Friday, 11 October 2013


Time to take a step back and acknowledge the positives lovely people, it's time for

So the last seven days have had me poorly, not laid down asleep poorly, hacking cough and raging temperature poorly, so it's meant a few miserable days in for yours truly, but even in amongst all that there are still things to be grateful for.
  1. Hubby, for dragging me out for fresh air last weekend, the better of the two days was when I was out getting fresh air - note to self! We headed up to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, it served two purposes, firstly fresh air and secondly the opportunity for my niece to do some sketching as she missed the school trip there and needs the sketches for her art GCSE - mission accomplished.  She was a little weary of sketching on her own so yours truly joined in just to help her feel less conscientious.  It proved to me that I just can't sketch, but I'm fine with that! 
2.  Said 13 year old, photo bombing his Dad's photos again, so very funny.  He's been getting lots of homework recently but has just got on with it which is a fairly big change from what we normally get!
 3.  The Buddha statue at YSP at the moment, utterly gorgeous I tell you!
4.  Monopoly millions night - now I know as soon as I mentioned monopoly most people will have let out a groan, I know I used to be one of them, but the monopoly millions game is much faster and more fun than the traditional version.  The aim of the game is to get £1 million in cash which means the game doesn't go on forever.  There are lots of little 'forfeit' type cards, there's no going around the board twice nonsense.  So it's a good game, we played two full games and still had change in the evening to have tea and consume some evening TV watching! 

5.  My sister, she is currently my ongoing cheerleader in the world of weight watching!  Bless her, she's stood on the sidelines shouting out for me throughout this week, listening and understanding and telling me that I'm doing great!  So thank you Melanie you are a star! 

6.  The girls on the WW group - you know who you are! 

7.  The smell of freshly cut grass, the local council had the tractors out on Thursday cutting the green near the village and the smell mixed with the bit of rain we had really made my day! 

8.  Solar lights in my garden, they really do make a difference and remind me of that word - you know the one most people shout at you for mentioning Christmas! 

9.  Carmen for starting her Secret Santa swap off and encouraging me to join in the UK Scrappers stocking swap - should prove interesting. 

That's my list this week lovely people, hope your week has been beautiful and blessed and that you have many silver linings to be grateful for.  If you fancy joining in, pop a post together pop back, link up and we will come and visit. 

I'll leave you with a layout because the post wasn't particularly photo heavy, now in hindsight maybe the title just isn't that great - but hey - it was officially a built 'squat' for a family so that's how I got the title! 

Mr Linky 


  1. That's a beautiful scrapbook page, love the muted colours.

    When we went up to do the museums in London there was a young lad sketching on e of the machines in the Science Museum. he was so good (I was being nosey) I love seeing people sketching so am glad Hubby(?) got that photo :)

    Hope you feel better soon Virginia - have you thought about having the flu jab? You suffered last year as well didn't you.

    Big hugs x x x

  2. Glad you have got over the lurgy, its not nice.

    One day Id love to go to the YSP - your pics of it always look so fab. I wouldnt be brave enough to site down and draw or sketch in public - I can barely do it alone lol

    Love your layout

    Hope next week is a good week

    Suzy xx

  3. I'm sorry you have been poorly this week Virginia. i hope you are on the mend now. Like carmen, I would recommend asking about a flu jab. I have one every year and although it's not infallible, I no longer suffer each year like I used to.
    Well done for being brave enough to sketch in public. At least your niece got the pictures she needed.
    I love the muted colours of your layout. I hope you have a good week this week. Kate xx

  4. hope you are ok and that this week coming is a good one for you, jenxxx