Friday, 31 July 2015


Morning all tis Friday - step back, glance back and take stock it's time for

Well last weekend saw us with a weekend away fulfilling a birthday promise that is nearly 3 year's old.  For my 40th (nearly 3 years ago), did I say I wanted to do the Harry Potter exhibition just outside London.  Now for anyone that knows me you'll know that we don't do 'south' furthest south we've ventured in all the time me and hubby have been together (25 years) is Stratford-upon-Avon, so this was a biggie for us.  Anyway, we planned and booked both day and hotel room (for 2 nights), earlier in the year.

We stayed in a fab little Premier Inn only 2 miles from Harry Potter, the room was fresh and clean and comfortable, fab breakfast, helpful staff etc.  All was good, the journey down was a bit scary (I don't like motorways particularly when they end up with that many lanes, I didn't like the fact we joined the M25 queue when we needed the M1 bit etc, but once off it we could relax).

Here we are travelling down, you'll note said 14 year old in the back, watching TV, pillow, blanket etc, not struggling particularly.

And this was the aforementioned room!

Saturday arrived and it was a lovely day, we arrived well within time (timed entry was 10.30 - we were in there fore 9.30am).

Some fellow visitors were kind enough to take this photo for us!

And we were off, apparently the record is 13 hours in there, we managed 10 hours which I don't think is bad going, we definitely got our monies worth!

This was a photo taken far too close for my liking which showed my sparkly excited eyes according to hubby!

I think the main part of the tour that blew me away was the level of detail that they went to.  We enjoyed learning the little details, for instance Voldemort's outfit is dark green and gets

paler the more horcruxes are destroyed!

The fact they wrote a comic to be included in the Gryffindor Common Room about Martin Miggs the Mad Muggle (how much does this remind you of all Beano comics!)

To discover the deluminator is made of Malachite and those of you that know me will know why I'm impressed with that!

That the props department spent a year creating the Vanishing Wardrobe!

And my utter favourite, the fact they wrote an owl exam and made it this mad!

We loved loved loved it, if you haven't been and are a fan of either the books or the film it really is an absolute delight.  You have to book in advance as there are no tickets available on the day, but it really is well worth it.

I hope we get chance to go again in the future, I'm sure there are lots we didn't see, despite the 10 hours spent in there.

Next up said 14 year old and embracing the holiday checklist, there is always a worry that the six weeks will disappear in the blink of an eye, with all good intentions seemingly lost into the mists of time.  However, this holiday I've been determined to do things a little different.  So as he broke up from school I set a daily checklist to ensure that he gets a bit of variety.  It includes a few items that would get left by the wayside given half a chance but he's happily tucked into it on the days we are at work and made some good headway on quite a few areas, there is nothing nicer than coming home to a tidy dining room and TV room and kitchen particularly when you know what it looked like when you left it!

Having an old school friend over on Thursday enjoying each others company, playing on Xbox, watching TV etc, he's had a great day!

So there we go, blink and it's Friday again, I hope your week has been full of positive moments, if you fancy joining in then pop back and link up and we shall come and visit.

Friday, 24 July 2015


Yes we have officially reached the 30th Friday of 2015, the year has fair raced along at a good old pace up to now.  But it's time to reflect on the week, take a step back and find those silver linings

First up, it was my niece's 16th birthday and we spent the day at Mablethorpe, hiring a beach hut and enjoying good company, a close friend of hers came along as well and it was lovely to spent time with everyone! 

Here she is fighting with balloons

We even ventured into the sea, well the kids did, I just stood squealing as I don't like sand - no really I don't, can't even touch sandpaper!

Would have been a perfect picture if it hadn't been photobombed by the bloke - hey ho! 

A bit of cloud watching - found a mouse! 

Fish and chips for lunch, deck chairs, beach huts, seaside!

An obligatory water fight

A ride in a peddle boat

And some crazy golf, although I was reliable informed that it should have had windmills

And finally a go on the dodgems 

It was fab to see them enjoying it so much! 

There was even a cake, courtesy of my Mum!

Other positives, are hubby sorting tea out when I get home late, some lovely meals made from scratch.

Said 14 year old embracing the holiday checklist and getting on with the tasks in hand.  Most impressed with him.

Then thursday having a day off and spending time with him, he missed his last art textile lesson before he broke up from school due to illness.  So he brought home his art doll to complete at home and here he is making a start on the same, he spent all afternoon, pinning, stitching and filling the same

Until it was completed, combining loads of different techniques

And this is the back - I love the hair 

It has woven mocasin type boots

Fabric painted arms

Batik printed body

Needle felted eyes and lips

Additional couching on the face

We spent a lovely afternoon together, chatting and creating and he is really pleased to have finished it and with the finished item itself!

I've also enjoyed myself this week, making mini books using the Minnie Mouse Do-crafts papers that I picked up, a friend at work asked if I could make a book for her which is a gift for a relative and when she mentioned she loves Minnie Mouse it was what can only be called a win win for me, because up until then I hadn't had an excuse to buy any of the range, I really enjoyed creating with these bright and vibrant papers!

And that my lovely people is the week in a snap shop, I hope you've had a great week, with lots of silver linings, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back, link up and we shall come and visit!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Morning all, tis Wednesday so what's on the desk this morning mmmmm

Well I'm back scrapping again, I wouldn't say that I've moved firmly off the starting blocks, but I am at least putting pictures, titles and paper to good use at the moment.

The pile nearest to you I did a while ago, using gelli printed backgrounds

The one in the middle is last night's creation

And the far side documents the stack of photos, mini books, mail art etc that I have going on at the moment, hope you are managing some creativity


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

CKCB - LAYOUTS 2, 3, 4 AND 5

Hello lovely people, hope your days are filled with fun and not too much work, I'm off to mine in a minute but thought I'd have a go at starting to empty the blog folder again so I can get the scrapbooking bug and make a million and one new layouts these are all from this month's counterfeit kit

First up a view at Center Parcs earlier in the year,

Then a 'selfie' taken at Harewood, isn't it great when you fathom out how the self timer works!

Then the small version inside Harewood of the large statue outside Harewood, love this photo! I added some stencilling and stitching to this one.

And finally said 14 year old finding a nice place to sit and enjoy a tray of chips!  I quite enjoyed using the flowers on this haven't flowers to a layout in forever!

Hope you are having fun with your kit this month!   Tatty bye for now

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Well it has taken me all week to finish this if I'm honest.  I had a choice of two sea creatures that I'd pencilled in


And puffer fish

and as I couldn't decide which one I did both - all individual, great fun as usual! Can't believe we are at the end of this year's summer of colour challenge.  I've had an absolute ball

And here they all are finished and stacked up.

I want to thank Kristin for a fabulous challenge as always, just the right length, and providing a great springboard to creativity!

I will be using these as mail art, abandoned art and birthday card toppers.  My Mum asked me yesterday - is that the art you throw away - no Mum that's the art I abandon!

Until next year everyone!