Thursday, 31 March 2011

DARCY - WEEK 2 - FILTER and a message just for Doone

Good morning bloggers thought I'd show the final version of this art journal layout that I've now completed for Darcy's 52 week challenge (yes I know I'm behind but catching up) it was almost there when it appeared on my WOYWW but wasn't quite finished, there is journaling on their although not easy to see and I've added the wings to the picture, I must admit I haven't been as pleased with a journal page for quite some time as I was with this one, it came together really quickly and I loved playing with the paints - no brushes just finger painting - seriously messy and good fun, odd baby wipe to give it a bit of extra smooshiness (you know what I mean).  The word filter also got me thinking about life in general and trying to sieve out the rubbish - which was good for my soul - so thank you Darcy!

 Anyway when I got up this morning I had a few messages linked with my WOYWW yesterday and one in particular had me giggling from Doone - she didn't mind my workstation what she didn't like were the cards on my desk - why you may ask because there was a stack of them I've been working on which I'll be distributing in the run up to the 25th December (see Doone I've not mentioned the word).  

Now just so Doone realises this is the story behind them - I hate making cards - why? - well I'm not very good at it - I struggle to do 'cute' or 'twee' or 'pretty' but can admire others up to the hilt and get quite green with envy.  So people would say well why don't you buy them - I'm too tight - with the amount of crafting scraps I have left behind from scrap booking it would be a travesty not to use what I have left over (I never ever use new stuff for cards - nope not me ever).  Now in the run up to the mad day (25th December) there is usually so much going on that the last thing on my mind is making (now I could swear here but I won't) cards so I do them in January and February and March - where I can strop about them to my hearts content and then when I've finally battered them into submission they then go in a shoe box, there's no stress to make them and so I can do them at my own pace when I can be bothered - just to prove I don't do twee - and forgive me Doone for showing such a vulgar item so early in the year - but this is what my lot will be getting this year - with my own design - 'Monica Mohican' on it with the words 'Dear Santa' - 'Define Good' - so Doone I'm hoping you'll understand my general weirdness and also smile at the fact that this style of card goes out to all my friends and family wether they like them or not!  I have invented other characters including Gorgeous George and Tiffany Timely to name but a few but I'll share them closer to the day - I promise LOL!
 Write off to work we go - but I'm not singing the hi ho song - noooooooooooooooooo year end - sob - things are going to get a little crazy!  Which means I'll get even weirder than normal - are you ready for this?

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Mmm let me think well there is this little lot - forgive me if the photo seems dark it looked OK on the camera LOL!  Lots of art journaling, potential art journal magazines and a stack of Christmas cards
What do you mean you want a close up - well OK if you insist art journal to the left one at the bottom is work in progress I just kept adding painting it wasn't behaving so more paint and more paint and then white painted circles no idea why so don't ask LOL.  Top left is my almost complete 'Build' page for Darcy's 52 questions which I'll share properly on a later post and then there are some A4 art journals loose sheets behind which I'm not sure what to do with at the moment. 
Then the stack of Christmas cards (I don't do cards so forgive the amateur style but I'm getting ready for Christmas don't you know)
Then bits cut out for cards no idea what I'm going to do with them - keep moving them around my desk.
Finally a copy of the all the prompts from Darcy's 52 words which I'm on catch up with at the moment.  Having the words and the detail allows my subconscious go to work which is what I like - currently on the word 'encourage'
If you stop by to say hello - thank you - if you get to here you might as well say a proper hello!  Hope you're having a great Wednesday (or Thursday or Friday etc depending on when you arrive LOL)

Monday, 28 March 2011


OK so finally getting round to starting to put these on (still incredibly behind but I am sooooooooooo loving these prompts from Darcy) Darcy decided to do her own 52 week challenge this year and has invited us to join in - I've been meaning to but not got round to it - but finally when I got my new A4 journal have started to join in and it's been fabulous - each one word prompt really making me take stock - I like things like this - so if you fancy it join in - it doesn't have to be an art journal it could be tags or layouts or anything and I don't suppose you have to catch up - you could just start from now and do it when you can - let Darcy know if you join in!  

