Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Morning all, well it's wet outside, not a short shower so of rain but the 'looks set for the day' - boo hiss, mind you more boo hiss is work, I spent 8 hours yesterday going through e-mails - soooooooooooooooooooooo not fun, but hey it's done now so I might be able to get some work done today - hurray!

The evenings are leading to some serious scrapbook layouts but I'm finding that I'm in need of some more inspirations so trawling the internet for easy to make embellishments at the moment.

You can find so much inspiration out there - the question is am I going to use it?

Well I'll see what happens later on and let you know, in the meantime another layout to share

This time real lions rather than the stone one I shared yesterday, strangely enough though I did both layouts on the same day and it was only at the end of the day I realised I'd been scrapbooking lions all day!
We went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park last year which has lions, it was a scorching day and the lions were just layout around, the lion on the left of the photo was the oldest lion and unfortunately he passed away this year, the animals had been rescued and it was great to see that they finally had a massive space to enjoy at the Park, even if they were a little hot!

Hope you are having a great day!

Monday, 30 July 2012


Morning all, why am I boo hissing because I'm off to work today and tomorrow - that's why and I'm kind of getting used to actually having thinking time - unreal I tell you!  The weekend has been busy and enjoyable, we got a room decorated that has needed it for sooooooooooooooo long it's untrue!

Now all I need to do is prevent said 11 year old from putting tyre marks all over the walls again and we're good.  As a result of general busy-ness on Saturday, Sunday was more laid back and leisurely with a walk around a local dam and a trip into my local craft shop for some more goodies.  Sunday afternoon and evening were spent watching 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and crafting more layouts.  Monday morning greets me with general tiredness on an extreme level - hence the boo hiss!

But I thought I'd leave a post and a layout, this one is of one of the giant stone lions at Chatsworth - in the sculpture hall near the end of the house tour.
Hope your Monday is filled with fun and laughter and not too much work!

Friday, 27 July 2012


Good Morning here we are again, yet another Friday morning greets us where we get chance to look back at the last 7 days and take stock and remember those elements that have made you smile, provided a silver lining - they are there every week, no matter how hard a week you have there is always something that makes life that bit better and here is where we celebrate these very moments.
So my week looks like this

Friday saw said 11 year old leave his primary school, he held it together well right up to the bell time but when he had to say goodbye to his teacher that was when he got upset and I told him to have a good cry if that's what he wanted.  So why is this a grateful, because to be upset to leave the school and to leave the teacher and say good-bye to friends shows what a fabulous school he's been to!

This is him with the obligatory signed shirt, he still looks so subdued bless him!

Then a big thank you to hubby for being happy to trim the hedge on Saturday morning, I was beginning to struggle to see out of the window, whilst I was tidying and then being happy to help with the deep clean in our bedroom - honestly it sooooooooooo needed it!

Sunday saw a day out given the blue skies we were having we had to make the most of it.  So we headed to Harewood House, a fabulous day out - and the positives apart from the fact we were enjoying our surroundings were
  • We got a 25% reduction on the entry price as we are English Heritage members
  • Said 11 year old got in for free because we are English Heritage members 
  • Sister got in on a concessionary rate due to her student ticket! 
  • Then said 11 year old managed free chips when we had our picnic, we'd taken a packed lunch but there is a unit that sells chips and he got some for free.
Here were some of the highlights - the giant - I mean GIANT meringue that he decided he wanted to have for 'brunch'! 
 And this is apparently how you eat it!
To the tiny birds we saw which included these tiny baby moorhens - bless them, tiny stubby wings and bald heads!
 Me and sister walking and talking - always fun!  You can just about see the change in hair colour that I've got!
 And finally watching these little guys being fed - great fun!
We finished off the day in a beer garden, where said 11 year old went to get a hot dog from the barbecue and came back with a 'special' which was two hot dogs on one bread bap!  Then came home and had a great evening in good company with hubby and sister - we had a great giggle.

