Friday, 30 March 2012


Here we are you beautiful Rockettes, looking at the week behind us and noting the gratefuls - such an important post each week for me so I don't write off a week with the attitude that it wasn't good.  Our lives are full of ups and downs, good and bad, positives and negatives, trying times and positive times and this post is about acknowledging the positive times because it's far too easy to become immersed in the rest.

So its time for

Let's see how we manage on the number of positives this week

  1. Blue skies
  2. Milky coffees
  3. Dinner outside on the patio (in March who'd have thought)
  4. Longer evenings with the clock going forward (even though I miss that hour and am always grateful when they give it back in October!)
  5. Good staff team at work that just get that things are going to be crazy busy at the moment
  6. Hubby for listening to me rant and rave and generally putting up with my pretty appalling moods at the moment that are predominantly linked with stress! 
  7. Yorkshire Sculpture Park for providing a lovely afternoon to enjoy the fresh air - even if I didn't 'get' some of the sculptures! 
  8. My sister for babysitting said 11 year old last Saturday so we could have some alone time 
  9. Hubby for taking me for a great meal out!
  10. Ross Noble for a great DVD that has me giggling all the time 
  11. Said 11 year old for becoming a little more opinionated on things that matter (and making me smile when he ranted the words 'idiot government' at the TV on Thursday morning when they were talking about the petrol fiasco).
  12. True Blood on FX on a Sunday night - pure escapism!
  13. Washing machines and dishwashers for making life easier! 
  14. Said 11 year old making me giggle on Sunday when he realised that the Sports Relief mile in the local town was full which made him very upset and teary and then deciding that the way we could 'make it up to him' (although he didn't say those words) was to discuss getting a pet - nice try matey but do I look that daft! 
  15. Now on Thursday I pulled my back, so I'm sat currently as I type this with a TENS machine on having taken some voltarol and you might think that there is nothing to be positive about in this situation but that would be wrong.  I'm positive that I have a TENS machine, that I have a hubby that stopped to pick up batteries for the TENS machine on his way home, that I had voltarol with me at work, that people at work know how bad it is and that they are bearing with me - so there are lots of positives there to be grateful for that and that I'm still managing upright walking - fingers crossed that this continues! 
  16. New recipes out of recipe book 
  17. Final Kinetika session at the gym stating I've lost 4 inches since I start this in January (now just need to lose some weight LOL).
  18. Hubby mowing front lawn at the beginning of the week before I got home 
Right peeps I think that's it for this week, just not feeling too clever so brain not in gear properly, however I don't think that that is such a bad list for the week.

Crafting - now no yelling at the screen - yes this is a Christmas layout!  Let's be honest it's almost April so in 8 months we'll be preparing for this again - stop yelling I tell you - I can hear you (tee hee).  Photo of the tree I love in Sheffield City Centre!  
Up close, the painted chipboard border, the hand stitching and torn paper. 
 Ribbon embellishment as well
Hope you've all had a great week and have many positives to be thankful for.  If you're joining in then please use Mr Linky below

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Morning All

OK I'm trying out the new blogger interface thingy - it looks mighty different to what it used to - has anyone else tried it or am I the only one.

I'm having a tough week, too many work hours and not enough crafty play time makes Ginnie a dull person (apparently grumpy verging on evil in some instances - don't ask long story).  I could sit and have a good cry (I always think a good cry helps - don't you), but in all honesty I don't have time.  So for now I'm going to sit in my little gathering of stress and keep going until the stress disappears or I keel over - if anyone has a sensible way of calming my mind down can you let me know before I fry all my circuits and I know the answer isn't wine so don't need that as a recommendation LOL!

Right I'm sure you've not happened here to listen to me whinging so without further ado - layout of said 11 year old and his first day of school, we've taken a similar shot every year and I couldn't believe how much he's grown over the years, planning on doing a photo merge of the photos to show how much he's grown!