Anyhow back to the piccies this is my first double page and I'm really pleased with it - used a combination of acrylic paints, magazine cuttings, stamps, foam stamps, free hand painting, stamping etc.
Need to photo week 2 and 3 and just about finished week 4's last night which I didn't think was going to pull together but I dabbled in my paint and soon it was coming together. 

A short and sweet post for me today lots to do!  

If you stop by don't forget to say hi - particularly as I haven't done my normal war and peace type postings - questions is do you prefer my long ramblings or my short craft based posts - suppose it depends on the time you have on your hands!  

Saturday, 26 March 2011


Yes it is Saturday, I've been at work (again) we run a group (we being the global word for I keep getting involved) taking unsellable items from one of our charity shops and turning them into something that is sellable - well that's the logics anyway but we are soooooooooooo struggling to get volunteers, we've done all sorts and today was no better the relaunch brought in only two volunteers both of whom have been before, I helped make most of the samples taking picture frames from the shop, sanding them and filling them with piccies with the help of hubby and Mum and sister etc - so whilst i was there I set too on a set of three deep canvases that had previously been painted in a browny red paint colour with a flowery design.  Hubby painted over them with white paint and then I followed with blue and purple graffitti writing and hearts and actually they looked pretty good when I'd finished - great fun - but then we still had two hours to kill so I headed for my office - yep started doing my normal stuff, now home not feeling great and mentally fried.  Having a rubbish food day (which actually means eating something to try and sort my jumbled brain) and off out tonight to a cousin's 30th birthday - no idea what i'll be wearing but it will definitely be black LOL. 
Anyway I realised after I'd posted my Rocking Your world Friday (yesterday) that I had forgotten to post any 'crafting' what am I like.

Anyway I thought I'd treat you to what I've got that's been photographed so this is scraplift from my group on UK Scrappers (I think) - I was really pleased with it once it was completed and yes that it glossy accents and yes in my infinite wisdom I thought stitching around all the little pieces of paper was a great idea LOL

so the detail as you see shows the tiny stitches I used on the layout - very effective and very time consuming
and even managed to do around the tag
then a couple of journal pages from my little journal which I'm actually starting to love - yes I did say love maybe it's because I've got a big A4 sized journal now that I can appreciate the smaller one or it might be that I'm back in my journaling groove - this is a finsihed page from when I went to AFTH last year for a journaling course and learned to do 3D balls - which have this year been completed and turned into marbles!
 and my current obsession with clocks, I discovered they made a great border - have a go - cut out clocks cut in half decorate around the page, wiggly line and write - nothing too difficult in that whilst being very therapeutic!
 So how's your Saturday crafting going?  Right off to photo some more things because my blog folder is now officially empty LOL!

Friday, 25 March 2011


Good Morning all Friday woo hoo so that means what's
 Well for starters this little guy - isn't he gorgeous - just amazing, I got home last night - weeks been hard at work really really hard because I'm so busy and a neighbour comes venturing over early evening with said parcel in hand.  Said 10 year old guesses at a circle journal but wrong size and weight me thinks, hubby looks at me as though to say and now what have you ordered off the internet - but no guilty face appears and so I take off all the wrappings to find a brown box and inside box is gorgeous gorgeous Count Duckula - made for me by the amazingly talented Carmen as a birthday present (and before you ask you've not missed anything lol).

 Then the next thing is the fabulous blog comments I got from WOYWW - primarily because on my desk was a layout I was working on to do with Darcy's 52 words with prompts - I hadn't mentioned previously that I've been following this one for a while with every intention to 'catch up' well once I'd got hold of a bigger journal and fathomed out that the 52 word prompts would fit almost perfectly (almost because the front and back outside covers may have to become a layout LOL) I thought crack on and play with that paint and those words and the journal was on my desk and before I knew it people were identifying what i was doing and I felt like I was joining a club it was so lovely to be welcomed and completely unexpected - I promise to share layouts as I complete them - just finished acknowledge which I think was week 3 - but I'm getting there LOL - prepared pages for week 4 and still have paint under finger nails to prove it (this is because it's one of the few paints that I have found actually dye's your fingers - think if I recall rightly that purple is one of those paints hardest to make because it needs so much pigment - or I might be making it up) 

Then the supermoon - we saw this from the back bedroom window and yes that is the moon (apparently appearing 14% bigger than normal)
and then as it rose in the sky we got this
 how gorgeous is that!  

