Friday, 25 November 2011

ROCKING MY WORLD FRIDAY - it's been a strange one

Yes officially it's Friday what is going on - where are these works going too?  It's all a little crazy today is pay date and this means the last pay day before Christmas ARGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

Anyway I digress (as usual) this is
the place where we put a list of gratefuls, where we look back over the last 7 days and note the moments that lifted our spirits and raised ourselves up amongst the norm.  This week has been a hard one to put together and I'm actually quite low, but these are the times when digging deep really does help and puts things into more perspective.

So first up has to be the moment over the weekend (last weekend obviously) when we were out in the car and I felt like someone had painted me a picture to really appreciate.  The colours in the trees and the depth of the landscape in front of me, together with a fine mist led to a beautiful painted picture of the countryside around me, it almost made me feel like I could paint it - dull grey sky, pale trees on the horizon, then some darker trees in the middle, then the darkest almost silhouetted trees before a blaze of autumnal colours, it's a sight that gave me thanks for being out and about that day and for witnessing the beauty of nature.

Family Funny
Then there is hubby for having a great sense of humour when making Christmas cakes last weekend, I shouldn't tell you really I shouldn't but we did giggle, making two was maybe a bad idea, the first one looks great - only problem is he forgot the glace cherries, half the almonds and half the flour - but apart from that it's fine - decided he's going to drown it in alcohol!  He almost considered adding the missing ingredients whilst it was in the oven - honestly - he did make me smile - this is a rocking moment, when hubby is fighting with a Nigella recipe and telling me what's missing - laughed til we cried.

Argos for having a sensibly priced desk, we tried a heritage place - £345 for a nest of tables - I think not!  Argos bargain desk for £90 and hubby put it together in just over an hour, now in situ so I'm back in the TV room, still little crafting going on but hey you can't have everything!

Said 11 year old (almost put little man but at 11 that seems a little unfair) bringing home buns from school which were lovely, this is the day after his first attempt at a CBBC recipe making cookies - now he made these on his own whilst I was supervising desk assembly and hubby was doing desk assembly and he did them to the letter, the only issue - they made more than 50 biscuits what kind of recipe is that?  Honestly 50 biscuits between three of us, with one of us not being a sweet fan and we wonder why I have weight issues!

Ant and Dec on I'm a Celebrity - the only reason we watch this program is for those two they are just so funny!

Said 11 year old for keeping his bedroom tidy so that the pre-Christmas clean up didn't take us more than an hour which is awesome stuff.

Our charity shop at work providing sensibly priced frames, my sister Melanie has been meaning to sort some frames all year and managed one up to now so I'm attempting to sort the remaining ones that are in the bag, so she can put them up on her stairs.  She's always fancied a black and white staircase and finally she's getting around to it.

So there we have it, that took some digging deep but there you go this weeks list of gratefuls.  If you fancy joining in - put your link on Mr Linky at the bottom so we can come and visit.

Right crafting a layout from our break in York at Easter and yes that is a swimming pool, it was probably the only positive about the place, that and it's close proximity to York
 Sometimes it's the tiny embellishments that make a layout, this was some peel offs - now stop don't run away I know I'm not a fan either but occasionally you can make them look ok on a layout
Right here is Mr Linky hope you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Well I'm still here, payroll was awful - 8 hours fighting with 70 employees to get it to work properly - not firing on all cylinders proved taxing as you can imagine, but I beat it into submission.  Yesterday I collapsed into a heap again, the day before proving a little too much and I had one of those restless days - you know the ones that you could get loads done if only you engaged your brain but brain was fighting any type of engagement so I went with the flow and accepted that that was how it was going to be, felt a bit low by time hubby came home mind and fell asleep on the sofa early on - but I was wrecked Monday wreaked absolutely havoc on me.  But I am still upright and nearly almost level for that we'll do a happy dance - well actually you can do the happy dance for me because if I did it I might fall over. 

Today I'm going to head in for a couple of hours and make sure everyone has lots and lots to do and then come home - the plan is 11 o'clock leaving time - this was the same on Friday when I left at 12.45pm - so any guesses as to what time it will be today?  I promise I'm going to aim towards 11 o'clock - honestly!

Anyway we are hurtling towards Christmas I keep going on Toni's blog and she's got a Christmas countdown at the top which makes me gulp every time I see it.  I'm in mental "must sort house" mode we've done a few rooms (this will be the royal we as to be honest most of it has been done with me saying what to move and where and DH obliging bless him - he really is a star and knows how bad I am at this time of year).  What I'm actually attempting to do is to give me a clear December - no stop laughing that's my aim, if I do loads now then December should be fine and dandy shouldn't it?  Shouldn't it?  Problem is I started out with a 141 point to do list which still stands at 70+ so still loads to do, think I might have set the bar too high?