I used some K and company paper for this, mixed with navy blue and some Tim Holtz stickers that I've got, very simple embellishments if I'm honest, but sometimes they make the best pages don't they!
Up close photo which turns out when I upload it to be blurry - drat!  Hey ho, the letters were layered up and then put on foam pads and overlapped in places.  Used an assortment of odds and ends left over to create the page and a pair of decorative scissors to create the edges of the blue (yes I did drag those out, forgot I'd got them and they work just as well as those punch edges you can buy at great cost, provided you have a pencil line guide).  
Rocking Your World post tomorrow - crikey I'm going to spend some time today digging deep!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Morning all - yes Wednesday again, Wednesday mornings mean one thing a mass catch up on my lovely blogging friends and all their amazing crafting work and their lives, utterly bliss.

Now this house is currently a craft free house - nope I'm not kidding - too many hours at work and not enough time at the craft table make Virginia a very very very dull person!

Anyway more layouts done previously to share, this is the Portabello Road paper from Papermania - I loved these papers, deep blues and reds - totally up my street, however, the downside to them - was the 'almost done' feel to them - I mean they were great papers just as they - what to do to alter them into feeling like I'd scrapbooked and not had a cutting and sticking session?
 Up close you can see how this was resolved, I tore some red paper and went over the original red on the page, to give it a more shabby look, I also stitched around all the navy blue triangles on the page, created an embellishment from painted chipboard and scraps of paper.  I used up a piece of vellum for a title and created some bunting for the journalling - overall really pleased with this layout!
So if you've got an almost done paper - take another look at it and see if by overlaying other colours and papers you too can create a scrapbook page!  Hope you're all having a great day!

Friday, 23 March 2012


Morning All - how are you this morning, I hope I find you well - yes it's
Wow it's been one of those weeks - those dig deep and then dig a bit deeper to find the positives but I know they are there so let's see what we can manage
  1. Craft night with my Mum, my niece and my sister on Thursday night - always a tremendous blessing.
  2. Blue sky days - I love these - pretty please can we have some more.
  3. A great team at work who seem completely unphased with what I've thrown at them recently! 
  4. Making embellishments from scraps, great fun and no expense - now this I love. 
  5. Mothering Sunday which meant beautiful handmade gifts and cards and pressies and flowers making me feel very special.
  6. Gym at the weekend
  7. Rugby 6 nations, even though we didn't win, thoroughly enjoyed watching (and crafting)
  8. Marks and Spencers mothering Sunday meal - delicious lamb which we've not had for ages (too damned expensive if I'm honest)
  9. Hubby for understanding me - always
  10. Having a coffee outside on Thursday evening when we arrived home from work
  11. English Heritage book coming through so we can start to plan days out this summer
  12. Borrowing some of my mum's dies for the Big Shot to make embellishments - thanks Mum
  13. My niece creating a beautiful peace of artwork to remember a friend of hers who passed away recently  from leukaemia at less than 13 years of age, it makes you appreciate life even more when you know how difficult some people's lives are.  
  14. Asda delivery van arriving with food on Thursday - bliss - no trudging around the supermarket - now that's my kind of shopping (now Asda can you reduce all the prices because for what we got it really shouldn't have been that expensive should it?)
  15. My new cookbook turning up through a recommendation from K last week, it's 200 budget meals - I'll let you know how I get on.
  16. Trip to Hobbycraft last weekend to have a wander around and buy some new papers (because I obviously need new papers LOL)
  17. Said 11 year old for not only buying me a beautiful potted plant from Homebase with his own money but also buying me a surprise present of a twin heart frame with his own money too, then wrapping everything up so beautifully for me to open on Sunday - fair made my heart flutter he did!
  18. PC World for understanding that the printer was rubbish and we needed a new one
  19. The Kodak rep at PC World appreciating that under no circumstances did we want another Kodak printer and for showing us the 'offers' that were on - which included a HP printer which we subsequently bought - let's see if this one lasts longer
  20. Amazon for great prompt delivery we just want our (ACE dictionary now)
  21. Steampunk embellishments turning up - really gorgeous if not a little tiny! 
  22. Finding Steampunk clothes patterns on the internet - might even buy one (or two) 
  23. A Brit winning Topshot on TV last week - love it! 
  24. Cheese salad sandwiches for providing a more than adequate tea late on Thursday
  25. Hubby for helping me write this post - knowing I'm totally wrecked bless him! 
Right there you go 25 gratefuls - now that I didn't expect!  On reflection my week was pretty damned awesome! 