Then next up is my sister having said 11 year old on Monday and Tuesday, she was an angel, took him swimming both days and playing tennis on Monday.  He had a great time and got some quality Aunty Mel time which he thoroughly enjoyed! 

Wednesday saw the tidying of said 11 year old's room - and again you'll be wondering why I'm grateful - well he helped a huge amount and was relatively ruthless!  Which is always a good thing so we went from this (if you're of a nervous disposition you might prefer to look away!)

 To midway through the clean - the nerf collection!
 And finally - all is calm
 Just waiting for the bedding to go back on!
 But you get the drift
 Even the cupboard is manageable!
 Which then resulted in this - rubbish and charity shop bags!
Other gratefuls include - 
  • Days off work - bliss
  • Scrapbooking all day on Thursday
  • Summer reading challenge at the libary! 
  • Hubby cooking fajitas Thursday evening
  • David Tennant in Hamlet on DVD that we finally got to watch! 
  • Dry days to get washing sorted
  • Blue skies to make us feel positive! 
I've had a great week, I hope you have too, if you fancy joining in then put yourself a blog post together and pop back here to link up so we can come and visit.  Not sure whether it's for you - I guarantee your outlook on your week will be significantly better as a result of doing this!

I'll leave you with a quick layout
And of course Mr Linky, I hope you have a great weekend and wonderful week ahead!

Thursday, 26 July 2012


Good morning world, Thursday morning greets us with grey overcast clouds, but none shall be cast in my house today because I've got a whole day yes I said it A WHOLE DAY of crafting goodness to have!  Said 11 year old decided after yesterdays mammoth task that Thursday would be  a day of rest, for him this is probably going to mean lounging on the sofa, surfing on the net, watching films and building lego and currently sleeping in the bed.  For me it means scrapbooking and any other crafty goodness that arrives during the day.  I've just gathered up several photos and papers to commence operation layout!  I'll let you know how I get on.

But why am I posting here when I could be crafting, well because I'm off work,  I can communicate with blogland and so I thought I'd pop a quick craft related (of course) post on here.

Two layouts completed recently on the Summer of Colour challenge, these being sherbet lemonade - I think that's right - the pink and yellow one.  I thought I'd struggle with the colour combination but found it really quite fun and I definitely would not have put these two colours together, but am really pleased with the finished outcome. Lots of hand stitching, on the layouts and have you noticed something about them?  I'll see if anyone spots it.
Here is the other one, strangely enough on this layout I did the title in black hand stamping and didn't like them, too harsh, so swapped for a dark burgundy colour and re-stamped on separate paper and then went over the top, worked a treat don't you think?
Using up old stash in the buttons and photo thingies - what are they called (top left of photo) also used up some old papers I had which I didn't think I'd ever use up (the bright dotty one behind).

Had such fun making this - right where's those layouts!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Yes that is what stretches out in front of me a none work day, not that I'm actually doing no work I might add, because today is the day I attack the 11 year old's bedrooms and yes I think there will be photos of this mammoth task!

But whilst I'm psyching myself up 44 minutes on the countdown clock (we're starting at 10) I thought I'd share another layout, loving how well received yesterday's post was!

This layout is Craig stood on Hadrian's Wall, I asked him what the Roman's did once they'd built it and managed to catch his answer on film - tee hee!
Taken at Chesters Roman Fort whilst we were away - can't remember which holiday mind?  Think it was the Beamish holiday, ooh for my memory to return!

Hope you're all having a great day!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Good morning my lovely blog readers, yes you heard me right, it's Tuesday and it's still sunny - another blue skies day - simply magical on the not so magical side of things is work which is where I'm heading to shortly.  However, on the plus side I'm off tomorrow on the downside to tomorrow I'm heading into the 11 year old's bedroom, I might have to tie a rope around my middle and fasten it off somewhere to help the search party when they come looking for me - yes it really is that bad.  I do his room out to the degree I'm planning tomorrow about once a year and boy does it need it at the moment.  Having deep cleaned our bedroom last week his became somewhere just to put his stuff, not somewhere to put things away!