Anyway how's your Christmas planning coming along?  Any Secret Santa's out there in mental melt down - I e-mailed Carmen yesterday with the crazy question when is enough enough?  When will I know it's right - bless her she came back telling me to calm down and everything would be OK - struggling to agree with her mind - but I'm now gathering a little pile of goodies on the spare bed upstairs.

OK so enough of my waffling - here is some crafting to show you what I've been doing - I don't think I can call it recent, with being poorly crafting really has been the very last thing on my mind (literally the last thing).

Here is a layout of DH and said 11 year old making pizza during the summer, said 11 year old was doing a cookery course at school and came home talking dough and DH went into mini strop because he's never made bread and before you know it there on with home made pizzas - there was flour everywhere!  I went for blank space on this one for a change and I'm really pleased with it - however said 11 year old kept saying it needed something at the top - bless! 

 Close up I attached the buttons with embroidery thread and you can just see the little bit of stitching on the left hand side.
Have a beautiful day every one - hugs

Monday, 21 November 2011


Good Morning my beautiful blog friends grab a virtual cuppa and pull up a seat to share some crafting with you. 

This will be my first day attempting to go to work - think about me because I've got payroll to run for over 70 people - let's hope I get it right, might not be up to work on Tuesday though - we'll see!

Anyway, I've been aware that I've not been as active on my blog recently so thought I'd try and make an effort to get a few more blog posts on here now I'm upright and level again (nearly almost).

So I thought I'd share a double page spread that I did from earlier in the year detailing parts of Scarborough and my gorgeous hubby and said 11 year old!

I love blending blues and greens together and using up older papers - I'm loving that but haven't done a 12 x 12 layout for an absolute age so must get back particularly bearing in mind that I've had two photo deliveries recently.  I seem to be on with Christmas based items at the moment, really busy sorting things out for that so have had very little personal scrapping time! 

Up close you've got this edge which I've managed to get upside down for my blog post - but let's not stress LOL

And my stamped title using a favourite Papermania alphabet, matted and raised on sticky pads
A while ago I did some cards that I was actually quite pleased with and because I've got bored of seeing them in my blog folder thought I'd include them on this post.

Now I never ever profess to be a card maker so it's always nice to be able to show off ones that I don't mind, this is one of the card and the matching envelope
I used offcuts of paper, punchinella, peel offs (because I was using them up), embossing folders and little stamps and as you can see this set of cards turned out into little easel cards which I was mighty pleased with. 

So there you go a little crafting for you I hope you enjoy

Saturday, 19 November 2011


Morning all, as some of you might be aware I'm involved in the second rock in peace CJ which is known as Rock In Peace Resurrected, it started last month and I was the first to receive Sian's beautiful circle journal.  Her theme was lyrics so I trawled through lots of music to find some of my favourites to include.  Now one of my 'issues' with mini books is that I like maxi books not mini - I love lots of space to create and Sian's journal was quite small so this proved quite a challenge, however I came up with a way of creating more space.

My first page documents lyrics from a Staind album, the page ended up quite 'art journally' but that doesn't surprise me given the type of work I've been creating recently
 Close up you can see the font, paint and clear embossing that I've done.
 The opposite page is words from Stone Sour's Through Glass with an acetate sheet in between to create a 'class effect' I've used a crackled glass edge to the acetate as well. 
 Up close
Then I've created a 'hidden' page behind the Stone Sour page 

I've included the lyrics from a Metallica track, explanations included in the book - I won't spoil the reason as you should all see the book before it's returned to Sian!

And finally, a Linkin Park page, using a Chester stencil that I've used on my own but this one has been made smaller and then using two different types of Linkin Park type fonts that I found.

I was actually really pleased with my entries into the book once I'd finished and that usually takes some doing!

Friday, 18 November 2011


Morning all I'm preparing this on thursday evening as hubby sits here trying to get some items for me for Christmas by click clicking his way through the world LOL

So what's been Rocking Your World this week?

Firstly mine has become more level - hurray!  I'm loving the world the right way up so that's top of the list, although I'm not fully back to 'normal' (whatever that is), being able to get in the car without being a danger to the world at large (well no more than usual) has been lovely.

Next up is hubby and son for putting up with me over the last few weeks, I'm getting more bolshy so must be getting better!   Also for both of them tackling the TV room this last week without much input from me, they've both been fabulous and just got on with the task in hand, the room is almost done just a few things to resolve but it's feeling more homely at the moment which is great. 

Then there is my sister for the phone calls and the chats and the visits, they've all been awesome and I feel very privileged to have had some quality time with her recently.

Then there's Royal Mail for delivering my click click shopping that I've been doing recently, it's been nice to receive some of the items that have been coming through the post and feel like I can tick the items off my lists.

