Thursday, 28 June 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 26th of 2018

Morning all its Friday time for

So first up was last Friday, despite feeling a little rough after my hospital visit, I was eager to show my niece around the local Uni to check out the degree work completed by their students.  

This was our second visit and we got to look at some fabulous work, the fashion work was in the cafeteria, so we got to enjoy the catwalk film, some of the actual pieces and their accompanying book and a cuppa at the same time. 

We headed back into the metalwork studio that we'd already visited with said 17 year old, I still love these! 

The illustration department had yet more epic pieces

And the fine art gallery was stunning

We all enjoyed a look around

Probably one of our favourite pieces was this one

My fabulous niece

All that lovely laughter - completely fills me up when I'm running on empty 

My fantastic Mum, how awesome does she look! 

This was the art installation that the teenagers loved

Including the epic shadows it cast

Friday night was date night for me and hubby, we went off to the local theatre to enjoy The Final Test, thankfully it wasn't too heavy on the old cricket element and was more about relationships

It was done by a local theatre group and they were fabulous, we really enjoyed it and it made a great change when it came to a night out!

Saturday was mighty hot and we didn't get up to much it has to be said, but we did have tickets to see the man engine down at the local heritage centre, it started at 7.30pm with the main event at 10.30 (as it was such a light evening), we headed down there around 9pm and had fun having a wander around, I loved this mechanical device puffing 'smoke'

We headed through to watch the man engine

The sky was clear and the moon bright in the sky

It was a piece of historical theatre, linking local mining heritage with that of Cornwall (which is where the man engine and its crew had come from)

I didn't fancy the walk up the big ladder that the young lad did. 

The light levels dropped enough to let the man engine really 'come to life'

With pulleys and mechanical movement the man engine came to life. 

I love the light on this one, it was just the way my camera caught it!

The bit with the crucible was brilliant

Sunday we were off up to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, not only had a new Underground Gallery exhibition commenced by Penone, but my key pull was the fantastic work of Mr Finch, a self taught textile artist.  I was so giddy to see his work!

He uses a combination of material, vintage materials and found items

All the little detail

The toadstools were fabulous!

The moles were my favourite

All the characters are stood up, despite there being in excess of 75 pieces, all but 3 had sold (despite the fact the exhibition only opened on Wednesday!)

The fox looked beautiful

And the hares with their long ears and toadstool umbrellas

My other favourite was the hedgehogs, all made by Mr Finch's own hand - two years work to bring the exhibition together!

I loved all the found elements and reused items, from cross stich samplers to tapestry!

The exhibition is called the Wish Post and there is a book to accompany it! 

The letters were stunning

We took a couple of atrocious selfies

And the giddy moment of the day, I got to meet Mr Finch in person!  He was so lovely, happy to talk to all the people that had queued, honestly a fantastic moment for me! 

The new exhibition by Penone

Yes before you ask this is a pile of potatoes, although you may notice some with ears and facial parts - they were the cast bits in the pile of the potatoes!

A tree cut in half and hollowed out to the point of one particular ring in its life

Black canvas with graphite - I loved this! 

Stunning work with thorns

Bronze casting

Encased laurel leaves

This piece started as a finger print and was worked from there, it took 12 days to finish the installation, not all done direct by the artist!

Hubby loved this, carved from marble, the 'bark' is a bronze cast around the marble

Said 17 year old enjoyed getting the relevant photos!

There were a few poetry pieces we saw as well

Busy week at work, but Wednesday night saw us at a play at Wentworth Woodhouse, Wentworth Woodhouse has the largest frontage of any building in the UK, but was actually an extension to the original house which is on the west side (the extension faces east), in effect you have two houses linked but back to back.  The play was held on the west side that you don't have access to, normally, so you can imagine how giddy we were to get to see a play in front of it.

We took chairs and coffee and hot chocolate and lots and lots of blankets, because despite the warmth when that sun sinks you really feel it quickly! 

My sis came as I'd bought her a ticket as part of her birthday box and my Mum came as well

This was our first glimpse

The house got better as the lights were put on when the light levels dropped

The theatre company were called Chapterhouse and were brilliant - Midsummer Night's Dream - which was very apt given the current time of year and the glorious weather!

It is a completely mad play but oh so much fun to watch

And that my lovely people is your lot, it has been a busy and fun week which I've really enjoyed, I've got my appointment for my pre-op but no operation day at the moment. 

I hope you've had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and I shall come and visit.