Friday, 28 October 2011


So here we are at the end of yet another week and this one sees October drawing to a close, where has the month gone, come to that where has the year gone, another month and we'll be dragging out the Christmas decs!  Oohhh yes we will... but before then we've got Rocking Your World Friday

Now this is a post that is being done in advance - sooooo let's see how close I get to reality shall we (Actually I'm reading this on Thursday via a Wifi connection - shall I re-do or just edit the bits that appear to have missed the mark slightly - me thinks a slightly edited version will do you for now).

Well it's been beautiful autumnal weather all week hasn't it, blue skies, crisp mornings, beautiful colours on the trees we couldn't have asked for better...  (Actually it's not been bad, bit breezy on a couple of days out, bit wet occasionally, a massive lightening storm on Tuesday evening, but all in all we've managed to dodge the raindrops not such a bad week at all).

We've enjoyed family time away to relax and take stock, to brush off the cobwebs and be ready for the rest of the year, we've had some fabulous days outs venturing to Richmond (actually we've not done this one yet, it is scheduled for Friday but we'll see - we were going on Wednesday until we found out the castle was shut - what wrong with places do they not know it's half term?) and to the Forbidden Corner (well that's a story all on it's own, the one where the child triggered the water and Mummy was stood on the stone that had the water jets on - yes you can stop laughing - did I get wet?  Nope I got absolutely totally and utterly drenched and had to walk around for hours more in extremely wet cold trousers - I can laugh about it now but at the time it wasn't the most pleasant of feelings).

We've enjoyed the woodburning fire and toasting marshmallows.  (Again a bit of a lie to be honest, the only marshmallows toasted dripped all over my magazine, then my hand, then the floor - it wasn't a pretty sight I can tell you - since then the boys have been merely making the worlds biggest fire and we've abandoned the marshmallows).    

We've enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the area we are in, we've enjoyed a time to be with each other.  Actually this one is spot on although the word tranquility with the number of crows outside the window in a morning and the owls at 4am - probably doesn't quite fit!  However, we have enjoyed having time together as a family. 

We've had quiet evenings and lazy mornings, we haven't run around everything in the hope we can get it all covered, but spent time just enjoying time with each other and the world around us. What planet was I on, not run around doing everything - that would mean spending time just chilling with hyperactive hubby and an 11 year old on my hands that hasn't happened, we've done Cold Stones Cut, Fountains Abbey (twice), the Forbidden Corner, Middleham Castle (because it was there as and we were sailing past), we've done Jervaux Abbey, Brimham Rocks, The Chocolate Factory, The Tea Pottery, The Arts Festival, Theakston's Brewery, and it's only Thursday morning!

We've done a bit of art of an evening (no we haven't we've done a glass of wine, a coughing fit and sleep) and played board games (actually card games but it's close enough).  The boys took the nerf guns so there have been a few fun evenings where they've been playing with that. Twaddle 11 year old and hubby have been building fires or 11 year old has been hanging teddies over the top bannister - it looks quite gruesome really - however, this morning he's trying to make them harnesses with an egg box and some string.    Overall it's been a calm week, where we've been able to recharge our batteries.  Twaddle I'm knackered looking forward to going home for a rest. 

And now as we head into November, we've got a house to get sorted (I kid you not), that TV room has to be done and fairly pronto when we get back, so it'll be all hands on deck to see what we can achieve!  Any volunteers?  It's a big room and there is a lot to do!

A bit of crafting

 and close up - me finally finding a way to use those Twiddley Bits!

I hope your week has been just as 'Rocking' as ours, if you are joining in leave a comment with your link to your blog so we can come and visit (no Mr Linky this week at the mo)

Friday, 21 October 2011

ROCKING MY WORLD FRIDAY (best grab a cuppa this is a long one)

Good morning fellow bloggers, how are you this fair morning and how fair my Rockettes?

It's a cold and chilly morning and today brings the need to stay in for a delivery grrrrr, packing grrrrrrrrrrrr but this leads to time away from tomorrow hurray!!!!!!!

So what kind of week have you had because it's
This week has been a strange mixed one?  Work - well enough said about that.  Cough stilll here - apparently according to the Doctor, it's no better but no worse - so antibiotics again for yours truly me thinks!  I am grateful for the Doctor seeing me though, and making sure things weren't taking a turn for the worse - so that's a grateful even if a weird one.

