Thursday, 31 March 2016


Good morning lovely people it's Friday so the question is how was your week?

Well lovely people we've had a fun week enjoying God's own country. Yes I know we already live there but we ventured further north with family to explore even though we've been there before.

I've got lots of photos to share but blogger isn't playing nicely so for now I will just say that I hope you have had a good week. If you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and give your link in your comments as Mr Links isn't playing ball either. We will come and visit and I will sort a post with photos as soon as I'm able. 



Friday, 25 March 2016


Good morning lovely people, tis Friday - so what's 

First up this fab photo of my Mum from her meeting last week she has officially lost 1 stone in weight and feeling (and looking) so much better for it!  Way to go Mammy!

Next up a crafting afternoon on Saturday - this is what it looked like at our house - a rather bemused husband if I'm honest!  Wearing gloves and enjoying working with Powertex 

And this is said 15 year old - spending time in the same environment as us, but on his tablet - but making himself comfy - it doesn't look that comfortable to me, but it did make me smile! 

A night out at the ice hockey watching Sheffield Steelers beat Nottingham Panthers - fabulous game, great atmosphere and the arena was pretty much full to bursting! 

Here are some of the items we were making with the Powertex, working with fabric, paper flowers, polystyrene pieces etc.

And hubby putting an empty wine bottle to good use!

And some of the detail up close and yes we did powertex the skeletal leaves and yes they are still incredibly delicate!

Sunrise during one of our early morning walks!

And another lovely lunch

Using the fabulous template from A Trip Down memory Lane for a mini book - it is almost complete and I'm really liking it. 

I shared the work in progress photos on Wednesday's WOYWW post.  The link to the original blog post with the downloadable link is (for anyone who didn't see my Wednesday post). 

This is the outer cover, I decided against the fastener (as I didn't have any elastic or hair bands that would suffice).

Inside you will see I was brave and got the machine out for the pockets on the left as per the original instructions - first time I've machine stitched on paper.  

You can see the different sized tags inside each pocket.

Then the top and bottom flap opened 

And then the piece on the right opened out, once again i used the machine to sew the middle 'booklet' as it were. 

I loved the papers and the background, the original instructions ask for cardstock 12.5" wide for the spine which would potentially be a problem with standard scrapbook card stock, I actually had some A3 card which I used to create the book and I may scale it down so it works with 12 x 12 in future. 

A good week generally at work, busy busy preparing for year end but nothing new and now I can stop for a little bit. 

I hope you've had a great week, if you fancy joining in with your own Rocking Post, then create a blog post, pop back, link up and we shall come and visit! 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Morning all, my desk this morning, it's a bit dark in there but I managed to get it photographed none the less. 

So why am I sharing this well the very lovely Julia over at the Stamping Ground helps us share our desks on What's on Your Workstation Wednesday 

For more information - head over here - loads of links to check out with fabulous desk 

More glue was needed at the weekend as you can see - in fact the desk seems completely infiltrated with glue if I'm honest - hence the baby wipes! 

The paper pack top right is a new buy from last week, geometric design

Here is the other side which I managed to not capture in the first photo - as you will there is also the base for another one of those boxes

which is hiding under some brads

Here is the stack of paper

And a better but slightly blurrier close up of the mini book I'm making using the amazing instructions from A Trip Down memory Lane (link below to the blog post).

This is the book partly folded up 

And this is the back, there is still a lot of pages to cover with the paper and I've opted out of the fastener, but I love the book and it has proved really easy to put together!

So there you have it my desk in mid-production mode!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Good morning, tis Tuesday and I thought I'd share a few more layouts

First up - another triangular one!  This time documenting the fabulous art hearts in the local shopping centre, celebrating 25 years of it being open.  These were dotted around the centre in various places and I had a great evening finding the art (not something we normally do on a visit there) and pretty much got every single one!  Most of them have been decorated by local community groups and they were all very different which is ace! 

I did capture all of them, but only scrapbooked 4 (although I did instagram the lot is has to be said).  I particularly like the one top left which looks like it has a halo - but the 'halo' is actually just part of the lighting structure in that part of the centre!

I also like the key landmarks in the top right one and commemorating the twin cooling towers in the bottom right one - although the originals stood much close together!

Next up documenting birthday cakes, my birthday and said 15 year old's birthday are only a day apart, on my birthday (as it was a Sunday) we had a tea party and I had a minion cake. 

On said 15 year old's birthday he opted for a malteser cake!  

And finally this morning, two of the costumes that we saw when visiting Harry Potter World - attention to detail is fabulous! 

I hope you have a great day! 

Friday, 18 March 2016


Good morning lovely people, tis Friday which means it's time for 

Apologies for the delay in posting this morning, I've been a little busy but without further ado, here are the positives, the silver linings and the things that made my world a better place this week!

