Friday, 8 June 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 23rd of 2018

Good Morning lovely people 'tis Friday so time for 

So I'm running a week behind as it were, I hope you don't mind, but we had such a fun relaxing and amazing week in Cornwall it seems a shame not to share what a fantastic time we had. 

So I suggest a cuppa and possibly a comfy chair as this one is going to be a long one - photo heavy too! 

First up the Cottage we stayed in just outside Fowey, it was a pretty holiday let, with a sympathetic extension that had created a bigger kitchen and ensuite bathroom, the downside was the rather unused front room, which on a couple of the nights we could have done with for a chill out.  However, we managed to use the patio outside and given the busy busy days often headed for bed early, so it wasn't a major issue.  We got there after an 8 hour journey sigh, lots of issues on motorways so we were two hours later than anticipated, so why on my Rocking post?  The cottage was ready so we were straight in!

The cottage garden was full of beautiful blooms

I've no idea what this is, the leaves reminded me of an Azalea but no idea, the hanging flowers/fruit (not sure what they were) were heavy and waxy to the touch.

We headed down to Fowey on the first evening and spotted the car ferry that trundles from side to side of the estuary all day long.  Apparently despite plans for a bridge they never did build one.  We didn't actually use it as there was so much to explore where we were.

Foolishly I thought that direction was the sea, it turned out (I discovered several days later that it was the opposite direction) a pretty view all the same. 

There was this fabulous sculpture at the harbour that we found on the first day

I hadn't appreciated just how narrow some of those Cornish lanes were!

One of the items on the bucket list was our destination for Sunday, said 17 year old and his girlfriend, as you can see it was a little overcast but it was still warm

I discovered some fabulous mosaics in the ladies loo - I couldn't resist taking a few photos of them - I know weird right - but you know me and artwork! 

I played with this one to get rid of the background in the mirror!

And tweaked this one a little and left me in it because I couldn't get it any other way! 

Huge butterfly sculpture outside, the gardens really are something else and being such warmer climate that 'up north' the difference in planting and the volume of flowers was noticeable

Next up this blue poppy - how beautiful is it and I haven't used any filters - I just love it!

I managed to get a couple of photos of these two 

They didn't mind posing for a photo - which made me very happy!

One of my favourites of the day the giant bee on the pollination banking

We headed for the world's largest indoor rainforest first, it was rather warm and very sticky to be in there, but fantastic all the same!

My phone camera kept steaming up with all the humidity!

It really was fantastic, they've even introduced natural predators to keep some of the insect population under control

Said 17 year old had a great time

Selfie of me and him in front of the waterfall

And those two in front of same waterfall

The Mediterranean bioome was a lot less humid albeit still very warm.  I liked the mechanical man at the entrance, the kids had great fun pressing the button and seeing it move

These two pretending to be in the med

I just loved soaking up the atmosphere and the environment, it really was absolutely bliss!

The dragon chair was a favourite (I had a close inspection in case I decide to have a go at making the dragon at home)

As you can see it was a base with paper and paint over it - I'm sure I could manage that!

There were loads of sculptures in this area

But it really was Mother nature that blew me away!

This pincushion flower was awesome

And a better picture of the bee when we headed back outside

The Rocking man up on the hillside was something we kept spotting all day, we eventually made our way up and said 17 year old and GF had a go at making him move on his giant rocker (like a rocking horse base but much bigger)

The blue skies eventually joined us which was great

We headed inside the core building which was built in 2006 and has recently been refurbished.  Blue the sculpture in the main area puffs out these amazing spinning smoke circles, completely mesmerising

We also enjoyed the seed sculpture, the name of the sculpture alludes me this morning, but we've seen his work at Yorkshire Sculpture Park before

Our closing view of the Eden Project as we headed back up to the gift shop at the end of the day

Back at the Cottage we had a rather disastrous barbecue, charred probably isn't the word I used, but it provided us with a good laugh and at least it was fully cooked!

Monday we headed to the Lost Gardens of Heligan, another must see for the break.  The lady inside told us the easiest route down as the Gardens are built on a very hilly area.

first up the giant's head

And close by the Mud Maid, I wish there had been more of these because I loved them

A wire sculpture next, which was difficult to see against the backdrop, it was named the Grey Lady

At the bottom, the view over the fields was great and we could just about make out the sea

As we'd by-passed the queues for the ropebridge it meant that to enjoy the Jungle area we needed to walk back up, so our slow meander turned into something of an epic hike on a particularly warm day.  It was nonetheless a fantastic place to enjoy beautiful scenery!

The jungle

We found a charcoal sculpture at the bottom, not quite of David Nash proportions, but fabulous all the same

And grabbed a rather bright selfie

These two having a fab day

We grabbed a pastie and cuppa at the tea shop and on our way there came across this beautiful flower

Then the more formal gardens with the Wisteria

Love a good doorway/gateway

Reused elements of the garden

The only remaining manure heated pineapple cloche, I had no idea that pineapples grew like this, for some unfathomable reason I thought they great on trees!

Lily of the Valley - this tiny tiny flower had the most amazing heady scent to enjoy

Another lovely shot of these two

And I love the naturalness of this shot as they shared photos on the camera

Me and hubby ventured out on our own the following day, neither said 17 year old or girlfriend felt 100%, I think they were exhausted after two very busy days out, not to be put off we ventured over to Tintagel - a must on our list this week and another one to tick off the bucket list.

