Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Good morning, still sharing some Simple Stories layouts from the gorgeous bundle kit I got from Wear Crafts it was such fun to play with.

This layout using a strip of paper with the world's biggest title but I didn't want to break it up - so decided to use it as whole.  I added some strip of blue polka dot either side of the main strip.  Matted the photo, added some elements and hand journalling and finally to make the title pop I added some hand stitching through the word day and the heart! 

Had so much fun with this layout! 

The photo documents said 14 year old at Beamish Museum (having raced along at 3.20 - knowing they close at 3.30pm) and being successful in his pursuit of a portion of coal fired range cooked chips!  It's the little things! 

Monday, 29 September 2014


Well my second layout from the kit is most definitely one of my favourites from the year.  I loved the polka dots in the papers and cut a wave of the arrow papers for the left hand side.

I cut contrasting elements to go on top and some hearts on foam pads to make it pop.  A strip of the tartan paper and a project life style piece from the back of one of the sheets.

I added some hand stitching to get the photo and the wavy bit to stand out and I did some cross stitch too.

A favourite photo of hubby from the summer and the layout was complete!

So you'll be asking where to get this kit from - well head over to Jen's Wear Craft website and see what's she's got available - be warned these kits sell fast!

Fancy some more inspiration then check out fellow DT Lesley's blog posts 

or our leader herself - Jen's blog 

Saturday, 27 September 2014


Hello lovely people, well here we are at the end of September and time for the next fantastic 12 pledges kit release from Jen at Wear Crafts.   These papers are absolutely gorgeous as always and I've enjoyed making some varied layouts for September.  First up is a picture I took on my phone and played with, I've a great free app that allows me to write on the photos really easily, I download them and get them printed off!  The photo documents some mail art I created when doing the summer of colour challenges.

I used one of those giant 12 x 12 plastic templates to cut out the shape (my sisters idea).  Then popped a strip of alternating papers across the bottom third section.  I mounted the photo on white to make it pop and mounted the cut shape on white card stock that I had.

I then did intermittent stitching around the shape.  A quick journal block and the layout was complete!

So you'll be asking where to get this kit from - well head over to Jen's Wear Craft website

Fancy some more inspiration then check out fellow DT Lesley's blog posts 

or our leader herself - Jen's blog 

And did I mention the cost of the kit - £5 - that's right £5, fancy a few extras, Jen usually has some fab add on elements you can buy too - so what are you waiting for! 

Friday, 26 September 2014


I swear these weeks are speeding up, it really doesn't seem two minutes since I was sat preparing last weeks post!

Without further ado let's take stock of the last 7 days and reflect on what positives I have from them.

Hairdressers last Friday, there is some sort of therapy in getting your hair cut, even if I did need a time turner to get there!

Dry autumn days - there is something about blue skies and dry days that is good for the soul.

Wandering around a local shopping centre with hubby we don't do that sort of thing often but I was four-walling it so escaping for an hours wander was quite nice.

Sunday brought a pre-planned visit to Harewood with my sister and niece as a belated birthday celebration as my sister had been working the weekend of my birthday.  Unfortunately we didn't check out their 'what's on' before we set off and arrived on a triathlon day - which meant unusually we were parked absolutely miles from the house!  However, as the day was dry and quite pleasant we didn't mind so much.  We had a wander around the courtyard and had a cuppa, visited the birds in the zoo like area (it is actually just birds but the penguins that you see first always remind me of a zoo).

Played on the stepping stones!

Enjoyed the gorgeous Chinese Room in the house (one of my sister's favourites)

Loved the modern art in one of the rooms - the lenses in this created little mini pictures in their own right).

This is Adam - a sculpture done by Epstein in alabaster and always makes you wonder - what was he thinking to make the statue like this?

And finally a natural shot of us taken by hubby - after lots of huffing and puffing by niece! Why I've no idea because she really is the prettiest young lady!

We also got to admire the flamingoes and had a walk to the water fall, where we found kids wandering around in the water collecting the pennies people had thrown for wishes - strange thing to see if I'm honest and we had a debate about whether the wishes would come true if someone stole the pennies, we thought it might make for an interesting story.

My sister was in her element in the second hand book store.  We had a wander around the gardens at the front which are gorgeous, we could see the triathlon from a distance and had seen cyclists coming up the hill all day.

We then made our way to the fish and chip stall for a portion of chips, the guy who serves on there is so chatty and happy!  We ordered chips and he gave us free sausages - crazy man!  But they were lovely not very good for my healthy eating plan but lovely nonetheless.

Cuddling up on the sofa with hubby, feet up covered in blankets - bliss.

Managing to get the grass cut one evening when it was dry and a couple of blowy days to sort the washing out.  It was as if God had read my to do list and decided to help out by providing a couple of perfect drying days.

My boss for allowing me to leave a bit earlier when said 14 year old wasn't well.

Hubby sorting out the printer issues after spending hours and hours on the issue, he is a star!  Finally got it sorted by ringing the helpline we pay for - worth it's weight in gold as don't think we would ever have fathomed it!

Chat's with old school friends on line and sorting a meet up.

