Friday, 22 May 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 21st of 2020

Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

So another week of lock down, we have been a little sporadic with our walks, but when we have manage to go after a long work day it has been most welcome. 

I was mini book making last week but didn't get chance to share, these have been made with minimal paper and all the scraps from the bigger books that I've been making, they measure around 5 inches by 5 inches and were great fun to make, I'm grateful I have a time consuming hobby that provides a product at the end of it

The embellishment on the last one came from a pack of embellishments I picked up in Aldi recently, it was nice to find some scrapbook things whilst doing our weekly shop.

For Mother's day said 19 year old and his GF bought me a basket of plants, whilst they looked lovely they are always impractical for watering and as one was definitely looking grim I decided to repot them to give them at least a small chance of survival (I'm not known for my green fingers when it comes to house plants), unfortunately I was lacking on the plant pot front but had saved some yogurt pots, so hubby drilled some holes in them and here they are with my peace lilies, I'm hoping they flourish, but time (and watering regularly) will tell. 

Last Friday my Mum had ordered a skip (whilst the recycling centres have reopened they are limiting what you can get rid of) and I had volunteered us going and getting rid of the stuff for her, we were in an outdoor space so when I got there I asked her to identify what needed to go and she left us to it, within a couple of hours the items were loaded up, the skip was full and she was much happier.  

Said 19 year old then went on Monday and spent time clearing a piece of land and putting together and positioning her new greenhouse, it isn't massive and is fairly lightweight but it gives her a focus outside that she hasn't had in a while and she was mighty giddy to get it put up.  It came complete with internal racking so she is most giddy and we managed to get her some seeds both flowers and vegetables.  Said 19 year old also got some compost picked up and when we were on our walk recently we spotted a sign at a house saying 'free tomato plants' so hubby went and knocked and the lovely lady gave him 4 plants.  If there is anything to be said about lockdown it is the community spirit that has become so apparent recently. 

So some of you will remember that a few weeks ago we had a VE day social distancing picnic on the  close we live on, a few of us took a few photos that day and I had some of them printed, I decided to create mini book for each of the neighbours including one for a neighbour's Mum and Dad who were there that day.  I knew the papers I wanted to use but knew my stocks were greatly depleted (Papermania's Portabello Road), I went browsing places like Ebay and whilst I found some to buy most were part packs.  I was chatting to my Mum about it on the phone and she said "I've got some of those, I'll find them out for you, it makes a change for me to be able to provide you with scrapbooking supplies rather than the other way around" and so she provided me (at a distance of course) with a bag that not only contained the majority of a 12 x 12 pack but giddy as you can get a pack of 6 x 6 too, which was the size of the mini book - happy days!

So last weekend was spent creating 9 of these little beauties, I literally spent all day on them on Saturday (which in hindsight felt a bit much)

A view from the top you can see they are all made up of various pages of differing size

I had to use a few additional papers from my own stack to finish them off but I was pleased with them overall. 

Once completed I wrapped them in brown paper and string (like parcels from the second world war and hubby delivered them.

The ladies sent messages of thanks and it was lovely to find that they all liked them it was definitely worth all the effort. 

The rest of the week has been mighty busy work wise, three out of the four days spent working and one at work itself which is as busy as ever.

Next grateful has been the lovely weather and whilst we've been busy inside working we have still managed to enjoy the early evening sunshine and blue skies.  I took this on our walk yesterday, I love the palm plant flowering. 

I hope you've had a grand week too, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 15 May 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 20th of 2020

Morning lovely people tis Friday and time for 

So what fun and mischief have I been up to this week on lock down number - actually what week is this?  Absolutely no idea and despite Boris starting to lift restrictions - I will be absolutely brutally honest, I haven't changed a thing, the only thing I might do (and it is a might rather than a will), is drive to the nearby ancient bluebell woods to enjoy the spectacular beauty of this flower, but like I say it is still a might. 

In all honesty with the number of people now moving around and the signs of people starting to congregate again I'm guessing the second wave will be just around the corner, but then that isn't a positive thought, so let us ignore what I just said and find a few silver linings as there are bound to be some. 