Evening craft sessions, I'm on with a few things this week, managed a few 12 x 12 layouts, managed to finish a mini book, managed the start of the altered clipboards.  Clipboards purchased from Staples at a cost of £2.99 each, they are 'normal' sized and are just a hard board backing.  Up to now I've covered them in paper and inked or painted the edges.  Said 11 year old has selected which one for which teacher, now I need to tart them up a bit with ribbon and names on them, think I'm going to go for die-cut name on these, although did give said 11 year old the opportunity of a stamped name.  Might do a couple of post it note holders to add to the 'gift' to finish it off - but not sure yet and haven't ever made those so they should prove interesting!  I'll take photos once completed.  I'm using up paper from the many many paper stacks I have lurking around, using papers that I couldn't quite honestly ever see me using!

I know I mentioned an age ago - my niece making myself and said 11 year old some awesome birthday cards, but then I forgot to share them - so here they are.

Said 11 year olds
Mine - aren't they gorgeous! 
Games night at home, we managed a second one of these on Wednesday evening and despite a few tears (said 11 year old isn't a great loser he sooooooooooooooooo reminds me of someone I knew when I was little LOL).  He dragged down the giant Monopoly board and we set a time limit of an hour, I managed to wipe the board with both him and my hubby and said 11 year old got more and more frustrated until we explained that the game was really 'won' by the dice because it all depended on where everyone landed, what they bought and what number they threw that gave the game to the eventual winner - not sure he's convinced but I don't want to abandon games night.  It might be difficult for him to get but I'm all for children (and adults sometimes) learning to 'lose' at things like games, it brings out the competitive edge and as most of life turns into some sort of competitiveness at some point I don't think there is any harm in learning the jubilation of a 'win' or the disappointment of a 'lose'.  So we'll keep going and see if he starts to enjoy the games night irrelevant of the 'win' or 'lose' scenario!

Next up is Carmen's Secret Santa, now I'm giggling because I have a feeling that by the time we are done, it might not be as 'secret' as we hoped, the reason behind this, well quite a few of us that have signed up have well known 'styles' so I'm wondering how many of us are going to work out who has 'sent' to us!  LOL but if it gets me in the Christmas spirit during November and provides a gift for an amazing person then that can only be a good thing!

Right me thinks that might have to do you this week but I'm liking that as a list overall aren't you?

Crafting wise, well I've still not got around to photographing anything recently so still dragging things out of the blog folder that have been there 'forever' a photo from our foreign holiday about three years ago!
 Close ups - the title, was using a small tag punch, inked at the edges, stamped in the middle, eyelet at the centre, raised on form dots with some ribbons through.
 and of course the hand stitching, one of my all time favourites, as most of you know!
So there you go and the question What's Rocking Your World this week?

Mr Linky below, I'll prepare a post in advance for next week but there will be no linky on that one, so don't forget to leave your comments and I'll try and publish them as I go next week!

Friday, 14 October 2011

ROCKING MY WORLD FRIDAY (best grab a cuppa this is a long one)

Good Morning Rockers and Rockettes - how fair thee this morn?  For tis Friday which means...

Well I'm sat here on Thursday night and well I'm still not well, the cough has now gone into a full blown head cold with ruttly chesty cough to boot, so now I'm fully poorly rather than just ridiculous cough, problem is with one day of antibiotics to go this doesn't bode well for being clear of all the grim crap now does it - but I'm also sat with a glass of wine - nope I'll rephrase that - with an empty glass - hold up...

glug glug glug

Yeah full again!!!!

So this week, well I could be miserable and tell you how I've coughed and sneezed my way from beginning to end, how I should be a stockmarket holder of shares in Halls Mentholyptus but that's not what Rocking Your World posts are all about - so you get this version...

You may recall said gift for an old school friend to celebrate her daughter's 1st birthday - basically I got to play with pink paper, well I know when I shared it that it had been received and that she liked it which made me smile, last Friday afternoon, I headed back from picking up said 11 year old to find our next door neighbour wandering down our drive with a big bunch of flowers... "they're pretty" my brain said to me... why is she walking towards me with them... I'm so confused...

