Friday, 22 January 2021


 Good morning lovely people tis Friday already time for 

So last weekend was quiet yet again, we had a fairly rapid thaw on the snow, our boiler man came to see our increasingly noisy boiler (despite the fact it is less than 3 year's old) thankfully that is covered by warranty so we have the company coming out this week to take a look. 

Friday was a quiet day as we avoided the icy pavements and stayed put, we ventured out on Saturday as we need some essential items from the Range and B&M, thankfully we got what we needed and headed home as we are still on national lockdown.  I spent some of the weekend on a Christmas project (Christmas 2021, yes I am being essentially the most organised person in the world at the moment - blame the lockdown).  I also had a lovely weekend reading books (and reading three at the moment and went from one to the other over the weekend), enjoying our woodburning stove and definitely enjoying a drink with hubby.  As those that follow my blog will know I'm teetotal and have been for heading up three years, whilst I really don't miss drinking you do sometimes tire of tea and coffee and pop just doesn't feel grown up enough, so you can imagine my delight when I got my hands on this. 

It has proved an absolute hit for me, mixed with tonic it definitely has a gin like taste which has made me very happy, so now when hubby is having a G&T I can have one too. 

Work is still very busy as it has been throughout the pandemic, I had one day in the office this week and there were still people coming in asking for help, so our services are still very much needed. 

I must admit the lockdown is proving harder than I thought probably because it seems never ending and because we have poor weather and shorter days.  So I decided to take a day off work today (thursday) my boss authorised me to take the time off and I'm so glad I did. 

I treated myself and had a relaxing lavender bath last night, I rarely have baths and shower as standard as I have a dodgy back, but it was nice to have a soak and read a book, something I haven't done in an age. 

Today we were woken by the phone and the boiler man, but he wasn't here long as he's had to order a part, I spent some time sorting through my scrapbook papers as I was adamant that I had bought a Christmas pack, I went through all my papers to discover that I had obviously just window shopped and not actually bought them, but the positive was I sorted my papers and dusted the tops off. 

I then spent the afternoon making Christmas gifts for work colleagues for Christmas 2021 which didn't take too long, I've bought a bag for under the bed to store anything if I buy things as I go this year and I'm having great fun filling it up. 

The rest of the afternoon has been spent looking at a new mini book design so that I can crack on with some of the books that I make through the year for friends.  My current template is OK, but won't fit the bill for what I want it to do, so I'm back to the drawing board at the moment, but with a cunning plan. 

I hope you have had a good week and hope you have managed to stay safe during these difficult times. 

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Friday, 15 January 2021


 Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for

Well we have had another quiet week (unsurprisingly), we didn't really venture far last weekend with the current national lockdown, but did make the most of getting a daily walk in around the neighbourhood which was definitely good for the brain if that makes sense. 

We enjoyed a weekend of book reading, planning and crafting as well as some lovely food as we put the new Pinch of Nom recipe book through its paces.  

I kept in contact with family through facetime, I genuinely don't know what we would have done without this modern technology over the last 12 months and it will definitely alter the way I communicate with family as we move forward. 

Said 20 year old and his GF came and helped at the food bank at work, as demand increases as families struggle through January, the need for more volunteers was obvious and so they came and took our parcels to around 8 families, which was brilliant of them. 

He has been keeping himself busy before Uni restarts enjoying building models, this one his first. 

Yesterday we woke to rain, but within half an hour we had snow and it didn't stop all day and despite the statement about it being too wet to settle, when it doesn't stop all day this is an actual lie.  It settled and was a good 6 inches by the end of the day, I'd had a busy working day and broke off before we hit darkness for a walk before finishing off my working day, I was glad to get out, but I'd forgotten how hard work snow is to walk in. 

And finally a big thank you to hubby who came across the new 0% Gordon's Gin on an advert this week and went out of his way to track it down for me.  I enjoyed a very lovely gin and tonic last night, without breaking my teetotal-ness - so thank you Gordon's for thinking about us none drinkers who do occasionally like a grown up drink!  

And that my lovely people is my week this week, I hope yours has been grand, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 8 January 2021


Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for

Well it has been a mixed week and a rather quiet affair if I'm honest.  The weekend was quite nice although we seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time taking decorations down, the house feels rather bare without them, but it was nice to have a proper clean, so we will take that as a win.  

The photo below is from New Year's eve, we saw the New Year in together just the two of us, hubby with a slice of bread, a pound coin and a lump of coal, going out the 'back door' and bringing the new year in via the front door. 

Monday came around rather quickly and I was back into work before I knew it working from home on Monday before heading into work on Tuesday following lockdown 3 news on Monday night.  That said we had a staff meeting came up with a cunning plan and are on with changing our method of delivery again, whilst retaining what we can with the vulnerable group that we work with as well as seeing a big increase in the demand for our foodbank.  But the day went quickly and it was lovely to see people after the festive break. 

