, wrapped in blankets - utter bliss!  If you get chance to see them then do, we saw them last year at Bamburgh Castle and this year at Chatsworth and enjoyed both evenings - fabulous!

Productive meetings at work - always good.  Completing work jobs - again always good.

Helping others - another positive for the week.

Our 13 year old - an absolute treasure and we've had lots of hugs this week when he knows I've been having a tough time which has made me smile.  Here he is ready to watch the play, woolly hat on, feet up, great company!

Now as this week draws to a close I'm aware of friends and family in my life facing significant challenges, my thoughts and prayers are with them over the coming days, weeks and months!

If you fancy joining in, then blog it, pop back, link it and we've come and visit it!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Good morning, Tuesday and what a day Monday was, I need another time turner day today and so does hubby so fingers and toes crossed on that front!

My last two layouts from my counterfeit kit this month, first up a simple matted design documenting our stay at The Granary recently, I added some little wooden clouds and half of a heart doily which I'd sprayed with ink.  simple but effective.

Took the centre out of this one and put grey card stock behind, a strip of typography type paper, a fabric flower attached with a brad.  I didn't add a title as felt the photograph more than covered it!

Hope you have a splendiferously scrapping Tuesday!

Monday, 18 August 2014


Good morning, well it's Monday already, not sure how that happened, blink and it arrives I tell you.  Got a busy busy week ahead of me, with work added into the equation it might also feel like a long one, but we'll see.

I'm still sharing my counterfeit layouts this month, so without further ado, me and said 13 year old in the Muniments Room at Hardwick New Hall, this is where all the deeds and paperwork linked with the surrounding area would be kept - for me and said 13 year old though, we thought it looked like Ollivander's shop from Harry Potter - hence the title wands!

Next up the giant rusty nail we 'found' in one of the gardens at Hardwick, a piece of modern sculpture - one of my favourites!  A shaped page, strip of paper hearts and ink, a little splash of journalling and a title and it was done!

So there we go hope you have a happy scrapping day ahead of you!

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Good morning, tis Sunday already, the weekend flying by, although I may well have had a time turner working yesterday as we seemed to cram in a fair amount.  Well I think it was a fair amount; had a cooked breakfast, boiler man came out to power flush system and sort the expansion vessel on boiler ready for winter, took said 13 year old to lock n load, popped to B&Q to buy some paint, came home, painted hall stairs and landing (just glossing to sort), hubby made a lovely tea of pan fried salmon, salad and sw chips, watched some rugby 7's, showered, had a snooze on the sofa and watched From Paris with Love in bed with hubby!  Like I said busy!

So thought I'd share a couple more layouts from my counterfeit kit this month.  First up another photo taken using my phone and a free app (so I can do the journalling on the photo - win win).

I used a precut shaped paper to draw around and cut the shape out.  Put a contrasting strip of paper that I'd hole punched across the middle.  Added a sprinkle of white stars and did some hand stitching around elements of the edge.

Next up is a panoramic photo that we did when on Flamborough Head beach.  I typed the heading and journalling on my PC and printed onto a sheet of paper.  Additional strips of contrasting paper and this was a simple but effective layout.

So there we go two more layouts.

Saturday, 16 August 2014


Good morning, more layouts from my counterfeit kit this morning, the first one is a favourite, it took me a while to work out how to get all three photos on the layout and retain the shape of the cut out black element.  But finally the penny dropped and I managed it.

I journalled around the edge of the black, added some stitching using an arrows stitching template and free hand cross stitch, a simple title and it was done!

Photo taken of said 13 year old in front of Barricade and Bumblebee at the local cinema earlier in the summer, we still haven't got to see the film mind!

Then using some 6 x 6 elements and some cut outs, this one has an interactive element in the tag pull out of the pockets.  I added strips of left over paper to break the layout up.

Photo taken at Flamborough Head beach (another one LOL).

Hope you are having a happy scrapping day!

Friday, 15 August 2014


Tis Friday, time to take stock and look back at the last 7 days!

Another pound lost at slimming world meaning 10lbs in 2 weeks - quite happy with that.

Lots of lovely new recipes being tried as well - the double bacon burger, chips and homemade coleslaw was pretty spectacular it has to be said and yes I am eating that and losing weight!   We also made a Brazilian fish casserole which was mighty tasty too!

The days at work tripping along at a merry old pace and having a cup of herbal tea!

Said 13 year old for having us rolling with laughter, he is so funny to be around at the moment!

Hubby - because he's fab and I don't tell him enough!

Anniversary flowers from a few weeks ago still going strong

Spending a lovely few hours shopping with said 13 year old - yes I did say that all in one sentence - we were school uniform shopping but it was nice to wander and have a look around etc and natter - fab stuff.

Catching up with my lil sis after her first 12 hour shift - she said it was exhausting, but that she might go back for another day LOL!

Free Christmas stamps in a magazine I bought - it's the small things!

Another fab day making layouts with my Mum, sister and niece last weekend, it was a bit more fraught than the previous week but just as much fun!   Just to show how much my Mum and niece wind each other up

Hubby for fitting a new bedroom door, a first for him and now the door closes which is a novelty because the last one hasn't shut for the last 10 years!  You'll have to forgive the yellowy tinge I took this photo late at night when the lighting wasn't great!

And that my lovely people is this weeks list, I hope your week has been rocking too, if you fancy joining in, pop a blog post together, come back link up and we'll come and visit!