Friday, 27 September 2013


Good morning, evening, afternoon (delete which ever isn't applicable)  Tis Friday which means only one thing, lets take a look at the last 7 days.

Oh it's been a funny old week overall, firstly can I say a big thank you to everyone sending us wishes from last weeks post, today we will be attending the funeral which will be hard, so focusing on the positives seems all the more crucial this week.

I thought I'd share a photo of one of my birthday gifts that I mentioned the other week that hubby got me, a bottle of Felix Felicis - luck in Harry Potter land, hope it works!  It comes with a glass dome that sits over it, I love it, it matches my time turner that he bought me a few years ago!

Then another grateful are birthday flowers that just seem to last and last, still doing really well despite being 15 days old!  Good grief 15 days really?
Then there's books from friends, Carmen has finished reading this one so sent it my way - thank you sweetie!
Then belated birthday gifts, received this little haul from my Mum, haven't played with it yet but looking forward to getting this mojo back!
She didn't provide me with the dvd thingy at the top or the bike lock from center parcs!
 Love these 12 x 12 masks!
 And that hexagon die I've been after forever!
 I love these punches, really robust!
And then there's the missing gift from hubby - apparently this came from America - via Amazon in the UK - no idea if I'm honest but it did arrive in one piece! (Excuse the desk, I might not be crafting at the mo, but the state of my desk would indicate otherwise).
Days out at Chatsworth, this year's Beyond Limits was fabulous I loved this one, so mad!
 This one was odd
 As was this one
 Me my sister and said 13 year old
 Me and said 13 year old enjoying the barmy weather we had on Sunday
 this was one of our favourites it was called The Lens for obvious reasons!
 I loved the giant chained book
 And this reminded me of a crazy paper mache in giant format
 The setting for the sculptures really is gorgeous
 Up close, this huge aluminium piece was amazing
 As was the Jaume Plensa head, I love his work
Giant feet inside the house, Chatsworth is fabulous as they let you take photos inside provided there's no flash, which is different to lots of other places we've been to that doesn't allow photos at all!
And finally weight watchers, had a fabulous meeting last thursday with my fantastic Weight Watcher leader, Dawn, she is an utter inspiration herself and gave a very moving and heartfelt meeting last week about her own weight dilemmas over the years!  And before you ask yes I put on a pound but that's what birthday desserts will do for you, however I've been very focused this week and had zero point soups and stewed fruit for dessert, so fingers and toes crossed for a weight loss this week!
Dawn is also a fabulous inspiration for women everywhere and has been taking part in TV and magazine and radio interviews over the last week as one of the BRCA babes she was diagnosed as having the BRCA gene and is helping raise awareness and profile of a charity having posed for a 'Calendar Girls' style calendar, all the ladies in the calendar elected for double mastectomies having found out they have the faulty gene.  The money raised from the calendar goes to the 24 hour helpline which relies on donations to fund it.  The ladies really are an inspiration and are breaking down the stigma around what having the faulty gene means and the reconstructive surgery done thereafter - they all look amazing if you want to buy a calendar - head here and you'll see how amazing they all are!

Right people I think that will be your lot for this week, it's been a mixed one, but it's such a joy to look back on a week and note the silver linings.

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Sunday, 22 September 2013


Good Morning, a big thank you to everyone for their kind thoughts over the loss we've had this week, your words mean the world to us.

As the sky is blue and beautiful we've decided to toddle off to the Beyond Limits exhibition at Chatsworth today, fresh air, blue skies, Chatsworth and family - don't think you can get better than that.  So as I'm feeling upbeat and positive I thought I'd throw a quick post together, hoping it might inspire some more creativity later.

First up said 13 year old in the recently produced stone circle.  Now this looks like he doesn't appreciate such things, but he loves as he puts it 'real ones' those that have been around a millennium but he's not so keen on the one we found on holiday that had been created by the family of the farm land we were in and put in one of their fields, particularly as it was something of a hike to get there!

Next up a double page layout, of said 13 year old and hubby - now explain to me which is the bigger child!
 Up close said 13 year old
 And hubby with said 13 year old looking on!
Right off to cajole 13 year old to have breakfast so we can get set off!  Hope you are having a great Sunday!

Friday, 20 September 2013


Good morning, good evening and good afternoon - tis Friday which means only one thing it's

Crikey it's been one of those weeks, you know the ones blink and you miss them, I'm not sure how I've managed to arrive at thursday evening so quickly if I'm honest!

