Friday, 25 March 2016


Good morning lovely people, tis Friday - so what's 

First up this fab photo of my Mum from her meeting last week she has officially lost 1 stone in weight and feeling (and looking) so much better for it!  Way to go Mammy!

Next up a crafting afternoon on Saturday - this is what it looked like at our house - a rather bemused husband if I'm honest!  Wearing gloves and enjoying working with Powertex 

And this is said 15 year old - spending time in the same environment as us, but on his tablet - but making himself comfy - it doesn't look that comfortable to me, but it did make me smile! 

A night out at the ice hockey watching Sheffield Steelers beat Nottingham Panthers - fabulous game, great atmosphere and the arena was pretty much full to bursting! 

Here are some of the items we were making with the Powertex, working with fabric, paper flowers, polystyrene pieces etc.

And hubby putting an empty wine bottle to good use!

And some of the detail up close and yes we did powertex the skeletal leaves and yes they are still incredibly delicate!

Sunrise during one of our early morning walks!

And another lovely lunch

Using the fabulous template from A Trip Down memory Lane for a mini book - it is almost complete and I'm really liking it. 

I shared the work in progress photos on Wednesday's WOYWW post.  The link to the original blog post with the downloadable link is (for anyone who didn't see my Wednesday post). 

This is the outer cover, I decided against the fastener (as I didn't have any elastic or hair bands that would suffice).

Inside you will see I was brave and got the machine out for the pockets on the left as per the original instructions - first time I've machine stitched on paper.  

You can see the different sized tags inside each pocket.

Then the top and bottom flap opened 

And then the piece on the right opened out, once again i used the machine to sew the middle 'booklet' as it were. 

I loved the papers and the background, the original instructions ask for cardstock 12.5" wide for the spine which would potentially be a problem with standard scrapbook card stock, I actually had some A3 card which I used to create the book and I may scale it down so it works with 12 x 12 in future. 

A good week generally at work, busy busy preparing for year end but nothing new and now I can stop for a little bit. 

I hope you've had a great week, if you fancy joining in with your own Rocking Post, then create a blog post, pop back, link up and we shall come and visit! 


  1. you (hubby) should enter the powertex bottle into Paperartsy's challenge this fortnight, it is sculpting mediums... really must crack open my bottle of it! Said 15year old really doesn't look comfy at all... have a fab Easter. xx

  2. Fabulous week of adventure lol My manthing adopts a very similar position when spending time with us :D Off to Skipton Castle today*squeee....* thank you for rekindling my adventurous spirit XX

  3. Super photos Virginia and the Powertex creations look wonderful. Well done to your Mum on her achievement.
    I love your finished mini book - those PPs look fabulous.
    Have a great weekend.
    Toni xx

  4. Congratulations your mum on losing a stone! Quite an achievement.
    The powertex things you made are beautiful. So arty. Said 15 yr old (surely he must be 16 by now) definitely does not look comfortable.
    Your mini book/box looks beautiful. I love the papers. Did you mention what they are? I missed it.
    Have a lovely Easter weekend,

  5. Congratulations to mum. She has done very well indeed!
    The Powertex intrigues me. I did visit their home site but didn't find it very informative. It looks a bit too 'arty' for me, but I love seeing what you have made with it.
    Having had five sons, I know how they can loll over the furniture when they are relaxing. At that age they have such long legs and don't quite know what to do with the! So I did laugh at you lad's attempt at comfort.
    Well done for walking out in time to see the sunrise again.
    Your mini book is very interesting. Again it is not really for me, but I love looking at what other people can make, and the main thing is that you enjoyed making it.
    Have a good week. Kate x

  6. Hello. Congrats to your lovely Mom for her achievement. The Powertex creation looks so interesting and came out great. I hope you have a joyous Easter holiday. Pat :)

  7. Happy Easter! Well done to your mam. Our boys do the same. The powertex looks great. Jx