Milky coffee when I got home from work on Thursday, I needed something to pep me up and it did the trick!

So this week has been good - some truly positive moments to enjoy and look back on!  How was your week?  Did you enjoy it, did you have some silver linings in the week to look back and enjoy?  If so why not pop a post together, come back link up and we'll come and visit.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Now stop throwing cushions at the screen, I know that's not what you want to hear when we are still in September, but having learnt from the last few years, the key to a decent journal at Christmas is to plan ahead, my first journal the first year was lovely, I spent weeks and weeks on it, but the subsequent years have been more and more rushed, so I decided this year it had to change.  First of all I had to identify why the first one worked so well and why the others hadn't!

It came down to planning, so rather than prepare some of the elements in advance this year (as I did the first year, I've gone the whole hog and created the mini book ready in advance).  I mentioned this on UK Scrappers recently and was asked to share, so here is what I've created up to now.

This is how the book currently looks.  I've used a First Edition paper pack bought by hubby last Christmas to create the entire book (I loved the papers)

The inside cover you can see on the left hand page that it looks like it's split half and half, this is in fact a giant pocket to house Christmas cards and letters that I save - now I don't save all my letters and cards, but the ones with the personal heartfelt message in them, the homemade ones etc, they get saved and I always struggle to house them - not this year because I've done the same giant pocket in the back of the book!

The right hand 'page' is how the book is going to work throughout, there is a flap that folds up!  And a piece that pulls out (because it's a pocket).

The pull out then folds out too!   My intention is to use every surface in the book as it were for documenting my Christmas.

You can just about make out the pocket in the front cover (which is repeated in the back cover).  There is plenty of room for 'growth' in the book too!

Then I've die cut circles that I've printed with the days of the month and die cut some scalloped circles to back them onto with foam mount pads.

I'm sure I'll do more preparation in the coming months before it all commences, but for now the journal is ready - yay!


Morning all, well Wednesday morning already, apparently the first day of Autumn yesterday here in the UK and can't I tell - the mornings are darker and the sun is struggling to get above the horizon!

Thought I'd share another layout using the 'A Charmed Life' bundle kit I got from Jen at Wear Crafts.

I went really simple on this one, I punched a load of hearts from different papers, used a strip of the polka dot paper, added the photo, a bit of stitching around the edge and a cluster of embellishments over on the left.

Documenting hubby and said 14 year old stood inside a lighthouse light at Souter Lighthouse (fab place to visit).

I add a few glossy accents to the little navy blue polka dots on the page and a bit of journalling and it was done, I love a quick layout!  If you want to see more of the Simple Stories range, check out Wear Crafts website here.

Monday, 22 September 2014


Good evening, well this is the first time I've had chance to sit down and write up a post, documenting a layout using the fabulous bundle kit from Jen at Wear Crafts from the Simple Stories range.  I've had loads of fun with this kit if I'm honest.

This one was seriously simple but effective (well I think it is).  I used a shaped border punch to cut the scalloped shape, I added a piece of vibrant cardstock from my own stash.  Put the main strip of paper across and replicated this with a thinner piece at the top.  Matted my photo and then had fun putting a running stitch along two of the scalloped edges with some yellow embroidery thread I had left from my cross stitch days.

The photo was from a recent holiday, we had a gorgeous seating area outside to enjoy the setting sun, hubby set the camera up on timer and raced back to his seat in time for the shot.  I think we look fairly relaxed bottle of wine and some reading, great company and some sunshine - nothing finer!

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Morning all, crikey Sunday already - crazy stuff!  Anyway wanting to share another layout I've created using the Simple Stories bundle I bought from Jen at Wear Crafts

I love this bundle so much - the colours just me and they are really bright and fun to use up.  I've added some white cardstock to this one and then layered up pieces of paper.

I added some journalling, and some yellow stitching on this layout and if you look closely a little bit of glossy accents on the navy blue dots paper at the top!

The photos were taken on the beaches you could access near Souter Lighthouse, the crashing waves were mesmerising! 

Hope you have a happy scrapping day! 

Friday, 19 September 2014


Evening all, well over the last couple of days I've been sharing some layouts I've created using the Simple Stories 'A Charmed Life' bundle pack that I bought at a bargain price from Jen at Wear Crafts.  The kit had so much going on, paper, journal blocks, chipboard, brads - you get the drift.

Now the layout documents the first time me and Jen actually met in person.  We were holidaying in the area and I made contact to see if I could pop in and visit her Creative Space at Langley Park.  She was so happy to see us, (hubby and son came along as they went on a geo-cache walk whilst we had tea and talked crafting), I got to meet Jen's Mum as well.  The Creative Space really is fab, a lovely friendly atmosphere, some scrapping goodies to buy and lots and lots of creative inspiration - fantastic stuff!  If you live local then I strongly recommend getting yourself over there for some of the fabulous classes!

The meeting didn't last nearly long enough but I was so glad we met up and how fabulous does Jen look!

