Sunday, 29 January 2012


I thought I'd share a gift I sent to a friend of mine before Christmas to document her daughter's Christmas.  I used an Ikea frame which actually has 'plastic' glass rather than normal glass if you know what I mean.  I used some Me to You Bear papers that I'd got in a stack and just played.  The back of the frame is a book type cover made using chipboard and brown gummed tape as the base and then pages inside that on a concertina fold.  
 Slightly better shot of the book without the glaring lights 
The inside pages were just a mix of the papers, torn or cut to a rectangular shape and then inked.  The books I've done in the past for her have been predominantly pink but this one uses a selection of different colours, the papers providing the colour inspiration.

 I left the back of the book simple with a paint technique on the same. 
 From the top you can see the frame edge and the 'book' element of it and the concertina pages contained therein.  I had much fun creating the book and I know Karen enjoyed receiving it and took loads of photos to document the Christmas festivities!
Hope you're all having a great weekend! 

Friday, 27 January 2012

ROCKING YOUR WORLD FRIDAY a 12 x 12 layout and the word DIRECTION

Aha - I'm going to try and do this as the week progresses, so be warned it might turn into a long one, in which case, grab yourself a virtual cuppa and a biscuit before you commence (actually on second thoughts it might be better to grab a real one LOL).

So here is my
My rocking your world moments how they happened this week

Last Friday was another hypnoslim appointment which was excellent, we got mind gym (which I've not put on my MP3 player yet), a good chat, identifying areas of issue, hypnotism and coming away feeling happier and better in myself prepared for the next week.  I must admit having time to think and relax in a good atmosphere really does make the world of difference.  The morning had started on a chocolate biscuit fiasco (which I won't bore you with but involved me, a chocolate biscuit and an 11 year old - it wasn't a happy discussion - hadn't realised there were claimed rights over food in this house but at that point apparently there were.  You'll be pleased to know this has subsequently changed!).

Debenhams for having my make up in when I needed it.  Because I've got such problem skin I really daren't leave the house without it for fear of frightening people.  However, the unhelpful assistant insisting that the starter kit was what I needed means I came home for a search on line only to find a much cheaper shop that I'll be using in future, so thanks to them for pushing me into finding a better supplier who'll deliver to my door.

Saturday morning - and said 11 year old claiming he was watching "Wall in the Hole" - he did make me giggle apparently it should have been "Hole in the Wall" but he just couldn't swap it around, even though he knew he'd got it the wrong way around.

The gym on Saturday was great, me and said 11 year old and my sister, our programs are all around the same length of time so we went did the session, came home, showered etc and felt much better for it.

Sorting my scrapbook pages out into albums, there were loads and loads and loads (I hadn't realised I'd done so many!)  But there is something deeply satisfying about putting them into albums, the downside was that I ran out of space in my albums so a trip to Hobbycraft to find they do a pack of 10 plastics for £2.99 bargain! I bought three packs and have now extended a couple of albums to get the most out of them, rather than buy another album at the price of £18 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Actually rummaging through I found a part made album that DH started for me an age ago, think it needs a bit of extra chipboard and some papercoverage but I'm sure I can manage this LOL.  Will keep you informed as to whether I succeed and then the other 20 plastics can go in that and keep me going for now.

Which leads onto my next grateful new stock at Hobbycraft - just after Christmas they really didn't have much in that I fancied, so imagine my dismay/shock/excitement when I found the Papermania Portabello Road range - I mean Union Jacks and vintage - really in one pack, blues and reds and whites and stamps and ribbons and embossing folders - I was supposed to be buying plastics but you'll be amazed at what else fell into my basket.

I was unsure of whether to get the embossing folder from the Portabello Road range, but really felt that a simple embossed Union Jack would be perfect for masculine cards which I find a nightmare to create at the best of time.  Saturday night led to me making a few trial cards to see what the embossing folder was like and can I say I'm rather impressed with it.  Now how many other colours can I incorporate when using it because I don't want to use up all my reds and blues!  Probably my biggest problem is that I have a whole side of the family who are Irish - not convinced they'll want a Union Jack card - do you?

