Friday, 25 February 2011


Well this one hasn't arrived in a flurry of activity but has kind of dragged itself over the finish line after one hell of a week!  I'm somewhat bedraggled, not quite myself and definitely fragile, but in amongst the tough week has got to be some glimmers of happy gratefuls to celebrate - so here I go - I'm digging deep I tell you! 

 Hubbies hugs he's been amazing this last week, he is and has always been my Rock - completely and utterly we met almost 21 years ago and my heart still skips a beat when I see him pull up on the drive, he still takes my breath away and for that gift I am truly grateful! 

Blogging friends - you know who you are and you've all been fabulous - thank you for your support it's been very much appreciated - you'll never know how much and I thank each and every one of you for your kind words.

Warm milky coffees on cold spring like days (even though we started the week with snow) I'm still determined that this should be spring now!

Blueberries and raspberries in porridge for breakfast - yum

JR Ward for her amazing book Covet 

Time off from work even if it's been a rough week, can't say I've managed any downtime on the brain which is what i really needed if I'm honest but time off has been good.

Gulliver's Travels in 3D that made me laugh out loud even though I didn't think I'd enjoy it! 

Despicable Me on DVD another great watch - kids animated films are simply fantastic! 

My new phone - even though I'm still fighting to get to understand how the hell it works!

Art journals that allow me to download when my emotions get a bit much! 

Yes I know it's thin on the ground but each and every one of these makes my heart happy and they've all Rocked my World this week! 
And now a little crafting for you lovely people to be honest - not one of my favourites in fact really not one of my favourites definitely chose the wrong background colour when I did it - but you've just got to go with it - I just kept throwing stuff at it until I could finally say - that'll do! 
Up close (even though I'm not keen) from using up lettering as a title
 to lots of flowers in a cluster
 And the stitching
I'm slowly running out of things to photograph to share with you - which means my crafting has slowed down - normal service will resume shortly!

Hope you've all had a grand week, please join in if you fancy the Rocking Your World post - pop it on your blog and put your link here, if you don't have a blog then feel free to list your 'gratefuls' on the comments!

Hope you all have a great weekend - I'll let you know about mine later!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Just been blog hopping and meandered over to Tracie's blog where she'd documented her feelings for the day - saying they might help on art journal front.  She in turn had got the idea from other bloggy friends so thought I'd join in good way to see where my head is at this morning

  • listening - the noise of the boiler - I'm sure it's supposed to be music but I'm sat in silence so other than me tapping on keys and the boiler and the dishwasher whirring not listening to much at all at the moment
  • eating - nothing at the mo - will be eating raspberries and blueberries in porridge topped with banana which is my favourite breakfast at the moment
  • drinking - hot tea to sooth a rather sore throat!
  • wearing - Jasper Conran pyjama's bought by my hubby Craig for me at Christmas
  • feeling - raw and fragile - enough said
  • weather - grey with the threat of rain (again to make a change during half term week)
  • wanting - to cheer up and find some joy in my day - not sure if I'll manage it but going to try
  • needing - a hug from my hubby - his hugs are helping me get through a difficult time
  • thinking - I should plan food for later rather than the adhoc tea we ended up with last night and wondering whether this sabotage mode I've gone in to to try and alleviate my emotional pain is temporary or permanent!
  • enjoying - not drinking and having time to think - although this year has been hard up to now it hasn't stopped me from being me - raw emotional and fragile me at the moment but still me!
  • wondering - whether popcorn and a new DVD will suffice for my 10 year old and my niece or whether I'm going to have to suffer the trials and tribulations of a trip to the cinema and all that time in those chairs with my back! 
Ooh I liked that - it was fun it made me stop and think - might have to try that again another day!