Then there are gorgeous thank you cards from work colleagues that are moving on to pastures new.  We had five peoples leaving do this week and I was delegated maker of the leaving presents (which with what I had on wasn't a great idea they could have ended up with anything LOL - thankfully I engaged brain long enough to identify leaving presents) and then spent most of Sunday afternoon barking orders at hubby to cellophane wrap them as I finished off the presents forgetting completely that men don't normally do wrapping do they - anyway they were really well received on Monday when we had a tea party at work.  Following this I got a lovely leaving card from one of the girls leaving which made me well up - we both struggled to say goodbye properly because I think we both knew that we'd end up in tears - so we didn't do goodbye we just did - "see ya later".
so where I'm at with the following
  • listening -to Linkin Park's Jornada del Muerto well I was when I started typing now listening to Waiting for the End which is utterly amazing
  • eating -blueberry and raspberry porridge with banana - yum (actually eaten can't type and eat at same time that would just be wrong and a bit messy)
  • drinking - nothing cup empty needs a re-fill anyone offering
  • wearing - black long line top and black leggings - basically black, black and a bit more black.
  • feeling - still under the weather at the moment
  • weather - overcast grrrrrrrrrrrr they said blue skies
  • wanting - to change the world (as always)or at least have a happy influence on somebodies friday
  • needing -to stick to my healthy eating plan to remind me what it is and not to comfort eat!! got home last night got on the scales pound on - grrr moved scales two foot to the left got on scales three pounds off - genius - keep going left wonder how far I'll have to go to lose a stone - sod found the wall - aha - bathroom floor quarry tiled means it solid - gets on scales three pounds on - double grrr - that's a half stone difference - wonder what happens if I just stand on one leg - give up - come downstairs eat a double chocolate muffin - because that obviously helps when you are trying to lose weight, hubby walks through door and I blurt out my comfort eating episode - get up this morning official weigh in day - get weighed once, same as last week - put scales away - sigh!
  • thinking - what do you do on a day off?  bit confused not sure what I'm supposed to do?
  • enjoying - my life generally despite being crazy mad I do love it even when sister comes over with a face so long last night none vocal with the words I'm fine (and we all know what that stands for) - so need your help to resolve how can she meet new friends (male and female) that are 'normal' and not weird!
  • wondering - if I should grab another cuppa and write out said 10 years olds school photo order - they've given me too much choice LOL! 

Now don't faint but I'm going to bring back Mr Linky but the deal is this - if you link with linky can you please leave your actually blog link in the comments as well because if I link with Mr Linky next week I won't see this weeks links and then you all disappear in the blink of an eye - now how the hell do you do Mr Linky

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Good morning fellow WOYWWers!  Wednesday already - crazy I tell you - mind you done 22 hours work in the last 48 hours so I'm not sure which way up the world is at the moment LOL! 

So here it is in all it's glory - I did move the three cups and bowl that had made their way onto my space but apart from that this is it!  A mess - which means creativity reigns at the minute!  Loving these WOYWW as you learn others little 'ways' for instance last week Annette (Voodoo Vixen) commented that she could only have one project on the go at a time - I on the other hand have to have multiple projects as you can see!  So what's there?
 Well there's my new larger art journal that I'm on with in the bottom left corner I'm on catch up trying to join in with Darcy's brand new 52 words for 2011 and this is week 2 ahem enough said - but I am liking what I'm creating at the moment, it's not finished just currently at work in progress stage but I keep dabbling with that amongst other things
 Then there are Christmas cards top right of the desk - yes you did hear me right, there is something therapeutic about being able to make cards at my own pace, with whatever comes to hand in the middle of March - you remember the stress in the run up to Christmas - cards, decorations, events, meals outs, planning, present buying, making home made gifts and you wonder why you're doing it?  Well make your cards through the year then it's fun when it comes to writing them out to find ones you made back in January that you'd forgotten about - currently got two shoe boxes on the go with them in!
 Then my smaller art journal - work in progress - map of Scarborough and paint at the minute this one is A5 in size but I do double pages thus giving me an A4 space to work on!
 Finally when I'm too tired to stay at my table and need to snuggle up next to hubby on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a blanket (like I did last night) I take a bit of stitching with me which last night were in the form of base papers for Christmas cards
So off to visit some more desks now - before I leave you 
  • listening -to Stiltskin's Inside
  • eating -blueberry and raspberry porridge with banana - yum
  • drinking -cuppa tea
  • wearing -brown wrap town, black work trousers again
  • feeling -very very tired!
  • weather -blue skies yay!
  • wanting - to change the world (as always)
  • needing -to stick to my healthy eating plan to remind me what it is and not to comfort eat!!
  • thinking - whether I could squeeze a day off on Friday?
  • enjoying - my life generally despite being crazy mad I do love it!
  • wondering - if I should grab another cuppa before visiting other WOYWWers! 
If you do venture along to my blog today - may I say thank you for taking the time - your words help me feel connected with my life which is a little fraught verging on fragile at the moment!