The Red Letter Day is booked for Monday, keep your fingers and toes crossed that the weather behaves, it looks like we're going to have to sort someone to look after said 11 year old in the morning too as we're supposed to be there for 9am and it's going to be over an hours drive in Monday morning traffic.

Last Saturday evening we had an evening out by going off to the cinema - so my next grateful is Tom Cruise - why oh why he would want to go climbing on the outside of the world's tallest building really is beyond me - but I have to say that we thoroughly enjoyed MI4 Ghost Protocol - an excellent watch.

A lie in on a Sunday morning, not too late not too early just right, means for a happy person.

Next up on my list of grateful is that sometimes you happen across an artist that blows your mind, Sunday afternoon was just one of those moments.  The artist in question was found via a book hubby was reading and I have to say that the work of Kris Kuksi as a Mixed Media Artist are quite simply breathtaking, approaching such a variety of subjects to create amazing three dimensional work totalling bewildering.  Want to see what I'm going on about - click his name above - but be warned you might be on their some time when you start to see the detail contained therein.  let's put it this way it made me want to find lots and lots of broken toys, little solders, plastic toy guns, toy ladders etc - go see his site to understand why - ooh wait up finish reading this first and then go find!

Well all good plans - yes you guessed it - it's Thursday - haven't touched this since the weekend grrrrr - right what else let me think - my order from Cardinal Colours has arrived safe and sound.  I ordered a DCWV paper pack (these are my most favourite scrapbook paper company, I love the packs, I love the colours and I love the quality of the paper) this stack called Immortal Love click the link to go see the papers - they are gorgeous!!!!! I found out about this because Sian whose part of a circle journal I'm in mentioned them and I wanted them when I saw them, I also got some double sided tape and some flowers from Cardinal Colours too!!

Finally Colmans Bake in a Bag sauces, I'm not one to buy sauces as I tend to do everything from scratch but we discovered these by accident late last year, they are sachet's of powder that create sauces and come with a roasting bag in the top part and basically you throw all the ingredients in the bag, tie the top with the little tie that comes with it and throw it in the oven.  Leave it for the dedicated time and before you know it you've got tea cooked without much effort added to which because it's cooked in the roasting bag you don't have an oven proof dish to clean because it's all cooked in the bag.  They're not badly priced and lead to a tasty tea, we've tried quite a few up to now all successful, Thursday nights is in the oven as we speak cajun chicken with the rice, peppers, tomatoes and onions included in the bag with the powder and water.  No idea what this one will be like but don't even have to worry about a side dish this time as the rice is contained in the bag!

Thursday has also brought a poorly 11 year old to the side of my bed, I knew he'd been ailing all week but come Thursday morning he was completely made up with cold and looked dreadful bless him.  So it's been a duvet day for him and unusually for me my laptop was at work, so I couldn't work from home, I was tempted to head into work once hubby was home about quart to four, but given the amount of TOIL I've got and that said 11 year old is still not well I decided against it - after all it's going to still be there when I get back isn't it.  Why is this on my list of gratefuls you may ask - because it allowed me to put things into perspective - said 11 year old was far more important than emptying my in tray today and I've enjoyed waiting on him hand and foot, providing packets of tissues and food as he's grazed through the day!  Maybe me rebalancing work and home life is starting to come back into balance for the last 12 months it has been pretty much work all the way.

Right that's my list for this week, I'll put Mr Linky at the bottom if you're joining in.  Don't forget the essence of Rocking your World posts, is to pull out the silver linings in your day/week, even when it might seem at first glance that you've had a bad or difficult week, if you dig deep you find those little things that have made the week that bit more bearable.  Once you've identified them pop yourself a blog post together and then link back here so we can come and visit.  It doesn't have to be a lengthy post (but it can if you fancy), it could even just be a bullet pointed list, but if it reminds you of what you've enjoyed then it's worth while!

