Friday, 18 June 2021


 Good Morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

Well it has been a busy old week overall last Friday we decided to head to YSP as a new exhibit had opened up 

We went down through the formal garden past the snowman on the pond

Past the igloo, I loved how the sun was shining through

Towards the new exhibit, built around existing trees, the intention is that it will eventually disintegrate and go back to the ground leaving only a ring where it once was. 

Inside the heather roof and timber frame was clear to see, we smiled at the grass growing underneath

The boughs of the trees puncturing through the framework

and the centre provides a beautiful open space to sit and contemplate in silence (although not everyone got the memo so there were a couple having a flask of coffee and a good natter when we got in there). 

I loved the latted wood against the heather roof

and we grabbed a selfie in there whilst we were absorbing up the atmosphere. 

We ventured on down to the Weston and had a wander around the Miro gallery, I've shared this artwork before but it always makes me giggle. 

And the Skyspace was open and we go it to ourselves and the sky was forming pretty pictures with the clouds. 

Saturday and Sunday were quiet days just tootling, we picked up some growbags for my Mum and loaned her some books I've just read.  We sat out in the garden with a cuppa which was lovely. 

Monday soon arrived and the week has been wall to wall work, but Tuesday night we got the fabulous news that said 20 year old had proposed to his girlfriend.  I've shared the video on Facebook for those that wanted to actually see the proposal, I got really teary (in a happy way) when I saw it as it was just so romantic and there has been a genuine outpouring of love for them as a couple, it was their 3.5 year anniversary and as said 20 year old said it was time for their next chapter. 

And that my lovely people is the week that was, short and sweet this week I'm afraid. 

I hope you've had a beautiful and blessed week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 11 June 2021


     Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for

Well last Friday we were out on a boat trip linked with work, hubby and said 20 year old were crewing.  We had a lovely day albeit that it was a little overcast, the absolute delight on the trip was this family joining us in the lock 

A family of swans, Mum and Dad and 7 cygnets who were mighty happy to get in the lock much to our surprise but the sides provided lots of opportunities for the babies to feed and they were just as happy to move to the other side as we moved through. 

Friday night was a quiet night in, as it was the eve of my sisters birthday she had organised for said 20 year and GF and my niece and her BF to go to Ninja Warrior for a couple of hours, this is the photos they sent, apparently it was great fun and utterly exhausting but they all loved it. 

Saturday was actually my sister's birthday and hubby saw that as a lovely excuse to bake cake, not one cake but one cake made up of six cakes (the photo will make more sense), the bottom layer was chocolate and cherry, the second layer was lemon, the third was apparently cake flavoured but we actually worked out that with vanilla essence it was technically a vanilla layer, the fourth was orange, the fifth was plain chocolate and the sixth was raspberry using a raspberry essence.  The outer coating was made of mascarpone and icing sugar and well needless to say it was delicious.  

She popped over to enjoy a slice and we put up some banners to celebrate and she enjoyed a glass of zero percent rose wine which for the first time ever wasn't awful (0% wines are notoriously vile).  As you can tell she was having a lovely day having spent time having her hair done (after a 3.5 mile run in the morning, not my idea of a fun birthday but hey it wasn't mine)

We lit the candles and sang her happy birthday, she enjoyed taking this snap as the letters were all mixed up. 

Sunday we went out for a Sunday dinner which was lovely, hubby had Yorkshire pudding and onion gravy starter and I had a prawn cocktail, main we both had a beef roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings (more in the case of hubby) and then for dessert hubby had Eton mess and I had apple crumble and custard, we were definitely full at the end of the meal, but it was lovely. 

The rest of the week has been mighty busy with work, however on Tuesday hubby took me to the local Tesco to source this book, I was hoping to get the other one as well but they had run out

So I bought this one instead as it was on a 2 for £9 deal 

and then whilst I was at work the following day he popped out and bought me the other one.  

I've spent a bit of time reading my Bridgerton books this week, but I'll be honest my iron levels must be at an all time low because I'm shattered and most evenings with the heat I've ended up fast asleep on the sofa. 

I hope you've had an awesome week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up and we can come and visit. 

Friday, 4 June 2021


 Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

Well last weekend I had a lovely long weekend as I took the Thursday off before the bank holiday weekend, so 5 whole days to enjoy and we were blessed with fine weather. 

On the Thursday we ventured for the first time since last summer to have a look around Chatsworth house and it was so lovely to have a wander and take in the house as usual there were a few new pieces around the house, usually found in their vast archives, so that added a slightly new dimension for us but the real treat was at the end. 