Saturday, 19 March 2011


I tell you my life is just getting stranger, this morning I went to work again on a Saturday - what on earth is that all about - the building was empty I was the only one in - other than my hubby who turned up to sort some notice boards for me bless him!  

My life is ultra stressful at the moment, so taking it in little bite sized focused pieces to stop me throwing myself off the edge into oblivion (I've done that before not fun) is fairly essential. 
Sat and watched Comic Relief which made me laugh and cry in equal measure - such wonderful entertainment whilst constant reminders made sure we knew what we were contributing towards, rang through and gift aided a donation mid-evening and stayed up til just after midnight to watch it - even said 10 year old stayed up but he found some of the reality a little overwhelming so ended up sat cuddling on the sofa explaining why it was important to help as much as we could.  

After work popped to the chemists at the walk in clinic who once I'd described my symptoms sent me toddling down to the walk in clinic itself - so before i knew it I was sat in front of a nurse and then given a prescription - hell fire I knew I wasn't hundred percent hadn't realised I was actually quite poorly - no wonder I've been feeling off! 
Come home to wall to wall rugby which I really don't mind and dear hubby just popped out to sort some food for later.  Had a chat with sister on phone (and a good cry and a bit of a rant) then had a chat with lil bro and did the same they are such good listeners when I need and in turn hope that I am the same for them.

So that's Saturday up to now - underline the word weird!
Now for some crafting this is a challenge on the scrapology website for March, quite a difficult layout for me - hubby said it was 'busy' and it certainly was but really pleased with the finished results!
 The closer detail I had some flowers but decided to cut some out that I'd hand stamped and then popped them through an embossing folder.  I love the shop bought ones but often find them quite expensive for a small quantity so most of these are handmade - shop bought is the lime green one in the middle on the right but the navy blue and green and turquoise ones you can see are all handstamped on cardstock, hand cut and then dry embossed - happy with the results
 further photo again hand stamped flowers
 then the title is an upcycled clothing tag that I've add stamped title to - really pleased with the result.
 then the stitching detail on the layout - little punched flowers finish it off.
 A little bit of bling within the flowers and that's your lot
Hope everyone is having a great Saturday catch ya later! 

Friday, 18 March 2011


Good morning one and all it is Friday again - I can hear you saying it can't be - but it is - here so quickly 
 This week has been a strange one - not necessarily in a great way - so let's see if I can dig deep to come up with a few gratefuls.

Hubby and said 10 year old for helping clean up on Wednesday night when I threw a mid-week strop - house feels better for it - much much better 

Lovely bloggy comments - so many of them this week because I joined in WOYWW!

Art journaling - I am so enjoying this at the moment - really giving me something to work off! 
Magazine man on the market - at either £1 or £1.50 a shot - bought a load last weekend, which helped complete a circle journal and give me loads of piccies for art journaling.

Hubby and son (again) for going to Meadow-hell this evening looking for leavers presents - you are both stars - thank you! 
Hubby making me make time for a walk at the weekend - kept my sanity chip in place for the weekend at least
TV for providing six nations rugby - plenty of scrapping time and yelling at the TV genius!

CD player in new car playing 30 Seconds to Mars really loudly - sheer bliss!

My circle journal buddies who are all pulling the stops out to get the rock in peace circle journal finished they've all been amazing.