As always sharing some crafting with you, this is not actually one of my favourite layouts, I don't know why I think it's because I struggled with the background paper, but it's done now.  This one shows DH on the Gladiator Challenge at Center Parcs, he managed both the rope ladder on the left and the other climbing part that he's on in the picture with relative ease!
Up close you can see I cut out some scrabble letters from a page I had (can't remember which stack of papers this comes from) mounted on black and then put it on the page on raised foam pads.  Likewise the words off to the left were from one of those pages with lots of words all over it which I cut out, mounted and stuck to a tag.

I'm also nearing the end of Darcy's 52 word challenge too this one is the word direction and was completed not long after I suffered with a fairly awful bought of vertigo - the word was extremely apt at the time.  I used a stamped arrow as the journal blocks.
Mr Linky for my amazing Rockettes (and Rockers if we ever get one LOL). 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


The weeks are whizzing by which means I'm getting frustrated that the only post I seem to be doing at the moment is the Rocking post, don't get me wrong I love my Rocking posts but I want to do posts in between them.  Wednesday morning always seems to be the time I get to do a quick post, but then spend so much time catching up on blog posts that often I don't get chance - is this just me?

Anyway I did a mass of photos of layouts at the weekend so I've plenty in my folder to share, this morning I'm going to share this layout called Fab!  why - because that was about the only word I could make up with the letters I'd got left LOL!  A picture of my niece post paddleboarding at Center Parcs last year asking how to take the life jacket off and Scott the instructor basically fastening it on like a straight jacket - perfect photo opportunity wouldn't you agree! I've used a combination of papers and embellishments, most of which I've had forever!  I love the colour combination, I used a butterfly stamp to compliment the butterfly paper as well.
 Up close you can see the stitching on the layout, this is definitely one of my signature elements on a page, I still have a huge stash of embroidery thread and so can usually find a co-ordinating colour!
 I finally managed to use the chipboard flourish on this layout behind the flowers (although  it does keep trying to unpeel itself from the page grrrrr).  I used buttons in the middle of the flowers to compliment the colour scheme.
 More stitching at the top of the page, most of the stitching I do is free hand, however, occasionally I'll hit a page with a stitching template!
I hope you're all having a great week!  If you happen by don't forget to say hi - has your January gone in the blink of an eye or is it just mine?  Also what's your favourite embellishment on a page?

Friday, 20 January 2012


I'm sorry but when I looked down at the PC and realised it was almost Friday again I did wonder where my life was disappearing too because I swear it was only a day or so ago that I started posting for my Rocking Your World Post last week - most crazy.

Anyway it's Rocking Your World time, time to reflect on your week and pick out the positives in amongst the norm.  Sometimes we feel that there aren't any - which means you have to have a 'dig deep' post where you really have to work the grey matter and find those silver linings, other weeks we could write a book on all our positives!

So without further ado this is my
First up this week is the gym and in particular Neil who I saw last night, after putting DH through his paces it was my turn.  I'd not had a great start to my gym experience because the individual that set my program didn't listen, I think she saw my size and decided what I needed to do, there was no pushing myself it was all quite gentle.  Then I told her I had a bad back and despite this she saw fit to put me on the rower and get me laid on the floor doing floor exercises - I mean honestly!  I ended up talking to the gym manager on an unrelated matter and before I knew it she was rescheduling my appointment with Neil and now I understand why.  First he wanted to know what the back problem was and how it ends up causing me issues and then he identified what I could do and what I couldn't do.  He'd already had a quick glimpse at my program and removed the floor exercises and the rower, and so last night was about putting other things back in.  I left the gym shattered but extremely happy with my program - he really did know his stuff!   I'll keep you informed as to my progress!

Second up have been the weather warming up ever so slightly - I'm not being funny but in the building that I work in being so cold and the fact the TV room at home is last on the central heating system so takes an age to warm up, I've struggled for a few days this week.  So I'm glad it's not quite at the sub zero temperatures we've been having.