So if you fancy joining in then pop yourself a post together and pop back here to link so we can come and visit, don't worry if you can't manage a list of 25, finding one positive in the week makes your heart lighter - don't believe me - give it a try and you'll see what I mean! 

Before I toddle off for the night (it's late Thursday) a bit of crafting for you - more awful red photos that I took a while ago, this time a photo of a field of poppies that hubby drove me too last year so we could see how gorgeous it was!  Also wanted to mention comments on the candlesticks in the background, I bought those years ago from a shop in Leeds we'd been after something like them for ages when we'd gone Victorian Gothic with knotwork in the last house, when we moved they ended up in the loft, but when we re-decorated late last year we dragged them out and decided that they fit just lovely on the wall and not only do they cast beautiful light but they also warm the room up (believe it or not).  
Up close ripped paper, hand journalling, hand cut butterflies and hand stitching.  

Thursday, 22 March 2012


It has to be said that it's a little on the foggy side this morning in Yorkshire - hold up what's happened to the tool bar at the top of blogger - that looks different - mmm - confused.  Anyway - thought I'd say hi to everyone and hope you're all managing lots of crafting - in a word I'm not, lots and lots of hours at work and very little play time makes Virginia a rather dull person, verging on grumpy and knowing her rocking post will require an amazing amount of digging deep to actually make a list that hits double numbers this week - but that's for tomorrow.

Today I'm here to show another 12 x 12 layout, I'm hoping that as my blog folder empties I'll be inspired to start refilling it - it's not worked up to now!

So the first one was during the fireworks display at Center Parcs last Christmas as I had already taken lots of firework photos before I thought I'd get shots of the dancers and their hoola hoops that were all lit up I love the effect I got with the camera!  This is yet another layout using the same 'sketch' with circles (same as yesterdays post), do you ever do that - get addicted to a sketch and use it over and over, in this case it was actually one of my sketches (for a change)
 Up close more ribbon goodies from Susie from her pre-Christmas bundle being used in layouts!
 Then the world's best squirrel eating - yes that is a crispbread - we were amazed at how much he liked them!
 Up close the embellishments were simply stamps used onto contrasting card and then the flowers coloured in with different pens!
I'm still hacking my way through scraps and will try and do a few photos as I go to show you what I've been wittering on about!

Hope you're all having a great Thursday see you back here tomorrow!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Morning all - how you doing this morning?  I cannot believe we are on Wednesday already.  I'm having a particularly tough week (nothing new I hear you say), no playing with crafty items, just two very very long work days under my belt, two difficult meetings today and the gym later added to which I've got a vile cold that just won't leave me alone!  On the plus side had a good old heart to heart with my Mum and sister last night which was probably a little overdue and hopefully that will re-synch us (a little anyway).

Need to make some changes - you know the one when you are rattling around the same four walls (literally), need to explore new avenues and do some new things, even hubby is struggling at the moment.  He is doing the work, home, looking after his Mum merry go round (his Mum has alzheimers but still lives in her own home, obviously he has to do a lot for her given the circumstances).  We do however, have a willing volunteer to babysit on Saturday - so gulp - we're going to have a night out - what the hell is one of those???? No idea where we will go or what we'll do - it always turns into a bit of a damp squib if I'm honest because we are so out of the routine of going out together - but I'll try and put my thinking cap on and come up with something that will prevent that!,

Anyway - thought I'd just pop to say hello and hope all my fellow bloggers are managing some great craftiness at the moment!  I've had a quick catch up this morning but feel like I've still missed loads of blogs out so will be doing more catching up later!

In the meantime a layout to prove I still do do crafting just not at the moment - this is sooooo not my normal style if I'm honest, pale muted colours - me - really?  But they really seemed to emphasise the moody picture don't you think?

As you'll see I add to the papers with cut circles and then stitched around them with a muted blue embroidery thread

I then used some 6 x 6 papers (that I normally use for cards) to cut out and create the title.  I also used a piece of muslin fabric that the gorgeous Susie sent me before Christmas with some ribbon and some embroidery thread, I didn't know if this embellishment would work but was really happy with the overall effect - what do you think?

