Thursday, 20 August 2009


Well I can finally unveil the gift I made recently for my fantastic cousin who has just had her first baby. Having already made a gift for her sister recently who'd also had a baby I didn't want to duplicate the gift, then I came across a box and chipboard book that I already had made up and set to painting it the obligatory blue for a boy (mind you I absolutely adored the paint I was using!). I decorated in black cardstock and bluepaper and added the letters of his name

After the book was complete it came to light that my over enthusiastic embellishments had led to the box not being deep enough to take the book added to which the blue paint was running out so no chance of making a second one! With some consideration I set to with the trusty big shot and some thin chipboard, cutting hearts out and then using an embossing folder to put the dotted design on the same before painting and adhereing to the outside of the box to raise the lid up and give the book a little more space. And so my potential problem was turned into a beautiful addition to the box - I loved it!

Picture of the box with lids on and the hearts stuck underneath - who would have known that it wasn't intentional?

Here is the book folded out, spelling out his first name. The letters were cut out of thin chipboard and covered in paper, embellished with wire and beads with the addition of chipboard hearts.

And the other side with his second name and pockets with tags for his Mum and Dad to add any essential little bits of information they wanted to.

Pocket up close

And again

And again

It was a lovely project to do and I'm assured it arrived safely and was received well! Now for my next project mmmm what to do!