Anyway that's the plan for tomorrow, just hope my back holds up, today will see me mainly dealing with numbers.

I have however, photographed some layouts recently so I thought I'd share one, this is the main statue in the formal gardens at Harewood house, we took the photo last year, but visited again on Sunday just gone so it seemed apt to share this one with you.  I loved the statue which must be a relatively recent addition as pictures of old showed something very different in its place.  Its apparently Orpheus, but I had to giggle at the view they would have from the windows - hence the title!
Hoping to share lots more crafting this week when I actually have some time for myself!

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Morning, it's Saturday and the six weeks school holidays stretch out in front of us and before we know it we'll be gathering the uniform and heading back, so I thought it would be a good time to show what gifts we managed to make in the last week, two sets made in an evening with the help of said 11 year old and hubby!

First up the breakfast club gifts, inspired by Michelle's post which is here

The pencil idea was simply genius and really made it look the part, then I wrapped some boxes of maltesers with a single sheet of 12 x 12 - said 11 year old said I needed to cross through the word handmade on these papers because I hadn't made the chocolates LOL! It was one of those serendipity moments when I needed some papers to go with the plant pots and found three sheets all exactly the same stating the word chocolate on them!

All wrapped up in cellophane with twiddly ribbon
And all three finished, so this was Monday nights activity
Then Thursday night we created this star book
 And another shot, apparently it brought a tear to the eyes of more than one member of staff when opened on Friday
 And the other book
 Opening up
 Opened out
 Then male teacher's gifts, rather than a star book I used my first attempt at Steampunk Andy Skinner styley
 The back
 Close ups
 And the other side
 And then a slightly out of focus shot - sorry it was exceptionally late!
 And the clipboard, again, not the best of photos but it was midnight!
Wrapped up the star books, with card and tolberone!  Photographed on the only clear surface in my room on Thursday night (and Saturday morning but don't get me started).  The printer!
 And there we have it, I got hugs from Mrs Williams and Mrs Powell who we made the star books for and big thanks from Mr Bratt.  It was an emotional day for said 11 year old and he held it together really well, but the hug with Mr Bratt was the point that tipped him over the edge and we sat in the car on the way home and he tried really hard not to cry, but then I told him to just have a good cry because sometimes thats what you need!  

Friday, 20 July 2012


Good Morning - tis Friday and Rocking time, a moment to reflect on the week and celebrate the positives.  It's not time to dwell on the down side of life of the negatives but to celebrate the moments that have made you smile, lifted your heart and made everything just that bit better because it's

First up a big thank you to Michelle for sharing her ideas for a teacher's gift at the beginning of the week, inspired by Pinterest! Her post is here these were such great gifts and given how busy work has been and what little thought I've managed to have over these sort of things recently it was fabulous to create lovely gifts which didn't take days to achieve!

Grateful for the Mum's at school thinking about a leavers party for year 6, this included a mega limo last Friday night followed by a buffet and disco, however, we found said 11 year old looking somewhat downtrodden when we went to pick him up, I think the whole finality of the end of primary school has just started to hit him and sees five of his school friends going to a different school, one of which he has lots of time for and will miss immensely!
And then the week took over - it's been made, we had sports day on Wednesday - the only dry afternoon - and I managed to get burnt - crazy stuff!

My niece's 13th birthday (how scary is that - 13 already who stole the years is what I want to know).

Thursday evening spent making teacher and teaching assistant gifts I'll do a full post on this but just so you know it's 23:58 on thursday evening and we're shattered, we've had a glass of wine and spent the entire evening creating gifts!  Now absolutely cream crackered!

Completely shattered, a couple of lousy meetings took the edge of but in essence I had a good week, said 11 year old enjoyed his time, I managed to pull off the impossible teaching gifts, we celebrated a birthday, I had a coffee with a Mum's group from school which was strange because I'm so anti-social!

I got a letter from a friend I've not managed to catch up with but will very soon.  We pulled out all the stops for my niece's bedroom and turned it from a disorganised issue into a teenagers fully functional bedroom.