Seeing these amazing tulips at my Mum's house, I haven't seen any before that have opened up so fully and created such an amazing display - aren't they gorgeous! 

Then our morning walk, now normally this is what we do at 6am and at the moment that varies between sunrise and semi darkness depending on clouds, but last weekend, we did the walk but during the day time.  

We go past this little stream each day (in fact said 15 year old walks this way on his way back from the school bus) and depending on the rain fall it can go from barely a trickle to almost not being able to see the fall of the water and it makes an awesome noise! 

Lovely food, sometimes you have to think outside of the box and we've been doing that over the last few weeks, this was lunch last weekend, curried chicken and mango salad, it was lovely! 

Crafting and watching rugby - multi tasking my style! 

The Six Nations created a few more amazing matches last weekend that we enjoyed watching! 

Picking up this book last Friday to get a selection of new recipes, I'm still in reading mode and haven't tried anything yet but it looks like there is plenty to go at as it were! 

Sunday saw us all taking part in a Powertex taster workshop, we had a brilliant time creating whilst we were there.  Steph was awesome and really helped talk about what we could do going forward and helping give said 15 year old a few ideas with regards to his current piece of art textile.

And here are the finished pieces again at home

Mine on the left, hubbies in the middle and said 15 year old's on the right hand side. 

He also had a play with collage last weekend for his course book and created this in the style of Travis Bedel. 

The beginning of the working week arrived far too quickly but we were treated to a glorious sunrise on one of the days. 

Then a selfie of my Mum and my niece when they went for a wander to the nearest shopping centre!

The rest of the week has included, a lovely catch up on messenger with my Aunty Bernie, it has been lovely to chat recently - the joys of modern technology as it were! 

Having 4 really good days at work although Thursday turned into one of epic length, I did achieve what I set out to do. 

Hubby getting a 'well done' from the Doctor, he is almost 2 stone lighter than 10 weeks ago, is in a healthy BMI and getting blood pressure readings regarded as normal - can't say finer than that now can you!

Friday arriving and making plans for the weekend, after our 6am walk I've set too and cleaned the house from top to bottom so now I can head out for a few hours before hubby and said 15 year old are home. 

I hope your week has been positive, if you fancy joining in pop a blog post together, pop back, link up and we shall come and visit! 

Thursday, 17 March 2016


Morning all well it is somewhat cold out there and it looks like I'll have to scrape the car windscreen but it's also bright and I was treated to an amazing sunrise this morning. 

I've got three more layouts to show you this morning, the first one named Chapel was taken in the Chapel at Conwy Castle, the stained glass was beautiful 

Next up a photo documenting our evening at Chatsworth for bonfire night last year, it was the night as said 15 year old flew back from his expedition to Lesotho and I was so giddy to see him.  The fire garden was amazing to walk around and provided some warmth on a very cold October night.

And last but not least, I mentioned yesterday that I sometimes get a photo of the empty stage before a theatre performance, well this was the photo.  Pocket Shakespeare provided by the amazing Propeller company covered the Merchant of Venice, never afraid to actually push boundaries, we didn't know what to expect, but it was an amazing show with a Q&A session afterwards.

It is one of the saddest things to see that they only perform Pocket performances now, their Arts Council funding was cut completely if I understand correctly and they simply couldn't sustain the shows they had at the theatres - such a shame because they were utterly mesmerising to see live! 

So for now I'll take a little bit of Pocket theatre if that is all that is on offer! 

However, to add insult to injury and I'll whinge about this now because I won't want to include it in my post tomorrow, I'm highly disappointed to note that the long 6 week run at the local theatre that has been for the last few years a Shakespeare play this year will be Lady Chatterley's Lover - sigh - one to miss! 

Hope you are having a fabulous Thursday I will see you tomorrow for my Rocking Your World post. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Good morning one and all, how the devil are you on this rather grey and murky looking Wednesday morning, Wednesday?  Did I really just say that - I mean what is actually happening with these crazy weeks at the moment - it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! 

Anyway I digress.  Photo of hubby and said 15 year old last Autumn when we went to the theatre, the downside of theatre (and come to that cinema) trips is that there really aren't many photo opportunities, I sometimes get an empty stage photo (before or after performance) to scrapbook where we've been and what we've seen, but thought on this occasion it was worth actually capturing my two men! 

I'm loving the muted tones of the paper, and the pop of red in the title, a little hand journalling, free hand sewing and some washi tape and we are done! 

Next up a photo from Bodnant Gardens when we visited last summer, a beautiful place at that time of year.

The layout is a second one based on a sketch by Scrapthology - here is the link if you fancy using it yourself 

And this one is actually mini owner's sketch from February link below

I'm not great with 'precise' measurements if I'm honest, but I think I just about got away with this one! 

