Friday, 25 October 2013


My blog appears to have become a constant rocking post rather than anything else, it has been a dig deep kind of week again (actually I'm thinking that this year is turning into a dig deep type of year, but maybe my judgement is clouded at the moment).

Ok let's see what I can manage (don't hold your breath)

Losing 2lb at Weight Watchers last week - that's definitely a positive, puts me through my stone mark so I was a happy girl.  Difficult bit is that I've had a lousy week this week and think I might have put it back on but we won't dwell on that (well not yet anyway).

Spending time with hubby and said 13 year old, that time is always precious and it's easy to forget this blessing.

I put a proposal in around flexible working to work to see if we could work through the current circumstance, the Board said no - I'm not sure it's a positive - but it has rocked my world for pretty much all the wrong reasons - hence the dig deep week.

For hubby coping with me in the aftermath of the above.

For my sister for cheerleading from the side lines

For my Mum being ready with a hot cup of tea and a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on when I was devastated on Tuesday and for making me giggle at her assuming she knew what the news was (which was also a negative) and being disappointed it wasn't!

For my work colleague for being as cross as I am and thinking about me when I was drowning in negativity.

For hubby getting said 13 year old onto the bus safely on Wednesday when I wasn't functioning!

Crikey - they are all a bit dark aren't they - in summary - people who care for me and I for them are awesome and the rest is just that bit rubbish.

So I'll leave it at that before I depress you even more, I'll also leave you with a Christmas layout from last years visit to Chatsworth, using the papers I got in Shimelles Christmas pack that I was going to use for journal your Christmas but decided against it.  On a positive note the theme at Chatsworth this Christmas is the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, can't wait to see what they do with that and that's something to look forward to!


After preparing the above, which was most definitely a dig deep week, I got the most wonderful, beautiful and amazing message from the very lovely Jen at Wear Crafts, asking if I'd like to be part of her design team given my passion for scrapping and mini book making.  I cannot tell you how much this message lifted me, made me feel positive, valued and appreciated and obviously I had to say yes.  So this is a little addition to my original post, which wasn't quite as Rocking before this beautiful news.  Jen I cannot tell you how much it means!  Check out Jen's lovely blog and even better her fabulous website until next week my lovelies...

Finally Mr Linky for those brave enough to reflect and gather the positives!

Friday, 18 October 2013


Good morning/afternoon/evening - welcome all - tis Friday and it's dig deep Friday for me - for it's
Ok - so being told my jobs being made redundant at the beginning of the week wasn't the best of starts (on the morning I return after being poorly), mmmmmmmmm  so how does this make my list.  Well I am a great believer in that things always happen for a reason, not sure what will happen, how things will work out, whether I will remain in a different post or go to pastures new, what I do know is that change is here and no matter what stomping screaming and jumping up and down I do it'll happen anyway, better to fight the good fight and bow out positively then pushing against change - so here's to things becoming a little different in the future! 

Next up on my list is visiting someone I haven't seen in an age, too long in fact.  It was good to see them and I intend on keeping these visits up now I've started - missed this person in my life for too long!

Next up is Doctors, taking precautionary measures with hubby, he's recently had a scan which has led to a cause for keeping an eye on things, nothing definite just a case of 'to be on the safe side' but in all honesty despite the fact it was a bit of a smack between the eyes, if you turn this on its head and see it as a positive what you actually see is that we have a fabulous caring profession who really do try and help us! 

Hairdressers on Tuesday - Charlotte did a fab job and was really positive when I told her about my job issues!

Winter's Tale at the theatre last weekend, (despite a certain 13 year old treating the first couple of acts as a time to have a nap - a very expensive nap given the cost of the tickets LOL), maybe could have done without the snoring as he woke himself back up! 

Said 13 year old practicing his guitar on an ongoing basis this week - was a happy happy parent when I realised what extra practice he was doing and apparently it was very obvious to the guitar teacher tonight! 

Dawn my amazing weight watcher leader an amazing inspiration in her own right who was as giddy as me as I reached 1 stone 1lb off and my second silver seven!  Loving this weight loss right now! 

Hubby rocking my world - always! 

Beautiful moonlit nights! 

A lovely meal out for the three of us! 

Putting the world to rights! 

Chatting with my Mum during a long car journey this week, twas much fun to have - really enjoyed it! 

Right that my lovely people will be my lot this week, despite it being a dig deep week that's a pretty awesome list, just the process of reflection what you get is reminding us that every single day is a precious gift and no matter where we are, what we are doing we should embrace the day and be thankful that we are here, living and breathing, loving and sharing and caring with family and friends - this world can be and is an amazing place.  I hope you too have had a good week, if it's been a dig deep week - don't worry - find those silver linings and enjoy every single one! 