Up close the cut papers
At the weekend I started to empty my scrapbag (which is always a bit worrying) and started to cut lots of shapes to make embellishments with, I'd seen some gorgeous embellishments in a shop at the weekend and then I'd seen the gorgeous price tag and thought - really?  I'm sure I could make something on those lines couldn't I?  So I set too with my Big Shot, some stamps, some stickers, some foam dots and some glossy accents.  I'll show you what I made when I get chance - it might inspire you to reach for your stash and make your own rather than reach for your pocket?

Hope you're all having a beautiful and blessed week - hugs and sparkles!

Friday, 16 March 2012


Good morning fellow Rockettes, I'm preparing this post as I go this week (well that was the plan, started Friday, abandoned til Thursday - such is life) as I want to remember all the tiny positives this week as well as the huge ones!
Last Friday proved to be an awesome day, sometimes you have a positive day overall and it's nice to remember that.  So apart from the lengthy work meeting (and it was lengthy) I loved
  1. The links from Joanna's Rocking post last week - the "how to set your microwave on fire" had me crying with laughter
  2. Closely followed by her link to which was simply hysterical, I'd only just put my make up on when I started reading and can honestly say that there wasn't a lot left on my face by the time I'd done because I was laughing so much tears were rolling down my face!  So a massive grateful to Jo and in turn her son for pointing me in the right direction on this.  I managed to read the first 16 pages of 1164 on Friday and they all keep moving down with new ones being added all the time LOL! 
  3. Reading books on the bed (post shower) was lovely drinking a gorgeous coffee made by hubby who then promptly dosed off on the bed. 
  4. Managing a walk around a shopping centre without buying anything other than tea!
  5. A romantic meal for two when we got in, listening to music and chatting by candlelight, nothing finer!
  6. Reminiscing about people who are no longer here, even though it's painful remembering the good times is always a positive and also means you remember that life is for living to the full!
  7. DH doing overtime (which usually makes me go boo and yeah at the same time - boo he's not at home, yeah a bit of extra money always helps)  But then all the computers stopped working which meant - yeah he got home after only been gone a couple of hours - so we had him all to ourselves for the rest of the day! 
  8. DH also came home with news of a 'fun' activity to do because a work colleague had recommended it - a trip to the circus.  Now you'll be pleased to hear it was an all human circus I wouldn't have gone if animals were involved, actually I don't even know if animal circuses still exist well in this country anyway!  So we popped and got tickets and were there in the big top for 5pm.  It was an awesome show, major acrobatics, spinning, jumping, climbing, scaring the living daylights out of me if I'm honest but the finale was the globe of death (big metal cage with motorcyclists going around inside - gulp) and the wheel of death (they need to come up with some better names for these things LOL).  It was great and we all thoroughly enjoyed.
  9. Sunday brought with it blue skies - gorgeous bright and crisp we set off for a jaunt out to the Crich Tramway museum for the day, we had great fun climbing on board the old trams, getting out tickets, going along the woodland walk, popping into the gem shop, having a cuppa in the restaurant, all was good and the best thing - we can go back for the next 12 months free of charge with our ticket with the exception of 5 dates!  How cool is that, I particularly like the look of the Alice in Wonderland themed weekend - now that looks awesome! 
  10. Managing to catch up with the England France rugby match via the internet because I really couldn't find it on the TV anywhere, I knew the score but DH and said 11 year old didn't but the news had indicated it was a great match, so we sat and watched from beginning to end, shouting and yelling and having fun - great match and to add to it - we won! 
  11. Next up is time together, there is something so ultimately precious about spending time together and enjoying each others company, capturing those moments - awesome stuff! 
  12. Dry day on Saturday meant dry washing - washing off a clothes line is so much nicer than washing off an airer don't you think?
  13. I mowed the back lawn, in about 20 minutes before the gym on Saturday (hubby thought I was losing the plot LOL).  But it means I can see the tete a tete daffodils far better now the long grass is no more.  
  14. Meal out on Wednesday night with hubby and said 11 year old just the three of us, chatting about our day, hubby had put himself under some pretty awful stress recently and hadn't discussed the same with me so he looked maxed when he got home on Wednesday, a good talk, working through the issues and things rebalanced themselves - so the ability to talk through issues! 
  15. A brief telephone catch up with sister who has been extremely poorly in the middle of the week was good.
  16. I had a couple of 'off days' due to having too much on at work but hubby and said 11 year old just know me and know that in those scenarios space is the best thing for me - I do sometimes wonder how they put up with me - honestly!
So that's my list this week, I'm too frazzled brain wise to be able to put some more together, but I'm sure there are some if I'm honest!  It's been another lengthy work day and I've only just finished off, DH is making mushroom soup, I've not seen said 11 year old all evening and I'm very very tired (it's Thursday evening by the way), check up at the Doctors tomorrow followed by more work - yes you guessed it!  Hopefully at some point I'll get the chance to actually stop and breathe, but for now I'll just say that my little list of gratefuls really do help me appreciate the good things in my life on a continual basis and I hope your list of gratefuls do the same for you.  So if you fancy joining in with us then pop yourself a blog post together and then come back and link with Mr Linky so we can come and visit you in your little part of the world.  No blog - no problem, just put some gratefuls in a comment below - I love to receive comments, it's so nice to connect with the world and I do have times when this doesn't seem to happen as frequent as it should!  No time to post a comment, give yourself a few minutes to think about your positives if you don't think you've got any - dig deep - there will be some there no matter how small - I promise! 

