Friday, 26 June 2015


Morning all tis Friday - so what positives have I got for this week, the 26th of 2015?

Well I think the biggest happy this week has to be my niece, not only did she did the pretty mudders race at the weekend, raising money for cancer research charity

She also had her prom, here she is looking absolutely stunning and she's not yet 16!  Me, my Mum and my sister were all very teary as we took photos, I raced home from work to get to see her, she looked utterly amazing!

There were other positives in the week but many of those disappeared into the background as you can probably appreciate!

We did some fun crafting activities on Friday evening

And worked on my peg loom

We also discovered the amazing Wingham Wool Works which is on the doorstep, an absolute heaven for all things wool!

Said 14 year old went off for a friends birthday with a cinema trip and TGI Fridays afterwards so we had a quiet Saturday afternoon and early evening, we managed to grab ourselves a meal at our local pub.

Sunday we toddled off to the cinema to watch a recorded stage play of Midsummer Night's Dream which was great, although proved a rather expensive sleep for said 14 year old - hurrumph!!!

Monday brought week three of the summer of colour challenge and this week I created seahorses.

Talking of said 14 year old, I'm grateful that he went off and had his first lot of jabs for his Lesotho trip, I'm also very grateful that he remembered that we had a school meeting on Tuesday as we had failed to put it on the calendar, I'm glad he was happy to come with us (despite the scary subject of how much they are changing the GCSE exams).  And I've also got my fingers and toes crossed for him later when he is having a tooth removed, his first, it's actually a baby tooth and there isn't full space for it and there isn't one underneath which means it's causing problems with his other teeth which we don't want to decay as a result, so he's having it pulled, we are all somewhat apprehensive about it, so please think positive thoughts that it is a quick and simple process.

So there we have it (and the week has flown by literally!).  How was yours were there any happy moments, silver linings that made you smile and reminded you of the gift of life, you know the one where you wake up and say yes - another day!

If you fancy joining in then pop a post together come back, link up and we shall come and visit, no blog, no problem, leave me a comment telling me your positives, or just sit quietly for 10 minutes and remember the highlights of the week, it is far too easy to dwell on the negative moments of life rather than the positives.

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Good morning lovely people time to share my take on Week 3's colour scheme, two purples and a yellow.  Having worked with purple and yellow before I knew I'd have to be careful to ensure my gelli plate backgrounds were fully dry between colours as purple and yellow do not make a perfect combination when mixed!  

And yes in my infinite wisdom I went with seahorses, a strange mix I'm sure you will agree I did struggle with them initially but then just beat them into submission! 

And here they are individually, tell me which one you like best and why I was intrigued with the favourite one last week (and the reason)! 

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Loving these challenges! 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Morning all - well my desk looks busy but I haven't touched it since the weekend!  New papers, my pens, paint and my peg loom

A shot from the other end you can see the summer of colour goodies as well

Up close my time turner - really wish it worked so I could squeeze more in to my day!

And up close work on my peg loom off to share with Julia at Stamping Ground

Hope to get around a few more desks this week

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Morning all, I'm still not making much headway on the scrapbooking front, but I'm definitely making progress on the Summer of Colour front, will hopefully be able to share some later, in the meantime some scrapbooking layouts from my folder. 

These have all been shared on The Great Scheme of Things blog - which is a colour challenge blog for people to join in!  If you fancy having a look click here

So first up me and hubby ready for a charity ball, the roses were fussy cut from another sheet of paper and some were raised up on foam pads

I also managed some cards 

And captured a family selfie moment, printing the title and journalling on the paper before creating the layout, quite old school method of creating a layout these days but I still like the overall effect. 

I also shared a photo hubby took of my curls the night of the ball, I went to the hairdressers to get my hair done and they managed to create a mass of curls! 

Thanks for looking hope you are managing some scrapping time! 

Friday, 19 June 2015


Well we are almost at the half way mark of the year, how many positive/happy moments have you got to look back on?  I find a year full of Rocking posts a great reminder of the year, so if you fancy joining in this just blog, pop back link up and we shall come and visit!