I know my list is short this week, but in all honesty being cooped up in four walls hasn't meant much 'difference' when its come to my week, just a slow time back to normal - however, I am grateful for all of the above and for all of the lovely wishes I've received from you recently - you are all amazing and remind me that I am truly blessed.

A little crafting for you lovely people this layout documents us finally finding the skyspace at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, there are only a few dotted around the world, you go inside and sit on the concrete seats and look up, there is a closed in roof with just a square section that is open to the elements and through this square then you can see the sky which on a whispy white partially cloudy day gave us an ever changing skyscape that we loved!  I added little tag punches for the title and hand sewing to create some dimension, simply magical

Up close you can see the title and the handstitching, I used a running stitch and then threaded a co-ordinating fabric through at the same time.
So there you go another post completed, I hope you all have a truly blessed weekend.

Mr Linky for you all

Saturday, 12 November 2011

A craft post - because I can

Yes I know don't faint, this is a mid-week blog post (well it's not a Friday post), this be a Saturday post and it's craft related, what more could you ask for.

I find myself up and about early, DH has gone into work boo hoo - hiss, but said 11 year old is here to keep me company, not quite as whoozy as I've been so hoping to do some things today, I'm in the middle of finishing off a mini book at the moment, which I've had great fun making.  Despite the house been upside down (because we're decorating - that'll be the royal "we" because I can't really do much other than tea mash, but hubby knows I've set my heart of getting it sorted before December hits and he's not going off plan - love you Sweetie.  I've also had my sister volunteer to help, how lovely is that, so I'm feeling upbeat and positive at the moment.  So thought I'd share this positive feeling with you with a craft post.

This is a mini book I recently made, it started out as a child's board book, I think it was a 'princess' type book, I took the book apart initially, got hubby to sand it for me (can't stand sand paper honestly - run away run away), then set too with the paint, I love the painted surface, just a mix of gorgeous paint colours and these colours are very me, I'm not technically a 'blue' person on a grand scale, wouldn't paint a room blue for instance, but this vivid blue colour is very 'jewel' like so it speaks volumes to me.

The original book had little cut out windows and so I've tried to place the photos carefully so I can see glimpses of what is to come.

I added a strip of art paper that I'd used paint, punchinella and spray inks on which I then ripped into strips, to bring the page together I used a selection of star stamps (which are my favourite, not regimental stamps, the quirky ones that have some depth to them) and colours some of them in, fastened with the bind it all and a selection of ribbons this is what the book looks like! 
 Inside the book more pictures from a day out at YSP
So it goes to show, that with a few paints, a cheap charity shop buy and some stamps, you can create a unique little mini book that provides a lasting memory of a family day out!

Friday, 11 November 2011


Wow can you believe it's Friday again - how the weeks are flying by - so what time of the week is it - well obviously its
Well it's been another trying week health wise but I know others have had far harder things to contend with, so my first grateful is appreciating that at the moment my health is suffering a little and I need to accept this and let my body start to adjust itself back into a better state, I'm demanding that it 'get better now' but that's not happening so it looks like a slow recovery back to normality.

My hubby and son again top the list this week, tolerating my complete inability to do so many things but not moaning, or complaining and I've noted that they can be even being a tad grumpy if I try and do too much so thank you boys you are both amazing!

Grateful for the invention of medicines to try and counteract the state of my inner ear at the moment, when my Mum was treated for Meniere's disease back in the 70's there was absolutely no treatment whatsoever, so the fact that medicine has advanced and is now able to offer some relief is amazing in itself. 

My blog friends - I love each and every one of you, you have kept me smiling, been concerned, kept me in the loop, used me to lean on and let me lean back, you are all utterly amazing and I'm grateful to have each and every one of you in my life even if on the most part I haven't met you - you are utterly wonderful

I'm grateful for a comfy bed to collapse into and big thick duvets

I'm grateful for breakfast club being able to take said 11 year old into school so hubby can try and get a full day in whilst I've been so poorly

I'm grateful for my Mum and my sister and my brother and for Fi and my niece all of whom have been concerned for me and how poorly I've been.

I'm grateful for my Mum having a bonfire celebration last weekend to allow me to get out of the house and catch up, even if it meant having to get in the car and feeling mighty off when I got there, it was worth it and my balance settled down during the evening.

I'm grateful for my hubby emptying the TV room on his own on Thursday night ready to decorate and not been put off our original plan even though I'm not well enough to help - he really is awesome.

I'm grateful for my sister ringing for a chat this afternoon (Thursday) on her way back from Uni.

I'm grateful for great teachers who are trying to help said 11 year old move things forward in his last year at primary school and having expectations that match ours - let him be the very best he can be for himself with us helping to support him along the way.