So first up is NT live, we watched both versions of this awesome play the other week

We also watched the Lord Chamberlains Men performing The Tempest, we've seen this particular one performed at Chatsworth a couple of years ago and as in Shakespeares time this is an all male cast (regardless of the parts)

Last Friday saw us celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day, said 19 year old's gf had managed to get some bunting for us, albeit that it wasn't particularly patriotic (pink flamingoes anyone), so I set to with scrapbook papers and hubby to create the one that we put upstairs and then as a quick fix we coloured in using felt tip pens on the one downstairs.  A neighbour popped the 'spare' balloons through the letterbox. 

We had a fabulous time sharing a social distancing, on the front of the house picnic with the neighbours off the close, it was lovely to see people and have a chat, albeit that it was done safely from a distance. 

Further up the road Clive had been brave and climbed up a lamppost to put the bunting across the road

I made more mini books (actually I've made more since these but I haven't photographed them), this is number 21 and 22 of lockdown

In fact the blue one above went down a storm on my facebook page and I had a friend ask if she could buy it for an anniversary present for friends, so we did a social distancing hand over (I left it hung on my door handle and she popped the money through the letterbox which I promptly washed as it is now plastic notes that we have in the UK - win win).

I also made this very bright mini book, although I've no idea who the hell would use it, it was fun to make though. 

These mini books are particularly deceptive in size because they were about 8" x 8", the downside to a mini book this size is that there was lots of leftovers pieces at the end, thankfully however, I've found a way of using those pieces up this week with smaller mini books - so win win!

VE Day saw hubby baking again as he made some lemon and blueberry scones with a lemon drizzle topping, which we enjoyed as a cream tea at our VE day picnic, the other loaf was a banana cake using up some left over bananas as I hate food waste, both went down a treat albeit not great on the old waist line. 

The rest of the week has been lots and lots of work, I've not physically been into the office as I work on funding bid after funding bid as things are looking particularly difficult in these coming months, but I've ploughed on and remain positive and optimistic.

I've kept up with a chat with my Mum everyday (twice a day on most days) using Facetime, it is keeping both of us sane and other family members pop in when they can, which is lovely. 

We've both taken today off, my Mum has ordered a skip so we are going to go and fill it with all the things she's left outside for us, she is determined to get this green house up that she bought the other week, but needs all the debris she's got to be gone, so a skip it is. 

And that my lovely people was the week that was, I hope yours has been grand if you fancy popping a post together, pop back link up and we can come and visit. 

Hugs to you all and stay safe 

Friday, 8 May 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 19th of 2020

Good morning lovely people I hope I find you well and that you are all managing to stay safe it is time for 

So first up is my Shakespeare fix continues on thanks to the likes of NT Live with their rendition of Twelfth Night, which was superb

I set too on Friday last week painting said 19 year old's art room.  When we moved things around in there to prepare it ready for uni, we never actually got chance to paint it, so I set too last week whilst hubby was working, as we still had paint under the stairs that we hadn't used. 

Thankfully it was a relatively easy room to do and despite the fact I was doing it on my own I made great headway.  Hubby gave me an hour at the end of the day to finish it off and then we put everything back in with the exception of the blinds and curtains as we were waiting on the gloss drying on the windowcill and it looks so much better. 

This meant that at the weekend we were able to kick back and just enjoy the day.  Saturday other than washing (and put the aforementioned blind and curtains back up) we spent the day reading on the deck and enjoyiing each others company with lots of book reading - utter bliss. 

We made a banquet for food for Saturday night as we hadn't had lunch, it was really tasty with lots of different flavours, I even made the houmous which is something I've not done for a while. 

We enjoyed walks out, just our usual circuit but I find it good for the brain.  This photo was taken at the top of the playing field that we walk around. 

Near the end of the walk as we head back into the estate that we live on we passed a huge swathe of hawthorn in full flower, it always reminds me of my childhood as the hedge we had in the house I great up in was hawthorn, so the scent of the same always reminds me of my childhood. 

The rest of the week has been lots of work and not a lot of crafting if I'm honest.  I did manage two mini books at the beginning of the week, but have failed the rest of the week if I'm honest because I've been writing funding bids after funding bids and by the time you get to the end of the funding bid there isn't a lot of brain power at the moment. 

I did have one day in the office and saw a few of my work colleagues (abiding by social distancing rules, obviously) this meant I managed to catch up on essential paperwork in the office. 

So overall a positive week with the new normal become well normal.  I hope you've had a grand week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link and we can come and visit. 