Lee Evans for providing an evening of sheer laughter for me and hubby this week - we were so in need of it! 
Adverts prompting us to watch Mr and Mrs Smith night before last - love that film.

  • listening -to 30 Seconds to Mars - Stranger in a strange land on headphones as instructed by hubby!
  • eating -blueberry and raspberry porridge with banana - yum
  • drinking -cuppa tea
  • wearing -brown wrap town, black work trousers
  • feeling -pain in my right shoulder at the moment and wanting to listen to some really loud music and dance away the stress
  • weather -greay -nuf said
  • wanting - to change the world
  • needing -to celebrate the 2 pound weight loss - seem to be making tiny steps on this front but should still celebrate!
  • thinking - a day off pleasingn myself would be nice
  • enjoying -my art journaling at the moment
  • wondering - if I can slow the weekend down!
Now for a little crafting a layout documenting the lodge we stayed in in Scotland last year
 Can you tell I took the photo around Valentines day LOL!

And a couple of art journal pages during my 'writey' angry phase recently
 And this one that has been prepared for ages but not finished finally got completed!
Please let us know if you are joining in so we can come and visit and if you don't have time to blog what's Rocking Your World - just leave a comment!

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Good morning one and all, I can hardly believe it's Thursday already - I mean what's that all about - completely crazy.  I have had a strange week which is flying by, had a mass clean last night, the house was going to rack and ruin and so set too and tidied with DH and said 10 year old, it didn't take too long and now the house feels happier.  

Suffering with my shoulder, can't tell if I partially dislocated it, whether I've pulled a muscle or whether it's repetitive strain or a combination - all mighty strange so I'm struggling at the moment.  
Anyway thought I'd share a bit of crafting with you this is the layout where I was following a sketch a couple of weeks ago (I now can't find where the sketch belongs I think it was possibly even a challenge LOL) anyway I did the layout stood back and went - is that it - it felt more of a cutting and sticking project than a scrapbook one, so I set too to add my own individul elements to it 
 from the glossy accents on the title to the 007 stamped in the paper (actually the letters 'O' and 'L' stamped upside down)
 and then something that is becoming almost standard these days- yes you guessed it stitching - I'm liking tiny stitches at the minute - they look quite effective and really add to the dimensions of the layout.
The stamped circles are from a AFTH set that I've had for an absolute age and I truly adore them, if I think the layout needs 'something' these little babies can finish it off! 

Back into my art journaling with a vengeance at the moment with an emphasis on art - these were made prior to my new angle on it, the first one was when I was having a tough time so lots of writing
 this one done not long after you'll have to excuse the fingers it's the only way to keep the book open LOL
and finally another sad one - but felt better for doing it!
If you pop by - say hello - hope you're having a beautiful and blessed day I'll be back tomorrow with Rocking Your World... 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Wow Wednesday already - how crazy is that - blink of an eye and it's here again, feelings like my Rocking Your World Friday post - crazy I tell you crazy! 

Anyway you're not here to listen to me drivel on about the fog or the rain, or how great little man's parents evening was last night.  You don't need to know that work is mad, the house is going to rack and ruin and I've no idea what we're having for tea what you do need to know is what is on my desk this morning so here it is in all it's glory - it's looking relatively tidy after my mass Saturday morning tidy up I was down to 2inches of space something had to give! 
It's covered in my work in progress journal page (top left) 
A few cards I'm attempting to finish (centre front) I'm not a card maker so no laughing
A 12 x 12 layout for the weekly challenge on UK Scrappers top centre) - based on white space (not good at things like this) 
Top right hand side are some prepared loose journal pages and slightly to the left of those are a stack (5 in total) mini books that I'm working on!  This was how I left the table late last night.