Photo taken at the very top of the Great Orme last summer

Hope you are having a happy scrapping day! 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Morning all, another 3 layouts from me, this first one is me and said 15 year old sat in the great hall at Hogwarts!!!!! 

More papers using a CSI colour scheme, handstitching, punched hearts.

And us at the doors to the Great Hall, lucky sums it up!  A really fabulous day that we all loved!

And the last one, I had to document this photo - the only 'thing' that said 15 year old was happy to 'try on' when it came to buying for his expedition to Lesotho! 

His sleeping bag! 

And yes I know he looks like the caterpillar out of Alice in Wonderland! 

Monday, 14 March 2016


Morning all, 3 more layouts this morning the first documents us seeing the Lord Chamberlain's Men at Chatsworth, a touring Shakespeare company with an all male cast.  I can thoroughly recommend if they come to a venue near you and the play goes ahead regardless of the weather! 

Thankfully we had a lovely evening, although the blankets were needed once the sun had dropped down.  We are hoping that they are touring again this summer, so we can go and watch them. 

Next up a group shop from the colour challenge said 15 year old did last year. 

And one of hubby after a night at the theatre, I had no idea Barnsley was so pretty at night.  

I used lots of hand punched curls on the plain right hand element to create the look and was really pleased with it once done! 

Hope you've had a grand weekend and ready to start a brand new week. 

Saturday, 12 March 2016


Good Afternoon 

I want to say a mahoosive thank you to Annette AKA Voodoo Vixen, who having seen a recent post of mine including some of the South Africa/Lesotho layouts I was creating following said 15 year old's expedition last Autumn offered to me a selection of papers and embellishments from her time living in South Africa.

I was overwhelmed at her generosity and took her up on the offer and received a beautiful bundle of papers and loads of embellishments to create more layouts. 

I blended the selection of papers with a selection from my stash, matching in the colours, so I could use the papers to their best. 

This is what I've created from them, I've highlighted the elements used from the goodies Annette sent in italics, so you can see how much I've used and how generous Annette was! 

From safari photos

Annette sent me the beautiful watercolour type paper of the typical landscape in South Africa, together with the rub on I used on the photo

Apologies for the pixelated piccies, I've left said 15 year old in the photos but where I don't have permission from parents or individuals I've pixelated them.  I hope you appreciate why, there are a few taken at a distance where I've left them as they are.  

To Cape Point 

Annette sent me the fabulous border and the 'adventure' statement

Top of Table mountain

Annette sent me the paper with the vibrant border and the hand made papers under the photo as well as the South Africa stickers. 

Nelson Mandela's cell on Robben Island

On this one I used some of the edges Annette had sent and the excursion sticker

The route they took over the 20 day expedition

I got to use the fab geometric border and the gorgeous embellishment in the shape of Africa as well as the travel sticker. 

Their last day there and a meal out

This is one of my favourite, I used sticker strips in zebra and giraffe design, together with the zebra paper and the hand made paper tag and the metal elephant on the tag. 

As he set off 

On this one I used the hand made papers, Road Trip sticker and the other two elephant metal embellishments.

This layout uses a fabulous sketch from Scrapthology link below

The big five of which I document two

I was desperate to use the fabulous paper using the big five animals in South Africa, thankfully I still had loads of safari photos to scrapbook.  I also included the zebra tape and the sightseeing sticker

Trees planted whilst in Lesotho.  

On this one I've included two cards I made measuring 3.75" x 2.75" that include a tribal sticker and some of the porcupine quills that Annette sent me.

the hike to the Bushman paintings

Another favourite, using the tribal papers Annette sent and the dangling embellishment.  I don't think she realised that said 15 year old had travelled to see the Bushman paintings from my previous post - talk about ideal papers Annette! 

And another of the Bushman paintings photos, with the paper Annette sent with the Bushman style paper together with sticker strips of Bushman style images. 

Relaxing with friends

This one uses the tribal paper, stickers, a tribal border, fabulous turtle like sticker

Said 15 year old holding a baby crocodile.  

This one uses a rub on, sticker and a strip of paper together with some cut down papers and the gorgeous orange paper too. 

A meerkat at the crocodile zoo (meaning I got to use the crocodile paper that Annette sent me)

Meerkat paper from Annette, rub on and off cuts from previous papers I've used. 

Close ups of the crocodiles

Those hand made papers and 'discover' sticker

A beautiful sunset 

Tiger like sticker strips looked great with the handmade paper and sunset photos

More safari photos, allowing me to use both the zebra and grass paper and the porcupine quills as a border at the bottom. 

The border came from paper from Annette, giraffe sticker strips and attaching a feather to one of the handmade tags! 

I've had an absolute ball using up the elements Annette sent me, so much fun and I've still a few items left which I'm hoping to use on some final pages I've still got to do.