In the sculpture gallery the sculptures have been moved to make space for the temporary return of two of the four hunting tapestries.  These tapestries originally belonged to the family, but due to death duties in the 1950's they were forced to pay their dues by donating these stunning works of art to the V&A museum in payment of taxes, despite the fact they had been owned by the family for over 500 years. 

They were simply spectacular and the level of detail was amazing. 

I had to smile at the horse

I also loved the colours and detail on the dresses

After we had wandered the house, I was most giddy to find some Chatsworth themed stickers and badges which I can see landing on a scrapbook layout at some point soon.

We then had a stroll around the garden, the new arcadia area of the gardens looks so well established, it is hard to think that the planting for this is only just over a year old, we also enjoyed seeing this finished piece of work 

Thursday night we booked for a meal at Tapas Revolution, if we can't go to Spain, then a little bit of Spain can come to us. 

I had to smile as the waiter complemented hubby on his pronunciation when he ordered the food, unfortunately despite fighting with Italian on Duolingo (a free app to learn languages), it really doesn't appreciate my rather broad Yorkshire accent. 

Friday and we had managed to book for the cinema, I did think in hindsight that sitting in a face mask in a cinema for two and a half hours was slighty mad, but the film was brilliant and it really didn't seem that long.  We went to see Cruella, now I am not and never have been a Disney fan per se, particularly in the singing animated variety, so I was a little apprehensive but as this was a live action film with real actors it was really rather good.  101 Dalmations is a book I read as a child and whilst the animated version is Disney there really isn't an awful lot of singing in it so it is one of my favourites.  The film is something of a prequel explaining how Cruella got to be the way she was but is purely made up as there was never a written prequel. 

We then popped over to see my Mum, sister and niece again, it was really lovely to have a catch up and put the world to rights for a couple of hours. 

Saturday and we booked tickets for Wentworth Woodhouse, this time for the free flow around the house, whilst there is only a small portion of the house accessible, we really did enjoy it.  We admired the artwork in the foyer

We also enjoyed the beautiful rooms 

We stopped off at the coffee shop to enjoy a cuppa and shared a rosemary and honey shortbread.

Outside the cafe was the only photo I've ever seen of the devastating mining that occurred in the 1940's.  At the time the owner of the house was not viewed favourably by the then government and they decided that the surface coal was needed and literally dug to the front door, the devastation is clear to see and it is a travesty because it decimated the gardens. 

Today they have recovered albeit not to what they would have been like formally as they would have been in the houses heyday.  

Sunday we headed to Yorkshire Sculpture Park with its new display in the long gallery, I loved this piece of art textile 

This was one of my favourite pieces as well

Hubby made a delicious cake using up some plums and pears that needed eating, unfortunately the cake tin was simply not big enough, so it sort of grew when it was in the oven, which made us smile, but it was beautiful nonetheless. 

Monday was a kick back day and we just chilled, read and I made a few cards, before I headed back to work on Tuesday.  The rest of the week has tripped along at a merry old pace and I find myself at Thursday evening already. 

I hope you've had an awesome week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 28 May 2021


     Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

I hope you've all had a lovely week, time to clock the silver linings and positive moments of the last 7 days. 

So last Friday, unusually for me, I was at work for a business planning day, it was a really good day, albeit because I facilitated it, mentally exhausting.   Hubby did a boat trip during the day whilst I was there and sent me this fabulous photo to enjoy. 

When I came home, hubby had cooked tea, I briefly got to chat to said 20 year old's girlfriend, it was lovely to have a catch up. 

Saturday we'd decided to have a chilled day, whilst relatively dry weather wise, after such a busy week, I was quite happy to kick back, so we had a leisurely breakfast, hubby sorted our evening meal and put in the slow cooker whilst I sorted out a gas/electricity supplier, it has been on my list of things to do but I've not got around to it and whilst it looked like it was going to cost us a little bit extra for fixing it for 2 years, we then got a message telling us of another price hike, so strangely it is going to cost us less and I've managed to fix it, so win win. 

Hubby then put together a batch of peach muffins as the peaches needed using up and they were delicious. 

Hubby helped me put a hair dye on which always makes me feel a bit better, I had a leisurely bath enjoying the fourth Bridgerton book and then showered (whilst I love a bath, I have to shower afterwards otherwise I don't feel clean).   