A bit of crafting for you (as I always put a little something - not that I've been anywhere near my crafting table recently).  First up a bright spring like layout (not my norm at all - of said 11 year old meeting my sister's cat Boo for the first time last summer).

 then another atrociously photographed reddish layout documenting my birthday cake and all it's candles last year!
 I wouldn't normally swear on a layout - but it felt appropriate given my age LOL!
So there we go - another post done for another week.  Hope your week has been Rocking for all the right reasons - Mr Linky for you all

Friday, 9 March 2012


Well we're here again on a Friday which can mean one thing and one thing alone - what's
what's created the positives in your week, the silver linings, the moments you've smiled or laughed, doesn't matter whether they be large or small if they lifted your heart they were 'rocking' moments!

  1. my blog commentors - you are all awesome and have lifted my spirits this week - I am forever grateful for your comments as we wander around this beautiful earth 
  2. Music after having had no amp for some time I finally said enough was enough on Saturday and we went out and bought a relatively cheap system it's not got the highest quality of sound but it does play music and it does play it loud - which is what I wanted - so hurray for music!!!!
  3. My hubby - he really is fantastic, he listens, knows just how I am, lets me rant and whinge and moan and then always asks - "what can we do about it" and he means it, it's not a throw away comment but what can we do to make things more positive and this makes me happy - so he definitely rocks my world! 
  4. Online ordering - my supermarket shopping being delivered once a week to my home is awesome for I dislike supermarkets with a passion!
  5. Witch hazel for giving me some relief from my burnt finger on Thursday allowing me to start typing this post. 
  6. A day off last Friday wandering around charity shops looking for more board books! 
  7. Tete a tete daffodils in the back garden, so pretty and such an awesome blast of colour!
  8. Flowers from hubby a bunch of gorgeous red roses and a bunch of stargazie lilies (that doesn't look spelt properly but you get what I mean).
  9. Blog followers recommending toe by toe to me after last weeks post, just negotiating with said 11 year old that he'll actually commit to do it! 
  10. Neil at the gym for having more belief in me than me and allowing me to be utterly sarcastic all the way around the gym on Wednesday night 
  11. Living in a free country where we are not oppressed, watching the news this last few weeks its often easy to forget how lucky we really are where we have the right to opinion and being able to express who we are.
  12. Dentists for giving me a clean bill of health this week, now just got one more health check test to book for and I should be back up to date.
  13. The odd new recipe we've been trying successfully
  14. Starting to treat cooking as a joint moment to create nutritionally good food in the kitchen together, rather than something we throw together because one of us has to.
  15. Acrylic paints for reminding me that you don't need 'special' supplies to create great art!
  16. Asda for stocking black cartridges at stupid o'clock on Thursday night
  17. Radio 4 - Just a Minute program
  18. Ross Noble for being extremely funny
  19. Colours undercoat and primer for being a darn sight cheaper than gesso in a bigger pot doing just the same job.
  20. My sister for ringing to find out how I am when she's the one that's been so poorly! 
  21. The lottery for providing a winning ticket on Saturday - not a big winning ticket but a winning ticket none the less, just glad as DH had seen fit to buy 5 of the damn things with only one a winner LOL! 
  22. Black dagger brotherhood books for providing utter escapism at the moment - something I'm definitely in need of with work being so crazy!
  23. Cheap DVD's from Amazon
  24. Royal Mail for delivering things safely to us - even if I did have to go and pick them up!
Well the list is certainly shortly than last week, but just as meaningful, I hope your week has been full of silver linings and positives.  If you fancy joining us then simply post a blog posting (and don't stress if it's not Friday when you manage it), letting us know what's rocked your world, then pop back here and link up with us so we can come and visit. 