Friday, 1 May 2020

Rocking Your World Friday - 18th of 2020

Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

Well I think this is week 5 of lock down and ours is due to be reviewed next Thursday, the weeks are still tripping along at a merry old pace irrelevant of the lock down if I'm honest and routine gains ground. 

I took a day's TOIL last Thursday as our boss is insisting that we make sure we run our TOIL down so there is much less at the end of lock down (the last thing she needs is for us to have lots to use after this). 

So I decided to paint out bedroom (on my own as hubby was working), I know crazy right, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  I moved furniture (I didn't I slid furniture but hey it worked), all day back and forth, covering, uncovering and recovering bits of furniture as I made my way around, the biggest issue I had was the gothic handpainted border near the top of the room which was an absolute pain to obliterate, hubby popped in mid morning and said I was doing an awesome job, until I pointed out the gothic arches had had 5 coats of paint and were still as plain to see on the walls. 

Thankfully he finished at 3.30pm, got changed and gave me a hand as I hadn't managed to do the centre of the ceiling and he helped me put another coat on those arches. 

We then sensibly made tea and when we came back the paint had dried considerably and the arches were almost gone, there were just a few areas where it needed repainting. 

Friday was spent doing the minimum glossing and repenning the quote above our bed and we received the new duvet set that I'd ordered, so I swapped the bedding over, it is such a happy cover, I've also ordered it in a different colour way but that hasn't arrived yet, I'm hoping it doesn't fade too much in the wash. 

It definitely has a Morroccan influence, it makes a lovely change from our usual dark covers. 

I'm really pleased now the room is done, the only issue now, is I'm looking around the rest of the house thinking - that needs painting - you can imagine the rolling of eyes that are occurring with hubby at the moment can't you. 

Anyway I've got my sights set on said 19 year old's art room next as I've paint left and he isn't at home currently, but hubby is insisting I have fun on Thursday (when I'm typing this) and set to on the room on Friday as he can finish early and give me a hand and for once I've agreed.

We've been enjoying some fabulous theatre recently, Saturday we watched the Handebards Macbeth which was great although the noise from the traffic in the background when it was filmed a few years ago was a little frustrating at times

And Sunday night we treated ourselves again with some Shakespeare when we watched NT Lives Twelfth Night, which was brilliant, we are looking forward to Frankenstein this week with Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller, apparently they both played the key roles and NT Live are going to swap the recording over mid-week so you can enjoy both, my sister has seen it twice but both times was the same, so is looking forward to seeing the one she never managed. 

Evenings are still being spent being creative, at this rate I'm going to have to open an Etsy shop as I've had to stack them up now as they keep sliding around on my desk. 

First up is a Minnie Mouse book, I was struggling for something for the front page and then realised I could cut down the giant Minnie on the 12 x 12 paper as an image for the front, I added glossy accents to the black pupils and nose and some red glitter stickles glue to the centre of the bow

The book was created with the same principles as the ones I've been done recently, so they fold out from their concertina

You can see from the top that each page is actually a pocket with a pull out tag. 

I had three sets of these square covers to use, so I did another one using an 8 x 8 pack I have

and another that I've added beads to the front, I ended up handpainting the main rose on the front in situ, as it originally had a cream tone which clashed with the papers. 

I am really pleased with all three.  This week I've been working on a frame book and generating the inside myself, the downside being that it has taken a huge amount of paper to actually cover it, far more than these other books, but it is coming together now so hopefully I will get it finished today. 

As those who read this will know my sister who is a nurse is currently working on a Covid positive ward, she came home on Monday morning with a cold, which then turned into a fever and aches and pains, so she went for a test, which came back negative, however, she has had a few colleagues with negative tests who then two days later tested positive.  If she is no better Thursday she may well go for a second test, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 

Apart from that there have been other positives 

11am coffee time with hubby has been lovely 
I've been a twit with food at night this week, I think others bad habits are rubbing off on me, so I need to sort that out but I have enjoyed having a bit (a lot) of chocolate. 
Me and hubby re-establishing our daily walk - it wobbled when we changed family face time but it is now back where it belongs. 
Good weather at the weekend, meaning we could kick back and enjoy and create. 
Getting house jobs done. 

And that my lovely people is it for this week, I hope you've had a grand week and have managed to stay safe.  If you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up and we can come and visit.