Well last weekend was somewhat grey and wet one here in Yorkshire so we decided to spend some of the weekend arting (well I did).  I set too with great gusto creating lots of mini books using the fab instructions from Jen at Wear Crafts - I shared some of the items here I was completely hooked by the end of the weekend and now have 5 yes I repeat that again 5 of these lovelies in my mitts - no idea what I'm going to do with them!

Sunday found said 14 year old bag packing at a local supermarket, raising money for his trip later on this year to Lesotho, to say it was a relatively quiet Sunday and that they were only there for four hours, they managed to raised another £347 - which is awesome!

We also watched Mordecai on DVD which we picked up - an amusing Sunday afternoon film is about the total of what I can say about it, nothing stressful or taxing on the brain!

Monday saw me back at Podiatry with my stupid foot, I'm not sure why they kept an open appointment if all they are going to do is tell me the same as last time but hey - I got it reiterated and I have a slightly better understanding of why I'm in constant pain.

Tuesday arrived and we had theatre tickets to see a Midsummer Night's Dream, which was absolutely brilliant, a local cast in a small theatre - a thoroughly fantastic few hours spent watching a great play - brilliant!

Thursday afternoon was a meet up with a friend I've not seen in an age, she was selling some of her crafting goodies and wanted to give me first refusal, so me and my Mum agreed to share the items.  I took my Mum along as well and we had a lovely lunch and catch up and then my sister and niece joined us, so it was a fabulous afternoon!  We then headed back to my house afterwards and me and my Mum shared out our goodies - now to start creating with them!

Thursday evening brought us to an awards evening at school.  Said 14 year old had won an award for art textiles which made us so very happy.  We also had the chance to wander and look at all the fantastic art work in the art department from textile art to fine art - the pieces were amazing, including my nieces final piece!

We also got to have a chat with his teacher about a few of the items he had seen recently at art we had come across and about including it in his book, apparently this would meet the criteria for AO1 - which was news to us - so this weekend will be spent printing photos and matting them ready for inclusion into his book!

I've also had a simply fabulous time joining in with the Summer of Colour challenge - week 2 - two pinks and an orange led to another selection of sea creatures which I blogged about here so overall we have had a really lovely week (and really busy).  I hope yours has been just as positive and productive!

If you fancy joining in that would be awesome, at the moment there is me and Kate and Carmen when the internet allows her to play, we'd love to visit a few more positives, they don't have to be war and peace like mine, a brief bullet pointed list to remind you of the good moments and silver linings!

As I'm a little short on the old photo front this week I'll include a couple of layouts these were shared a few months ago on The Great Scheme of things which is colour challenge blog here

Me and said 14 year old went to a local pottery shop to paint cups in February half term!

The joys of slot machines at the seaside!

Gorgeous evening in Bridlington!

Anniversary champagne

Fabulous bird houses at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Morning lovely people - well I managed a photo of my slightly tidier desk this week, I did tidy it after last week but it's back almost full to bursting again!

Summer of colour challenge items taking centre stage, week 2 (the pinks and oranges) week 1 the blues.  I've also got some gelli plated backgrounds top right.  A selection of 5 mini books I made at the weekend which started using a kit from Wear Crafts and well then turned into a slight addiction - hence the 5!

Paints and glues on my desk and this weeks paint selection!


Well it has to be said that I am loving this years Summer of Colour challenge, week one was great fun, so I was waiting with great anticipation for this weeks colour scheme.

So gelli plate at the ready I gelli printed the abstract backgrounds and then the decision on the creature for this weeks cards.  Initially said 14 year old said hedgehog - but then I didn't fancy doing brown, then he said koala bear, mmmm grey - no not sure on that one either.  Then he said octopus!  Well there was a challenge - I had great fun creating these.  They are A5 in size, so your question is what am I going to do with them?  Well some will make it onto birthday cards, some will become abandoned art, some possibly mail art to friends and family and finally I will be sending a selection to Sarah for Free Art Friday in Swindon!

So the question is which is your favourite?  And can you spot the deliberate mistake?

Card Number 1 

Card Number 2

                                                                Card Number 3

                                                                       Card Number 4

                                                                    Card Number 5

                                                                    Card Number 6

Card 7

card 8 

Card 9 

Card 10

Card 11

Card 12

I thought I'd do some close ups of last weeks cards as well 

Can't wait for week 3