Anway wednesday morning crafting what have I got for you?  This one is part of the UK Scrappers challenge for this month, thought I'd struggle with it as the photos wouldn't cut to the actual size designated in the challenge but managed it even though the photos are bigger!  Used fibres in the form of stitches!
Upclose stitching!
 More stitching
 Hand stamping!
So there you go a bit of crafting goodness!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Yes I know this is the second post of the day but I've realised that the Anything Goes Challenge has moved on to its next challenge and I haven't shown you the last one LOL!
I've been watching this blog from 'afar' for a while but when I saw the sketch I thought - why not!  I'm really into sketches at the moment so head over to see the sketch in question Lynne from the Craft Den always makes you feel welcome!  Anyway this is my take on it (most people have generated gorgeous cards with the sketch but you know I'm not a card maker! so you'll have to put up with scrapbooking).  The title of this layout "On Top of the World" - has something of a story to it, it's from a set of Bo Bunny stickers that I bought and loved due to the colours etc - but when I got them home I realised that all the sentiments said Grand-parent this and Grand-parent that type things on it- hadn't read the words grrrr - anyway being a Yorkshire lass the term waste not want not comes to mind so I cut the sentiment out and did my own putting it into the newly cut circle!
Up close you can see I added glossy accents and bling - the sticker actually had 'bling' look on it - so I just stuck bling straight over the top to give the added dimension!
  Anyway I liked the sketch - so I did another page of little man and his 'homemade' tardis - he never did get round to painting it but it did keep him occupied for quite some time last summer!  Both of these layouts has the added stitching around the edge.
Up close you can see that the strip across the bottom is in fact ribbon to add to the texture and yes that is faux stitching around the journal oval I added it after I stuck it down!
Finally (you didn't think I could stop at two did you!) is this one which looks visually different because of the colours documenting sisters 30th last year!  I did indeed stamp 30 stars around her photo and her name Melanie means dark star so it seemed apt!  The journaling has been stamped all around the edge and yes before you ask it took ages!  Really pleased with this layout though
And up close you can see a little more of the detail!
And a final comment - a big thank you to all of you who left positive comments this morning - they really have made the world of difference to me!  I've actually got my art journals out this afternoon and done quite a few pages - but in all honesty this art journal is simply not big enough - Dyan I need a bigger book - a much bigger book LOL!  I can't do small - there's not enough room and my pictures are way too big!  
Anyway as you'll have already guessed I've not had the greatest of days but as well as that today has also been a none-driving day - I have these occasionally when I'm just not in the mood or focused enough to drive - tried setting off from three sets of traffic lights in 3rd gear - sod!  Then I came home and little one has made a hama bead coaster which he wanted me to iron - I did such a great job that the peg board he uses got too hot and shrivelled up and in an effort to sort it out I turned it upside down to try and flatten it but stuck the coaster he'd made to the ironing board so I had to use a bread knife to remove it - honestly some days!  

Right off to encourage hubby to make me some boxes he's been promising since the weekend.


Been through the mill the last few days feeling mighty delicate and sad at the moment so just going to share a little crafting if that's OK.

 This one entitled Poppies proved testing, until I found a stamp that I thought could be converted into a poppy type emblem on the page, you probably can't see it from the photo but the picture of the cornfield had little red poppies dotted around it which was gorgeous.  I really can't wait for some summery days so me, hubby and little one can head out for some fun family days.
 a close up of the title and the make shift poppy
 and the stitching I put along the bottom a double row of straight stitch with a thread running through it! 
Yet again using up some old basic grey paper from what I think was called the Dasher series, just goes to show adding a few poppies can turn a Christmas paper into a versatile summer paper!  

Planning on going out with my little one today for a few hours quality time, we've not managed that up to now and I'm hoping for some craft time later because I didn't manage any yesterday.  Hope everyone is having a great day.  If you pop along and get to this point don't forget to say hi.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Last month I came across the Scrapology blog which had a great double page layout as a challenge.  I joined in and was amazed to find that I won - thank you ladies!  Anyway they've got another great layout for their February challenge this month and so I set too with great gusto I liked the layout so much that I didn't just do one layout LOL - this is what happens when I find a great sketch I use it more than once and I'm always amazed and how different the layouts look.  The first was a festive layout that i did of the local Christmas tree Festival - now I know I promised to make this a non-Christmas blog post but can't help it because it was the first one that I did for the challenge LOL
however, to prove I do scrap more than just Christmas here is the sketch used again on the new black steps at YSP
and again later on the same day when my Mum and my son and my niece were posting for the camera!
and all these followed the basic principle of the original sketch but different papers etc make the page look completely different!