So without further ado - what has been making life that little bit better this week

  1. Lovely birthday gifts last Friday, hubby went to town, the WW girls went to town, I got a phone call from my Mum my sister bought me a gorgeous snood scarf which I've worn all week - all was good with the world. 
  2. Said 12 year old is now officially said 13 year old - gulp - we have a teenager on our hands - how did that happen.  He had a fabulous birthday enjoying himself at Center Parcs, we went playing badminton and table tennis (I played deep field in the table tennis doubles given his slightly too over excited way of playing!)  
  3. Lovely meal out Saturday night - just too many weight watcher points which the scales reminded me of this evening sob, but starting afresh as it were. 
  4. Remembering that life isn't guaranteed, that hurdles are faced by people each and every day and that sometimes battles aren't won, losing a family relative so young provided a stark reminder that each day should be lived to its fullest.
  5. My hubby, he puts up with me, he put up with a grumpy Ginnie for a couple of days, think I was just out of sorts, you know what it's like you can't put your finger on it but you are irritated.  He puts up with my irrational self and he is ultimately my most amazing rock for which I am always eternally grateful - so thank you hun for being a star! 
  6. Said 13 year old, he is such a pleasure to spend time with, so fun and so chatty about his day, it's lovely to spend time with him! 
  7. My niece and sister, both stars in their own right
  8. My sister again for the weight watcher pep talk that I need tonight! 
  9. Dawn for being a fabulous, inspiring Weight Watcher leader, she really is amazing! 
  10. Beautiful sunrises 
  11. Solar twinkly lights in the garden 
  12. Hubby and said 13 year old for helping tidy and sort the house Thursday evening, they may be reluctant helpers but it really does get done much faster with their help! 
  13. Lots of lovely birthday gifts I was spoilt 
    1. giant gelli plate GIANT GELLI PLATE, I say again Giant gelli plate - woohoo
    2. Harry Potter goodies, the horcrux bookmark set, the deathly hallows keyring, the felix felicis ornament (a bottle of luck that's what I needed) 
    3. a stencil cutting tool - I'm feeling the need to do some crafting soon!
  14. Fast and the Furious 6 on DVD, much fun watching this even if it is a bit tense! 
  15. Pepsi Max - just because! 
and that my lovely people is my list this week, it's been a mix of lots of things and dig deep items if I'm honest, the weekend was lovely but the news mid week somewhat more difficult to deal with.  

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together and pop back and link so we can come and visit, we've been a bit sparse on the numbers front the last couple of weeks but don't stress if lifes getting in the way just remember to clock those positives! 

I'll leave you with a layout, the only decent shot of me at the Spa - mine and hubbies matching keys!

Friday, 13 September 2013


Good morning, good afternoon good evening, welcome everyone to another

Oh Friday the 13th, I bet loads of you are running away running away - but come back because it is my birthday and you are all welcome to my virtual birthday party, pull up a pew and have a natter - you know you want to, we'll have a cup of tea and a slice of cake and think about the last week.

Oh it's been a mixed one, a strange weekend where we didn't really do anything but was good anyway and a busy week at work.

So gratefuls let's see

  1. Flowers from a colleague at work for my birthday - really cheered me up on thursday morning and a bottle of wine (weight watchers because she knows I'm watching my weight), so that's my first grateful. 
  2. Pressies from the Wednesday Whine girls both parcels have arrived but are currently unopened as it's my birthday Friday and I'm prepping this on Thursday. 
  3. Cuddling up on the sofa under piles of blankets when it was cold earlier in the week - that was fun too! 
  4. Central heating, when it really did get a bit too nippy lovely to be able to have the heating on. 
  5. Hubby for making me smile when I was having a hard day at work, his text messages seriously cheered me up.
  6. A lovely lady at work not only sending me a birthday card but also sending me a very heartfelt message that meant so much, it's lovely when your life is touched by amazing people! 
  7. Chats with my Mum she's away in Menorca at the moment and has rung a couple of times which has been fab because I've really missed her. 
  8. NCIS - we bought series 1 - 8 on DVD an age ago and we've been slowly working our way through them, good TV! 
  9. Said 12 year old (almost 13 his birthday is the day after mine) who had me smiling when we had an Easter Bunny, Father Christmas and Tooth Fairy conversation this week! 
  10. Pepsi max
  11. Weight Watchers because I've had a fab week of food this week (fingers crossed I'll have lost some weight) 
  12. Sharing family time at meal times, all sitting around the one table - fun!
  13. Said 12 year old embracing all the homework he's getting, it's occurring at a different rate to last year now but he's keeping on top of it. 
  14. Weight watchers mobile app - an absolute gem this week, being able to point on the move has made such a difference.
  15. Hubby encouraging an evening walk, the fresh air, half hour chatting and exercise have done me the world of good, let's hope I can keep it up. 
That my lovely people is about it me thinks, I'll be off celebrating birthdays over the weekend, hope you have a good one. 

I'll leave you with some crafting (due to lack of photos) and then Mr Linky, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back link up and we can come and visit! 

Rose photo allowing me to play with pinky papers for a change. 

And the photo bomb piccies that I did another layout on were plentiful and I loved this shot of said 12 year old so much I scrapped it separately

Friday, 6 September 2013


Tis Friday - time to take stock and reflect, now you are going to get a two week round up - because last week we were away - you may or may not need a cuppa before I start so without further ado it's

First up has to be digital cameras - amazing creations, I remember the old processed cameras - 36 exposures seemed a lot and you never knew quite what you'd taken until you were well and truly home.  Digital cameras changed all that not only can you take as many as your card will take and we found our 2GB card could do 900+ photos (plus the 871 that said 12 year old managed on a separate card) but we could check them when we got back and capture a few we'd missed on our way - so my biggest grateful if being able to capture life as it occurs in such mahoosive quantities!

