Friday, 5 June 2015


Yes you heard it right this is the 23rd Friday of 2015, if your year has been anything like mine you'll be doing a 'what? really!' statement at that and we are lurching towards the longest day!  But you aren't here for a numbers talk are you?  Hopefully you are here for

Now I'll pre-warn you this is a photo heavy post - but summarises the amazing week we had in Wales.  This was the view from the converted granary we were staying in! 

And this was the gorgeous conservatory

We had these little guys chattering to us all week

And hubby enjoying the amazing view!

Enjoying a family tea outside

Family selfies were pretty cool during the week as well

Bodnant gardens were an amazing place to visit and only a few miles from where we were staying

This is the POEM - a mausoleum for the family - POEM standing for Place of Eternal Memory - beautiful

Discovering magical ways of inverting the view

And setting off out on the Alice trail in Llandudno!

One of the sculptures on the trail

Said 14 year old trying with all his might to win a purple minion bless him!


The fantastic Victorian pier

Images on the band stand

The teaching chair in the park

The back of the Queen and King of Hearts thrones

And the madhatters tea table

We found Tweedledum and Tweedledee

And spotted the apparent inspiration for the Carpenter and the Walrus off the coast

Together with the rabbit hole cave

And finally the Queen of Hearts!

A day trip to Anglesey found us at Plas Nwydd and this amazing mural

And finding an ancient burial mound, apparently still used today by Druids

And we went inside it

A trip to Conway and some new sculptures (if you follow my blog you'll know how much I love sculptures).

And the selfie at the top of the tower

A 180 panorama

And the UK's smallest house

The old bridge entrance to Conway!

A trip to a woollen mill and watching Welsh bedspreads being made

Where did they find those amazing coloured sheep?

Said 14 year old learning how to use a peg loom

An embroidery loom

A loom with a moving heddle

And finally the one he decided he 'needed' complete with foot peddles!

We also found Swallow falls

And documented our week in the guest book

Final day spent in a copper mine admiring the naturally occurring Malachite

And a view from the top of the Great Orme

And on the last evening the field next to us had two cows wander in and we spotted this amazing heart shape on her head!

And finally cloud watching!

It was quite honestly an amazing week, we had such a lovely time, adored where we were staying, loved the view, had great days out, were treated to an almost perfect week weather wise, had comfy beds, lots of lovely food and great company!

As always it's been a bit of a culture shock since we returned home (but that always happens).  However, other gratefuls are that I left the house in a decent state when we left, so we arrived home, put away everything and popped the washing on and the house felt clean and tidy.

The great weather this week means I've caught up on washing including bedding washing which is always a positive.

Having a good natter on the phone with my Mum and catching up with my sister and niece at the weekend.

I also had a great evening with my niece looking for gifts for my sister and buying a few items to add to her prom outfit!

And it's my first week back with my old workplace, it is lovely to be back.

And that my lovely people is the week (or two) that was.

I hope your week was just as positive and productive, if you fancy joining in, then pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit.  If you don't have time or don't have a blog don't forget to count those positives - it changes your outlook on life and reminds you of all the good things that happen in every day life!


  1. what fabulous photos, I love the sculpture! the way you left your mark in the guest book is fantastic, what an act for the next people to live up to! You are so blessed by said 14 year old, enjoying with such relish the family holidays - long may it continue!

  2. What an amazing adventure you have been would have struggled to drag me back out of that burial mound lol Such fantastic photo's, thank you for sharing it with us :D XXX

  3. Beautiful photos there Virginia. My older brother was stationed at the RAF base in Anglesey and we took our summer holidays there when I was small. I especially remember Swallow Falls. More recently we moved out here from Oswestry, and that is close enough to LLundudno for us to do day trips there. So lots of memory jogging for me here. It sounds as though it was the perfect week´s break for you. I am so glad you had a good time. Kate x