Grateful for my son's homework - yes you heard me right, at the grand old age of 11 his teacher has chosen graffiti as a school topic and he's loving it!  It meant a jaunt into Sheffield on the tram, identifying graffiti as we went and then hopping back on the tram and getting off to take photos of some of the graffiti we saw.  Said 11 year old learned that most graffiti is done in dangerous places (bridges, under bridges, near train tracks) and we had a lengthy discussion as to whether it was art or not.  He's decided tagging is predominantly about marking territory and damaging property whereas true graffiti is an art form but one often done illegally because there are so few places for graffiti artists to work!  All in all it led to some intelligent discussions and also a jaunt out and some fresh air - so a win win on this one.

Grateful for hubby looking through our finances last weekend so we could formulate a plan for this year (if we pull it off I'll be most impressed but I won't hold my breath).  Which in turn led us to book a holiday for Easter time which is something to look forward to for all of us - so that's definitely a positive.  Holidaying in this country again so lots of exploring to do.

Fingers crossed for our booking for our red letter day - DH bought me a spa day for two last April to celebrate our anniversary, thought we'd got 12 months to use it up but spotted that it's up on the 14 February, so into mass panic trying to sort a day where said 11 year old is sorted and we get to go and use the voucher -  keep your fingers and toes crossed that they've actually got the day available that we've picked, then keep everything crossed that the weather's kind to us!

And finally for my blogging friends and Rockettes, we've had a few new faces amongst us in the last couple of weeks and it's an absolute pleasure to see how we can come together as a group to celebrate the positives!   Don't stress if you don't get to it on Friday, just do it when you get chance - you know it makes sense as it keeps you feeling positive for the week ahead.

Right I think that's the main ones this week, it's been a mad one, too much work, not enough home time, added in a weird Tuesday and I'm surprised I survived to this point - but I have and I'm absolutely grateful for that one.

Right now onto a bit of crafting and then Mr Linky
The two most gorgeous beings in my life - honestly - two peas in a pod, enjoying paddleboarding at Center Parcs last year!  Thoroughly enjoyed doing this layout of the two of them.

Hope you're all having a great Friday!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Good morning to you all - how are you this morning, we've woken to cloud and rain which means it's warmer than it's been thankfully.

Apparently Monday was the most depressing day of the year - my hubby's retort was therefore "When is the happiest?" - do they even bother to work that one out or do they just like doom and gloom.  Presumably the happiest will be mid summer which is July time (in this country), it'll be near pay day which is usually around the end of the month, perhaps it's around the time the children break up from school - so I'm thinking maybe the 26th July would be the happiest - what do you think?  Or has someone worked this out and will the news be spreading this positive picture nearer the time (I'm thinking not - news likes to be miserable I've noticed - unless your Russell Howard).

Wednesday morning already - time whizzing by again - think it's because work is so busy and manic at the moment.  I was quite honestly last night in the worst mood, Tuesdays are always long days and trying to switch off from work is almost impossible which means I'm still zoned into work all evening.  Now both hubby and said 11 year old like asking questions - usually the type I can't answer and in a normal evening I would try and provide a rational answer, but not on a tuesday - you'd have thought they'd have learnt from this - but no they kept asking and verbally pushing until I had to point out that I wasn't functioning mentally - I hadn't realised it prior to that but I wasn't I just couldn't process the questions and asking me more than once didn't mean that the answers were going to come any faster or easier - as they learnt.  So I went quiet (always a bit dangerous with me - as I am the noise of this household), plonked myself on the sofa, popped on Stargazing Live and went to sleep - why?  Well because it was probably less dangerous than me allowing the mood to fester.  Am I the only one that this sort of thing happens to?  I honestly didn't mean to be down or grumpy but after a day of questions the last thing I need is an evening of them if you know what I mean.

Woke up a couple of hours later, said 11 year old in bed, hubby watching TV and all had righted itself.  Now how on earth do I make sure this isn't a weekly occurrence?  I don't mean to be 'moody' but when I'm in work zone how do I pull myself back out and go into a different zone?  And before you say it I'm not sure sleep is the answer either!