"I took these in for you..." she declares

I was utterly utterly bewildered - who on earth had sent me a bunch of beautiful Interflora flowers? 

Yes you guessed it Karen had sent me a bunch of the most exquisite flowers, I was gobsmacked I'd sent her a birthday gift for her daughter and she sends me a bunch of flowers to say thank you - I was utterly completely and utterly overwhelmed and I've told her that she has to promise not to do anything as mad, crazy and utterly unexpected again because - well - because I loved making a gift for her to document her daughter's birthday and I loved that she liked it even more... but I have to say that the flowers were utterly utterly beautiful so here they are (forgive the things in the background - focus on the flowers!!!!)

So a big ... no ...a huge thank you to Karen for managing to render me speechless last week!

Saturday brought a day trip to Magna and an RSC production of Hamlet, neither my brother, my sister or my brother's girlfriend Fi had ever been to Magna so they took great delight in wandering about, I must admit it is a fairly awesome place to go to when you've not been before, just the enormity of the steel works is something to stop you in your tracks!  We had great fun venturing into the air, water, fire and earth section.  Fi and John particularly enjoyed trying out the JCB's in 'Earth' - something apparently my brother has been wanting to do since he was little and given his ability if he ever decides to venture in that direction he's got the knack when it comes to managing the trials and tribulations of a JCB bucket which I have to say when I tried it proved very blinking difficult!!!!

The play - well what can we say - it was quite simply fantastic, the cast were great, keen to wander around the audience, even if just to scare the crowd which the guy who played Hamlet did.  However, the star of the show, the complete and utter star was the lady who played Ophelia, her ability to portray the madness that set in following her Father's murder was truly amazing!  We all enjoyed it and with a running time of just over an hour we weren't all suffering with bad backs at the end (which is a good job because the seating wasn't great).

Wednesday evening brought another show for us - this time Othello at the Crucible, the Crucible theatre (the one where they do World Snooker) is fabulous because of the view you get no matter where you are is pretty awesome and it is practically in the round.  The show was fabulous, I didn't know the story and I was completely enthralled from beginning to end, the actors and actresses were amazing but the two key female parts being Desdemona and Amelia were completely and utterly amazing and there was a part in the play when I almost broke down in tears because of the amazing acting, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.  Add to that Iago who was fabulous with a broad Yorkshire accent we really did have an amazing night out.

So the big shout out this week in amongst the pile of tissues, the antibiotics and the Halls mentholyptus has to be the live theatre that we get to enjoy in this country, we really do have an amazingly broad spectrum of plays that we can gain access too and it is an utter joy to attend such amazing theatre, so that is my biggest grateful.

Although I have others -
  • my mojo has returned when it comes to my Darcy's 52 words (which is a good job because I got stuck on tribal).
  • my crafting has meant a couple of completed mini books
  • a beautiful chatty thread with my new circle journal - really getting to know the other participants
  • Charlotte at the hairdressers - not only for performing her usual magic but also for pushing me with regards to my make up back in the summer when I was losing the will to live with the state of my skin - she (like my Doctor) had said I should give Bare Minerals a try and eventually I did, it cost (don't get me wrong it cost) but I have felt more confident with my appearance since I started using them and my skin seems to be accepting the change and is happier for it (if one can have happier skin then mine's it).
  • my blog friends for just being amazing, I'm still amazed at Carmen and her middle name (I told my brother this morning and he thought it was awesome!!!!) Jo and Susie for being their usual selves, Michelle for her beautiful journal journeys - I will be joining you hun, keep going because it's a blessing to read your posts, Janet for her gorgeous creations and joining in when she can, Toni for her gorgeous cards - I still sit in awe when I see them, for the gorgeous poetry I get to read, the comments I get to enjoy, for friends I haven't seen in an age, for inspiration and for mostly being just you - and you know who you are - a big thank you!!!!
So there you go it's probably turned into an epic post but in the blink of an eye I've typed it - almost finished the small glass of wine - how's the tree coming Susie and Carmen?