Next up finding castles in the fog - I tell you, you might be able to see Bamburgh Castle for miles around - however, not on a foggy day!  Despite that, it was a fabulous castle in a beautiful setting!

Here is said 12 year old making Viking flat packed furniture who knew they were making flat packs so early!  We love things like this, makes history so much more fun don't you think!
These two - mischief 1 and mischief 2 (I should get tee-shirts with that on), had me in stitches all week they did and this was no different - the pointing was about who'd been the naughtiest!
History, I love history and here in Britain we are surrounded by oodles of it, if you can be bothered to go and find it, these chains were apparently used to rescue shipwrecks - not sure who was big enough to use them mind - they were enormous!
Finds - lovely golden finds that we got to see, rather than hidden away they were in a fab glass cabinet for us to peruse and when they were tiny they even provided magnifying glasses!
Said 12 year old, an absolute delight to spend time with him, he's growing up so fast these days it scares me.
Alnwick Gardens - my most favourite place when we were visiting Northumberland, spent an entire day there and if I lived local I'd be buying an annual pass!
Plus the Poison Garden was fantastic for a walk around, scary how many of these plants are in most peoples gardens (well apart from the cannabis plant that they have to have a special licence for in order to grow).
Alnwick Castle, buying a joint garden and castle ticket meant we could upgrade the ticket to an annual pass and return the following day - biggest grateful because there is no way you can do both the garden and castle in a day - so hugely grateful for annual upgrades (it's a shame it didn't include the garden boo hoo).
Next up has to be Ryan - tour guide for the Broomsticks and Battleaxes tour at Alnwick, had us in stitches and pointing out all the areas that were used for filming the first two Harry Potter films was simply fantastic.

Outdoor theatre and more specifically The Lord Chamberlains Men, an all male cast who tour with Shakespeare, this years delights As You Like It!  Fabulous night out at Bamburgh Castle, picnic blanket, picnic, fleecy blanket and a glass of wine!
 Balcony, bacon buttie and a cuppa - nothing finer (very naughty but nice)!
Holy Island - just because it's a bit different, I wasn't particularly enamoured with the inside of the castle but the photos of the outside are lovely (I actually preferred the priory on the island if I'm honest and the gorgeous Church next door)
 New stained glass windows in the church next to the priory - beautiful!
 Celtic knots on the vestments - gorgeous!
 Playing board games whilst we were away - great fun and made us giggle!
Cragside, now this was not my most favourite day despite it apparently being the number one place to go in Northumberland, however looking back I can appreciate that it was very pretty and a lovely place, just wish it hadn't been on the side of a rather steep hill, walking down, down, down to things was fine, it was the walking up, up, up to get back I wasn't too keen on!
I did like the veiled statue inside, no where near as refined as the one in Chatsworth but lovely nonetheless!
 The 8 tonne Italian marble fire place is fabulous though - and quite breathtaking when you walk in!
Art installations, I love art installations, this one was real roses placed inside a tank of copper sulphate that had a charge running through it thus electro plating the rose - genius!
Oh and this felled tree that looks mighty sad but provided fantastic photo opportunity!
Cuthbert Cottage, a lovely upside down cottage very comfortable and immaculately clean.  I loved the balcony and spent many sunrises sat enjoying the views over the fields!
Sunsets, this felt like a gift almost at the end of the holiday, a beautiful sunset sky!
And arting when I was away, the cottage has only recently been let and the visitors book had lots of comments about how lovely the cottage was but not a lot else, single line entries and didn't give away places to visit or things to do which we felt was a shame - so I did this to it (I couldn't help it).

A double page spread covering pretty much what we'd seen during the week
 Up close you can see it a little better!
 and the other page, I'm hoping the owners didn't mind!
This week well let's see

  1. Chatsworth show (the day after we returned from holiday), fabulous day out with sister and niece as well enjoying each others company! 
  2. Picnics and flasks (I can't tell you how giddy the kids were when they realised I'd took a flask of hot chocolate as well!). 
  3. Red Arrows (always amazing)
  4. Dancing diggers and niece complaining that it wasn't proper dancing! 
  5. A clean home when we got home from holiday meaning I could sort the washing out and not much else! 
  6. Hubby purchasing new DVD's recently that we got to watch, Oblivion (fab film), Star Trek (fab film but fell asleep - whoops) and Olympus Has Fallen - lots and lots of shooting but good fun nonetheless.
  7. Said 12 year old for not bouncing up and down all night the night before returning to school, he went up a bit later and went straight to sleep!
  8. Said 12 year old for being so animated when he came home from school on the first (and second) days.  Growing up so fast. 
  9. WW girls - just because!
I think that my lovely people just about scrapes together the last two weeks.  I have so very much to be thankful for and so many lovely people I come into contact with and you my dear Rockettes are most certainly one of them!  I hope you have had a beautiful and blessed week and that you too can find the silver linings.  

Mr Linky for you to link your Rocking posts - have a fabulous Friday!