Anyhow that's Wednesday's dilemma question for you to consider, how's your week going?  Have you done a lot, been anywhere interesting?  Met up with friends, chatted on the phone?  Are you enjoying January or longing for bright crisp spring days?

A few of you may have picked up on my hypnoslimmer pledge at the beginning of the year, a quick update to say it's going quite well.  I'm still getting used to it but have made some progress already.  Now if you're wondering why didn't I join Weight Watchers or Slimming World (like I've done previously), it's because I decided I needed a whole new approach to sorting out my weight which didn't revolve around food and hypnoslimmer seemed to fit the bill.  Plus all previous efforts on those systems sees a weight loss followed by a weight gain and some and I really can't afford to put on any more weight.    I'll keep you informed of my progress as time proceeds if you're interested.

Right I must have a layout lurking that I've not shared previously - this a double page layout from when we went to Bolton Castle and met Bilbo the owl.
 He was absolutely gorgeous and extremely funny - because he'd been born in captivity and raised by hand he still had the quirks of a baby owl - calling out for food with this gutteral sound - really quite hysterical to listen to.
 As you can see he liked to get close to the group of people who had gathered to watch him, taking up residence next to said 11 year old quite happily most of the time.  Not that said 11 year old was particularly happy at him flying so close to him LOL!
 Up close simply embellishments are often the most effective, a hand punched heart, a few glittery type accents raised up on foam pads.
I hope you have a great day - if you pop by don't forget to say hello (if you get chance I know we're all so very busy).

Friday, 13 January 2012


Morning all - what's been Rocking Your World this Week - have you had a light hearted fun week full of positives or are you going to have to dig deep for your Rocking moments - mines a mix!!!  So without further ado it's
First up is my hubby who came to my rescue last Friday when my car decided not to work (again).  It decided that regardless of what my foot was doing with the brakes - it actually wanted to apply them constantly for me - which meant there was a strong smell of burning rubber and quite a lot of smoke LMAO!!!! And before you ask it's not a sports car - it just wanted to pretend to be one for the day!  £110 later and she was sorted - let's hope she can manage the journey I was trying to make last Friday this Friday!

Next up is hypnoslim, I'm still learning about this and I'm not sure if it will do what I want it to do but I'm soooooooooooo bored with dieting and not enjoying my food and limiting the types of things I eat and being on a diet one minute and off the next - I had my first meeting last Friday which was really good and I came out feeling really positive, second meeting today - let's see if we can make some progress - I'll let you know how I get on!

Right on with a photo of a Rocking moment when dropping said 11 year old off at breakfast club on Monday I was treated to this beautiful sky - isn't it gorgeous!  It made me feel fairly giddy even if I was on my way to work!

Visiting old work mates, this was a sort of happy accident but I really enjoyed meeting up with two old work colleagues earlier this week, it's been 8 years since I saw them last - that's never right is it!

Jigsaws - yes you heard me - jigsaws have rocked my world, my sister bought said 11 year old a jigsaw for Christmas, as a child I loved jigsaws, I had two favourite Disney ones when I was little that had shaped pieces in them, I used to do the jigsaw and then take it apart and do it upside down, one day my Mum saw fit to glue them to a piece of cardboard to hang them as pictures in my room - never did get over how devastating that was.  Anyhow, after we finished said 11 year old's first jigsaw, we picked up a Sheffield one from Waterstones with about 300 pieces and that promptly got finished too.  So I thought, let's go the whole way and buy a 1000 piece jigsaw, so we're on with that now, (it was a bit weird because after we bought it from Hobbycraft we discovered elements of this cartoon jigsaw that are a bit naughty, like the naked couple on the cartoon and the misbehaving rabbits (I kid you not) because it's such an intricate design we never noticed when we bought it), but it's proving fun and interesting and we're all joining in with doing a little bit more on it each night.  Biggest problem is that I might have accidently sucked up one of the pieces into the dyson but only time will tell - we have to finish the jigsaw before I empty the Dyson - I'll keep you posted.