As you can see I've used blocks of the paper to create the layout, I layered up the 'makes me smile' title on foam pads to give it some dimension and then added some navy blue and yellow stitching in places.  Hand journalling and the page was done!  These papers are brilliant and I've had the pleasure of seeing some of the other ranges that Jen has too and they really are fantastic to use, if you want to know more pop over to the Wear Crafts website and take a look.


Good morning one and all, it's that time of the week again when I take stock and step back and give thanks for the positives over the last 7 days.

First up a family meal out last Friday, twas lovely we went to a restaurant and ordered some lovely food and lots of buy one get one free cocktails!  This photo of my sister and my niece was one of the few that was taken on the night.  Hubby also arranged for a birthday cake to be brought out and people sang Happy Birthday - it was slightly surreal but lovely!

I also got my pressies early as it were as my sister was due to work the weekend, so I opened up a gorgeous top and a little weekend handbag from my sister and niece, from my Mum I got a beautiful new bag for every day use, with a pale inside (so I can see what's in there) and lots of pockets.  I also got a pack of 12 x 12 My Mind's Eye papers which she was surprised to find I didn't already own!  So I was thoroughly spoilt!

Saturday, (when it was my birthday I don't know what it is about birthdays but I don't look forward to being a year older and they seem to not have a set format so they don't always feel like birthdays!) However, we set out with best foot forward taking my Mum and my niece with us to have a wander around sculptures at Chatsworth's Beyond Limits.  Here we are and (hubby taking photo) wandering up by the cascades.

First sculpture turned out to be our least liked if I'm honest

 We liked this bronze sculpture

We thought this one was strange!

And this one a little odd

The hands seemed a bit low - strange

This one seemed to change shape depending on where you stood!

We've seen one like this before

I like the bees and the rock I think it was called rock swarm

This one was quite small although you can't tell from the photo

Weeping willow which is normally at Chatsworth

And this one - my niece said it looked like a graduation - I did say not to tell my sister as she recently graduated LOL!

These two kept needing a rest.

Strange curly rusty sculpture

We liked this one made from five pieces of marble.

These two historical characters

I liked this one.

This one was called hoop-lah

This one was rather strange

The last sculpture we had to queue up to have a proper look - it was done by a Chinese artist and they'd arranged it on the private lawn area of Chatsworth around the circular pond.

It had steam coming from it to make it look like mist - it was called Lost Utopia based on a Chinese fable where a man found Utopia but then tried to return with friends and could never find it again!

We really liked it however, I'll warn you now - avert your eyes if you are of a prudish disposition!


Yes this part of the sculpture (actually there were quite a lot of these type of statues amongst it).

I loved the green and the colour of the stone

And a fab view  of the house (up close we don't normally get to see it this close).

So a fab day

I got some lovely gifts from friends, this from Sarah

And this from Sam - which I love - my colours too!

Jo's card arrived (eventually after Royal Mail stopped being silly) and she sent me a fabulous hand made postcard which I love - check out Jo's post here to have a proper look.

Hubby treated me to some scrapping goodies and a gorgeous cup and saucer neither of which I've had chance to photograph.

Sunday was said 13 year old's birthday - he is now said 14 year old.

He was pleased with his haul of lego, nerf and Xbox games, we went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy which he enjoyed and then had an hour at Lock N Load with his Dad whilst I prepared tea.

And all too quickly Monday arrived and back into the working week, however getting chance to make some layouts was lovely.  The warmer weather (even though it's been somewhat cloudy) has been quite nice too.

Autumn has definitely started to make it's presence felt, I've seen so many fallen leaves recently that made me do a double take, I actually fancied picking them up, painting the leaves and trying to reglue them back to the tree if I'm honest, I'm sure I've not quite done with summer yet, however, the Beyond Limits visit at Chatsworth definitely marks the commencement of Autumn and therefore maybe I should just embrace it!

So that's my positives for the week, the weekend was full to the brim, the week was a mix of some positives but they are the smaller ones but overall it's been good.  The therapy of looking back taking stock and embracing the positives is something I've done for several years, it's a therapy I love to do, it's a therapy that I think others should do and enjoy and I think the world would be a far better and happier place if more people followed my lead, so don't dwell on the negatives but on the positives - you might be surprised at how good life feels when you do it that way.

If you fancy joining in, then pop a post together pop back and link up, at the moment it's just me and Kate that are joining in weekly, but we always love a new rockette on the block, or an old one returning - you are always welcome here.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Good morning, sharing another layout from the A Charmed Life range of Simple Stories bundle that I bought from Jen at Wear Crafts recently, if you want to learn more then check out the Wear Crafts website

If you want to see other ways of using the same kit - then check out Jen's blog it's been fun to see how the two of us have been using the same papers and embellishments in different ways!

So this layout was fun to put together, I used some of the chipboard flag pieces, I cut out the frame for the photo from a journalling card, I actually cut it slightly in so that it created a decent border next to the photo. 

The cut out piece was then turned over and used as a shaped paper piece behind the photo.  A journal blog and title and a few flower stickers off the sticker sheet and it was done.

The photo was taken when me, hubby (taking photo), said 14 year old and sister visited a Japanese garden earlier in the year. 

Hope you have a happy scrapping day!