Looking forward to the March sketch now - wonder how many different versions of the sketch I can do for that one LOL!  

Right off to play with paper again! 

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Ooh I've just been reading all the lovely blogs that I follow and thought - well it's Saturday I could pop another post on!  Thank you to everyone that joined in Rocking Your World Friday - to be honest it makes my heart sing with joy that people give themselves the time to count their blessings once a week - it really is that therapeutic!  

So onto the crafting, for those of you who don't know me particularly well I'll give you a heads up - I'm a paper stack girl - you know the one where you get 80 matching papers all in one stack at a bargain price - and the reason?  Well basically you can blitz the pack and not go into mental melt down because it's the last piece of your favourite paper - it also means I can go through lots and lots of papers on a layout or a minibook and not get stressed!  However, occasionally I'll see a paper that I 'have to have' and sometimes those 'have to have' papers end up in the sale which means I 'have to buy them' and then because I've only got one of them I end up holding onto them for (now what is it now - two years) before I use them!  This is what happened to some gorgeous bo-bunny papers I bought (I think now two years ago) I bought - wait for it four papers (yes I know they were in the sale - why didn't I buy more etc) 

 Aren't they gorgeous you can understand why it took me two years to use them can't you?  What do you mean no!

Anyway I could just cut and make a single page - nope I'm a Yorkshire lass and we are definitely frugal when we need to be!  So this is what I did I added two more papers a shiny shaped piece and a piece of cardstock!

then I gutted the paper to create an inner and an outer piece

 did the same with the gorgeous shaped piece 

and then (by now you are thinking that i'm losing the plot - but you have to get as much as you can out of the papers don't you)

So after all this gutting what did I actually create!  this little beauty 
Documenting our first snow, Close ups of the layout, I embossed some of the cardstock with my dry embossing folder
 And discovered I had a snowflake die so cut some of those and dry embossed them too!
Then the other layout of my sister on Christmas day, I love how the layouts do actually look different, despite technically using the same papers! 
The papers spoke for themselves so just added a chipboard heart and a word that I stamped and cut and layered up! 
Promise the next layout won't be Christmas LOL!  

So has anyone else woke up to snow this morning? 

Friday, 18 February 2011


Some weeks are just harder than others, some are that way to remind you that when things are easy and straight forward this is because life is just being that bit easier.  This week has not been one of those weeks, it's been hard and stressful and tiring and I had Monday off - but that doesn't stop me from my little list of gratefuls!

 Firstly was day off with hubby on Monday to celebrate his birthday, we went to Sheffield for a wander without 10 year old in tow.  We went to the Peace Gardens - which were Peaceful, the Winter Gardens which were warm and dry (a stark contrast from the cold February air outside), we wandered around the galleries, had a coffee and chatted, then headed over to Graves gallery for a wander.  You know the type of place, where you can wander admire the paintings and pictures and just relax into your own brain, there is nothing nicer and yet here we are on the brink of these sorts of places being closed down because of the cuts.  Can we afford to lose such places of solace, showing great works of art?  I hope not and hope all can be done I know there are issues, I know the deficit has to be dealt with but I'm not so sure that this is the way to go and Mr Cameron's idea of a Big Society - smacks of someone thinking that the voluntary sector is free - it's not and to run a volunteering program well it has lots of people in the background making things work, abiding by rules, regulations and laws.  Anyway, I'll get back off my soapbox but you know where I'm coming from on this one!

Secondly has to be grumpy craft night on Thursday night, I mean it was seriously grumpy, I was stressed (very very), Melanie wanted to - now what was it - scream, hit something, down a bottle of whiskey (if she was drinking but she's not), kick something, stab something - thankfully she settled for an art journal page entitled ROAR!  Mum wasn't grumpy or stressed but she did have a headache - what she did provide however, was a great evening making us giggle albeit not intentionally!  I mean we couldn't help but laugh when she came out with her one-liners!
Initially it was "Ginnie do you think the papers look better this way or this way?" - which became a constant, Melanie said what she was actually saying was "help me help me" lol! 