For those of you who popped along last week - hello to you all!  Here is the layout that I was working on last week now completed entitled Pencils.

and a bit closer 
Yes I really did drag my family to the pencil museum - it was a strange day - but on a positive it made a great layout! 
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

Monday, 14 March 2011


Good evening, so I went to work nice and early (about 8 ish) had a short twenty minute break in the middle of the day (mad dash to town to help my lovely lil bro) then worked through til 6, mad dash home ravenously ate tea, then sat down with more work which I finished a few moments ago - meaning I've done a ridiculous amount of work hours today - so I'm off to craft for an hour before I collapse in a heap, but thought I'd post a quick post to all you lovely people.  At a weekend I religiously look for new blog updates and there are so very very few of them and then on a Monday when I'm up to my eyes in work there are loads of blog postings that I struggle to catch up with because I'm back in work mode - grrrr!  Anyway thought I'd join in with a quick post (this is quick honest)

A double page layout documenting my niece's 11th birthday! 
 and a bit closer you get to see the detail, from the punched hearts, to the stamping, the hand stamped journaling and the funky title
 and the other page with the now almost compulsory stitching on it! 
 Like a said a very quick post - hope you're all having a great Monday and that it's not been quite as fraught as mine - now where's that paint I feel the need to journal!

Saturday, 12 March 2011


I started this off a few weeks ago when I saw it on someones site (can't remember whose sorry) but think it's a great way of taking a snap shot in life at that moment in time so 

LISTENING:To the news and the awful devastation in Japan - prayers out to everyone involved in this disaster
EATING: Nothing at the moment but will be the usual berry porridge and bananas shortly
DRINKING: Hot tea made my hubby - yum
WEARING: My Jasper Conran PJ's three piece set - they are just so comfy!
FEELING: Pain at the minute and lots of it in my right shoulder and right area of my back grrrr
WEATHER:  Apparently grey at the minute but not sure because we've not opened the blinds
WANTING: The pain to go away at some point very soon, then a trip to town to the magazine man for some art journal inspiration, need a new journal (because the one I'm working on is just too small) and some 'rock' embellishments to finish my circle journal entry off.
NEEDING: To put my tens machine on again to get rid of the pain and it's only just stopped grrr!
THINKING: There are two rugby matches today on TV - loads of crafting time for me - tee hee!
ENJOYING:  Having my hubby back - he's been here in person but mentally been elsewhere - so glad he's now returned entirely and is now making coherent sense (very stressful work based course he's been dealing with this week)! 
WONDERING: Whether a combination of voltarol, bio-freeze and tens machine as such a good idea?

Just to prove that the art journal page yesterday wasn't just a one hit wonder (it wasn't honest) here is another layout that I've done subsequently on what can only be described as a lurid green background that I painted an age ago, I remember after I did it thinking that I'd never find a picture or a design that I could put on the same - not at all - well just goes to show when you get that creative boost from a fabulous new source that things can turn a corner and off you trot on a new path for a while.  

This layout is just called Delicate Wings, I love how in the photo she looks like her eyes are covered with butterflies and I thought, sometimes we visually see things that make us feel vulnerable and delicate and was the inspiration for the page.
now don't get me wrong I'll still be doing my 'writing based' pages when I need to get my emotions feelings or rantings down on paper but sometimes I just want to create art without necessarily adding too much in the way of journaling and this new style allows me to do just that!  

Hope everyone is having a good and positive and blessed weekend!

Friday, 11 March 2011


Ok so this is the 10th Rocking Your World of 2011 - where is the time flying!  I tell you things are all crazy around here! 

 So what has life had in store for me this week in my list of gratefuls 

First of all beginning of the week, when hubby and I were working on crafting things (he was cutting chipboard books out and I was painting them) we had the Pink DVD on from her last tour and had a bit of a dance to a slow track near the end, it started out as a hug and then I just enjoyed the dance with him - so ultimately grateful for that! 
Grateful for said 10 year old who makes me smile so often - Wednesday I arrived home with a brand new dressing gown for him - one of those ultra soft fluffy ones that I finally managed to track down, both me and his Dad already have one and find that we get more hugs and cuddles when we are wearing them LOL - anyway he was so impressed with it that he got changed into his pyjamas and dressing gown ready for bed at 4.25pm - honestly - giggled so much - his Dad was utterly bewildered when he walked through the door about five o'clock to find him all dressed for bed! 

Also said 10 year old making me play both monopoly and bingo on Wednesday night because he let me do both whilst multi-tasking (painting chipboard books) at the same time - it meant the monopoly game wasn't half as painful as it would be normally and bingo was almost tolerable. 

Next up beautiful blogs that make me smile when I read them - you are all amazing thank you for enlightening me and brightening my life.