The rest of the week has been a bit of blur if I'm honest, lots of work and very little in the way of anything positive or productive at the end of it, but we did manage a walk last weekend so I'll share a  photos from then (the evening walks are currently somewhat dark and definitely on the icy side). 

I hope you've had a good week, I hope you have managed to stay safe, take care, if you fancy joining in Mr Linky below. 

Friday, 1 January 2021


 Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

So this is my Friday reflective post, the one where I look back over the last 7 days and take stock, but at the beginning of a brand new year, I can't help but feel compelled to review the year that was.  Like the rest of the world our world changed quite radically over the year and has continued.  

2020 meant a cancelled Cornwall holiday, but we managed two other weeks away, the first in Herefordshire and the other in Northumberland which was just before a Tier 3 lockdown.  We also managed a weekend in Stafford, although there was no play, it was still great fun which we both really enjoyed. 

Mum’s 70th birthday was a great night before the pandemic was a thing, but we also managed socially distanced marquee parties for Melanie’s 40th and Nirvana’s 21st plus Jess’s birthday! 

We got to see some great theatre in person but we also got to see a fabulous version of Midsummer Night’s Dream as well as One Man Two Guvnors online. 

We had the benefit of exploring the garden at Wentworth Woodhouse, literally on our doorstep absolutely awesome and they kept us sane even when we couldn’t go inside the house. 

We had a socially distanced party on the close for VE day and definitely got to know the neighbours better which I don’t think would have happened if we hadn’t been locked in at home.  

We all got Covid, but on the plus side none of us were hospitalised, so I will take that when so many others have suffered and had loved ones pass with this dreadful virus. 

So 2020 wasn't easy in the slightest, it was tough, but to be honest for us, it could have been tougher and I think we just about got away with it by the skin of our teeth, but honestly I think we are done now, we would like things to resume a degree of normality so I'm hoping that things start to return to normal as they roll out the vaccine in the UK and I hope and pray that the same can be said for wherever you are in the world.  

So things I'm looking forward to 

Being able to hug my Mum, I haven't hugged her since February, or my sister come to that.  I miss hugs. 

Being able to book a holiday and be fairly sure it will go ahead - that would be nice. 

Not fearing a number 10 update on the news to see what else they are throwing at us. 

Being able to go the the theatre or watch a gig, I really really really need this. 

And my final one, being able to shop without wearing a mask because steamed up glasses are not fun at all. 

So I hope your 2021 spreads out in front as clean page, we learnt so much in 2020 but now we know all the things we want to do and all the things we want to change, any chance we can have a go. 

I hope you have had a beautiful and blessed time over this last 7 days, I hope 2021 is full of positivity and love and hugs and doing all the things you like to do and spending time with all the people you love to be around. 

Have a fabulous week, Mr Linky if you fancy joining in 

Friday, 25 December 2020


 Well lovely people tis Friday time for 

Well I know Kate said she would see me in the new year and Lisca is visiting her Mum so she too is probably too busy to post, but I thought I'd pop a quick post together.  Anyone that follows my blog, knows that I clock the positive and happy moments each week as a way of reminding myself what is important in life, which if you are interest are the people in my life and the memories we make, not things, but I'm sure you know that already.   

This year of all years has been particularly difficult for everyone (possibly with the exception of New Zealand who seem to have it nailed) and over this last week I've looked back over the past year initially thinking clocking 12 photos (one from each month) as part of my Journal at Christmas may prove hard, in fact it really didn't and I was spoilt for choice, whether it be the social distance catch up with my Mum in her garden for Mother's day or the 40th and 21st birthdays of my sister and niece (in socially distanced marquee garden parties).  We managed a trip to Chatsworth when it was open, we enjoyed the gardens at Wentworth Woodhouse and managed to squeeze in a weekend away and two weeks to cottages in this country. 

I managed to motivate and cajole my Mum and my sister to making big improvements in their homes to make things easier to manage and we made some improvements ourselves when lockdown took hold and we had time on our hands. 

We get to the end of the year having lost a few relatives this year, one of which was a first cousin, so difficult to lose someone so young.  We also get to the end of the year with fewer around the Christmas table, but in line with guidelines it is a must.  We are all prepared and have done as much as we can, the food is as prepared as it can be on Christmas eve.  The presents are wrapped (actually I can hear hubby with cellotape upstairs as I type).  The trees are twinkling the table is set, all we need is family around us and to enjoy the season.  So I will sign off on my last post for 2020 and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I will be posting next Friday of course, but that will be the first one of 2021. 

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Friday, 18 December 2020


 Good Morning tis Friday time for 

So first up last Friday we enjoyed a jaunt to Yorkshire Sculpture Park it was mighty wet if I'm honest, but we didn't mind as it got us to blow the cobwebs off which was definitely needed.  