As always leave you with a quick bit of crafting before Mr Linky

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Thursday, THURSDAY, I mean Thursday, I don't know about anyone else but I can't actually quite grasp how we've ended up here so quickly?  I mean that means tomorrow is Friday right?

Yes I know I know two posts in two days what's going on with the world?

I thought I'd say hello, yesterday was a difficult day because I am mentally demanding more at the moment, not sure why, I think it's the shift in seasons again, long dark days seem to have gone on  for far too long and I'm growing a little tired of them.  Perhaps its the all work and no play (although my layout count to date might disagree with that).  I'm not sure what it is but hubby gets grumpy wife on a Wednesday night again bless him and as always he sits and listens.  But I know it's down to me to make some changes, so we finally managed to get back to the gym last night (well I did the other two did squash as teen gym was full) and Neil at the gym put me through my paces, I mean quite honestly he put me through my paces, he had me pushing 70kg on the leg press when I started I was doing 20kg LOL and in all honesty I didn't think I could do it, but apparently if I've got someone stood yelling that I can do it then apparently my brain believes them and manages it with relative ease (not sure what that's all about), I've come on in significant leaps and bounds at the gym and am enjoying being more active, having greater flexibility bearing in mind my ridiculously dodgy back what is frustrating me is that the scales aren't showing an ounce of difference - maybe I need some new scales LOL!  maybe the key is going to be measurements but in all honesty the scales need to be doing something before I start to throw my toys out of my cot!   This is turning into a whinging Thursday post isn't it - grrrr - wasn't intended just putting my thoughts down as it were.  Well I think what I need to do is acknowledge what I'm doing is good, that I need to stick to it constantly and that I need to keep active mmmmm wonder where that will then take me.  I've got 3 weeks before my fifth appointment at the gym where they will measure me, I need to be looking at making big changes for then.

Anyway enough of my ramblings, how are your days - no really how are they?  What do you do on a day to day basis, because mine seems to be work, scrap and TV at the moment with an odd dose of the gym and I think I'm getting bored, but I can't remember what else I can do to make it more interesting so I'm genuinely asking what do you do?  That way I can maybe take a leaf out of your book and shake things up a little.

Right on with some crafting the first documenting our annual visit to the local church for the Christmas tree festival, I enjoyed doing this layout because it had a pattern on it already which I managed to 'add' to as I have a poinsettia stamp which I cut out of other paper, then layered up on foam stamps, I also cut the 'bunting' at the top.  I tried to take some close up shots, but it's the red again and was pre-info from Sarah so you'll just have to guess LOL!
This one is a double page layout from the show we went to see at the local theatre using purple again - not sure what's happening with the world and me and purple anyone would think I had an explosion of purple papers to play with but I don't!
 Up close
 So there you have it my Thursday post back here tomorrow for a Friday post let's see what I can pull out of the bag for that one.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Morning all, well I've just caught up with my blog reading, always a good start to the day and wow hasn't everyone been busy.  Me?  Well I completed layout number thirteen of the month so far, two days ago so had a night off last night, if I'm honest I was absolutely shattered a very exhausting and somewhat frustrating day at work, it was one of those needing to do a specific piece of work just not sure how to go about it and I persevered and persevered and persevered and then came home, plonked myself on the sofa and was fast on for 10pm exhausted.

