Friday, 18 March 2016


Good morning lovely people, tis Friday which means it's time for 

Apologies for the delay in posting this morning, I've been a little busy but without further ado, here are the positives, the silver linings and the things that made my world a better place this week!

Seeing these amazing tulips at my Mum's house, I haven't seen any before that have opened up so fully and created such an amazing display - aren't they gorgeous! 

Then our morning walk, now normally this is what we do at 6am and at the moment that varies between sunrise and semi darkness depending on clouds, but last weekend, we did the walk but during the day time.  

We go past this little stream each day (in fact said 15 year old walks this way on his way back from the school bus) and depending on the rain fall it can go from barely a trickle to almost not being able to see the fall of the water and it makes an awesome noise! 

Lovely food, sometimes you have to think outside of the box and we've been doing that over the last few weeks, this was lunch last weekend, curried chicken and mango salad, it was lovely! 

Crafting and watching rugby - multi tasking my style! 

The Six Nations created a few more amazing matches last weekend that we enjoyed watching! 

Picking up this book last Friday to get a selection of new recipes, I'm still in reading mode and haven't tried anything yet but it looks like there is plenty to go at as it were! 

Sunday saw us all taking part in a Powertex taster workshop, we had a brilliant time creating whilst we were there.  Steph was awesome and really helped talk about what we could do going forward and helping give said 15 year old a few ideas with regards to his current piece of art textile.

And here are the finished pieces again at home

Mine on the left, hubbies in the middle and said 15 year old's on the right hand side. 

He also had a play with collage last weekend for his course book and created this in the style of Travis Bedel. 

The beginning of the working week arrived far too quickly but we were treated to a glorious sunrise on one of the days. 

Then a selfie of my Mum and my niece when they went for a wander to the nearest shopping centre!

The rest of the week has included, a lovely catch up on messenger with my Aunty Bernie, it has been lovely to chat recently - the joys of modern technology as it were! 

Having 4 really good days at work although Thursday turned into one of epic length, I did achieve what I set out to do. 

Hubby getting a 'well done' from the Doctor, he is almost 2 stone lighter than 10 weeks ago, is in a healthy BMI and getting blood pressure readings regarded as normal - can't say finer than that now can you!

Friday arriving and making plans for the weekend, after our 6am walk I've set too and cleaned the house from top to bottom so now I can head out for a few hours before hubby and said 15 year old are home. 

I hope your week has been positive, if you fancy joining in pop a blog post together, pop back, link up and we shall come and visit! 


  1. Sounds like a super week Virginia.
    There is a craft unit at Barleylands that has had Powertex workshops - the pieces have looked fabulous. I'm hoping to attend one of the starter workshops later in the year.
    Toni xx

  2. Those powertex figures look great. Happy friday jx

  3. What a brilliant week!

    You all packed so much in :)

    Well done on your husbands weight loss... still being impressed with your 6am walks. I've still got 1,400 steps to do today.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend

    Karen x

  4. what a week - love the tulips - but the powertex really caught my eye - bought some from the SECC in Glasgow but have yet to use it... am going on a workshop at the end of May so need a practice before then! You all 3 did brilliantly.

  5. A great post as usual. Congratulations for your hubby on his weight loss. Your chicken salad looks delish. I am loving my Spioralizer. We had cod on a bed of spiralized butternut squash individually cooked in foil in the oven. Very nice.
    I'm impressed with your 6 am walks! Do you get to 10,000 steps in a day?
    The powertex workshop must have been fab. The results are stunning!
    Yes, the tulips are awesome. They will open so far when the room is warm. I love tulips. (well, I would being Dutch)
    Have a good week and thanks for visiting,

  6. I have not heard of Powertex but it looks fun. All your pieces are really good.
    The tulips are gorgeous. I love the ones that open up like this.
    Well done to your hubby on his weight loss. The walking is obviously paying off. And the sensible eating too of course.
    Your son is doing well with his art course. He is lucky to be in a home where he sees lots of materials and equipment being used in an artistic way. But he must have a natural talent too.
    I hope next week is just as positive. Kate x