There was new artwork in the park, which is always a blessing, this piece a Henry Moore 

We stopped for a selfie at the David Nash artwork

And stopped off for a lovely lunch despite it being somewhat wet out there!

On Saturday we ventured in the afternoon to Chatsworth, unfortunately due to the tiers the house may be decorated but it is still closed so this might be as close as we get!

There was a trail around the garden with anecdotal tales on them

And as the afternoon turned to evening, we stopped for a drink to warm us up, a hot chocolate with all the trimmings, very naughty and very nice

After dark the lights around the garden were lovely 

Although we had enjoyed the house in some lovely winter sunshine during the afternoon

And managed a selfie next to some rather bright lights

My favourite shot from the day was actually during the golden hour looking down the valley

And the tree with lights was definitely a favourite. 

I've enjoyed opening my Harry Potter lego advent calendar and yes you do have to build it, when you open the door each morning there is a little packet of lego pieces and the door contains instructions for building the items

I got a table with a vase and a flower on the 9th

Ron is his dress robes on the 10th 

A fire place on the 11th 

A picture frame with a flower on the 12th which I'm assuming connects to the fireplace

A decorative Christmas tree on the 13th (although my Mum thought it was a rocket)

another picture frame this time with Neville's toad on the 14th

More photos from Chatsworth, the lit Emperor Fountain looked like a volcano with the colour change

On Sunday we eventually (there were technical issues) watched a Deathly Dark Christmas Carol on You Tube.  

On Monday I took an annual leave day and we headed to Sheffield, we wandered around the Cathedral and saw this display 

This was a Christmas tree in the Christmas tree festival they were holding.

I loved the little character on top

Sheffield was so very quiet, these apparently light up at night. 

And these spheres nearby

Inside the Millenium gallery made us smile, if you look they have adorned the heads with facemasks

And finally on Wednesday this week we had a very long journey to Belton Hall to see the external lights. 

My favourite light display was the cathedral lights

And that my lovely people was my week, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together come back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 11 December 2020


 Good morning lovely people time for 

Well first up last Friday was my day off and hubby decided to head out to collect a few things that we needed, it is mighty strange being able to hit the shops again, if truth be told but it was also nice to be out of the house.  So we headed to Hobbycraft, B&M and Ikea picking up the few things I needed (plus a few extras) to finish off some things I'm on with.  

Saturday soon arrived and we decided to head down to our local heritage centre, there is the most lovely of craft shops down there that I haven't been to since March amongst lots of lovely other shops, a favourite beer shop of hubbies and a lovely stained glass shop that also does crystals.  It was lovely to just have a wander and because it feels old it also felt very Christmassy something that has been sadly lacking the last few days. 

I went to the craft shop for 

and I left with 

I'm sure other crafters can relate.

There were a number of trees dotted about the site

and we had some blue skies overhead, albeit that it was very cold

There was a replica of one of the nearby follies in the courtyard, which is known as the Needle's Eye

And this was my favourite tree on the site as the light level was reducing the tree  seemed to stand out more. 

I do a Christmas newsletter every year, it goes back sooooooooooo far if I'm honest and it has become something of a tradition and I get little bits of feedback from people telling me that it isn't Christmas until they receive it, many taking a cuppa and sometimes even a mince pie and some quiet time to sit and absorb, so I shared this on my Instagram feed this week and got a few of those aforementioned comments. 

After we got home on Saturday I set too on some homemade gifts I'm working on this was the state of my desk, I'm sure other crafters can relate. 

This was our haul from two of the shops at the Heritage centre, Belgian Blue is one of those Christmas beers that hubby loves and normally partakes in a pint or two at the local pub, alas the pubs are still all shut due to our tier 3 restrictions and so the bottled variety may well be the only source this year.  The other bottles are for yours truly, as I'm teetotal it is nice at this time of year to find something festive but non-alcohol and Belvoir do a fabulous Christmas range of which their Spiced Ginger Punch is my absolute favourite. 

My other joy this week has been my advent calendar from hubby, I think I mentioned it last week it is a lego Harry Potter Yule Ball calendar.  These are what I've opened up to now. 


A very miniature Hogwarts

A miniature Durmstrang ship

A miniature Beauxbaton carriage


As well as the usual Christmas cards this year, I sent a few personalised ones in 8 x 8, this was for my sister

My Mum and her hubby (in their favourite football team colours)

One for my niece (and BF) whose a fashion student

Other ones I've sent out

Goblet of fire

Then a gramophone on the 7th 

Sofa with the golden egg 

The week has been a busy work one as usual for me, working from home Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, still busy bid writing at the moment. 

I physically went into the office on Tuesday and had another busy day it was nice to catch up with work colleagues. 

The evenings have been spent making homemade gifts, it doesn't matter how organised I am I always end up making gifts at the last minute, it must just be something I do.  Hubby has been quite happy to  die cutting some of the items for me which is boring and rather monotonous but has kept his brain occupied, so a big thank you to hubby.