I'm grateful that the tablets are keeping the screen that I'm typing on level and steady (it wasn't last Thursday). 

 A long list of strange gratefuls but that's what this week has been like.

 I hope your week has been good, I know for some it has been unbelievably difficult and I'm thinking of you at the moment, come back to this, in your own time and when you are ready.  

So it's been weeks since I posted some crafting so I'll provide double helpings today,
 first up is a photo from the a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park earlier in the year,  that hubby took of me that I didn't hate (makes a change) I quite enjoyed using the bright vibrant colours, I also used some 'close up' photos to create the three embellishments on the right.
 The journaling was stamped using some mini rubber stamps, that I love, I have about 5 sets of these mini-peg beauties that I use in both my art journaling and scrapbooking 
 I used some chipboard letters that I had in bright green for the title
 this layout documents a fabulous McKee exhibition we saw when we were in Scarborough, formally a cartoonist he turned his hand to art and creates these amazing pieces of artwork.  This one I believe was called Goth weekend and is obviously based in Whitby with the ruined Abbey in the background - it struck the right cord with us.  I used the colours in the photo to create the page.
 Tim Holtz lettering for the title, a little bit of of hand stitching, punched edges and some velvet ribbon.
 Journalling done using those tiny peg letters again!
 so there you go another Rocking post for another week, if you are joining in please leave a comment and add to Mr Linky, if you aren't joining in this week don't forget to take a moment to think for yourself and find something to be grateful for, irrelevant of how small that has made you grateful this week and hopefully this will lift your mood and ready you for the week ahead.  May you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.

Friday, 4 November 2011


Well this is nice, sitting finally to type up a blog post, because I've been poorly, not a little bit poorly but really quite poorly.  Had a lovely week away last week but came down with labyrinthitus which has little to do with David Bowie and a lot more to do with balance and room spin, full 360 degree spin, and throwing up - not grand, so you might think I'll be postponing my post this week - how wrong can you get

Because it is
So what can I drag out of the deep recesses of my week

Well there have been positive comments from lots of lovely people in blog land - so thank you to all of you on that front.

I'm grateful for the NHS - although there was little that they could do I did see a Doctor who gave me some anti-vertigo tablets which have helped, so I'm extremely grateful for having a health service available, there are so many in the world that don't have this.

I'm utterly utterly grateful for my amazing hubby, he's gone in late to work, left early to drop off and collect said 11 year old, took Monday off because he was worried about me.  He's shopped and cooked and just got on with day to day things without me, he's made me tea, he's been there when I've been really sick (one of my ultimate pet hates I absolutely detest throwing up and he knows this), he's got me cold flannels for my head, he's left me to sleep, he's ironed, he's got presents for children's parties and taken said 11 year old to said party and collected him after without a murmur of a whinge.  He even put up with my moans on Wednesday when I indicated that the house was 'messy' and let me give orders whilst he and said 11 year old scurried around tidying around to make the house a tidier place to be (I didn't make them do a major clean but in all honesty I was getting a better but feeling low with the state of things, so I staggered around and asked for their help for half and hour and it was soon done).

He's made me laugh this week (which at times I didn't think possible), he's offered me hugs (when I could manage them) and provided ample tissues when I was feeling very sorry for myself - quite literally nothing has been too much trouble - he is quite honestly amazing and yes I am ultimately grateful for him!

Said 11 year old also gets a mention, he doesn't like to see Mum ill but he did make me giggle when his only line this week seemed to be "Are you OK Mum?" "Yes" "Have you been sick?" - literally the only two questions I got asked on a regular basis all week.

My sister for catching up with me and making me feel human this week, it was so lovely to have a natter even though I was still suffering room spin at the time.

Virgin Media - yes can you believe they are on my list of gratefuls, I'm not a TV person (enjoy my crafting too much but it's been none existent this week as you can imagine) I discovered TV on demand - not something that I'd looked at in quite some time and found Terry Pratchett's Going Postal, one of my all time favourite authors whose books sit pride of place in our library, I struggled with A Colour Of Magic (not sure if I was paying enough attention LOL) but Going Postal was brilliant, an absolute joy to watch.

Jamie Oliver and his Great British meals even though he seemed to think that Yorkshire consisted of Leeds and Leeds alone made me giggle at the end with the preview of next weeks show when he gets so excited about a dish he's making he manages to split his trousers - made me giggle with hubby on Tuesday night - a much needed laugh.

Oooh here was me being smart - finding that I was feeling better Wednesday only to be struck down thursday again, so the post never got finished, not feeling too great today so you'll have to put up with Wednesday's info above for this week - sorry Rockettes I'll try and be back on form for next week.

In the meantime Mr Linky because we missed him