Hubby and said 11 year old helping tidy Thursday evening, house looks liveable just in time for the weekend.

The gym, I hate getting ready to go but I really enjoy it once I get into it as it were, no idea if its helping - although I am less breathless at the top of the stairs than I was a couple of weeks ago - so we'll see.

Teen gym for said 11 year old, he is really enjoying being in the gym at the same time as us which is great, let's hope this continues!

Right I think that sums up some lovely rocking moments I've had this week - how's about you?  If you fancy joining in do yourself a blog post and come and link at the bottom so we can come and visit, feel free to take the Rocking Your World Button on the side of my blog if you fancy.   I promise that life takes on a lot more positive a note when you start acknowledging the positives in life - don't believe me?  Give it a try!

Finally, here I am again with another layout from Darcy's words, this one was the word crayon - not something I possess but I do possess lots and lots and lots of paints so that's what the page got, I enjoyed the vibrancy of the layout.
Mr Linky for you

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Evening all - well the weeks are just racing by now, work is back into full swing, which I don't mind but it means I'm wrecked when I get home, rebel against the idea of sitting in front of a VDU (because I've done that all day), then I miss my blog buddies grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH - the word vicious circle come to mind LOL!

Anyhow - enough moaning I'm here now with a picture from Darcy's 52 word book (yes I'm still on with it but determined to complete it - I am I really am!!!!!!)

However on the plus side - rebelling against the VDU has meant that I've been sat at my craft table more - not necessarily doing a lot (hubby keeps putting decent TV/DVD's on and I get easily distracted) I'm also managing to get to the gym so as a family we are proving a little more active than we were last year - hurray!!!!  However, tonight I was getting slower and slower and slower on the exercise bike - I'd kind of given up by then because I was absolutely shattered (been up since 6 today, travelled 160 miles, worked, caught up with work when I got home, collected son from school been to gym, showered, tea cooking at the mo) wow busy day wasn't it - how was yours?  Hopefully slightly less busy than mine because mine in hindsight was a bit well crazy!

I didn't know if the word Author that Darcy chose was going to cause me trouble, but in all honesty it didn't I really went for the journaling, writing and writing and writing some more, with different pens and different colours, adding stamping and colouring and really going for it using an image that I didn't think would be possible to use.  Simply magical
How's everyone's New Year Challenges coming along?  Are you enjoying them?  Bitten off more than you can chew?  Behind but enjoying regardless?  Hope they are proving fruitful on your creativity.

Friday, 6 January 2012


Morning all how are you this morning?  It's Friday already 'Rocking Your World' time and the first Rocking  post of 2012.  Time to take stock, look back reflect and give thanks for the week behind us - if you don't think you've had a good week - try and dig deep to find the silver lining as I find very infrequently is there a whole week without a silver lining - so have a think - possibly a phone call that made you smile?  A comment?  Sharing time with someone you love?  Curling up with a good book?  Whatever it may be no matter how small or insignificant think about that moment and smile, hold that thought that positive right in the front of your mind so you can appreciate life for what it delivers you and if it's been a tough week then these silver linings need to be noted!
My week has been OK if I'm honest, nothing sparkling (literally now the decorations are down and away), but a thorough tidy and clean through means the house is resuming normality.

New Year at my sisters is always fun so that's a grateful, listening to her and said 11 year old singing on Singstar is something not to be missed - they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Lazy mornings in bed as we neared the end of our Christmas break (I can appreciate and grateful for these even more now that I'm back at work - I miss having a lay in - I miss not having to wake with an alarm!)

The gym - yes don't frown at the screen, I am grateful that I've managed two gym sessions this week with a third due today and said 11 year old has managed his first session in the gym, he seemed to enjoy it and is looking forward to having a program set.  I'm looking forward to having mine re-done if I'm honest!

Being back off the wine (2nd attempt at a teetotal year LOL - going well so far) has meant better sleep at night - such bliss if I'm honest being able to enjoy my sleep - hadn't realised how much I'd missed proper sleep!