Later on she declared 
"Why doesn't my phone like sardines?"

 I'm not sure I know how to answer that - does anyone else!

Followed later by 
"Open the door, I've got no arms!" 
classic I tell

We also had a big debate over Whit Sunday and Whitsuntide which by the time we'd done we decided should be renamed Magical Marmalade day.
Anyway we sat and giggled and chatted and eventually Melanie and Co went home a little smilier than when they arrived and the headaches had all magically disappeared!

Next is Valentine's cards that made me cry (in a good way) and red roses bought with love

Marks and Spencers valentines dinner for two with non-alcoholic beverage - simply genius!
Weight Watchers system feeling cleaner and healthier in myself (apart from the M&S meal above which made me feel a little toxic but was nice anyway)!

La Tasca for lunchtime tapas (2 for £12) fingers crossed it doesn't hit the weight watching too much this week! 

Diaries for keeping my sanity in place 
And finally this little website which provides one minute meditations and believe you and me when you're as stressed out as I am at the minute - and only have a minute to spare these really really work!

Right on with the crafting, I was really pleased with this one once it was finished.  Photos taken in the Train Station at Weymss Bay I just love the architecture in there simply beautiful!

 If you are joining us with your Rocking Your World posts, leave a comment and where to come and find you so we can come and visit, if you don't have a blog you can always leave your gratefuls in the comments and if you don't have any gratefuls dig a bit deeper - they are there - you just need to look!

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Well here we are on a cold rather wet and very miserable Sunday afternoon, half an hour til the six nations starts so hubby will be happy plus it means crafting for me.  Spent an afternoon scrapping with sis yesterday which was awesome, she worked on her tattoo book and I worked on layouts!

Now it has come to my attention that all I seem to scrap about is Christmas, but in all honesty I haven't done that much scrapping of 'life' for some time.  When 2011 hit I set too to catch up on some of life's events that I'd documented in a photographic format but never put the detail behind the piccies into a layout and so I started 2011 in earnest.  Now add to that my whole weight loss pledge for 2011 and the lack of alcohol - oooh yes going for the whole lot this year I tell you has meant lots of crafting time so I'm doing most recent piccies first which means that you lovely people get to see Christmas in all its glory in February - LMAO! 

Now the other aspect of it is - am I a Christmas girl and the answer is unequivocally yes more so over recent years since I've started doing my journal your Christmas project courtesy of Shimelle.  Christmas now means that I actually hit the pause button for a bit during the festivities rather than running hell for leather through it - (OK now that's too expressions I've been in the process of typing that's made me think ????????? where does the term 'hell for leather' come from and the statement 'going the whole hog' - which I wouldn't think twice about saying but seems strange typing it - why on earth would someone want to go the whole pig - it makes no sense) - anyway I digress.
I hope you don't mind I promise to try and intersperse it now with other activities but for now I'll leave you with yet another Christmas layout LOL

and the details which led to some awesome little cards as well (Christmas of course)!
 Just going to finish off a few bits I've had sat waiting in the wings for a bit a Christmas gift for Fi who lost her doggy called Puppy last year - I made this so she could document his little life and had a lasting document.  The book is based on a template shared by the wonderful Voodoo Vixen (AKA Annette) whose blog I absolutely adore!
The inside has pockets and tags and pulls out to spell the word as you can see!
Then there's the post Christmas bargain from TK Maxx being an album and loads of accessories and papers for the bargain price of £6!
Another Christmas gift (yes let's get them all out of the way), being the other Weymss Bay book I did 
Same design as the Puppy book above
And finally evidence of beautiful cakes from Christmas, made by dear hubby who isn't an expert on the icing front by my goodness he makes a beautiful Christmas cake! 
Right off to wrap presents - hubby Craig and my Mum's birthdays tomorrow - he's off partaking in the hallmark profit increase - also known as purchasing a Valentine's card at the moment!

Hope you're all having a grand Sunday!