Friday, 3 July 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 27th of 2020

Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

Well it has been a funny old week this week if I'm honest, me and hubby had the day off together last Friday which made a lovely change for us both and a long weekend. 

We didn't have anything major planned which is a good job because the weather was rather inclement including significant thunder storms last Friday.  I had a socially distanced catch up with my sister, Mum and niece in my Mum's garden which was lovely and much needed, it gave me a little food for thought as I felt a bit 'stuck' and girly chats (even though hubby was there), always seem to inspire and motivate me which was grand as it set me up lovely for the weekend. 

Saturday was supposed to be a mix of house and relaxation, but ended up all job related, some of you may remember my old wooden desk that I converted last year, well the bottom fell out of it the other week,I think the torrential rain that we'd had didn't help, so hubby took a look and said he felt it could be repaired.  So that's what we did on Saturday, using some timber decking he repaired the underneath and in between rain showers we painted it up and by the end of the day were putting the plants that had come out of it back in and it is now back in its rightful place as though nothing actually happened.

Sunday we decided to have a proper kickback day, hubby read and watched films and I scrapbooked, we had spent some time on Saturday night putting the remaining 'to be scrapbooked' photos into three folders, 2018, 2019 and 2020 as I was mixing them up and the chances of me ever getting near the end was looking less likely, plus once 2018 is scrapbooked they can be filed away. 

I had a lovely day of scrapping and made some reasonable headway into the pile of photos, so definitely a win win. 

The rest of the week has tripped away merrily working the majority of the days at home, but also having a day in the office on Wednesday, I've been distracted from bid writing whilst we sort some quality assurance elements out, but the change has been good. 

Yesterday was a hard day as it was my cousin's funeral, whilst it is always so sad to see people go it is always the hole that they leave that I struggle with, so why here on my grateful blog, because I am grateful he was part of my life, he was a larger than life character with a wicked sense of humour and will be greatly missed and the opportunity to reminisce with family online has provided a few smiles in the last couple of weeks. 

Other positives

 a tidy home
time to relax
new meals and recipes we have experimented with

and my favourite the opportunity to watch this numerous times this week whilst it was available, a Midsummer Night's Dream

And that my lovely people is my week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up and if you are able to leave a message then please do so, we seem to be having some comment issues at the moment which I don't seem to be able to resolve no matter what change in parameters I make. 

Friday, 26 June 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 26th of 2020

Good Afternoon lovely people, I hope I find you well, time to take stock and spot the silver linings in the last 7 days. 

As you may remember last week we had taken our week off despite not being able to go on the Cornwall holiday we originally had planned, we did however manage a few days out and about including Friday when we headed to Chatsworth, unfortunately we had a day of inclement weather, so whilst it was lovely to actually go to Chatsworth we didn't have the day we had been hoping for.  Nevertheless, it was lovely to be out and doing something almost normal (if that makes sense), we felt safe when we were there and able to abide by the necessary rules to enjoy our visit. 

Here are a selection of the photos we took whilst we were there. 

They have been developing a central strand of Chatsworth and we came across this amazing wall type sculpture on our walk, isn't it stunning. 

They are still developing the area above the maze which has included taking out the tree that sat in the centre of the 100 steps

I don't remember seeing this sculpture before, it is in the kitchen garden

We found these new scultptures, this one we realised afterwards is a pumpkin

It looked so normal as if the world hadn't changed (which obviously it had).

Said 19 year old still able to photobomb my photos

The cascade was dry when we arrived but when we walked along the bottom it had been turned on.

My favourite view was a little sodden

And I had no idea how long my hair had got until said 19 year old took this photo of me and hubby! 

The view over the moors on the way back was beautiful. 

The rest of the weekend was laid back, but Sunday was a hard day as we had news of a family bereavement which was both sudden and unexpected so I've had a rather melancholy week which is really to be expected, so why does it appear here?  Because life is so precious and fragile and never ever to be taken for granted and it led to some lovely moments reminiscing about happier times. 

I was back to work Monday and I had a successful funding bid which I was really pleased at.  

I had a good day in the office and Wednesday (despite the ridiculous temperatures). 

Other positives

11am coffee time - signs of home working

Enjoying Great British Sewing Bee and watching the final, me and said 19 year old's girlfriend have really enjoyed watching the series together. 

Watching NTLive this week with Midsummer Night's Dream, it is on for 1 week and is absolutely brilliant, its the one we went to see at the cinema twice last year. 