Lisca as you guessed Bridgerton has been a hit on Netflix, the series is a lot more risque than the books which are definitely more romantically inclined but they are a blissfully mentally easy read which is great for me because I'm not great with books that make me anxious. 

Saturday afternoon we went to my Mum's house and I met up with my Mum, my sister and my niece it was an absolutely blessing to be able to meet inside, we chatted and drank coffee and tea and put the world to rights and then attempted to sort my sister's birthday weekend out which is in a few weeks, so a fabulous afternoon, but similar to Kate I was too busy talking to actually get a photo. 

We came home and the house had the aroma of food cooking when we got in, hubby put together some sultana and curry spiced naan breads to go with the korma and turmeric rice. 

Now whilst I remember, Lisca you asked about what was in between the pieces of my rag quilt, so I've done a close up.  

The quilt is made of 3 layers of 100% cotton fabrics, decorative on one side and the middle and bottom layer made of flannelette sheeting (so it's warm and cosy), unlike most quilts where the raw edges are sewn in, these are intentionally sewn out.  After completing the quilt you snip up to (but not over) the sewn edge and then once it is entirely clipped you put it in your washing machine, to create the ragging.  I was really pleased how it turned out and before you ask yes it did leaves lots of fibres in washer, I managed to get a lot out, but the next washloads definitely had evidence of the quilt being in the washer.  I hope that makes sense and hope the closer picture shows how it was created. 

Sunday and we ventured off to Yorkshire Sculpture Park which was most welcomed as I was definitely in need of a decent walk which is exactly what we got, the weather albeit grey remained dry and we had a slightly different wander around the park, it has been intriguing how many different ways we have ventured around the park over the recent visits due to our frequent flyer miles there. 

We were finally able to get inside the underground gallery and whilst we have been before several times it just lovely to do something 'normal'

The new silence piece is coming on a treat, it opens on my sister's birthday weekend, but I'm hoping there will be access to it after that as well, as we will be busy that weekend. 

We got to see some super cute ducklings out on the water

And hubby got this fabulous shot of the most beautiful tree

When we came home we had a lovely afternoon book reading in front of the fire (yes it was that cold), I'm on with the Bridgerton books and have just finished book 4. 

Monday I had a busy day working at home, but managed to finish the draft business plan which I was really pleased with as I needed to capture Friday whilst it was still fresh in my mind. 

The rest of the week has fair tripped along, it has been quiet around the house with said 20 year old staying over at his girlfriends now it is allowed, although they are back with us this weekend. 

I hope you have had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 21 May 2021


 Good morning lovely people I hope I find you all well, tis Friday time for 

So let us clock the positives and silver linings from the week that was. 

Well following on from the giant pile of squares of fabric that I shared last week, I'm happy to share my first rag quilt

I really enjoyed making it and despite it leaving a large amount of threads in the washing machine, it came out pretty unscathed, it is definitely weighty and warm. 

In further TV room updates, the Celtic cross in the middle of the wall was looking a little lost, so hubby fairly speedily managed to add a further four knots, which finishes it perfectly in my books. 

Unfortunately we aren't having the best weather at the moment, so we are definitely having to check out a weather app to help us plan, with the weekend forecast for turning more inclement we decided to book tickets for Yorkshire Sculpture Park for Friday and as promised the weather was very overcast, but nevertheless we went and it was lovely having a good walk and blowing off the cobwebs.  We went a slightly different root, so took photos of this bronze sculpture on our travels. 

Saturday dawned and we had a lie in (well 9am is late for us), we hadn't any firm plans and I'm trying not to just spend money to keep us busy, so we decided to head off to the local ancient woods to have a look at the beautiful bluebells, we were just in time, I think last weekend they would have been perfect, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and we managed to grab a few photos before the weather turned and the rain arrived. 

Sunday felt similar very much and we feel like we are having April weather with showers, downpours and bright sunshine.  

I enjoyed immensely reading over the weekend it is a past time that I don't very often indulge in, having watched the Bridgerton series, I've chosen to reading the set of books, they are mentally a very easy read and none stressful which is a joy for me and as I stand at the moment I've completed book three which only took a couple of days.  

Other than that I had a crafty afternoon on Sunday creating both a mini book using some Alice in Wonderland theme papers and I had a lovely time cutting and preparing, this is the book 

and I also used the papers to create this little display piece

The rest of the week has had mighty inclement weather and I'm preparing this Thursday because unusually for me I'm actually in work tomorrow, so this week is going to feel mighty long. 

I hope you've had a grand week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up so we can come and visit.