I always share a bit of crafting so here is this weeks photo a general layout from York, using photos of the Minster, from the Top of Cliffords tower, from our general exploring and the Hand of God picture, as well as the cast cats on patios and up the side of buildings!
I promise to get some more crafting done soon, just going to collapse in a heap first.  Added to which I've had dear hubby at home poorly this week and my niece off poorly it seems we are all struggling a little bit at the moment, but let's be happy for the fact we are surrounded by people we love, don't wait to tell them how much we love them tell them right now - go on tell them right now, it'll give you a positive feeling and maybe lift your spirits and when all is said and done, having loved ones around us always makes life so much better.

Mr Linky for those links, but don't forget to leave a comment because these disappear after a week because I'm tight LMAO!!!

PPS Michelle - I hope the breakfast was beautiful - sometimes to abandon the modern technology and look at which is right in front of you, puts your feet back on the ground and makes you appreciate every single moment you have with people you love - keep it going girl - it's worth it and you know it is - and yes this is a late add on, but your thoughts around your 'breakfast' have kept my subconscious mind occupied all day!!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Good morning fellow bloggers, how are you this Wednesday morning?  Me you ask,  I'm full of cold with a chest infection so I'm doing great - day off???? No don't be silly too much work to do.  Rest of family you ask??? Hubby fast on in bed poorly - we're having a great week not!!!!!  Actually we are OK overall just suffering a bit, we'll be OK in a couple of days, just needing a bit of time to get us sorted. 

Anyway, thought I'd stop by and do a quick post because I can show off another of my alterables - now technically speaking I should put what it looked like first on my blog - but that will be the link picture on blogger dashboard and it might frighten you away - so I've put the finished results first!!!  Two of them so hopefully you can see the dimension 

This was a charity shop buy, a small extremely well made shadow box frame - quick scroll down to see what it looked like originally.  Originally yellow pine with a silk gerbera inside - honestly not the most inspiring of looks, so I dismantled it and sanded the frame (well DH sanded the frame because I don't do sandpaper), then I painted it with black acrylic paints, stamped some paper artsy houses onto cream cardstock and pink cardstock, did a bit of paper piecing stamped the words home is where the heart is on the same cream cardstock, roughly cut out and penned around (twice for good measure), used some black soot ink through some heart punchinella.  Then I used some pink paper at the back onto the original mount, layered up the houses with some foam squares, stuck down the saying and reassembled and I have to say I am rather pleased with it! 

I have another one exactly the same that I'm working on at the moment, but I fancy doing something different with that, just not sure what (yet?).  Thank you for popping by and hope you are having a grand day! 

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Good Morning Fellow Bloggers

How are you this morning?  I hope I find you well and settled for a nice chat, grab a chair and virtual cuppa tea or coffee whichevers your preference, we've got hot chocolate if you're finding it a bit on the chilly side!

Anyway I had so many lovely comments on my blog for the pink baby book I made using Voodoo Vixen's (Annette) I thought I'll go and see if I can hunt them down - thankfully Annette has been amazingly helpful and put all her mini book tutorial links on the right hand side of her blog - how cool is that - so I found it straight away!

So this is the link to Annette's book for all of you who want to have a go at this amazing book!

Now just to show you how versatile this book is - this link takes you all the posts I've done on this book!

The Pink Baby Version Shown RecentlyThe Voodoo Vixen Minibooks I've Made Using these Same instructions!

Now a couple of you will remember a few weeks ago that I decided that the 'two boxes' of alterables was a little extreme so I've set myself the dual challenge of whittling it down to one box and to creating Christmas gifts with it along the way.

The first item has now been completed, some time ago hubby made me a 'book box' which I painted up in red ready for the gorgeous book I was making to go inside and then I saw fit, to make the book too deep so he had to make me another one which means the original has been languishing in the bottom of my alterables box ever since.  Perhaps because it was already painted it made it an ideal starting point. 

Then I found out a lovely pack of 'free papers' I got with a magazine recently - that were Christmas themed, added a few sheets or bargain papers from my recent purchases.  I then grabbed some cardstock out from my stack of green cardstock, I actually picked the card that I thought I would find hardest to use in a layout, because I knew it would be covered in papers so the background card wasn't such a major issue provided it co-ordinated with the papers and away I went.  Then set too creating a mini book and box to give to said 11 year old's male teacher this Christmas because I know it will be his child's first Christmas and I thought it would be nice for this young family to document this down, I'll pop in some double sided tape for them to use in the book and hope they manage to fill it with some great photographic memories of the day!