Lovely blogs and lovely blog posts talking about challenges and things that others are joining in with and challenges people have set themselves!

One pot meals and slow cookers, there is nothing nicer after a long day at work than walking into a house full of the aromas of a home cooked meal.  So here's to more one pot family friendly meals (said 11 year old is trying new things - lasagne - gasp, shock horror, chicken in white wine (using up the wine from Christmas LOL), beef bourguignon (more wine being used up LOL).

Hubby spending time messing around with aerials and splitters and all sorts of other electrical things means we now have a free view box and TV piped into our bedroom - now don't frown because sometimes to be able to head up to bed and watch half an hour of 'normal' TV before we settle down to sleep has proved quite nice if I'm honest.

And my final grateful this week has to be the fact I'm here, that I'm alive, that I have a great family great friends both those I know in person and those I know through my blog!  Thank you for being part of my life!

So there we go my first list of gratefuls in 2012, if you fancy joining in then please post a blog post on your blog and then head back here to link up so we can come and visit you, if you don't have a blog or don't have time to post a blog, leave a comment (I lurve comments) about what's Rocked your world this week!!!!

Now following on from my question earlier in the week - here is the page I did for Darcy's 52 words - the word being 'Release' I was unsure of whether to share or not given that the photo is slightly risque!  But given that you all felt quite happy for my post here it is!  You'll have to forgive the image but it was found in a Sunday paper so can't be all bad.  The word for this page was Release, it was quite a simple page to do, I've found it intriguing how my art journal pages really suit simple colour schemes, in this case black white and grey, more finger painting on my part, giant journaling, tattooed ladies and hand drawn title all fun.
And finally Mr Linky for Rocking Your World Posts

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Good Evening one and all and a very big welcome to you to my blog in 2012, I can't believe I've not posted yet in this year, I'm not sure why?  I'm not sure what I've been waiting for, but after a little flurry of activity reading blogs tonight I thought I'd happen along and say hello to you all.

The decorations are down, the first day back at work is complete, the house is tidy and here we are once again with a clean sheet spread out in front of us.  As always in the new year, I think of things I want to achieve, I start planning (and plotting I'm like that) I sit back and admire what everyone is doing, all the challenges they are involved in, all the plans they have and think - I should do that, but then think I need to maintain a balance.  So that's what I'm going to try and do.

Now the word balance is a curious one, I spend a lot of my time trying to work out what it exactly means, I'm the striver, the instigator, the noisy one in this household, said 11 year old and hubby often listen to me go off on a tangent and before they know it I'm moving the idea forward and we're on our way to sorting it, but often this means a singular, focused task and this year I need a little bit more balance.  So I'm going to try balancing - it's probably going to turn into juggling and I'll probably drop the ball but balance is what I'm going to try and achieve.

So this weeks balance looks a little like this

  1. Go to the gym - 3 times
  2. Eat healthier (that's a whole other blog which if I get my finger out will come to fruition on a more regular, positive and spontaneous basis).
  3. Spend time with family 
  4. Have more family walks
  5. Manage my crafting
  6. Blog a little 
  7. Work enough to achieve but not enough to kill me off
  8. Improve my outlook by looking after my mind and soul a bit more (not sure how this is going to be achieved but it's a work in progress).
So there you go, a glimpse into my world at the moment, I'll let you know how I get on.

I'm still trailing behind on Darcy's 52 words but I intend on finishing this challenge regardless of how long it takes me.  A bit like my Journal your Christmas which I've done in 2 sittings and is almost with the exception of yesterday and today up to date (I kid you not).

Now this is the word Invoke and quite honestly isn't one of my favourites in my book, but it's done and completed I think it's the fighting colours, or maybe the images, or the stamping - ah can't quite put my finger on it!  But it did get me journaling the word!
Finally my question is - dare I share the word 'release' with you, I like the page but the picture is a little more risque than normal and I don't want to offend.  

Let me know what you think?