Beautiful summer berries to enjoy for breakfast, raspberries and strawberries have been an absolute delight recently. 

And that is your lot this week, I hope you've had a grand week, if you fancy joinining in pop back and link up (and comment if you can) so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 19 June 2020

Rocking Your world Friday - 25th of 2020

Afternoon lovely people tis Friday time for 

Well this week we should have been in Cornwall, but instead we've had a staycation at home, we have continued to work through our list of jobs that needed resolving and have managed to clear a fair few this week including painting a room and sorting some jobs outside, although the weather has hardly been in our favour. 

We've also managed to pick up a few things that we needed/wanted and we've managed three trips out albeit with social distancing.

Our first trip of the week was to Brodsworth and whilst the hall is closed the gardens which are always lovely to wander are back open. 

I loved the shaft of sunlight in the gardens as we wandered

We missed the laburnum arch in flower this year unfortunately with the pandemic but it was nice to see them replanting the formal gardens

The sunken garden was bright and warm as always at this time of year 

We also managed a selfie in the sweet smelling rose garden

Enjoyed seeing the busy hives

The masked statue I always find strange

And probably the prettiest picture I've taken this year, the church in the grounds of Brodsworth really is picture postcard worthy

Tuesday was a house day but on Wednesday we managed a wander out to Worsbrought mill for a walk which was lovely despite having to dodge the odd puddle and enjoy the dappled shadow of the trees

Again we managed a selfie, this time make up free

The rest of the week has tripped along at a merry old pace and we've definitely made a dent on our bank account, but it has been nice to stop and enjoy some us time.

One last grateful this week was a neighbour bringing around a black forest tray bake

It was absolutely stunning if I'm honest and was lovely to share with said 19 year old and his gf.

And that my lovely people is the week that was, I hope you've had a grand week, if you fancy joining in then pop back and link up and we can come and visit (although I'm guessing Kate and Lisca will already have posted).

Friday, 12 June 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 24th of 2020

Good morning lovely people

tis Friday 

time for 

So said 19 year old and his gf brought birthday cake home last week, they'd been for a social distancing party and brought us cake, so me and hubby enjoyed it on Friday with our 11am coffee, it was almost as good as fika time at Ikea. 

I'm back scrapbooking again, making headway on the pile of photos on my scrapbook table, initially when lock down commenced I was worried about running out of photos rather than seeing it as an opportunity to finally catch up so I'm back on it. 

First up trip to Roche Abbey

Gaia at Wentworth Woodhouse with my Mum last year

Hubby and said 19 year old looking at the photomarathon gallery 

Tour De Yorkshire a couple of years ago

Macbeth at Stafford Castle

Whilst I was scrapbooking hubby was baking again this time plain scones

and flapjack

We had a couple of blue sky walks

He does so love baking

Last Friday was my little sister's 40th birthday 

I think the balloons in the form of numbers were more stressful than trying to keep the marquee in place with the high winds

I also managed a layout from when I saw Mr Finch a couple of years ago. 

the weirdest thing about scrapbooking at the moment is the fact that I'm really missing venturing out added to which we should have been in Cornwall today for a week away, however a week's staycation it is so we are trying to make the most of it. 

I hope you've had a grand week and managed to stay safe this week, if you fancy joining in pop back, link up and we can come and visit. 

Friday, 5 June 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 23rd of 2020

Good morning lovely people tis Friday and time for 

I'm still finding these weeks a little strange if truth be told as the UK starts to unlock (despite the numbers which still feel too high), I've grown accustomed to working from home and only going into the office one day per week, we are still working on our 'round tuit' list and really am starting to see some final headway which is more worrying because I'm really not sure what we will do when it has been completed.  But this week we've glossed the doors in the bathroom, sorted a tiny piece of untidy coving and filled around some pipes to name but a few, can my life get any more exciting lol. 

I've also discovered little things that I never sort, like our butter dish that has always been too shallow for a pack of butter, despite the fact that butter packs in the UK are the same size, I finally bought a new dish, we also replaced our kettle, but the new one to explode on us (it was a glass kettle), said 19 year old took it back as we'd only had it a few hours and got a replacement thankfully and it has behaved since. 

Said 19 year old also decided to use the ice cream machine that we've had forever, it didn't work and he was hacking at the build up of ice cream for hours, it did raise a smile though! 

No description available.