So without further ado - the outer box

the inside
The book
the inside of the book (quite a few pages so I'll put these together)
The back of the book
Back in it's box
And finally a matching card and envelope
I'll be sharing more of these that I can (can't share the 'family' ones (if they get made LOL) on here until after the event - but teacher gifts are not a problem) I've already completed an altered picture - so I'll come along and share this soon!

Friday, 7 October 2011


Yes it's here officially Friday again - what is happening to these weeks!
So without further ado gratefuls for this week

A day off today (don't tell anyone otherwise they might try and steal it!)

The weather finally cooling down, I don't like hot weather unless I've got a glass of G&T in one hand and a swimming pool beside me then I'll tolerate it!  But that hot in September/October it just felt wrong if I'm honest, so I for one am glad it's cooled down and now we get autumn temperatures to match the colours in the garden and on the trees!

Chatsworth's Beyond Limits exhibition - love it - completely - this year there was a mix of old favourites (where we've seen the sculptors work before), new artists that we've not seen before and new ones that were just plain weird if I'm honest!

Don't believe me?  Now hubby wasn't sure - but I liked this - it made me smile!

but we weren't so keen on this - it reminded me of someone who hadn't quite grasped the concept of painting by numbers?
 then there was this which was OK - personally wouldn't buy it myself
then this wasn't part of the exhibition but is some work that has been carried out by an artist who has woven willow - I loved it - all the leaves were falling into it and becoming part of the sculpture!
then this was in the sensory garden - isn't she gorgeous!
then there is this - not a favourite at all - just a bit strange!
then there was one of hubbies favourites, he liked the precision and the different materials - particularly the granite that had been polished!
then we had this - can you guess what it is - go on guess now - you know you want to!
Well done yes it is a frog with a fly - so glad you got that - what do you mean you didn't?  Neither did we!!!

A couple of Damien Hirst pieces for good measure, Legend and Myth (unicorn and Pegasus) - liked the white side - personally not fussed about the other side of them!

We like these pieces - this one is "Raging Desire" however I prefer the 'white' versions of this that we saw last year and the year before!

And finally one of our favourites on the day the giant feet!!!!!
and the way to use up old tyres - I kid you not!
It's hard to think that this is technically an auction?  Obviously some people have too much money and potentially too big a garden!!!!

Right next up has to be the start of my new circle journal which has apparently landed safely which makes me happy!  It was mighty stressful reaching the deadline (left everything far too late) but it went in the post safely on time on Monday!  Our CJ message board is mighty lively and we are all getting to know each other a bit better which is brilliant! 

Next up is the Secret Santa swap courtesy of our hostess Carmen - press button on the right to find out more if you are a current friend and follower of Carmen!  It should be a good giggle! 

Rugby on catch up on demand - always good fun and means scrapping time for yours truly! 

Making a start on Christmas crafting - I'm liking this - suits me down to the ground as it were!  I'll start to share where I can!

My houseplant is still living and flowering so that's pretty awesome!

Barbecue at my Mums on Saturday evening twas lovely too!!!

Fi getting a job - she did she did she did - big woop woop woop out to her - so pleased!  Currently a 6 month contract fingers and toes crossed that they keep her on permanently!!!!

My hubby and son for just being themselves and for enjoying a great board game night with me on Wednesday evening much fun was had by all!

Right I think that's a fairly good Rocking list this week (despite the fact I've still got this ridiculous cough!)

Crafting well a couple of what feel like 'old layouts' now I've had them in my blog folder forever (that I'm hoping I've not shared with you previously!)  This one from a few years ago when we last went abroad!
with close up of miniature stamping, ribbons and torn paper

Then this one from a typical Menorcan village (I liked the drainage system on the side of the building)

close up showing off the 'altered title' - the card said something like Special day originally and the glossy accents!

and finally
the close ups of the title, layered onto cardstock and treated as a tag with onto foam pads with a bit of ribbon through for good measure!
If you've got here - well done pat on the back etc I love receiving comments - it stops me feeling lonely so say hello if you've got a mo!  If my beautiful Rockettes are joining in add your linky and a comment so we can come and visit!

I hope you've all had a beautiful and blessed week and that the weekend is full of joy and laughter!