In particular this week there has been that path that I've followed - you know the one, you read a blog, click a link, read another, click a link and before you know it you struggle to remember how you got there but you are very glad you did - let me see if I can get the links - so you too can be graced with amazingly talented crafty and giving people

So this post from 

whose blog I follow got me reading her great 52 week challenge thinking of doing a mass catch up on this - it is a new challenge and not one you'll have seen before because it's running live now and in it and she refers to her friend

whose blog is gorgeous documenting the most AMAZING art journal pages - I mean stand back and take a breath - honestly out of this world (scroll down to see and then double click for close ups).  Now Dede as well as being ultra talented likes to show others what she does by steaming her work on U-stream 

I've only had chance to watch a couple up to now but they are all amazing this one in particular really struck a cord

which after watching meant that I went off and created this
which is so far removed from my usual 'style' that I've had to stand back and admire it quite often - I don't just like it I actually love it

So massive thanks to Darcy for sharing some of her inspirational sources and Dede for sharing her amazing talent and motivating me on my art journaling once again!

Then on to UK Scrappers for their great digital downloads at the minute - mini bunting in union jack either muted pinks and the standard colours, enlarged bunting and cupcake flags all in one - I'm not always great with digital scrapbooking (I like paint and glue and tactile things too much) and when they tell me to unzip things my brain goes into meltdown and I think it will be really complicated and i don't have the time or the energy to try and self learn photoshop, but these little bunting babies are just PDF files - even I can download those and print them LOL and they've saved me an awful lot of work in a journal I'm working on - so thank you UK Scrappers for Rocking My world this week this is the link to the download 

So what has 'Rocked your World this Friday?' if you join in leave a link to your blog, if you don't have time to blog or don't have a blog - leave a comment and let us know how your week has been!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Yes officially Saturday was a strange one - the first strange thing was the alarm went off at 6am - grrr - hubby forgot, then my alarm went off at 6.40am - this was intended - I ignored it, then said 10 year olds went off at 7am - he slept through it - I got up, then I arrived at work at 8am - what on earth is going on with the world - it is Saturday right?

So I set to with a 29 point (although it might as well have been page) to do list - let battle commence and then spent an hour and a half trying to sort a small discrepancy relating to number one on the list - mmmmmmmmmmm not good before I knew it it was 3 o'clock, I'd been there hours, not had nearly enough cups of tea, had missed lunch completely, had had hubby head home had a ten year old wandering around looking lost on occasions - unless he was tucking into the giant chocolate bar he'd commandeered when his Dad was there.  I got home had a shower and realised it had started to go dark - the sunshine we were promised didn't arrive and the rain was with us all day.
On the plus we saw the international space station on Friday night which was awesome I'll grant you it was just like seeing a fast moving star - but we saw it we did!  

I also managed art journaling and scrapbooking although currently not happy with scrapbooking page just not enough depth of texture - I was following a sketch - you know the ones where you do the layout as per sketch and then say "is that it" so spent Saturday evening trying to recover it - asked hubby and said 10 year old to help - I got - turn it into a double page (I couldn't - only one sheet of base paper and they have to match for me), stitch on it (my excuse every single time to finish a page off) or said 10 year old's idea which was add stickers grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr enough said - anyway I can confidently say that I am now officially happy with it - thank goodness!  I'll get round to photographing it and let you see!

Sunday morning arrived and although grey and cloudy it wasn't raining so that meant car washing and ironing - I think the weekend can be put down as not particularly fun but very work orientated!  

Anyway now were on Wednesday so thought I'd share my workstation as per WOYWW - it's an age since I last did this - I always feel awful if I don't get around everyone's link but to be honest there are so many now I think I'd struggle anyway - so if you pop by - hello and I promise to try and reciprocate!  
So here it is - think it can be described as message the minute, I'm on with a double page layout, got some half done journal pages at the top right of the table, also got the Beyond Limits paraphernalia out on the table as need to make a mini book from the huge quantity of photos I've got from the day, got part of a circle journal under the envelope on the left hand side of the table, together with my 365 day calendar which I'm behind with and my little art journal in the bottom left corner - I had to make some space last night on the table as I had no room (just moved most of it to a chair - don't think you could call that tidying LOL)

Anyway so off to do my link on Julia's site, if you fancy joining in head over!