Friday, 15 November 2019

Rocking Your World Friday - 46th of 2019

Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

Well we've continued with the ridiculous cough and cold, however we still have a few silver linings to appreciate. 

On Saturday night me and hubby ventured to Wentworth Woodhouse to see WE Wonder Noir (despite the pouring rain), thankfully there was some cover under a stretched tent for part of the evening, so with warm drinks and being wrapped up we managed quite well.   

These were literally drowning in plastic - reminding us that we only get one planet! 

These two kept the kids entertained, most amusing - and lovely! 

I loved these venturing around a couple of times during the evening despite the pouring rain!

The main event was aerial theatre called 'As The World Tipped', highlighting the farce there was around countries agreeing to do something about climate change, whilst the world around them filled with water, we went from a flat platform to one literally suspended in the air by a crane. 

It was incredibly thought provoking! 

It reminded us of the fragility of life and the need to look after our planet for future generations! 

I actually found it really sad, but it was so worth seeing. 

Wentworth Woodhouse is currently clad in a huge amount of scaffold, but it still looked impressive all lit up!

I loved the sea of plastic cups covered in glow in the dark paint, inspired by plankton by a couple of local artists. 

The other side wasn't as well lit - but still fabulous!

The rest of the week has been work and sofa at night as we still aren't 100% by Thursday we were back at the Docs which resulted in tests for both me and hubby including a chest x-ray and an appointment for me at the end of December to have a mole checked out, nothing major to worry about just get a decision as to what it is and whether it needs removing - thank goodness for our NHS! 

Next up Thursday night we headed to Wentworth Woodhouse again, we went to see Gaia, an art installation by Luke Jerram.

You can see it suspended in the room from the staircase

And this is it in all its glory - absolutely stunning and free to see, plus you get to see a little bit of this amazing house!  

There was space underneath with cushions, to lay back and enjoy the spinning world above, created using Nasa imagery and lit from inside, apparently if you stand 211 metres away from it, you get what the earth looks like from the moon!  

And that my lovely people brings us back to today. 

I hope you've had a grand week and that it has head loads of positive moments and silver linings, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up and we come and visit. 

Friday, 8 November 2019

Rocking Your World Friday - 45th of 2019

Morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

Well this is going to be a very very short post this week, namely because we succumbed to the dreaded lurgy. 

Hubby went down hill over the weekend with the virus and I joined in as I arrived home having seen NT Live Midsummer Night's Dream (encore) performance in a gorgeous little cinema called the Curzon that I didn't even know existed in Sheffield. 

And I will be truly honest this virus has floored all three of us, me and hubby completely wiped out for the entire week, yep no work for either of us.  We have coughed and spluttered through it all and with the aches and pains I'm pretty sure this was a flu bug we got.  So why on earth am I talking about it here you might ask.  Well our workplaces allowed us time to recover so that's a positive, we've enjoyed lots of hot drinks, curling up on the sofa and managing temperatures with ample tablets from the pharmacy - so I'll call that a win - a tiny win but a win nonetheless. 

We did manage (royal we - hubby) managed to carve the pumpkin, only thing is we didn't get any trick or treaters, but in hindsight with our lurgy that was probably a good thing and said 19 year old has thoroughly enjoyed the plentiful sweeties we've had in. 

I loved the reflection in the window 

The only other thing I've managed to do this week is to wrap an advent calendar gift that I'm in a swap for, I really enjoyed making the tags a few weeks ago in the shape of a coffee cup. 

And that my lovely people is that I'm afraid, I'm grateful hubby managed to make some food for us on quite a few evenings this week (as I definitely wasn't up to it).  I'm glad Wentworth Woodhouse cancelled the Gaia exhibition last night because of the weather, because we wouldn't have managed to make it due to illness anyway.  I've managed to rebook for next week when we will hopefully be well and truly over this bug. 

I'm grateful said 19 year old's girlfriend arrived safely yesterday (if you've seen the flood pictures from the north of England today you'll know what I'm talking about). 

I hope you've all had a beautiful and blessed and lurgy free week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up and we can come and visit. 

Friday, 1 November 2019

Rocking Your World Friday - 44th of 2019

Good Afternoon lovely people tis Friday which means it is time for 

So first up was last weekend, Saturday was a day of happy rugby (hubby most happy) and tootling about the house, Sunday we decided given the blue skies that we'd head to Chatsworth and put our membership through its paces

As it was half term week and heading up to Halloween there was a pumpkin trail to follow, I loved this display

We also spotted a pear sculpture

The house looked particularly pretty 

And the quantity of rain we had meant that all the water features were on full flow

I don't think I've ever seen the trough waterfall so full 

The colours by the grotto were stunning

And really made the Hare pop

Hubby grabbed this photo of me

Nature's colours really are stunning

Britannia still looking mighty fine inside the grotto

The view of the maze was fab

There were lots of people enjoying it 

We also loved the cascade pumpkins, I've never thought of turning the pumpkin this way

This one looked really grumpy

I managed to grab an autumn selfie of the two of us (said 19 year old was working). 