Said 11 year old and hubby helped immensely on Thursday evening so all is good!

Life is worth taking note of because if you don't you forget the good stuff!

I hope you've all had an amazing week that has been truly positive and blessed!

And I'm not going to leave you with crafting this week because this has been about positive and life and amazing people so I'll leave you with Mr Linky and hope you can find the silver linings and the positives in the week!  Please share so we can come and visit and celebrate and enjoy what makes your life tick!  I hope you have a truly beautiful and blessed week ahead.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


I finally got around to photographing what I've got to put away in albums - that'll be the albums I don't currently have - but hey I photographed the layouts so I'm halfway there right?

I hadn't realised I'd done so many since I last photographed them?  But then I've managed two layouts for each of the Summer of Color/Colour challenge so that's 12 layouts in itself!  That's without what I managed before that.  The one colour that I was most apprehensive about using was the Watermelon one from week six, not from the mail art perspective that I blogged about on Monday but from a layout perspective because it was pretty much one colour, but it just shows you the most challenging of colours can lead to good layouts and these two are some of my favourites from over recent months.  So I'll share the two I did.

The first one up is of said 11 year old when we went to see 'Bang Goes the Theory Live' in Sheffield earlier in the year, being a BBC production once we were selected for tickets, it didn't cost us a penny - hence the title 'Free Fun', I used a 'Once upon a time' paper (that I've had forever) that has a Celtic knot as an accent above the photo, stamped and cut out some hand stamped hearts and filled in with a gel pen and finally managed to cut up the paper with the hearts on, I've had it forever, loved it for even longer and never managed to fathom out a page to use it on.  Added hand stitching and the journalling around the edge, some decorative scissors and a bit of glossy accents and I was really pleased with the outcome!
 Then I managed to use the other part of the once upon a time paper (middle bit with crowns on), another piece of the heart paper, a piece of scalloped cardstock, some felt poundland letters and scrapbooked the red dicentra we found when wandering around the gardens at Hutton in the Forest, I've often seen the pink variety of this particular plant, but never the red one!  More hand stitching a piece of tape and more glossy accents and I have my other layout.
I always step back to see what I think of a page the morning after, and these two really struck a chord.  So again just goes to show how a colour theme can lead to some fabulous crafting!

So where am I at this morning,  well it's Thursday and we've woken to more rain in this part of Yorkshire.  I've got work all day and then home to create some great Teacher Gift creations - wish me luck have a feeling I'm going to need it because I have no idea of what I'm going to make and with it being the last day of primary school tomorrow for said 11 year old, it really is time to pull my socks up!

I hope you are having a beautiful and blessed day with less rain than we're having (unless you're in need of it - in which case have ours, we've managed to top up our reservoirs and gardens and streams and rivers enough now and we wouldn't want to keep it all to ourselves!).

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Well here we are at the end of six weeks of fabulous challenges, I've thoroughly enjoyed this challenge the 'no rules' just go with the flow and create what you fancy challenge really works for me!  The final week finds us at a challenge to do with watermelon!  I was slightly apprehensive on this one, not for the mail art I've been creating but for the layouts I've been creating (not that I've shared any yet) mainly because the main colour was just one colour and I wondered how on earth I was going to manage to create a layout with predominantly one colour and a few chocolate chips -mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - but of all the mail art and layouts I've created this one turned out to be the easiest.

As I've been sharing the mail art through these challenge here goes what I've created this week, however I will be sharing the layouts over the summer to see what you think!

 And finally the mail art created this week followed by the collection of the other challenges
Week 6
Week 1
 Week 2
 Week 3
 Week 4
 Week 5
So which is your favourite?  Or which set is your favourite?  Please let me know because I know the ones I enjoyed creating the most.

Now we've almost got to the end of the final school term, the six week holidays start this coming Friday - I'm wondering whether to stalk the Baskin Robbins website for six more colours - just to see me through - what do you think?

I hope everyone has enjoyed this challenge as much as I have and thank you to Kirstin for creating this great straight forward challenge!  If I don't see you before I'll see you all next year!