Friday, 11 March 2016


Good morning lovely people, tis Friday which means only one thing in this household

It is that time of week, to take stock look back and find those positives/silver linings/ moments that have lifted up the day! 

So I'll start off with my crazy family, we went over to see my Mum on Sunday and have a catch up with it being Mother's day, when we arrived home we received a selection of photos from her and my sister that literally made me laugh out loud - I love these two crazy ladies! 

Completely mad the two of them!

Me and hubby managed a lovely walk around Worsbrough Dam again on Saturday despite the fact we were dodging puddles again - sigh! 

The sky was blue and the water was so gorgeous and sparkly

We've also managed our 6am walk every day this week since Monday and we've had a variety of weather, from torrential rain (and yes before you ask we still went) to the most amazing sunrise skies and everything in between. 

I managed to capture the following two on my phone and they still didn't do that beautiful sky justice!

My other positive this week has been my fit bit, we've had these probably about a month or so up to now.  The novelty of them wore off fairly quickly initially when we realised how sedentary our lives were (blame an office based desk and a love of crafting for that).  However we've tried to reinvigorate the weight loss a little over the last week, so we've started trying to achieve the 10,000 steps, it didn't take long for me to get obsessed with getting the lines all green, meaning I've met the step, mile, calories, floors and active minutes that the fitbit challenges you to achieve daily!  

I'm hoping the scales will show a loss when we get weighed in on Sunday - I really could do with seeing those scales moving downwards again!

We've also had some fabulous meals this week, I won't bore you with all the photos, but last night's tea was beautiful, beef patties with bulgar wheat and courgette salad.  Really flavoursome! 

All in all it has been a good week, I haven't managed as much crafting as I would like and there have been a few blips and bumps along the way but overall it has been a good week. 

This weekend we have a taster course to go to on Sunday morning which I'm looking forward to and some textile art with said 15 year old as well as the penultimate weekend of 6 Nations Rugby - so a fun weekend coming up.

Before I sign off and provide Mr Linky, a few of you asked to see my scrapbooks in situ as it were last week, so here they are in all their finery!  

As you can see I have three shelves of them now, but you will also notice there are a few of them that look rather 'large'.  I also have to confess that I have a large number of layouts awaiting albums so I will be infiltrating the shelf above very soon! 

As can be seen here (excuse the tatty photo album on top). 

That particular album holds 68 layouts - like I said - frugal when it comes to albums, they are simply a way of looking at the layouts and don't involve any crafting, therefore I don't get any 'fun' out of them. 

All my albums are in chronological order, so whilst a D ring album would probably suit them better I don't like the additional size that it creates if you know what I mean. 

So how on earth do I get that many layouts in an album - the easy answer is kitchen bolts. 

You can buy these from DIY stores that do kitchens basically they are the bolts that join two units together, you can get a set of them for about £4 (or they were the last time we bought them) and you get 10 sets in a pack.  These are what I use instead of the scrapbook bolts.  I have to be mindful because the albums do get heavy as it were.  I then buy extra plastic sleeves to insert. 

So there you go my lovely people 

I hope you've had a beautiful and blessed week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit. 


  1. You certainly have a few albums there Virginia.
    Love the fun photos of your Mum & Sister.
    Toni xx

  2. Great post today. IThe photos with the masks made me smile alright! What fun!
    Good for you that you continue to do your morning walks. I would hate to get up that early. I admire you. The dawn photos are gorgeous though. Probably worth getting up for.
    My sister has a fitbit. I just have a pedometer and enter my steps every day in a website called ´walking4fun and there I virtually walk a particular trail. You can connect your fitbit to it as well. It´s fun.
    You certainly have a good weekend to look forward to. Have a wonderful time,

  3. lovely to see all your albums - what a fabulous keepsake you've created! love the sunrise - I can only imagine how much better in real life it would have been! Your mum and your sister are indeed completely nuts - love them!!

  4. What a fun post. Your mum and sister are a great pair. I do admire you for your morning walks, but the sunrises make it worth while. Well done too on the fitbit positives.
    You are right about the D-ring binders needing a lot of space. I used one for my project life album and it is huge. But I do like my layouts to be in a 'nice book' that I can have out on display sometimes, so I tend to look out for albums in sales etc, and make them thicker with extension posts as needed.
    Have a good week, and keep on walking. Kate x