On Wednesday I took a day off that I was owed to go to an alternative wreath class. 

This was our classroom 

It was an absolutely fantastic day at Wentworth Woodhouse, spent making an alternative wreath with Gemma from the Button Tin.  

We spent all day, cutting and hand stitching and chatting, with lots of ladies I'd never met before 

And this is what I created

It was such a lovely laid back and relaxing day that I really enjoyed and it was so lovely to learn something new. 

Unfortunately, our house has succumbed to the dreaded lurgy courtesy of our lovely uni student, he came home the other day complaining everyone was coughing and sneezing, by Wednesday he was sleeping through the day and night, by Thursday he was no better and had to take the day off.  This has resulted in hubby coming down with the same lurgy, so fingers crossed I don't get it because I'm really not in the mood for being poorly. 

Fingers crossed they feel better very very soon. 

I hope you've had a great week, if you are about and fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up and we can come and visit.  I'm sure Lisca will have done hers already hours and hours ago and Kate is probably still away. 

Friday, 25 October 2019

Rocking Your World Friday - 43rd of 2019

Good morning lovely people, tis Friday time for 

So as promised, here are the last couple of days we had in Wales two weeks ago which I didn't cover in my post last week, as suspected the positivity of having a relaxing week away really has proved most beneficial. 

So we had a day in Llandudno, the weather forecast wasn't great but we had plans to visit the Mostyn gallery. 

The exterior is a very beautiful old decorative (architecturally speaking) building, the interior has been completely revamped and includes lots of modern styling with concrete made to look like wood

From upstairs it looked like this 

We enjoyed walking around the artwork 30 pieces selected out of 750 entries from all around the world, the winning artist doing a mixture of handweaving and sculpture 

And her other piece

There was lots of variety of artwork from small delicate paintings

To delicate watercolours (I loved this one which was called 'Kiss')

This one was from a set and was definitely haunting in design 

this was my favourite one

Up close the faces were amusing, this one in particular seemed to speak to me! 

Overall we had several wonderful hours wandering, we enjoyed their beautiful coffee, shop, had another wander around the exhibition, cast our viewers vote and set off back into Llandudno.

We went past the White Rabbit statue part of the Alice in Wonderland trail.

The sky was a little menacing, but the pier is so lovely 

We also saw the Mad-Hatter sculpture 

We enjoyed the view back to Llandudno from the end of the pier, despite it being a rather windy day 

On our final day we head to Caernarfon Castle 

It still isn't one of my favourite castles, possibly because it's hard work to make your way through the town to get to it, but it does have a significant piece of Welsh history attached to it and is known for having the highest population of Welsh speakers of any town in Wales.  

The slate dias in the centre is where Prince Charles was made Prince of Wales way back when. 

I spotted this stunning heart shaped lock whilst we wandering the inside of the castle

There were a couple of amazing pieces of artwork in the castle, used to provide information about its history, this was the first one 

and just for scale, this is hubby stood next to it

the second one filled the room, it was almost like a star book or Christmas pop up book and again told a story,

Overall I enjoyed the artwork and the visit and I'm glad we returned

On the last night back where we were stopping we were treated to the most beautiful sunset

and woke to beautiful blue skies the following day 

Which meant an easy journey home. 

This week, we've been busy.  We painted the hall stairs and landing on Saturday (no small feat), but we did it and it looks so much better. 

And on Sunday I went to the local craft shop and did a Christmas craft class with my Mum 

We had a fabulous day making all things Christmas and came home with a project and 4 beautiful Christmas cards as well as being covered in glitter! 

I enjoyed making a mini book using the same beautiful papers as we'd used on Sunday as a Christmas gift for someone (not sure who at the moment). 

I also have had a busy but productive week at work. 

The large tree outside next to the canal has definitely switched to autumn mode. 

Although I did have one tiny glitch at work, I was printing some funding documents guidelines off and my printer decided that it only wanted to print some of the letters

Amusing but not very helpful if I'm honest.  Thankfully I managed to reprint with all the necessary letters in place, making it much easier to read! 

And that my lovely people brings us back to today, I hope you've had a good one, if you fancy joining in pop back and link up and we can come and visit.