I know a couple of you have asked how the hypno slim is going and the answer is strange.  I'm finding it hard to find an allocated time slot that works every day that means I can listen to my MP3 player for a starter and then I've just not been eating consciously.  I mean it sounds like an excuse but have you had your breakfast this morning?  If you have how was it?  Did it taste nice?  What was it? Did it take you long to eat?  Did you do anything else whilst you were eating it?  Is it a favourite breakfast or just something you have at that time of day?  Were you actually hungry when you ate it?  If you've answered no to any of the questions above you probably didn't eat consciously either it's soooooooooo hard, to slow down and actually acknowledge what you are doing, we run full tilt through life dashing here, there and everywhere and eating has become part of the multi-tasking day that we often run through and this in turn often leads to over eating.  So that's why I've been struggling.  Now does this mean it doesn't work - as a system that is - nope it works provided you follow the rules, I'm trying to re-establish the rules so that I can continue along this path - I'll let you know how I'm doing.

On with the crafting without further ado, I have to say that this is one of my favourite layouts that I've done in quite some time, taken last summer whilst we walked around Chatsworth house said 11 year old sat next to a huge Amethyst cathedral meant only one thing - a purple layout!  

 Up close, hand stamped title, duly coloured in with some gloss accents, layered together with a mix of double sided tape and foam squares to raise alternate letters up and a bit of hand stitching to add to the same
 and then this gorgeous embellishment, sent as part of a goody bag from the gorgeous Susie before Christmas, I did wonder how I might use it at first, but apparently Susie is psychic and knew I would need some sparkly jewellery type embellishment for this layout!   Thank you Susie!
As I've got a few badly photographed layouts I'll start throwing those at the bottom of the page so here is one, thankfully Sarah has given me a few handy hints to prevent this happening again, but as these are now all safely tucked up in albums my original poor photography will have to do!
 Just to show you the true colour of the page - this is what it should have looked like!  I love the piccie on the layout, because it doesn't show my double chins (notice plural) and the only way we achieve that is to take the photo from above, but I'm not married to a giant so I need to start thinking about this hypnoslim a bit more and not overriding the system!
So what's your Wednesday like?  Mine is a slower start because no breakfast club at school (not that he ever eats breakfast there), so not leaving house until half eight ish, then 6 hours at work with one meeting and one impossible task to complete, followed by gym this evening being put through my paces by someone a lot fitter than myself then collapse in a heap!

Hope you have a great day!

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Afternoon all, well it's a very wet and rainy day out there today, and we're having a very slow day today, I blame the bottle of wine last night LOL but with nowhere to venture to, we're enjoying spending time together as a couple as said 11 year old is up in his bedroom playing lego XBox etc.  

The sides are still adorned with board books and images at the moment, such fun finger painting this morning.

And the reason for being here on a Sunday afternoon, I thought I'd share the Grinch layout I did from the Christmas tree festival we went to last year, this was my favourite tree with great decorations made by the local children!  
 I really enjoyed the colour take I did on this one, using loads of different papers from different manufacturers doesn't always work but in this case it seemed to!  I used a chipboard Christmas tree that I painted pale blue and put a hand stamped title on to create the overall title for the layout!
I also used up some brads that I've had a while in bright lime green! 
I hope your Sunday is treating you well 

Saturday, 3 March 2012


As some of you may be aware it was Carmen's birthday this last week and I've been puzzling over what to make her for quite a while.  The last circle journal book I had was a children's board book and I really enjoyed working with it (I'd forgotten what fun they were).  Anyway as the idea for the present started to formulate I decided a children's board book would be a great starting point, so off to the local charity shop and I put my hands on a tall thin board book which I quite happily dismantled (with the help of hubby dismantling and sanding as I can't stand sand paper), then I set too with a few magazines and started to think about the story.

Carmen was originally intended to take part in the rock in peace resurrected circle journal that started late last year, but due to having too much on decided to bow out at the last minute, however, this was not before she'd decided on what she was going to ask us to do with regards to a circle journal which was a rock fairy tale.  As she left the group before the circle journal really got going this 'idea' obviously ended up shelved, so I wondered if I could do a book for Carmen that would include the idea.  I also know she has a love of the Grimm fairy tales so quite a lot of time was spent trawling the internet looking at the stories.  Eventually I came across the story of the raven which I'd never read and before I new it I was working on a re-writing of this traditional tale.  A flurry of paint, gluing, sticking, typing and retyping and the finished book came together and unusually for me who always thinks these need something else I was actually happy with it once it was completed.  So here for my fellow circle journallers and anyone else interested is the story of the rock raven.