I've continued to enjoy face timing my Mum each day and keeping in touch with family.  Our weather has taken a turn and the blue skies have disappeared for now, but I'm sure the gardens are feeling happier for some rain and it means we don't have to water the plants, so we can count that as a win. 

We've enjoyed doing our daily walk, sometimes more than once a day, the trees are fully green now and the birds so loud if we wake during the dawn chorus. 

I have also had a back issue this week, so why has it made my list of gratefuls, I had a telephone physio appointment and within ten minutes of that he'd sent me through some exercises to do.  I've started doing them and they appear to be making a difference, although he has said it could take 2-4 weeks to see a noticeable difference, so this definitely makes the list. 

The back issue means the crafting has stopped for now, hopefully it can restart soon as I'd started making headway with the photos and my scrapbooking. 

I hope you have had a great week, if you fancy joining in pop back and link up, I've gone back to the legacy format on blogger as the other one simply wasn't fun (and no Mr Linky), it does say on what I've read this morning that the legacy version will still be available after the end of June as an option, so hopefully I can continue in this format. 

Friday, 22 May 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 21st of 2020

Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

So another week of lock down, we have been a little sporadic with our walks, but when we have manage to go after a long work day it has been most welcome. 

I was mini book making last week but didn't get chance to share, these have been made with minimal paper and all the scraps from the bigger books that I've been making, they measure around 5 inches by 5 inches and were great fun to make, I'm grateful I have a time consuming hobby that provides a product at the end of it

The embellishment on the last one came from a pack of embellishments I picked up in Aldi recently, it was nice to find some scrapbook things whilst doing our weekly shop.

For Mother's day said 19 year old and his GF bought me a basket of plants, whilst they looked lovely they are always impractical for watering and as one was definitely looking grim I decided to repot them to give them at least a small chance of survival (I'm not known for my green fingers when it comes to house plants), unfortunately I was lacking on the plant pot front but had saved some yogurt pots, so hubby drilled some holes in them and here they are with my peace lilies, I'm hoping they flourish, but time (and watering regularly) will tell. 

Last Friday my Mum had ordered a skip (whilst the recycling centres have reopened they are limiting what you can get rid of) and I had volunteered us going and getting rid of the stuff for her, we were in an outdoor space so when I got there I asked her to identify what needed to go and she left us to it, within a couple of hours the items were loaded up, the skip was full and she was much happier.  

Said 19 year old then went on Monday and spent time clearing a piece of land and putting together and positioning her new greenhouse, it isn't massive and is fairly lightweight but it gives her a focus outside that she hasn't had in a while and she was mighty giddy to get it put up.  It came complete with internal racking so she is most giddy and we managed to get her some seeds both flowers and vegetables.  Said 19 year old also got some compost picked up and when we were on our walk recently we spotted a sign at a house saying 'free tomato plants' so hubby went and knocked and the lovely lady gave him 4 plants.  If there is anything to be said about lockdown it is the community spirit that has become so apparent recently. 

So some of you will remember that a few weeks ago we had a VE day social distancing picnic on the  close we live on, a few of us took a few photos that day and I had some of them printed, I decided to create mini book for each of the neighbours including one for a neighbour's Mum and Dad who were there that day.  I knew the papers I wanted to use but knew my stocks were greatly depleted (Papermania's Portabello Road), I went browsing places like Ebay and whilst I found some to buy most were part packs.  I was chatting to my Mum about it on the phone and she said "I've got some of those, I'll find them out for you, it makes a change for me to be able to provide you with scrapbooking supplies rather than the other way around" and so she provided me (at a distance of course) with a bag that not only contained the majority of a 12 x 12 pack but giddy as you can get a pack of 6 x 6 too, which was the size of the mini book - happy days!

So last weekend was spent creating 9 of these little beauties, I literally spent all day on them on Saturday (which in hindsight felt a bit much)

A view from the top you can see they are all made up of various pages of differing size

I had to use a few additional papers from my own stack to finish them off but I was pleased with them overall. 

Once completed I wrapped them in brown paper and string (like parcels from the second world war and hubby delivered them.

The ladies sent messages of thanks and it was lovely to find that they all liked them it was definitely worth all the effort. 

The rest of the week has been mighty busy work wise, three out of the four days spent working and one at work itself which is as busy as ever.

Next grateful has been the lovely weather and whilst we've been busy inside working we have still managed to enjoy the early evening sunshine and blue skies.  I took this on our walk yesterday, I love the palm plant flowering. 

I hope you've had a grand week too, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up so we can come and visit.