The steps up are ridiculously steep and difficult to pass when there is more than one person coming/going but the views from the top were worthwhile

We were amazed how many people were around the key sculpture when we got up there, it took us a few minutes to realise we had happened across a French student trip and that the volume was predominantly to do with them, thankfully they had finished their lunch and headed off quite soon after we got to this part

The sculpture really is something to behold!

We headed to Tintagel Old Post Office a National Trust place on the main high street in Tintagel after we'd finished in the castle. 

The building was lovely and so old, but it was the rag rugs that made me smile, I couldn't believe how gorgeous they all were

I loved the beach colours of this one that was a mix of rag rugging and presumably weaving or knitting of some sort

And this leather and lace one was stunning

Fabulous detail

Oh just come across this book sculpture from the Castle exhibition, I do love a good book sculpture

Back to the Old Post Office, there were by now throngs of people in front and the road was busy, so I made the most of the model in the garden to capture the building

We then headed to Boscastle which is only 3 miles aware.  We had a lovely wander and were pleased to find some fabulous little independent shops to browse around.  

Hubby wanted to head to Boscastle to visit the Museum of Witchcraft, we enjoyed the walk around but Tintagel really was a stretch for my dodgy back and hip currently, so I headed for the Harbour Lights tea room and enjoyed a pot of tea and a fresh iced peach tea whilst hubby went around for a second look of the museum, win win, I could rest my poor back and hubby got to see all he wanted to see!

The following day was rather rainy, so we had a slow start (including a cooked breakfast) and then headed to Lanhydrock (as did everyone else in Cornwall that day - or at least that's how it seemed). 

It really is a lovely house, the fittings mainly Victorian although the house goes back a lot further.  We learnt and saw lots of things we hadn't seen previously. 

I love the information on how clotted cream was made. 

And enjoyed the embroidered shirt was quote on it, they've done this sort of thing in quite a few of the NT properties on things like clothing and tea towels, to give you information without the item being a hindrance to the display etc.  

There was lots of information about the family, so we stopped and had a good read

I loved the fact they needed a luggage room, let alone its contents! 

Hubby found this highly amusing on our wander around

The long gallery was breathtaking and had some fantastic pieces of plasterwork detail

Back outside the rain had stopped and we had a wander around the lovely grounds

Said 17 year old had purposefully requested a visit to Boscastle as he'd missed out the first time, we wander down to the harbour and see the sea, I was amazed at how close it was and was most confused about how the flood had happened, so did some research when we got back to understand better. 

We stopped on the way back to enjoy the gorgeous coastline

Before heading into Fowey for a wander

Where we eventually found the sea, I don't think I've ever enjoyed a scene (with possibly the exception of the Cova D'En Xoroi in Menorca) that I've enjoyed so much, just to sit and look and soak it up - utter bliss!

The houses on the opposite side were so pretty and must have had fantastic views

I got another shot of the sculpture on a slightly brighter and sunnier day

Our final full day so a return visit to the Eden Project, which was much quieter than it had been, we found all sorts of things we hadn't seen previously

Including this ceramic face

We found the big tyre and enjoyed reading about environmental issues 

We found another bird sculpture

next to the big tyre

We also found what initially looked like birch trees that had had the tops lopped off, it was only when we got closer we found they were made from ceramic

Giant musical games

Beautiful carved slate benches

Just wandering

More sculptures

Gorgeous wisteria

A mud maid I didn't even know was there


Bits of garden we hadn't even discovered the other day

Red ivy in full bloom

Enjoying the made and crazy shapes of the beautiful flowers

Finding quotes

And then amazing glass sculptures done by an artist to recreate viruses and diseases, from the HIV disease to swine flu and despite the rather negative subject matter - utterly fascinating

discovering the job that no one would want

Back outside finding more poppies

It really was the macro shops that had us oohing and aahing over things

We even managed a better shot of the seed

And came across a paper sculpture, most of which had been cut by hand

Me and hubby had a lovely second day

And I enjoyed a second drink from the Baobab bar (minus the rum)

We were intrigued to learn about the tree

All in all the week was awesome, we had a lovely time, enjoyed some great family days out and just relaxed and chilled.  The journey home whilst busy was straight forward and 6 hours after departure we were pulling up at home, shattered but having had a fantastic time

This week has been busy busy at work, I enjoyed some lovely fruit for lunch 

And caught up at my Mums for my lil sis birthday

I also enjoyed a fab breakfast

And we had a giggle when we discovered they've done a mini chair to the chair my sister really really wants from Ikea

It has been a grand week, I hope yours has been too.

If you fancy joining in then pop a post together and link up so we can come and visit. 

I've checked with Mr Linky that I use to create a link to blogs and it states that they don't retain any personal information of the people that use the link - with reference to GDPR - I also don't collect the data, I just enjoy reading your comments.  If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. Wow. That's quite a gallery of photos Virginia. I haven't got time to look at them all before I go out, but I will be back later. Kate x

  2. wow, wow, wow.. two of the places I most want to visit; everything I've seen about them is encapsulated in your gorgeous photos. am sitting here, very jealous!! Hope this week is as beautiful for you.

  3. Oh my goddess lol.. Last time we went to Cornwall I came back with 358 photos...I bet you beat that!!! Glad you had such a wonderful time XXX

  4. Well I finally got to see all your lovely photos. What a splendid week. The Eden Project and hanging gardens are two places I would love to have visited before we moved away. What a lot there is to see there. Glad you had a fabulous holiday, and hope you are well rested now. Kate xx