Friday, 2 March 2012


Morning Rockettes - well here I am again feeling a little more like - so let's get on with this list of gratefuls - I'm going to try and number these to see how many I can manage

  1. I'm alive 
  2. The sun shining this week
  3. Tete a tete daffodils in my garden
  4. Royal Mail managing to get both circle journal and Carmen's birthday present to the recipients in time
  5. Practical Doctors convincing hubby that the hospital was the best bet
  6. Hospital for telling hubby all is well after his heart trace
  7. The ability to talk - long chat with hubby on Wednesday, sometimes I need to vent my feelings and have a good cry and to be honest - it does help! 
  8. Working a stupidly long day on Monday to give me some clarity regarding work (yes I know this is a strange grateful but it's hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes!)
  9. Making mini books - I sooooooooooooooooo enjoyed making Carmen's present at the weekend - it was inspired by the circle journal I'm in at the moment and to be honest I'd forgotten what fun they are!  So here's to creativity! 
  10. Hubby for listening to me - even when it's general whinging, he listens and takes on board and now knows that the silent reply isn't welcome so between us we started to see small things that we could do that would help!
  11. Parents evening at school - being told what a great child you have always makes me smile! 
  12. School for having the faith in me to actually test said 11 year old for dyslexia even though both teachers I spoke to were sceptical (turns out I was right) 
  13. The ability to laugh and smile
  14. Said 11 year old (almost called him little man) for being so blatantly honest - this I love even if both me and hubby sometimes inwardly groan!
  15. Said 11 year old for giving us a giggle when we went to parents evening - reading through his work we came across a page where he's started the Lord's prayer the words being "Our Father, hwart in heaven" - hwart genius I love it and am almost tempted not to tell him the truth because I think hwart is ace!
  16. Having the ability to check different online retailers to get an ACE dictionary for said 11 year old!
  17. World book day Thursday - providing said 11 year old with a voucher for a 'free' book - now all we have to do is get him to read it! 
  18. Hubby passing me magazines to destroy - always makes me happy! 
  19. Online supermarkets for letting me do a late night order on the computer and being able to deliver it in a timely fashion
  20. 6 nations rugby for giving me the time to create the book for Carmen!
  21. A walk on Sunday taking me to a little craft shop that at first offered nothing 'new' and then discovering little gems that were gorgeous steam punk and alice in wonderland inspired embossing folders and some beautiful masks to boot!
  22. The local garden centre having an area outside to sit and enjoy a coffee with hubby on Sunday!
  23. Said 11 year old actually taking his folding scooter on the walk on Sunday and finding some newly laid tarmac to practice his jumps on! 
  24. Getting a lovely e-mail from Carmen on her birthday made me smile! 
  25. Getting a couple of great recipes by e-mail on the great recipe swap
  26. Starting to think ahead of things to make! 
  27. A pot of tea in bed on Sunday morning, DH hates making two cups each because he says the second one is cold before he gets to drink it, so I made two cups on Sunday plus a pot of tea, we were slosh full of hot tea before we'd even ventured out of bed - now this I like! 
All is good this week, when you dig deep and find those positives isn't it

So there you go and I think 27 positives shows that despite the down side of this week I've got some great positives too!

Now layouts - let me see what do we have this morning apologies for the 'colour' it was taken late at night and it's got pinks in the photo and no matter what I did it looked like this, in reality it's a gorgeous brown layout with hints of pink grrr - documenting Christmas card making at Center Parcs last year when my sister had signed herself up for a University stall - long story but we ended up with a production line of card making

 Up close embellishments even worse photo - but hey I will share these things with you like it or not
Given that we have an ace photographer amongst our Rockettes I'm going to ask Sarah the question - how do I take red photos and have photos that look red rather than nasty - and I'm asking it here so everyone can benefit!

Hope you all had a great week, if you fancy joining in just put a blog post together and come back and link so we can come and visit and if you leave a message too that's always nice.  If you think you've nothing to be grateful for - think again - no literally think again, dig deep find the silver linings in the week!