And I'll leave you with a Christmas layout - from when we were at Center Parcs - me on the right front of the photo, then my Mum then said 13 year old then at the front on the left my beautiful sister and gorgeous niece - happy times! 

Mr Linky - join in, blog it, come back, link it - we'll visit - fact!  

Friday, 11 October 2013


Time to take a step back and acknowledge the positives lovely people, it's time for

So the last seven days have had me poorly, not laid down asleep poorly, hacking cough and raging temperature poorly, so it's meant a few miserable days in for yours truly, but even in amongst all that there are still things to be grateful for.
  1. Hubby, for dragging me out for fresh air last weekend, the better of the two days was when I was out getting fresh air - note to self! We headed up to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, it served two purposes, firstly fresh air and secondly the opportunity for my niece to do some sketching as she missed the school trip there and needs the sketches for her art GCSE - mission accomplished.  She was a little weary of sketching on her own so yours truly joined in just to help her feel less conscientious.  It proved to me that I just can't sketch, but I'm fine with that! 
2.  Said 13 year old, photo bombing his Dad's photos again, so very funny.  He's been getting lots of homework recently but has just got on with it which is a fairly big change from what we normally get!
 3.  The Buddha statue at YSP at the moment, utterly gorgeous I tell you!
4.  Monopoly millions night - now I know as soon as I mentioned monopoly most people will have let out a groan, I know I used to be one of them, but the monopoly millions game is much faster and more fun than the traditional version.  The aim of the game is to get £1 million in cash which means the game doesn't go on forever.  There are lots of little 'forfeit' type cards, there's no going around the board twice nonsense.  So it's a good game, we played two full games and still had change in the evening to have tea and consume some evening TV watching! 

5.  My sister, she is currently my ongoing cheerleader in the world of weight watching!  Bless her, she's stood on the sidelines shouting out for me throughout this week, listening and understanding and telling me that I'm doing great!  So thank you Melanie you are a star! 

6.  The girls on the WW group - you know who you are! 

7.  The smell of freshly cut grass, the local council had the tractors out on Thursday cutting the green near the village and the smell mixed with the bit of rain we had really made my day! 

8.  Solar lights in my garden, they really do make a difference and remind me of that word - you know the one most people shout at you for mentioning Christmas! 

9.  Carmen for starting her Secret Santa swap off and encouraging me to join in the UK Scrappers stocking swap - should prove interesting. 

That's my list this week lovely people, hope your week has been beautiful and blessed and that you have many silver linings to be grateful for.  If you fancy joining in, pop a post together pop back, link up and we will come and visit. 

I'll leave you with a layout because the post wasn't particularly photo heavy, now in hindsight maybe the title just isn't that great - but hey - it was officially a built 'squat' for a family so that's how I got the title! 

Mr Linky 

Friday, 4 October 2013


Good morning my beautiful Rockettes, I hope you've had a positive week with lots of moments to reflect on and be grateful for, if the week has been a hard one then dig that bit deeper to find those silver linings for it is time for

It's lacking seriously on the photo front peeps but hey it's been one of those weeks.

  1. Hubby making mass batches of zero point soup at the weekend, the butternut squash soup is delicious but the roasted red pepper was spectacular if I'm honest! 
  2. Said 13 year old for taking the time out on Tuesday to make buns to raise money for a potential trip at school to help a community in Africa - I was very proud that he did all the baking himself, made a little donations box and typed up a document to explain about it! 
  3. My sister for being my little cheerleader this week when things have been tough this week on the weight loss side of things as I've been poorly and really really really wanted to comfort eat - so listening to her really helped! 
  4. Dawn my WW leader for being fabulous as always, so inspirational and motivating all the time! 
  5. A tidy home, it might have taken some time but when you wander through and realise it's all clean and tidy it makes you feel happy inside. 
  6. NCIS - great series we bought many many on DVD an age ago and are still trudging through them! 
  7. Hot cups of tea
  8. Hot water lemon and honey
  9. Milky coffees
  10. WW girls as always! 
  11. Getting to read letters from loved ones who I miss so much. 
  12. And finally giggling around the dinner table on Wednesday evening, said 13 year old and hubby were on fine form and they are so alike, they had us all giggling by the time they'd done - much fun was had by all! 
And that my lovely people will have to be your lot this week (it's been a bit of a dig deep week, but that's OK, sometimes dig deep weeks are needed to balance the other weeks).  I hope you've had a good week, if you fancy joining in then pop a blog post together and then head back here to link up so we can come and visit.